Friday 25 March 2011

Google AppInventor fun

I've just spent a couple of hours playing around with Google's AppInventor. It allows you to create apps for your Android device quickly using a web/java based drag-and-drop interface...

My first project is an address book for Google Maps. It allows you to store names & postcodes in a persistent DB. When you then select the stored address from a list it fires up Google Maps and passes the postcode.

So far it works just great - now all I need to do is refine it a little... The biggest "issue" is that you're really limited in terms of UI layout options, so have to get a little creative with blank images as spacers etc...

If you want a copy of the code to import into your Google AppInventor project, drop me a note.

Anyway - off to sleep now as the Formula 1 qualifying starts at 6am!

Monday 14 March 2011

Brrrrr - It's bloomin cold!

It's bloomin cold in my office owing to the heating system being broken, and the external temperature being around 3C :(