Thursday 31 March 2016

AWS Config launches in Asia Pacific (Seoul)

AWS Config is now available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. AWS Config is a fully managed service that gives you an inventory of your AWS resources, notifies you when the configurations of your resources change, and lets you audit the history of the configurations for those resources to enable security and governance.

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Amazon RDS adds Multi-AZ support for SQL Server in Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Region

Amazon RDS now offers Multi-AZ support for Amazon RDS for SQL Server in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Region. This new high availability option leverages SQL Server Mirroring technology with additional improvements to meet the requirements of enterprise-grade production workloads running on SQL Server. The Multi-AZ deployment option provides enhanced availability and data durability by automatically replicating database updates between two AWS Availability Zones. Availability Zones are physically separate locations with independent infrastructure engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones. 

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Amazon Aurora now available in Asia Pacific (Seoul)

Amazon Aurora is now available to customers in AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible relational database management system (RDBMS) that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. Amazon Aurora provides up to five times better performance than MySQL at a price point one tenth that of a high-end commercial RDBMS while delivering similar performance and availability.

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Amazon EC2 Container Registry Available in EU (Ireland)

Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR) is now available in the EU (Ireland) region. 

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AWS CloudFormation Updates Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and Amazon EMR Resource Support

AWS CloudFormation has updated support for three services. You can now provision the following features using CloudFormation:

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) updated support

  • Specify one or more transition rules for S3 buckets with versioning enabled. These define how S3 manages objects during their lifetime, such as automated transition of less-frequently accessed objects to low-cost storage alternatives and scheduled deletions.

AWS Lambda updated support

  • Enable Lambda functions to access resources in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • Publish a version of a Lambda function. Versioning allows you to better manage your in-production Lambda function code by enabling you to publish one or more versions of your Lambda function.
  • Create an alias that points to a Lambda function version that you specify. An alias is a pointer to a specific Lambda function version.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) updated support

  • Define the properties of Amazon Elastic Block Store storage volumes attached to your Amazon EMR instances, such as their configuration or whether they are I/O optimized.

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EE most 'reliable' mobile provider for cities – Ofcom

Also releases postcode-checker for folk to confirm coverage crapness

Communications regulator Ofcom has named EE the mobile provider with the fastest speeds in four major cities, according to research published today.…

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Ofcom is keeping schtum over BT Openreach plans until end of year

Regulator will then beg for EU permission to act

Telecoms regulator Ofcom will not release details of its proposals for greater structural separation of Openreach and BT until the end of the year.…

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Ofcom puts aside a little bit of spectrum for Internet of Things things

You never know, dear...

A proportion of very high frequency (VHF) wireless spectrum will be reserved for future use by Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, the UK telecoms regulator has announced.…

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New submarine cable to connect Australia to Singapore

APX-West finally green-lit as Telstra, Singtel sign on for consortium build by 2018

SubPartners' APX-West cable from Perth to Singapore will finally go ahead, after the company changed its business model to a consortium build.…

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Wednesday 30 March 2016

CloudWatch Events now Supports Amazon SQS Queue Targets

The Amazon CloudWatch Events service now supports Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queues as event targets.

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AWS Trusted Advisor adds checks for Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, EC2 Reserved Instances, security, and service limits

Four new checks have been added to Trusted Advisor to provide recommendations related to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances, and security. Additionally, the service limits check now includes IAM. These checks provide further guidance to help provision your resources based on AWS best practices.

  • Amazon S3 Bucket Versioning (New): Checks for Amazon Simple Storage Service buckets that do not have versioning enabled, or have versioning suspended.
  • Underutilized Amazon Redshift Clusters (New): Checks your Amazon Redshift configuration for clusters that appear to be underutilized.
  • Exposed Access Keys (New): Checks for access keys that have been exposed to the public and for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) usage that could be the result of a compromised access key.
  • EC2 Reserved Instance Lease Expiration (New): Checks for Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances that are scheduled to expire within the next 30 days or have expired in the preceding 30 days.
  • Service Limits (Updated): Added Identity and Access Management (IAM) limits to the service limits check, to include items such as number of instance profiles, roles, server certificates, groups, or users in an AWS account.

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Legal right to 10Mbps broadband is 'not enough', thunders KCOM chief

Gerrere, lad, yon man's giz us broadband in t'Hull

The government's plans to make 10Mbps a 'legal right' by 2020 do not nearly go far enough, Bill Halbert, chief exec of telecoms sector firm Kcom has said.…

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DARPA issues collaborative spectrum sharing challenge

Hoarding spectrum isn't cool or practical, but if wireless operators everyone wins

Static spectrum allocation is going to pass its use-by date soon, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which has kicked off a US$2 million challenge to find co-operative ways to share radio frequencies.…

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Amazon Redshift now supports using IAM roles with COPY and UNLOAD commands

You can now assign one or more AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to your Amazon Redshift cluster for data loading and exporting. Amazon Redshift assumes the assigned IAM roles when you load data into your cluster using the COPY command or export data from your cluster using the UNLOAD command. It uses the resulting credentials to access other AWS services, such as Amazon S3, securely during these operations. IAM roles enhance security of your cluster and simplify data loading and exporting by eliminating the need for you to embed AWS access credentials within SQL commands. They also enable your cluster to periodically re-assume an IAM role during long-running operations. Handling of data encryption keys for COPY and UNLOAD commands remains unchanged.

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AWS CloudFormation Adds Change Sets for Insight into Stack Updates

You can now view change sets before updating your stacks in AWS CloudFormation. This helps you understand the resource-level changes (e.g. adding, deleting, or modifying instances) which CloudFormation will apply to your live stack when you are updating your AWS infrastructure. Previously, you could not see the specific changes that CloudFormation would apply to your stack before submitting changes.  

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East Coast: Verizon on the hook for landline hikes. West Coast: AT&T denies hooking $100m for 10Mbps broadband

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck...

AT&T and Verizon are taking heat on opposite sides of the US over their networks.…

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Tuesday 29 March 2016

DNS root server attack was not aimed at root servers – infosec bods

Target appears to have been two Chinese domain names

The internet's root servers were not the target of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack in December which for a short time took out four of the 13 pillars of the global network.…

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AWS WAF Adds Support for Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Match Condition

You can now configure AWS WAF to block, allow, or monitor (count) requests based on Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) match conditions. XSS attacks are those where the attacker uses vulnerabilities in a benign website as a vehicle to inject malicious client-site scripts (like Javascript) into other legitimate user’s web browsers. This XSS match condition feature prevents these vulnerabilities in your web application by inspecting different elements of the incoming request.

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Arista takes on the network big boys with switchin 'n' routing gear

More convergence, please

Arista is taking on the big boys of Cisco and Juniper with its new switching and routing platform for cloud service providers and enterprise data centres.…

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Verizon plots 28 GHz 5G tests

Ericsson, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and Nokia are in the tent, radiating out

Verizon is moving ahead with its mm-wave wireless plans, filling applications for 28 Ghz-band experimental licenses in the US.…

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Basslink says cable repairs won't be done until June

Tasmania to remain backward and isolated as 'leccy and data link needs three joints

Tasmania's long-suffering electricity and Internet users – in other words, nearly everyone – will have to wait until mid-June for a fix to the Basslink power and optical fibre cables.…

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Monday 28 March 2016

Amazon WorkSpaces two years on: Are we ready for cloud-hosted Windows desktops?

We wrap our claws around AWS's PCs-as-a-service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) released WorkSpaces, Windows desktop-as-a-service, towards the end of March 2014.…

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Friday 25 March 2016

Amazon RDS for MariaDB Now Covered by RDS SLA

In October of 2015, we added support for the popular open source MariaDB database in Amazon RDS and have since seen rapid adoption by customers. Amazon RDS supports MariaDB instances running in Single-AZ or Multi-AZ configurations in all AWS regions. Today we are extending the RDS Service Level Agreement ("SLA") that covers Multi-AZ instances for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL to include Amazon RDS for MariaDB

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Net neut naught: Netflix throttles its own video

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!

Streaming video titan and net neutrality champion Netflix says it will be complicit in throttling content for wireless carriers.…

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Enhanced Monitoring and option to enforce SSL connections is now available for Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

Starting today, Amazon RDS supports two new features for RDS for PostgreSQL database instances: the option to enforce only SSL connections to your instance, and near-realtime access to a set of 56 system and process metrics for your instance.

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Amazon ElastiCache now supports scaling up for Redis nodes

You can now scale up your existing ElastiCache for Redis clusters to a larger node type with a few clicks. Simply modify your node type by choosing from the available options and let ElastiCache manage the rest. Your existing node endpoints will persist, thus no application update is required. Scale up for Redis is designed to make a best effort to retain your existing data and requires Redis replication to succeed. For more details, please refer to Jeff Barr’s blog and ElastiCache Documentation

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Thursday 24 March 2016

Ad giant Google thinks its cloud biz could be bigger than its ads

Aiming high, but then reality kicks in

GCP Next  Google's third cloud developer conference is winding down, and two things are clear – that Google is willing to spend what it takes to become a major cloud player, and that it has a long way to go.…

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AWS Mobile Hub now supports Swift

You can use AWS Mobile Hub to develop apps in Swift. Simply login to the AWS Mobile Hub console to create a project and select features for your app including user authentication, data storage, backend logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics, then choose Swift from the build tab of your project. AWS Mobile Hub automatically provisions these features and generates a working quickstart app for iOS that you can use as a foundation for your app, or cut and paste code snippets to your existing app.

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French scream sacré bleu! as US govt gives up the internet to ICANN

Oh non - ceci donnera Amazon et Google trop de pouvoir

The French government has slammed the agreement to move the domain name system out from under US control and hand it to Californian non-profit ICANN.…

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Support for multiple trails in AWS GovCloud (US)

Support for multiple trails: You can now create up to 5 trails in the AWS GovCloud (US) region. Different stakeholders such as IT auditors, security administrators, and developers can create and manage their own trail. Additionally, you can prescribe granular access control to allow or deny access to specific trails for particular users. For more details, refer to the Multiple Trails section of the CloudTrail User Guide. One trail per region is free. Charges apply for additional trails. For pricing details, go to the CloudTrail pricing page.  

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APN Partner Accreditation Courses Available in More Languages

AWS continues to innovate at a rapid pace, and one of the keys to building a successful business on AWS is ensuring you can accurately explain the value and operation of AWS and its latest features. AWS Business and Technical Professional courses consist of e-learning modules and assessments designed to help you stay current. Today we’re making them available in additional languages— Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese, with Spanish to follow soon. These courses are available at no cost to APN Partners via the APN Portal. Once you successfully complete all course assessments, you achieve an accreditation that validates your role-specific knowledge. 

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Amazon EC2 Instances Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region

Amazon EC2 Spot instances are now available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. AWS customers in the area can now use Spot instances to save up to 90% compared to On-Demand prices by bidding on unused Amazon EC2 capacity. In addition to reducing the cost of running your applications, you can also use Spot instances to increase your computing scale and throughput for the same budget and enable new types of cloud computing applications. 

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Your broadband speeds are up by 6Mbps, boasts Ofcom

We'd hear howls of disbelief from the countryside but nobody supports dialup now

The average home broadband speed increased to 28.9Mbps, up by 6Mps from a year ago – according to the latest annual research from Ofcom.…

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Oracle traps its cloud inside own tin boxes

Don't want Oracle's platform cloud, or its servers. Guess what...

Oracle is throwing one stone at two birds troubling its business: cloud and falling server sales. That stone: cloud in a box.…

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Govt: Citizens, we know you want 10Mps. This is the last broadband scheme for that

Quiet in the back!

The government has said it will not conduct another national broadband roll-out programme in order to meet its promise that every citizen in Blighty will have access to 10Mps by 2010.…

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Bristol boffins blast 1.59 Gbps down ONE 20 MHz channel

MIMO with 128 antennas cranks wireless speeds up very nicely

VIDEO  In what's being touted as a “5G breakthrough”, University of Bristol researchers have demonstrated that MIMO (multi-in, multi-out) antenna arrangements can be scaled up to more than 100 transmitters.…

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Wednesday 23 March 2016

Google spurns Azure, sucks up to AWS with Stackdriver console

Redmond's cloud not that popular, says web giant's Brian Stevens

GCP Next  Google has been showing off the Stackdriver cloud monitoring tool it opened in beta at the start of the year, and it's bad news for Microsoft.…

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The FCC, once seen as a telco-thrashing hero, is sadly losing the plot

Is Tom Wheeler on the verge of following a dangerous path?

Analysis  The FCC's continued push against the powerful telco lobby has swung a spotlight onto the American regulator's archaic work practices and increasingly partisan atmosphere.…

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Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports Windows Authentication

Amazon RDS for SQL server now supports authentication using the Windows Authentication method. You can now enable your applications to authenticate against Amazon RDS for SQL Server using credentials stored in the AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition). Keeping all of your credentials in the same directory will save you time and effort because you will no longer have to find and update each copy of the credentials in separate repositories. This may also improve your overall security profile. Windows Authentication support is now available for new instances as well as existing instances.

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Announcing New CloudWatch Metrics for EC2 Instances

Today we are announcing the availability of two new CloudWatch metrics for monitoring network packets on EC2 instances. The new metrics are NetworkPacketsIn and NetworkPacketsOut. These new metrics provide insight into the number of network packets flowing to and from an EC2 instance. These metrics are available along with the other CloudWatch metrics for all EC2 instances on the EC2 console, CLI and API.

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Google to unleash Android Pay on UK shoppers within 'months'

Don't belive in plastic or paper? Try silicon and bytes

Google’s smartphone payment system, Android Pay, is coming to the UK “in the next few months".…

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Four of the top 10 places in the world for internet are, er, US states

Haters gonna hate

Akamai’s state of the internet survey is the most comprehensive global snapshot of internet performance you’ll find. So if you’re country (or state) is falling behind, you can see how. These days, the survey even comes with its own app.…

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Azure's wobbly day as three services glitch around the world

Un-planned PITSTOPs for Visual Studio Team Services, App Services and DocumentDB

If your favourite Microsoft staffer isn't answering the phone today, it may be because they're getting calls from angry Azure workers all over the world after the cloud service experienced three Partial Inability To Support Totally Optimal Performance (PITSTOP) incidents.…

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Google reveals rapid cloud expansion

Announces a dozen new regions by end of 2017

Google has decided to play catch-up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), announcing that it's going to add 12 regions to its cloud services by the end of 2017.…

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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Censor-happy China, battling Brazilians ... just what's left in the wake of ICANN's ex-CEO?

Let's visit Fadi Chehade's legacy

Analysis  Everyone wants to leave their job on a high, but so few manage it.…

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AWS Cryptography announces AWS Encryption SDK

The AWS Cryptography team has announced the AWS Encryption SDK. This new SDK makes encryption easier for developers while minimizing errors that could lower the security of their applications. Developers using encryption often face two problems: a. how to correctly generate and use a key to encrypt data, and b. how to protect the key after it’s been used. The library provided in the AWS Encryption SDK addresses the first problem by transparently implementing the low-level details using the cryptographic provider available in a developer’s environment. The library addresses the second problem by providing intuitive interfaces to let developers choose how they want to protect their encryption keys after use. By using the AWS Encryption SDK, developers can focus on the core of the application they’re building instead of the complexities of encryption. We’ve provided ready-to-use samples in the SDK for AWS customers who use AWS CloudHSM or AWS Key Management Service, however the open source SDK can be extended to support other key providers. 

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Amazon ElastiCache now comes with easy engine upgrades for Redis

You can now easily upgrade the engine version on your existing ElastiCache for Redis clusters to utilize Amazon ElastiCache enhancements, including increased usable memory, improved synchronization and more efficient failovers. To achieve the smoothest performance on ElastiCache for Redis, we recommend you upgrade to the latest engine version that is compatible with Redis 2.8.24. The engine upgrade process is designed to make a best effort to retain your existing data and requires Redis replication to succeed. For more details and best practices on upgrading your ElastiCache for Redis engine version please refer to the ElastiCache Documentation

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Pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited testing of your Android and iOS apps with AWS Device Farm device slots

AWS Device Farm now lets you add unmetered Android and iOS device slots to your account to run unlimited tests for a recurring monthly fee of $250 per device slot. Pricing for unmetered testing is fixed regardless of test type and device minutes used. Regardless of the number of device slots that you purchase, you can test on any number of devices and execution concurrency is simply limited to the number of slots. To learn more about device slots please visit our FAQ

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New AWS Professional Services Delivery Bootcamp for APN Partners

Our new AWS Professional Services Delivery Best Practices Bootcamp is designed to help our partners develop professional services competencies at their firms. In this intensive three-day bootcamp we share our collective professional services learnings derived from important customer projects to help enable partners to deliver large, successful engagements, and to ensure that collectively we deliver a very positive customer experience. Attendees should be focused on helping enterprise customers migrate applications to AWS and have at least six months experience working on AWS implementations. Attendees are required to hold a minimum of one Associate AWS Certification. Registration for this bootcamp is available at no cost to APN Premier Consulting and Advanced Partners. Learn more at Partner Training.

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Comms 'redlining' in Brussels as explosions kill up to 30 people

Facebook slowly activates 'Safety Check' to decrease strain on telecomms networks

Communications are "redlining" in Brussels after three explosions struck the city this morning, two at the Zaventem international airport and one at the Maelbeek metro station.…

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Ofcom wants to crack down on pisspoor BT Openreach biz lines

You're taking too long so we're getting tough, snarls telco watchdog

Ofcom wants to impose "strict new rules" on BT Openreach to improve its leased line services to businesses, in draft proposals today recommending faster installation times, lower prices for high-speed lines and greater access to its “dark fibre” network by competitors.…

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GoDaddy goes boldly into cloudy servers

Linux-on-KVM-OpenStack servers dodge cloud giants

GoDaddy has decided to get into the cloudy server caper.…

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Telstra in mobile-to-SIP brownout

Another day, another outage, for Australia's biggest telco

Telstra is experiencing another outage/brownout, this time reportedly impacting calls from mobile phones to lines handled by session initiation protocol (SIP).…

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Announcing CloudWatch metrics for Amazon EC2 Spot fleets

Starting today, you can monitor the capacity and performance metrics of your Spot fleets via CloudWatch. You can view metrics such as total desired, fulfilled and currently launching capacity of a fleet, in addition to monitoring aggregated EC2 instance metrics such as CPU utilization, disk reads and writes, and network traffic for a given fleet. These metrics enable you to get visibility into the usage and performance of your Spot fleets, and to dynamically scale in response to application load.

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Monday 21 March 2016

AWS Storage Gateway is now available in AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) region

We are excited to announce availability of AWS Storage Gateway in the AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. 

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Verizon: We're sick of waiting for the FCC, so here's our net neutrality pitch

Carrier says it won't throttle or promote any traffic on its network

Verizon has laid out its own set of net neutrality rules the carrier says it will be imposing regardless of whether the FCC keeps authority over broadband service.…

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Amazon Machine Learning Console Now Makes It Easier to Connect to Amazon Redshift

You can now more easily set up or select your Identity and Access Management (IAM) role when connecting to an Amazon Redshift cluster from the Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) console. To streamline the process of setting up your connection to Amazon Redshift, Amazon ML now pre-populates an interactive drop-down menu of existing IAM roles that have an Amazon ML managed policy for Amazon Redshift, and other IAM roles that you might prefer. From the Amazon ML console, you have the option of dynamically creating a new IAM role that uses the Amazon ML managed policy, enabling you to quickly connect to your Amazon Redshift cluster.

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AWS Storage Gateway now supports up to 1 PB virtual tape libraries and up to 512 TB of stored volumes per gateway

AWS Storage Gateway is pleased to announce increased capacity for both gateway-virtual tape library (VTL) and gateway-stored volumes. This enables you to store more data in AWS without needing to run additional gateways, reducing your cost and operational overhead.

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Obama bigs up His Man in Havana: Google

Unannounced Wi-Fi deal trailed in historic trip by US president

President Obama has promised to bring internet access to Cuba – by pre-announcing a deal best-pal Google has struck with the island.…

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FCC boss: Oh look, net neutrality didn't end the world after all. Surprise!

Chairman Wheeler is having the last laugh

Tom Wheeler, chairman of US broadband watchdog the FCC, has given telcos a firm poke in the eye over their net neutrality doomsday predictions.…

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So where has the legal 'right' to 10Mbps broadband gone?

Digital infrastructure plans may be disrupted by the EU referendum

Analysis  George Osborne's budget may have provided a sprinkling of sweeteners for businesses and middle class savers alongside the headline-grabbing sugar tax last week, but details on digital infrastructure plans were distinctly lacking.…

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Druva boxes clever

inSync cloudily protects Box, Google Work and Office 365

Druva has extended its base in end-point data protection to cover cloud apps Box, Google Work and Office 365.…

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Twitter at ten: still the best vox populi tool around, always in peril

Thanks for the career, guys, covering you and connecting me to the storage community

Twitter turns 10 today and I, for one, would like to thank for sustaining my career by connecting me to important people and giving Reg writers an almost-car-wreck to chronicle.…

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nbn special: see the FTTN and HFC cabinets coming to your street

Vulture South ventures into the fibre-to-the-premises Goldilocks Zone

Reg Roadtrip  Last week, The Register was invited on a tour of new installations comprising part of Australia's national broadband network (NBN).…

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Sunday 20 March 2016

Microsoft adds OneDrive to bug bounty program

Up to $15k on offer

Microsoft has expanded its bug bounty program to include OneDrive.…

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Friday 18 March 2016

AWS Marketplace announces new AWS Marketplace Metering Service

AWS Marketplace, which lists over 2,500 popular software products for sale by over 850 independent software vendors, has announced support for purchasing software products along new pricing dimensions. Until now, customers could only purchase software by the hour, the month or the year. Now, customers can purchase software from select AWS Marketplace vendors that is priced by the users created or provisioned, the hosts monitored or deployed, or the data processed or stored. This is a new level of flexibility for customers and software sellers, and is expected to further increase customer choice by enabling new products to be listed in the AWS Marketplace.

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Thursday 17 March 2016

A third of Australians lose mobile services after Telstra outage

Eight million people affected by reconnection flood

Australian incumbent telco Telstra has been forced to offer another day of free mobile data after a nationwide outage knocked out mobile services for eight million customers across the country.…

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nbn tries to shifts the conversation to future copper upgrades

Riding the nbn mythbusting bus with CEO Bill Morrow

Reg roadtrip  In the best possible world, all terrestrial internet connections would use fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP). Everything I've learned over years writing about broadband suggests that a fibre optic network has a longer working life and will scale to greater bandwidth than technologies that rely on existing or new twisted pair copper.…

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Your 30 second guide to the past three months on Planet Adobe: Talk about sitting on cloud 9

No software? No problem, just hand over the credit card

Adobe is crediting a surge in cloud services with helping to drive its best financial Q1 take ever.…

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Optus cable routers let anyone change passwords, says tech

But shoddy defaults still set username to 'admin,' password to 'password'

University of Sydney tech Paul Szabo says Netgear routers provided by Australian telco Optus contain a vulnerability that allows attackers to change admin passwords without knowing the existing credentials.…

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Amazon Kinesis Firehose announces AWS CloudTrail Support

Amazon Kinesis Firehose, the easiest way to load streaming data into AWS, now supports auditing your API calls using AWS CloudTrail. AWS CloudTrail records AWS API calls for your account and delivers the log files to you. For more details, see Logging Amazon Kinesis Firehose API calls Using AWS CloudTrail.


To get started with Amazon Kinesis Firehose, please visit our website and Developer Guide.

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Amazon Kinesis Firehose announces Amazon CloudTrail Support

Amazon Kinesis Firehose, the easiest way to load streaming data into AWS, now supports auditing your API calls using Amazon CloudTrail. Amazon CloudTrail records AWS API calls for your account and delivers the log files to you. For more details, see Logging Amazon Kinesis Firehose API calls Using Amazon CloudTrail.


To get started with Amazon Kinesis Firehose, please visit our website and Developer Guide.

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Introducing Amazon VPC Endpoints for Amazon S3 in South America (Sao Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul)

Amazon VPC Endpoints for S3 is now available in South America (Sao Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) Regions. Amazon VPC endpoints are easy to configure and provide reliable connectivity to Amazon S3 without requiring an internet gateway or a Network Address Translation (NAT) instance. With VPC endpoints, the data between the VPC and S3 is transferred within the Amazon network, helping protect your instances from internet traffic.

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Data-thirsty mobile owners burn through 5GB a month

Three sees 50% YoY increase - Google and Facebook to blame

CK Hutchison’s Three network says each customer burns through 5GB of mobile data a month, on average, and around half of that is YouTube traffic*.…

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Silicon photonics boosted with UK fabrication research

Laser grown on silicon substrate can last 10 years

Silicon photonics is one of the industry's hottest research fields, because it holds out the promise of accelerating on-chip communications without the extra heat that faster copper-based comms generate.…

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nbn says Telstra's copper in better shape than expected

Fibre-to-the-distribution-point trials for remote-ish users, also future-profing option

nbn, the organisation building Australia's National Broadband Network, says the copper network it acquired from Telstra requires less remediation than it budgeted for.…

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Amazon ElastiCache now supports the R3 node family in AWS China (Beijing) and AWS South America (Sao Paulo) regions

You can now launch larger, more cost-efficient R3 nodes when using Amazon ElastiCache in AWS China (Beijing) and AWS South America (Sao Paulo). R3 nodes are optimized for memory-intensive applications and have the lowest cost per GiB of RAM among all Amazon ElastiCache node types. For a full list of ElastiCache node types supported in each AWS region, please see this.

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Introducing new Amazon S3 Lifecycle Policies

We’re excited to announce two new Amazon S3 lifecycle management policies to help you reduce cost and optimize performance.

  • Incomplete multipart upload expiration policy – The multipart upload feature improves PUT performance by uploading parts of a large object in parallel. If a multipart upload is not completed, the partial upload does not appear when you list your objects by default, but does incur storage charges. Previously, you needed to manually cancel the multipart upload to remove partial uploads. Starting today, you can set a lifecycle policy to automatically expire incomplete multipart uploads after a predefined number of days. The policy applies to everything in a bucket, including existing partial uploads.
  • Expired object delete markers expiration policy – The S3 bucket versioning feature helps you recover from unintended user deletes or application logic failures. When you delete a versioned object, a delete marker becomes the current version of the object and the original is retained as the previous version. While you are not charged for storing delete markers, removing expired markers can improve performance for list requests on your bucket. With this launch, you can now set a lifecycle policy to automatically remove the current version delete marker when previous versions of the object no longer exist.

To learn more, please visit the AWS blog. 

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Wednesday 16 March 2016

Comcast now has unlimited gigabit service (that you can't get)

Only a handful of Georgians will get to slurp from broadband motherlode

Comcast has opened up its unlimited gigabit-a-second internet service to customers.…

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AWS IoT integrates with Elasticsearch Service and CloudWatch

You can now configure AWS IoT Rules to route device-generated data directly to Amazon Elasticsearch domains, enabling you to analyze the data, perform full-text or parametric search on the data, and visualize it with Kibana. The integration supports use cases such as, full-text search for device specific error codes, and device performance visualization in near real-time. 

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Plucky cable billionaires defeat menace of small-town broadband

Tennessee kills bid to expand muni fiber network

The city of Chattanooga in Tennessee has been told it cannot expand its broadband service to other counties.…

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Amazon EC2 Container Registry Available in US West (Oregon)

Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR) is now available in the US West (Oregon) region.

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Puppet on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

This new Quick Start automates the deployment of Puppet on the AWS cloud. Puppet is a declarative, model-based configuration management solution from Puppet Labs that lets you define the state of your IT infrastructure, and automatically enforces that desired state on your systems. This Quick Start automates the deployment of a Puppet master and Puppet agents from scratch, using AWS CloudFormation templates. It deploys Open Source Puppet by default, but you can upgrade to Puppet Enterprise by registering with Puppet Labs and downloading a free trial to manage 10 nodes.

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Oracle whistles happy tune as shadow of AWS bus parks on database lawn

Infamy, infamy, Amazon and Microsoft have all got it in for me!

Oracle is brushing off challenges from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to its core database business as a natural consequence of leadership.…

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Speaking in Tech: Dropbox says buh-bye to AWS, goes private

Plus: Obama crashed SXSW. As you do

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Bell done: Nokia delivers super-speedy 100Gbps links fresh from the Labs

500Gbps silicon drives next-gen optical networking systems

Nokia has pushed out the first high-capacity optical systems it has introduced since it absorbed Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Labs Electro-Optic Innovations – the latter being the source of the underlying technologies we're talking about today.…

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Basslink mulls exit from telecomms business

Cable ship costs are staggering

Tasmania's telco woes could get even worse, with Basslink's boss hinting that the company might exit the telecommunications business.…

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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Oracle made slightly less money last quarter, and America is to blame

Quick summary: 'Something something cloud, something something constant currency, something something we're still rich'

Oracle is blaming a strong dollar in cutting into its Q3 fiscal 2016 numbers.…

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AWS Database Migration Service is Now Generally Available

AWS Database Migration Service is now available to all customers. Using AWS Database Migration Service allows you to migrate databases to AWS easily, securely, and cost-effectively, with no downtime. There is no need to install any drivers or applications; you can begin a database migration with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console. Because you only pay for the compute resources used during the migration process, a terabyte-sized database can be migrated for as little as $3.

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AWS CloudFormation Supports Amazon GameLift

You can now provision Amazon GameLift using AWS CloudFormation. This lets you use CloudFormation to provision a GameLift fleet of Amazon EC2 instances to host game servers on and a GameLift build, which consists of your game server executable and supporting assets, libraries, and dependencies. You can also provision GameLift aliases, which let you redirect player sessions to a fleet that you specify.

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AT&T: Three-quarters of our network is going virtual, and we're open-sourcing the tools

Ma Bell pushes out whitepaper on ECOMP tools it uses for SDN

AT&T says it will open source the software it is using for an in-house network virtualization push.…

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Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.1 Now Available, Adds Component Entity System, Allegorithmic Substance Integration, FBX Importer, Mobile Support, and More

Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.1 includes 208 new improvements, fixes, and features to Amazon’s free, cross-platform 3D engine that enables you to create the highest-quality games, connect games to the vast compute and storage of the AWS Cloud, and engage fans with Twitch. Lumberyard Beta 1.1 introduces significant workflow improvements, the introduction of mobile support for iOS and Android, and extends the functionality of Twitch ChatPlay.

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AWS's grand plan: It'll slurp your databases, spit them into its cloud

Meanwhile Huawei, Deutsche Telekom launch cloudy rival

Amazon is to launch its AWS Database Migration Service today, in a bid to slurp big enterprises into the cloud by making it easier to ditch their legacy systems, according to reports.…

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CK Hutchison/O2: 'Four networks' dogma risks one giant and three hopeless dwarves

What good is that?

Analysis  Three parent CK Hutchison is so keen to get its merger of O2 approved by Brussels, it’s willing to give up infrastructure and spectrum that a new entrant could use to create a fourth network.…

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Ever heard of 'multi-cloud'? Get with cool kids – it's the New Big Thing™

Hybrid cloud is so basic. That's what my broker told me

Comment  Hybrid cloud is so yesterday – multi-cloud is where it’s at. Spreading your cloud apps between different providers is now becoming a trend.…

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Mars to get comms upgrade with ExoMars mission

NASA radios due for in-flight test in May

When the European Space Agency's ExoMars mission rode the fire and set out on a seven-month trip to Mars, it also carried a telecommunications upgrade for the Red Planet's satellite networks.…

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Better mobe antennas a stretch goal for radiocomm boffins

Signal isolation using modulation, not magnets, improves silicon-scale antennas

Antennas can be tuned by changing their shape, and a group of University of Texas Austin researchers wants to use that simple phenomenon to help get rid of noise in silicon-scale antennas.…

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Optus cable can't connect 500,000: NBN CEO Bill Morrow

Slow downloads? Blame retailers, not FTTP, says nbnTM

nbnTM, the builder of Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN), says it now does not expect to make the 500,000 connections it's previously said would be made on the hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) network for which it paid Optus AU$800 million.…

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New open-source applications, dynamic Spark defaults, and Java 8 support now available on Amazon EMR

You can now use Apache Sqoop 1.4.6, Apache HCatalog 1.0.0, an upgraded version of Apache Mahout (0.11.1), and upgraded sandbox releases of Presto (0.136) and Apache Zeppelin (0.5.6) on Amazon EMR release 4.4.0. Sqoop allows your Apache Hadoop MapReduce jobs (including Apache Hive and Apache Pig on MapReduce) to interact in parallel with SQL databases through JDBC. Mahout 0.11.1 now supports running your applications using Apache Spark. Zeppelin 0.5.6 includes GitHub integration and import/export support for Zeppelin notebooks. Additionally, Apache Spark is now configured with improved default settings for executors on nodes in your cluster. Dynamic allocation of executors is now enabled by default, and Amazon EMR will configure the memory per executor when creating your cluster based on the Amazon EC2 instance family of your core instance group. You can still override these default settings by using a configuration object or passing additional parameters when submitting your Spark application using spark-submit. Lastly, you can now use Java Development Kit 8 (JDK 8) for your runtime environment (the default for your cluster is JDK 7). However, please note that JDK 8 is not compatible with Hive.

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Amazon API Gateway Available in EU (Frankfurt) Region

Amazon API Gateway is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) AWS region. 

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AWS Lambda Available in EU (Frankfurt)

AWS Lambda is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) region.

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SoftBank waves cash at FCC's broadband spectrum bonanza

Sprint's sugar daddy could further push prices at incentive auction

US carrier Sprint could be getting in on the upcoming FCC wireless spectrum auction after all.…

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Monday 14 March 2016

Customizable failover order for Amazon Aurora read replicas

Amazon Aurora now allows you to assign a promotion priority tier to each instance on your database cluster. The priority tiers give you more control over replica promotion during failovers. When the primary instance fails, Amazon RDS will promote the replica with the highest priority to primary. You can assign lower priority tiers to replicas that you don’t want promoted to the primary instance. For more information on promotion tiers and failover logic, read the Amazon Aurora User Guide. To know more about Amazon Aurora, visit our product page

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Dropbox buries your data in its Magic Pocket, not spread over AWS

Shifts 90% of files from Amazon to in-house systems

Dropbox has sucked the vast majority of its data off Amazon's cloud servers and into its own custom storage centers. This shunting of customers' files has been dubbed Project Magic Pocket.…

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AWS SDK for C++ - Developer Preview

The AWS SDK for C++ is now in Developer Preview. Since introducing the experimental version of the SDK in September 2015, we have made a number of improvements including:

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Amazon SES Adds Support for Custom MAIL FROM Domains

To enable you to maximize your email authentication opportunities, you can now specify the MAIL FROM domain of emails you send with Amazon SES. The MAIL FROM address, also called the "envelope MAIL FROM," is the address that the sending mail server (Amazon SES) specifies to a receiving mail server to indicate the source of the message. Whereas you have always been able to specify the address that recipients see in their inboxes (the "From" address from the email header), this is the first time that Amazon SES enables you to specify the MAIL FROM domain. 

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Virgin bins Webspace, tells customers they can cry to GoDaddy

And after 12 months you can pay for that too

Virgin Media is to put its legacy hosting biz Webspace out to pasture, after taking over the service via its acquisition of NTL back in 2006.…

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Beer-powered bid to build mobile network goes flat

San Miguel left with bitter taste in mouth after collapse of talks with Australian telco

An attempt by Filipino giant San Miguel Corporation to create a mobile phone business has gone flat.…

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Sunday 13 March 2016

Tasmania's Basslink data and power cable cut (on purpose) but fix not until May

Broadband users limp along

Cable ship the Ile de Re has made its first cut to the Basslink electrical cable, and residents of the Australian state of Tasmanians have been plunged back to the era when only one telco (Australia's dominant player Telstra) provided Internet backhaul to the mainland.…

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Friday 11 March 2016

If your ISP is selling info about you, that has to be opt-in, says FCC boss

Regulator hopes to smother broadband providers in privacy-protecting rules

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed new rules that would bring ISPs in line with general data privacy laws and give citizens the right to opt out of their personal information being shared commercially.…

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GameLift Expands Game Server Availability to Europe and Asia and Adds Auto-Scaling

Amazon GameLift is a fully managed service that makes it simple and cost-effective to deploy, operate, and scale session-based multi-player game servers in the cloud. GameLift, which launched a month ago for two regions in North America, can now provide optimal game server performance for players in Europe ( and Japan (

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AWS CodeDeploy Available in South America (Sao Paulo) Region

AWS CodeDeploy is now available in the South America (Sao Paulo) AWS region. 

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Amazon Redshift now supports table level restore

You can now restore a single table from an Amazon Redshift snapshot instead of restoring the entire cluster. This new feature enables you to restore a table that you might have dropped accidentally, or reconcile data from a table that you might have updated or deleted unintentionally. To restore a table from a snapshot, simply navigate to the “Table Restore” tab for a cluster and click on the “Restore Table” button.

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Thursday 10 March 2016

Amazon CloudWatch Logs adds AWS CloudTrail support and new Amazon CloudWatch Metrics

Amazon CloudWatch Logs is enhancing security and visibility by adding support for AWS CloudTrail. You can now use AWS CloudTrail to track changes to your CloudWatch Logs resources such as your Log Groups, Log Streams, Metrics Filters, Subscription Filters, and Log Export Tasks. 

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DDoS protection biz Incapsula knackers its customers' websites

An unwelcome PITSTOP

Glitches at distributed denial-of-service mitigation biz Incapsula left the websites it defends offline twice on Thursday.…

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Amazon CloudWatch Logs Available in the South America (Sao Paulo) Region

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Amazon CloudWatch Logs in the South America (Sao Paulo) region. 

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David Cameron hints at Budget law change to end mobile not-spots

Look here, Farmer Jones, we're building this mast whether you like it or not

David Cameron has hinted a law change will be introduced in the budget next week to make it easier to erect mobile phone masts in “not spot” areas.…

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Stop whining, USA: Your LTE makes Europe look slow

Next-gen LTE is making a monkey out of Wi-Fi

US consumers love to moan about their internet providers, but in reality they enjoy superior LTE speeds to Europe. A vendor’s global survey of mobile broadband performance highlights some intriguing trends - and tips India to leapfrog into the future.…

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Plan to end US government control of key internet contract approved

Big hurdle jumped, but flaws in IANA plan remain

A plan to end US government control of the top level of the internet was formally approved Wednesday when six different internet groups voted to send it on to the board of DNS overseer ICANN.…

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Wednesday 9 March 2016

EE-gads! Orange webmail cut off in UK outage

EE says everything back to normal now

Everything Everywhere (EE) says it has resolved a problem that left many Orange customers in the UK unable to access their email accounts.…

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Amazon ElastiCache now supports Memcached Auto-Discovery for PHP 7

You can now use Memcached Auto-Discovery capabilities for PHP 7 on Amazon ElastiCache. For instructions on compiling the code for your client, please refer to the documentation on our GitHub repository here. For more information about node Auto-Discovery please see this

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Microsoft will release a custom Debian Linux. Repeat, a custom Debian Linux for networking

It's an open-source switch OS for clouds

OCP Summit  Put down your coffee gently. Microsoft will today release a homegrown open-source operating system, based on none other than Debian GNU/Linux, for network switches.…

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Qualcomm ARM server chips try on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for size

While Linaro slings data center ARM chips into new developer cloud

Qualcomm and Red Hat are busy porting the latter's enterprise-friendly flavor of Linux to Qualy's upcoming 64-bit ARM server processors, we learned today.…

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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Telstra strides into enterprise SDN with VPNs, dynamic WANs

It's the Big T's usual play: own the network, build services, insist integration delivers a better experience

Australia's dominant carrier Telstra has sniffed the software-defined winds and decided to label some services as software-defined networking (SDN), with Cisco's help.…

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Run XCTest UI tests with AWS Device Farm

You can now use AWS Device Farm to run automated tests for your iOS apps written with the XCTest UI automation framework. The XCTest UI testing allows you to write automated UI tests in Swift or Objective-C. To get started, simply choose XCTest UI when creating a new test run and upload your UI test package using the steps outlined in the documentation. No configuration or modification to your app or tests is necessary. If you have any questions, please let us know in the discussion forum.

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Coming Soon: AWS Config will be available in AWS GovCloud (US) in the coming months

AWS Config is a fully managed service that provides you with an AWS resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration change notifications to enable security and governance. These capabilities enable compliance auditing, security analysis, resource change tracking, and troubleshooting. 

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Amazon EC2 announces availability of t2.nano in EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney) regions

T2.nano, the smallest and cheapest Amazon EC2 instance type is now available in two new regions: EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney). 

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Basslink cable repairs about to start

Cable fault lies 98 km from Tassie coast, company says

Basslink has announced that it has nailed down the location of its cable break and is about to start repairs. The company says the break is about 98 km from the Tasmanian coast.…

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Monday 7 March 2016

AWS CodeCommit Adds Repository Triggers

You can now create triggers that send notifications or automatically run code whenever a change occurs in an AWS CodeCommit repository. You can send notifications from Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) or invoke AWS Lambda functions in response to the repository events you choose (e.g. commit to a branch, branch or tag creation, and branch or tag deletion). This helps you customize and automate your development workflow. 

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Verizon fined $1.35m for stalker supercookies

But FCC lets mobile operator keep its opt-out for customers

Verizon will pay $1.35m for its use of "supercookies," but its customers will still have to opt out of the permanent trackers, under an agreement [PDF] reached with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday.…

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New accounts default to long EC2 resource IDs on March 7

In January, Amazon Web Services announced the availability of longer IDs for EC2 instances and reservations. As of March 7, 2016, newly created AWS accounts will use longer EC2 instance and reservation IDs by default in the following regions: US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), and EU (Frankfurt). In other regions, new accounts will use longer EC2 instance and reservation IDs by default starting in mid-April 2016. 

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Friday 4 March 2016

AWS Schema Conversion Tool Feature Release

You can now download version 1.0.202 of the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. This version adds support for:

  • Editing the converted SQL that was generated for the target database engine
  • Improved selection capabilities in the source database and target database instance tree views
  • Add support for connecting to an Oracle source database using Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) names
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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New VPN Features in Sao Paulo

We have released four new features for our VPC VPN product in the Sao Paulo region. Starting today the VPN product now supports AES 256, SHA-2, additional Diffie Hellman groups, and NAT Traversal. In addition to those new features, you can also re-use your Customer Gateway (CGW ) IP address. You no longer need a unique IP address for each connection you create. 

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Everything bad in the world can be traced to crap Wi-Fi

You know it’s going to go wrong, don’t you?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?  “Ah, it’s sod’s law,” murmurs the person sitting next to me. I nod agreeably. It was inevitable.…

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Net neutrality crusaders take aim at Comcast's Stream TV service

Complaint asks FCC to punish cable colossus

Open internet group Public Knowledge is accusing Comcast of violating net neutrality rules.…

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Thursday 3 March 2016

WANdisco boss: 'We're seeing a humongous movement to the cloud'

Cometh the migration hour, cometh the migration technology

+Comment  WANdisco has active-active replication technology that's been used for disaster recovery and other business continuity-type uses. That's all well and good but not epoch-making or associated with major disruptions ... until now.…

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Feel old? You will now: Mobile network Three is a teenager

A brief history of Li Ka-shing's feisty challenger network

Hutchison Whampoa’s Three network turns 13 today. The fifth mobile network to launch in the UK went live on … the 3rd of March 2003. Or 3-3-03.…

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EU needs a single telco regulator, says Google's top policy wonk

We're regulated even more than traditional telco providers, reckons ad-slinger

Europe needs a single telco regulator if over-the-top providers are to flourish across the continent, Google's public policy manager of EMEA, Theo Bertram, has said.…

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There's a courier here says he's got 50TB of cloud data for you

Amazon's Snowball array-for-rent now available for data export

Amazon Web Services has announced it will happily delivery 50TB of cloud data to your doorstep.…

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Linode says 'several' submarine cables to Singapore cut

Ping times are certainly looking ugly and there's been an earthquake in the region

Once again, it seems, submarine cables around Asia are in trouble.…

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Cisco CTO: What, me worry (about cloud)?

Containers will ride to our rescue, says Singh

Cisco Partner Summit  The emergence of containers will key a new renaissance for on-premise data centers that will bring many businesses away from public cloud services, says Cisco CTO Zorawar Biri Singh.…

via The Register - Data Centre: Cloud storage fail causes lengthy outage

One European instance experiencing eight-hours-and-counting PITSTOP incident

One of's European instances is enduring a lengthy un-planned PITSTOP incident – that's a Partial Inability To Support Totally Optimal Performance, a whit below our other status indicator of a Total Inability To Support Usual Performance or TITSUP.…

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Wednesday 2 March 2016

Another week, another leak: is morale that low in Australia's NBN?

Even cost-saving good ideas are now being leaked

The company building Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) is once again denying the veracity of a leaked document.…

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Amazon Simple Notification Service Now Sends Notifications for AWS Directory Service

Now you can use Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to receive notifications such as emails and text messages when the status of your AWS Directory Service directory changes to or from an “Active” state. Amazon SNS uses topics to collect and distribute messages to subscribers. When AWS Directory Service detects a change in your directory’s status, it will publish a message to the associated topic, which is then sent to topic subscribers.  

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New AWS Config Rules Repository on GitHub with sample rules

AWS Config Rules allows you to create rules that continuously check the configuration of relevant AWS resources recorded by AWS Config, and notifies you when resources do not comply with these guidelines. Using the rules dashboard, you can track overall compliance status and troubleshoot specific resource configurations that do not comply.

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Local Time Zone Support for Amazon Aurora

You can now set the time zone for your Amazon Aurora database cluster to the local time zone for your application.

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Announcing Support for Security Group References in a Peered VPC

We are excited to announce that you can now reference security groups in a peered Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in both inbound and outbound rules. This functionality is supported cross-account so the two VPCs can be in different accounts. Support for security group references in a peered VPC simplifies configuration by controlling peering traffic via security group membership instead of CIDR ranges.

You can reference security group from a peered VPC using the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, through SDKs. For more information see ‘Reference Peered VPC Security Groups’.

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Announcing Amazon VPC ClassicLink and ClassicLink DNS Support in Sao Paulo Region

Today we are announcing support for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) ClassicLink in the Sao Paulo region. ClassicLink allows Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in the EC2-Classic platform to communicate with instances in a VPC using private IP addresses, instead of public addresses through the Internet. We are also announcing support for ClassicLink DNS support. This feature enables support for DNS resolution of public hostnames to private IP addresses when queried over ClassicLink, making it easier for EC2-Classic instances to communicate with VPC resources using public DNS hostnames.

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Amazon CloudWatch Events Available in the EU (Frankfurt) Region

The Amazon CloudWatch Events service is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) AWS region.

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AWS Storage Gateway support for EMC NetWorker 8.x with Gateway-VTL

Today, we are announcing support for EMC NetWorker 8.x with AWS Storage Gateway-Virtual Tape Library (VTL). You can now backup and archive directly to scalable, cost-effective, secure Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier storage using Gateway-VTL with NetWorker. 

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AWS CloudFormation Adds Support for Amazon VPC NAT Gateway, Amazon EC2 Container Registry, and More

AWS CloudFormation has added support for four additional AWS services and several new features.

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Announcing New Regions for Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager

Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM) is now available in two new regions: Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Singapore) AWS regions.

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Amazon Redshift is now available in US West (N. California) Region

We are excited to announce that Amazon Redshift is now available in the AWS US West (N. California) Region.

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Amazon Kinesis Streams now available in South America (Sao Paulo) Region

Amazon Kinesis Streams enables you to build custom applications that process or analyze streaming data for specialized needs. You can now use Amazon Kinesis Streams from the South America (Sao Paulo) Region, in addition to US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Seoul) Regions. You can get pricing information for all the regions from our pricing page.

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Oracle adds own cloud tier to its mainframe VTL

Latest StorageTek VSM 7 is bigger and badder

Oracle has updated VSM 6 to v7 four years after VSM 6 was launched, adding beefier CPUs, greater scale and auto-tiering to Larry’s own cloud.…

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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Tutum technology bobs back to surface as Docker Cloud

NY-born firm now totally Docker native

The Tutum technology Docker borged late last year has resurfaced in the form of Docker Cloud.…

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Net Neutrality: Email trail reveals how Obama leaned hard on the FCC

US Senators get hands on regulator's internal memos sent during open net order wrangling

US Republican senators have today published emails that suggest the President "unduly influenced" the FCC – America's nominally independent telco regulator.…

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DDoS attacks up 149 percent as brassy booter kids make bank

Akamai report finds surge in weighty packets.

The number of distributed denial of service attacks rose 149 percent in dying months of 2015 according to Akamai's networking wonks.…

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Google cloud wobbles as workers patch wrong routers

Is 'Sorry about that, we promise to learn from our mistakes' any way to run a cloud?

Add another SNAFU to the long list of Google cloud wobbles caused by human error: this time The Alphabet subsidiary decided to patch the wrong routers.…

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