Thursday 30 June 2016

Telstra's business network in six-hour collapse

The Big TITSUP strikes again

Telstra is red-faced yet again, after suffering a long outage centred in Victoria.…

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Learn AWS Security Fundamentals with Free and Online Training

AWS Security Fundamentals is a free, online course that introduces you to fundamental cloud computing and AWS security concepts, including AWS access control and management, governance, logging, and encryption methods. It also addresses security-related compliance protocols, risk management strategies, and procedures for auditing AWS security infrastructure. We have significantly updated this course to include new content, demos, and knowledge checks that help you learn about AWS security concepts and services. This self-paced course is aimed at IT business or security professionals interested in cloud security practices and AWS, as well as IT auditors, analysts, and regulators. You can learn about this course and others training resources at AWS Training.

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Restore an encrypted Amazon Aurora database from an unencrypted backup

You can now restore an encrypted Amazon Aurora cluster from an unencrypted backup. You can choose any existing KMS key or create a new key to encrypt the new database. For more information on creating encrypted Amazon Aurora databases, read the Amazon Aurora User Guide. To know more about Amazon Aurora, visit our product page

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NRA guns down 38,000 sites in anti-parody spray-and-pray

Sparks fly as DigitalOcean pulls plug amid shocking trademark tantrum over sendup site

Web publisher blames a single trademark-infringement complaint for stripping more than 38,000 websites from the internet.…

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Cisco looks to LoRaWAN for IoT device connectivity

Gateway for Things

Cisco has anointed another industry alliance into its Internet of Things embrace, with LoRaWAN…

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Trans-Pacific FASTER fibre fires first photons, finally

Google-backed cable ready for service

Backed by Google and built by NEC, the FASTER consortium submarine cable has been lit up.…

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Telstra restarting long-stalled ADSL investment

Wait, what?

Telstra CEO Andy Penn, while promising to spend AU$250 million improving the Telstra network, has, without much fuss, re-started investment in ADSL infrastructure.…

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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Internet takes another step away from US govt and into ICANN's hands

Regional Internet Registries sign contract with DNS overlord

The internet's move away from US government control took a significant step forward Wednesday with the signing of a new contract.…

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Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.3 now available, adds VR, HDR, and more

We are excited to announce the release of Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.3, which includes 130 new improvements, fixes, and features. Lumberyard Beta 1.3 introduces new graphics features to help your team build visually stunning games including: support for VR devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, support for high-dynamic range (HDR) displays and their brighter pixels and wider color gamut, introduction of the Lumberyard Graphics Profiler that displays critical performance statistics in real time, and more. Read about the update in the GameDev Blog and the Lumberyard Beta 1.3 release notes.

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Announcing Amazon VPC Flow Logs Support in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region

Amazon VPC Flow Logs is now available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. VPC Flow Logs is a feature that enables you to capture information about the IP traffic going to and from your VPC. Once enabled for a particular VPC, Subnet or Elastic Network Interface (ENI), relevant network traffic will be logged to CloudWatch Logs for storage and analysis by your own applications or third-party tools. Additionally, metrics can be created to identify trends and patterns.

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New AWS Accounts Default to Long EBS and Storage Gateway Resource IDs

In April, Amazon Web Services announced the availability of longer volume and snapshot IDs for EBS and Storage Gateway. Starting today, June 29, 2016, all newly created AWS accounts will use longer volume and snapshot IDs by default in all regions except China (Beijing) and AWS GovCloud (US). If you have not yet tested your systems for compatibility with longer volume and snapshot IDs, you still have the option to request the shorter ID format if necessary. For new AWS regions launching later in 2016, all accounts will default to longer EC2 and EBS IDs, with the option to opt out if needed. 

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Amazon SNS adds Worldwide SMS

You can now use Amazon SNS to send SMS messages to phone numbers in 200+ countries. With the addition of the Worldwide SMS Delivery feature, Amazon SNS now offers a low cost, fully managed and highly scalable service that lets you deliver both transactional messages such as one-time passwords (OTP) and promotional messages such as marketing campaigns to your users across multiple destinations globally, over multiple channels such as text-messaging (SMS) mobile push, and email.

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The problem with Canada? The price of broadband is too damn high

And other telco oligopoly moans... Our resident maple leafer talks to digi rights group

Opinion  Openmedia, a digital rights advocacy group, has quickly become one of Canada's leading civil liberties organizations. Established in 2008 by Steve Anderson, Openmedia has run a series of successful campaigns which have made it the bane of Canada's telecoms oligopoly.…

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Brexit, schmexit: BT and Oracle join hands for a cloudy tryst

But partnerships not the same as winning new biz – analyst

BT has hopped into bed with Oracle in a deal that promises to provide the underlying network connectivity for Oracle’s hybrid cloud.…

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Brexit, schmexit: BT and Oracle join hands for a cloudy tryst

But partnerships not the same as winning new biz – analyst

BT has hopped into bed with Oracle in a deal that promises to provide the underlying network connectivity for Oracle’s hybrid cloud.…

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3GPP sets 2018 as freeze date for 5G air interfaces

LTE control plane will help ease carrier transition

The 3GPP has told the industry to get cracking on standardising the air interface for 5G.…

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Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) is Now Generally Available

Amazon EFS provides simple, scalable file storage for use with Amazon EC2 instances in the AWS Cloud. Amazon EFS is easy to use and offers a simple interface that allows you to create and configure file systems quickly and easily. With Amazon EFS, storage capacity is elastic, growing and shrinking automatically as you add and remove files, so your applications have the storage they need, when they need it.

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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Red Hat OpenShift on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

This Quick Start automates the deployment of Red Hat OpenShift, a platform as a service (PaaS) solution, on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Red Hat OpenShift uses Docker containers, Google Kubernetes orchestration, and the container-optimized Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system to help developers and IT create and deploy their apps.

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Introducing Elastic Network Adapter (ENA), the next generation network interface for EC2 instances

Amazon EC2 has announced Elastic Network Adapter (ENA), the next generation network interface and accompanying drivers that provide Enhanced Networking on EC2 instances. 

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MongoDB launches Atlas to manage deployments: Taking the Ops out of DevOps

'The most interesting thing we've done as a company since day one,' says exec

MongoDB is launching Atlas, the company's first DBaaS, offering easy management of instances - initially on AWS, but soon to come to Azure and Google Cloud Platform.…

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Hyperscale cloud operators are saving the planet

Power cuts ahoy

Once upon a decade ago, green computing was a big thing. Nowadays it is an actual thing, thanks to the usual suspects: virtualization and cloud computing.…

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Announcing the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

AWS is pleased to announce immediate availability of the new Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region. Mumbai joins Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo as the sixth AWS Region in Asia and as the thirteenth worldwide, bringing the total number of AWS Availability Zones to 35 worldwide. 

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Can gigabit fibre services revive Adelaide?

South Oz government to open up academic network to commercial customers

The South Australian SABREnet, the local academic network that connects universities to the national AARNet network, is going to be expanded to provide high-speed connections for Adelaide businesses.…

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Monday 27 June 2016

Quick note: Brexit consequences for IT

EU to shrink as UK isles become more distant

Blog  Well, I'm not an economist and even less interested in politics - but UK exiting the EU is huge. I have several friends and acquaintances who have migrated to the UK in the last few years because there are more job opportunities, meritocracy and higher wages. This could all change very soon. But this is one aspect. The other one I'm thinking of is about the IT industry from both the UK and EU standpoints.…

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Aust Federal Police keep lid on docs that triggered NBN raids

Letter is national security

The Australian Federal Police has determined that one of the least-secret projects in the country can't be discussed lest it endanger national security.…

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Friday 24 June 2016

Amazon WorkSpaces now comes with larger root volumes

Starting today, we are expanding Amazon WorkSpaces root volumes from 60GB to 80GB for all Amazon WorkSpaces bundles, at no additional cost to you. Larger volumes allow your users to install and run more applications and store more data, which means they can use their Amazon WorkSpace in more ways than before.

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Sliced your submarine cable? Fill in this paperwork

FCC approves rules that make itself more important

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved new rules that will require companies to report outages in submarine cables.…

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Thinking of using multiple clouds? Don't do it, stick with us says AWS CEO

'Every tier-one country will have an AWS region' – but analyst says other providers are catching up

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy spoke against the idea of using multiple cloud providers at its Public Sector Summit earlier this week – well he would, wouldn't he.…

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New AWS Public Data Set - Amazon Bin Image Data Set

Today, the Amazon Fulfillment Technologies team is releasing the Amazon Bin Image Data Set, which is made up of over 1,000 images of bins inside an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Each image is accompanied by metadata describing the contents of the bin in the image. This is a limited release, and several hundred thousand images will be released this fall. Learn more about the data set on its Public Data Set landing page.

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'Leave EU means...' WHAT?! Britains ask Google after results declared

Post-poll wake up

BREXIT  Woke up with a nagging feeling you may have done something last night you shouldn’t? You aren’t alone, it seems.…

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Dev boss: What will Microsoft do with Windows 10 Mobile? Surprise – it's for work!

'Surface phone' will have challenging app gap

One of the puzzles about Microsoft’s platform in 2016 is Windows 10 Mobile. In the run-up to the launch of Windows 10 in July 2015, the plan seemed to be that a unified operating system across PC and mobile, combined with applications developed for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), would boost Windows Phone and create a strong ecosystem of applications delivered from the Windows Store.…

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Oracle: Cloud-first for 12.2 update – on-prem world will have to wait

You'll eat Larry's fluffy white stuff and enjoy it

Oracle is cranking up the pressure on customers to consume its wares as-a-service by initially distributing the updated 12.2 database on a cloud-only basis.…

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Ericsson: 5G migration won't be a terrifying slog. No. We have ‘plug-ins’

Perfect for finding MIMO... and also RAN

Analysis  All the network equipment providers are engaged in major operator projects which they hope will guarantee them a place in those MNOs’ 5G rollouts in the coming years. This week, it was certainly the turn of Ericsson to score 5G marketing points, with a series of operator engagements around the world, and the announcement of 5G Plug-Ins.…

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Juniper preps global policy manager for OpenContrail

'Project Ukai' would automate multi-region cloudy config

Juniper Networks seems to have big plans for its OpenContrail SDN controller: it would like to see it act as a kind of “meta-controller” for multiple cloud and data centre controllers.…

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AWS Support enables tagging capabilities for Trusted Advisor

Customers can now more easily identify opportunities to optimize their AWS infrastructure with Trusted Advisor. With tagging support enabled, customers can filter Trusted Advisor reports using existing resource tags, and view best practice recommendations based on the context of their applications or workloads. AWS resources are often shared across multiple solutions, and tag-based views provide customers the ability to optimize based on the unique attributes of each workload. 

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Amazon Cognito Adds Support for SAML identity providers

You can now use Amazon Cognito to let your users sign-in through identity providers that support Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) such as Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). You now have an additional option with SAML for adding sign-in to your mobile and web apps in addition to Cognito user pools, social identity providers such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Open ID Connect providers, and your own authentication system. 

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Thursday 23 June 2016

AWS CodePipeline Available in EU (Ireland) Region

AWS CodePipeline is now available in the EU (Ireland) AWS region.

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Now use Object Tags in the Amazon Machine Learning Console

You now have the ability to add, modify, remove, and list tags on an object through the Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) console. Additionally, when objects are created through the Console wizard, existing tags of the antecedent objects (S3 bucket, Redshift cluster, Data source, ML model) will also be carried over into the new object.

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Amazon API Gateway Available in Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region

Amazon API Gateway is now available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.

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AWS Lambda Available in Asia Pacific (Sydney)

AWS Lambda is now available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.

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AWS GovCloud (US) Receives FedRAMP High Baseline P-ATO from the JAB

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Google beefs up Fiber with Webpass gobble

Chocolate Factory kills any doubts about its national ISP intentions

Google has acquired fellow ISP Webpass in a move designed to expand the reach of its high-speed Fiber service.…

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Introducing Amazon VPC NAT Gateway in Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region

You can now use Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. NAT Gateway is a highly available AWS managed service that makes it easy to connect to the Internet from instances within a private subnet in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Previously, you needed to launch a NAT instance to enable NAT for instances in a private subnet. 

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In brave new 5G world, data centres are pizza boxes... or football fields

Software, software, software... some hardware

OPFVN 2016  Flexible tech such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation will be a prerequisite for our brave new 5G world, reckon Intel and Ericsson.…

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Huawei: Come 2017, we'll also deal in pure, uncut software

But box biz will take a long time to die, says chief cloud architect

OPNFV Summit  Huawei is poised to make its big push into flogging pure software products next year - an area its cloudy chief architect believes will come to dominate other parts of the biz.…

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Linux's NFV crew: Operators keen to ditch clunky networks, be cool like Facebook

Moving as fast as their embiggened bods can shift 'em

Network operators have a jealous eye on the likes of Facebook and Google and want to ditch their clunky networks to compete for "cooler" consumer services, the head of the open-source network function virtualisation (NFV) project has said.…

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Fat-thumbed a BGP entry? Relax, now your pain has a name

RFC gives route leaks names, to help netops explain why traffic goes missing

Users are familiar with those occasional events in which a sysadmin fat-thumb results in traffic getting deep-sixed – like, for example, this week's huge Telia outage.…

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Quigley: FTTP wasn't a failed project

But unscrambling this egg will be painful

Founding NBN CEO Mike Quigley has given a speech defending both his legacy and the original fibre-to-the-premises network plan.…

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Secure Islands digested, Redmond pushes out DLP tool

Adding more lock-down to Azure data

The offering is based on Redmond's October 2015 acquisition of Israeli firm Secure Islands, whose technology is being integrated into Azure Rights Management (RMS).…

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AWS Direct Connect Now Supports a Self-Service Feature for LOAs

Today, we're announcing the ability to download your LOA-CFA for your Direct Connect connection in the AWS management console. This self-service feature makes it easier for you to access your LOA and provision your connection quicker. You now have access to your LOA anytime you need it from anywhere you can access the AWS console. Previously, LOAs were sent by email and if they expired after 90 days, you had to contact AWS Support for a refreshed LOA. Now, you can log into the AWS console and download your LOA without having to worry about which email address it was sent to.

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Wednesday 22 June 2016

IAM Service Last Accessed Data Now Available for South America (Sao Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) Regions

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service last accessed data is now available for two additional regions: South America (Sao Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul). Service last accessed data helps you identify overly permissive policies attached to an IAM entity (a user, group, or role). With this release, you can view the date when an IAM entity last accessed an AWS service in these two regions.

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AWS CodePipeline Enables Failed Action Retry

You can now retry an action in AWS CodePipline after it has failed. Previously, you needed to manually restart the entire pipeline or commit a new change to your pipeline’s source stage to retry the failed action.

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Microsoft hops onboard bonk-to-pay bandwagon

Windows Mobile gets support for NFC payments

Microsoft has launched its entry into the near-field communications (NFC) mobile payments space.…

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Google enlists Microsoft VoIP partner to unseat Office 365+Skype

RingCentral in the middle

Google's going after Office 365 and Skype users in a cloud telephony partnership with Microsoft VoIP ally RingCentral.…

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AWS OpsWorks Supports CentOS

You can now use AWS OpsWorks to configure and manage Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers running CentOS 7.

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One place to inhale all cloud: Apache Libcloud 1.0 now available

Interoperability, hallelujah

The Apache Software Foundation has announced that Libcloud 1.0, the cloud service interoperability Python library, is now generally available.…

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Police ICT Company head: Eat your cloud, cops, it's good for you

Let's put body-worn camera footage in the white'n'fluffy stuff, says Martin Wyke

A national strategy which considers the use of public cloud services such as AWS and Azure is needed if the police are to cope with the increasing weight of unstructured data storage, the head of the Police ICT Company has said.…

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Boffins map Netflix's Open Connect CDN

Six continents, 233 locations, thousands of servers

Brit boffins have peeled back the covers of how Netflix has built its CDN, by requesting movies from all over the world and working out what the responses told them about the hosts.…

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Maine city plans to become 'Gigabit Island'

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

A small community on an island off the coast of Maine says that it wants to give Gigabit internet service to all 560 of its residents.…

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Amazon EBS now supports cross-account copying of encrypted snapshots

Starting today, you can copy encrypted Amazon EBS snapshots between accounts, a capability previously supported only for unencrypted snapshots. Now you can easily copy encrypted snapshots between your development, test and production environments or between different department and project accounts. It also makes it easier for you to follow AWS security best practices which include copying encrypted snapshots to separately managed accounts, in the same or other regions, to provide an extra level of account isolation.

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Tuesday 21 June 2016

CloudFlare apologizes for Telia screwing you over

Unhappy about massive outage

Content delivery network CloudFlare has apologized in part for the massive outages its customers experienced yesterday, but placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of Tier 1 provider Telia.…

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Google, PayPal, and Hide My Ass VPN, join fight against Rule 41 change

Tor users an open target unless December deadline met

The campaign against Rule 41 kicked up a gear as leaders of the US House of Representatives and Senate got a letter today reminding that that the deadline for a Rule 41 bill is getting close.…

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Top boffins detail how to save the open internet from breaking itself

Commission publishes final report after two years of work

Analysis  The internet could go one of three paths in the next decade, according to an elite group of policymakers: open and global; unequal and uneven; or dangerous and broken.…

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Docker Datacenter on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

This Quick Start automates the deployment of Docker Datacenter (DDC) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Docker Datacenter is an end-to-end platform for agile application development and container management. It offers organizations a CaaS (containers as a service) solution for deploying their apps, both on premises and in the cloud.

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Monday 20 June 2016

Netflix picks fight with internet exchange industry

Top exec criticizes high prices, marketing and partying

The internet exchange industry is ripping customers off, charging too much for features people don't need, and spending millions on staff salaries, unnecessary marketing and social events.…

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Chattanooga mayor credits muni broadband with aiding city's revival

Unemployment is down because of our 10Gb pipeline … and also the new auto factory

The mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is crediting the city's recent economic surge to a decision to defy national ISPs and build its own broadband network.…

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Telia engineer error to blame for massive net outage

Lesson 1: Don't confuse Europe with Hong Kong

Swedish infrastructure company Telia is to blame for a massive internet outage today after an engineer apparently misconfigured a key router and sent all of Europe's traffic to Hong Kong.…

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Amazon EC2 Windows support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Amazon EC2 now fully supports SQL Server 2016, the most recent release of Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server 2016 AMIs are available in four editions - Web, Express, Standard and Enterprise and runs on Windows Server 2012 R2. Amazon EC2 support for SQL Server 2016 enables you to leverage new capabilities such as real-time analytics, visualizations across devices, deeper security and new big-data solutions for your mission-critical applications running on AWS. 

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Docker taps unikernel brains to emit OS X, Windows public betas

Plus: Container orchestration tools coming this July in v1.12

DockerCon  Docker will kick off its DockerCon 2016 conference in Seattle this morning with a bunch of announcements: its OS X and Windows Docker clients will be made publicly available as beta software for anyone to try out; out-of-the-box orchestration is coming to Docker 1.12; and integration with Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure is in the works.…

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AWS Partner Network Launches New Competency, Government Partner Solutions

AWS Competency Program & Government Partners

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is thrilled to announce the launch of the new AWS Government Competency. The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas and categories.

AWS Government Competency Partners provide solutions to—and/or have deep experience working with—government customers to deliver mission-critical workloads and applications on AWS.

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Brexit: More cash for mobile operators or consumers? Pick one

Roaming charges and the EU, or how to play a zero-sum game

One thing the Brexit debate hasn't been short on is hyperbole, with much talk about a potential economic Armageddon triggered by a leave scenario.…

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Telstra's 'future of medical diagnosis' needs just 5Mbps

If the future happens at 5Mbps, we need fibre to the what exactly why?

A couple of weeks ago, Telstra breathlessly announced “the future of medical diagnosis”, namely “haptically-enabled robotics” that mean ultrasound examinations can be conducted remotely, complete with force-feedback so that a sonographer can guide their instrument over a distant body's lumps and bumps.…

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Friday 17 June 2016

Dad of student slain in Paris terror massacre sues Google, Twitter, Facebook for their 'material support'

No tweets, no YouTube, no likes, no killings, court told

A grieving father has sued Google, Twitter and Facebook, alleging the web giants enabled the Paris terrorist attacks that killed his daughter.…

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Oracle Repository Creation Utility (RCU) and April PSU Patches are now available for Amazon RDS for Oracle

You can now use the Oracle Repository Creation Utility (RCU) 12c to create schemas for Fusion Middleware components on Amazon RDS for Oracle. This feature is available with new Amazon RDS Oracle 12c and 11g database versions "", "" and "". These versions include the April 2016 Oracle Patch Set Updates (PSU). The “” and “” versions include the recommended database patches for Oracle GoldenGate. We also added the ability to grant privileges on SYS objects with the “grant option” to the versions.

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Fat fibre taxes strangling us – UK broadband providers

'A real kick in the cabinets', says Virgin Media exec

Broadband providers have hit out against a forthcoming hike in business rates which will dramatically increase the tax paid on fibre optic networks.…

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Stopped buying Oracle's kit? You've literally decimated its profit

Big Red's net income tumbles despite mighty cloud push

Oracle is talking up soaring sales for its cloudy operations – while the IT giant's profit has taken a big hit over the past 12 months.…

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Thursday 16 June 2016

Amazon CloudWatch Events Available in the South America (São Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) Regions

The Amazon CloudWatch Events service is now available in the South America (São Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) regions. 

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New Amazon EC2 Spot Console Now Supports Spot Fleet and Spot Blocks

Today, we are introducing a redesigned EC2 Spot Requests console, which now supports Spot fleet and Spot blocks, features which simplify and streamline how you use Amazon EC2 Spot instances. Previously, Spot fleet and blocks were available via the AWS CLI and SDK tools only.

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Crims set up fake companies to hoard and sell IPv4 addresses

Dot-com pirates play dirty while trading elderly digits

IPv4 addresses are now so valuable that criminals are setting up shell companies so they can apply for addresses, then resell them to users desperate to grow their networks.…

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AWS CodeDeploy Available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region

AWS CodeDeploy is now available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS region.

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Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports cross-region read replicas

You can now quickly create cross-region read replicas for your unencrypted Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database instances with just a few clicks on the AWS Management Console. You can use this feature to reduce read latency for your customers in different geographic locations, to create a backup of your primary database for disaster recovery purposes, or quickly migrate your database to a different AWS Region. 

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Nokia to Oz: 5G will need fibre, and lots of it

Latency, capacity, reliability and new network architectures won't be easy to deliver

Any time the politics of the National Broadband Network arises, someone with a bagful of buzzwords and a spoonful of clue will claim that wireless is going to make fibre obsolete.…

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Wednesday 15 June 2016

New Quick Start: Standardized Architecture for NIST High-Impact Controls on AWS Featuring Trend Micro Deep Security

This new Quick Start deploys a standardized environment that helps organizations meet the following requirements: 

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New AWS Public Data Set - IRS 990 Filing Data

Form 990 is the form used by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to gather financial information about nonprofit organizations. Data from over 1,000,000 IRS 990 electronic filings are now available for anyone to use via Amazon S3. Electronic filings from 2011 to the present are currently available, and the IRS will add new 990 filing data each month.

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Virgin Media goes TITSUP* in South London due to painful piles

Several hundred metres of fibre cabling needs to be replaced

Thousands of South Londoners have been knocked offline due to a blunder by a construction worker slicing through a Virgin cable.…

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NBN chairman's letter breached caretaker conventions says DPM&C boss

Ziggy was warned against penning op-ed

An op-ed written by nbnTM chairman Ziggy Switkowsky defending the company's handling of leaks breached the “caretaker conventions” that apply during election campaigns.…

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Who shot JR (that great Dallas broadband)?

All my ex (ISPs) live in Texas

Add Dallas, Texas to the ranks of cities set to enjoy Google Fiber broadband.…

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New Edge Location in New Delhi, India for Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added a new edge location in New Delhi, India for Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53.  The New Delhi location is our third edge location in India (joining Mumbai and Chennai), and brings the total number of worldwide edge locations to 56. 

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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Get Even More Details from Service Last Accessed Data

In December, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) released service last accessed data, which shows the time when an IAM entity (a user, group, or role) last accessed an AWS service. This provided a powerful tool to help you grant least-privilege permissions. Starting today, it’s easier to identify where permissions can be reduced based on additional service last accessed data. With this release, you have access to the following for IAM entities and policies:

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AWS Config offers a new rule for assessing license compliance and a console in Simplified Chinese

AWS Config Rules is a set of governance capabilities that allow IT Administrators to define guidelines for provisioning and configuring AWS resources and then continuously monitor compliance with those guidelines. You can choose from a collection of AWS managed rules, which are predefined, customizable rules that are based on common best practices. AWS Config now offers a new managed rule that checks Amazon EC2 instances for a specified tenancy (host, dedicated or default). You can provide an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) ID to check EC2 instances launched only from that AMI and also specify an EC2 Dedicated Host ID to check whether your EC2 instances are launched on that EC2 dedicated host. This rule enables you to assess compliance with your server-bound software licenses by checking whether your EC2 instances are launched on a physical server dedicated to your use.  

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Net neutrality victory: DC court backs full rules

Big Telco loses critical legal battle

Analysis  Net neutrality rules that make it illegal for ISPs to interfere with data traffic across their networks have been upheld in full by the Washington DC Court of Appeals.…

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Amazon SES Now Supports Email Headers in Notifications

Amazon SES can now include the original email headers in the bounce, complaint, and delivery notifications it provides through Amazon SNS. This feature enables you to more easily match a notification to the specific email that triggered it, because the notification can contain the email headers that you used when you passed the email to Amazon SES. Previously, when you wanted to match a notification to a specific sent email, you needed to store a mapping between the email and the message ID that Amazon SES returned when you sent the message. Now, you can add a custom header to the email and then retrieve that custom header from the notification, without storing the message ID on your side. You can include any other custom headers that might be useful to you. For example, resellers can now add client identifiers for improved tracking.

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Users fear yet another hack as TalkTalk services go down

Vague hint about the weather in bland company statement

TalkTalk is down again, with frighteningly little being said by the business as to why.…

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Imagination: come back to MIPS, WiFi vendors, we have an FCC workaround

VM isolation for Openwrt

A fairly straightforward idea by Imagination Technologies could rescue American geeks' ability to run Openwrt on their routers.…

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NBN 'copper guru' ads pulled from

'Not us' says network builder

Job ads in Ireland seeking “copper jointers” and “copper gurus” for the National Broadband Network have been pulled from after they were spotted by Australian media.…

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Tasmania: back on the map, sometime today

Basslink: repairs complete, time to pull the big red switch

The saga of the Tasmanian electrical and telecomms interconnect Basslink is due to end today.…

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Monday 13 June 2016

Over Ireland? Bothered by Brexit? Find that new home for your cloud

Options for data centres when Belarus isn't an option

As we all know, the cloud isn't an amorphous, non-geographical blob of computing. Which is a good thing, because there are plenty of legal implications around where your data lives and where it moves both to and from.…

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Friday 10 June 2016

FFS, Twitter. It's not that hard

A clear and simple guide to get from implosion to success

Howto  With the news that Twitter is looking for yet another head of product – the fifth in under three years – it's clear the social media company is still at a loss over what to do next with its service.…

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You. Comcast, TWC, Charter, DirecTV, Dish. Get in here and explain yourselves – Congress

Telcos to be grilled over 'deceptive' internet services

The US Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has called on the nation's cable and satellite providers to testify about their customer service failings.…

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Amazon RDS adds Multi-AZ support for SQL Server in Tokyo, Sydney and Sao Paulo AWS Regions

Amazon RDS now offers Multi-AZ support for Amazon RDS for SQL Server in three new regions - Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and South America (Sao Paulo) AWS Regions. This new high availability option leverages SQL Server Mirroring technology with additional improvements to meet the requirements of enterprise-grade production workloads running on SQL Server. The Multi-AZ deployment option provides enhanced availability and data durability by automatically replicating database updates between two AWS Availability Zones. Availability Zones are physically separate locations with independent infrastructure engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones. 

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Thursday 9 June 2016

Microsoft Servers on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

This Quick Start automates the deployment of Microsoft business productivity servers on the AWS cloud. It deploys the four most popular Windows servers in a highly available Multi-AZ architecture on AWS: SQL Server, Exchange Server, Lync Server, and SharePoint Server. The deployment also includes Active Directory Domain Services as the foundation for these business productivity servers.

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AWS CloudFormation Adds Support for Amazon VPC Flow Logs, Amazon Kinesis Firehose Delivery Streams, and Other Updates

AWS CloudFormation has added new resource support. You can now provision the following resources using CloudFormation:

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US govt OKs handover of internet's control panel to ICANN

NTIA says yes to plan to move IANA contract to private outfit

The US government has formally approved a plan to transition control of the internet's administrative tasks to the private sector.…

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TalkTalk says 8-month app outage lasting 'bit longer than we hoped'

Leave? You'll miss out on 100% unavailability of Talk2Go...

TalkTalk's Talk2Go app has been offline for eight months - since that breach, in fact - but that hasn't stopped the business reminding those trying to leave that they'd be missing out on it if they went elsewhere.…

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AWS blames 'latent bug' for prolonging Sydney EC2 outage

First the secondary generators failed, then the glitch slowed some service restoration

Amazon Web Services has explained the extended outage its Sydney services suffered last weekend, attributing downtime to a combination of power problems and a “latent bug in our instance management software”.…

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Time Warner Cable, you've 'earned your miserable reputation' – NY Attorney General

Cable giant taken to task for crap service

The New York's Attorney General office is taking Time Warner Cable (TWC) to task for its poor service in the Big Apple.…

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Wednesday 8 June 2016

AWS Sydney's cloud outage shows the value of a walk in the cloud

Telecoms cables just above sea level? They'll be just fine in a flood! NOT.

To understand the lessons of this week's Amazon Web Services outage in Sydney, which took down the local AWS cloud for a few hours, take a walk down Huntley Street, Alexandria, an unlovely street in a light industrial suburb.…

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AWS Partner Network Launches New Competency, Migration Partner Solutions

AWS Competency Program & Migration

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is thrilled to announce the launch of the new APN DevOps Competency. The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas and categories.

AWS Migration Competency Partners provide solutions or have deep experience helping businesses move successfully to AWS, through all phases of complex migration projects, discovery, planning, migration and operations.

Migration Launch Partners

Congrats to our initial launch partners who have qualified for the Migration Competency:

  • Migration Delivery Partners2nd Watch, Accenture, Classmethod, ClearScale, Cloud Technology Partners, cloudpack, Cloudreach, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Corpinfo, CSC, FPT Software, Infosys, Logicworks, REAN Cloud, Serverworks, Slalom Consulting, Smartronix

Learn More

If you're a customer interested in learning more about Migration Partner Solutions, click here.

If you’re an APN Technology Partner or APN Consulting Partner focused on migrating customers to AWS, click here to learn more.


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Microsoft's mobile device management meltdown

InTune? Doesn't sound like it to us

Microsoft UK’s online enterprise mobility device management service Intune suffered a near four-hour wobble this morning that was rectified early in the afternoon.…

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Net neut: Equal treatment of traffic doesn't mean equal service quality for users

EU body: ISPs' obligations are to the network

Internet service providers (ISPs) do not need to ensure that the quality of service received by internet users is the same across all of their customers to meet their obligations on treating data equally as it passes over their networks, an EU regulatory body has said.…

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Akamai-oh-my: Network biz to pay back $650k over China bribes rap

SEC settles case over alleged payoffs in Middle Kingdom

Content delivery network Akamai will pay the US government more than $650k to settle charges it bribed Chinese officials to secure service contracts.…

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US military tests massive GPS jamming weapon over California

Aircraft warned to stay out of area

The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is warning aircraft to stay a few hundred miles away from the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, California, because the military is testing a new gizmo that disrupts GPS – and may also mess with flight control systems.…

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Post-Safe Harbor: Adobe fined for shipping personal info to the US 'without any legal basis'

Germany cracks the whip

A German regulator has fined three companies for failing to change the way they share people's personal information following the invalidation of the Safe Harbor agreement last year.…

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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Tagging now Available with the Amazon Machine Learning API

You now have the ability to add, modify, remove, and list tags on an object through the Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) API. You can also grant and revoke permissions for these operations through Identity and Access Management (IAM) on the API.

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Distributed database defence: Datos IO delivers its distinctives

Outage stopper helps stop you having an Australian-style disaster, firm says

Datos IO has announced the launch of its RecoverX distributed database protection and recovery tool, designed, we're told, to specifically protect against the sort of AWS outage in Sydney El Reg reported on Monday.…

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O2 chief techie: Light up dark fibre and unleash the small cell army

Mobe tech is proven but it's the backhaul that's becoming Blighty's bottleneck

When it comes to improving mobile network coverage and increasing capacity with small cells, the UK needs more access to dark fibre and easier planning permissions. So says O2 CTO Brendan O’Reilly.…

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That didn't take long: Shareholders sue Oracle in 'fake cloud sales' row

Complaint accuses Big Red of mishandling finances

Just days after Oracle was sued by an ex-employee, who accused the IT giant of making up its cloud sales figures, its shareholders are now hauling the company into court.…

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Monday 6 June 2016

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition) is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) Region

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition), also known as Microsoft AD, is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) Region. This makes it possible for you to use an AWS fully managed Active Directory in the cloud. Among the use cases supported by Microsoft AD, you can: 

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AWS Directory Service Support in FRA Region

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition), also known as Microsoft AD, is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) Region. This makes it possible for you to use an AWS fully managed Active Directory in the cloud. Among the use cases supported by Microsoft AD, you can: 

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NetSuite hacker thrown in the cooler for a year, fined $124,000

Run SQLmap, get sent to the big house

A hacker has been jailed for a year and fined $124,000 after admitting he infiltrated a protected computer system.…

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African IP address body exec half-apologizes for 'Whites are taking over' race-row email

Sorry you read my private message

The former CEO of African regional internet registry Afrinic has apologized for claiming that there was a race-related conspiracy to take over the organization.…

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Microsoft's Scott Guthrie wrote code live on stage for Azure devs

Too much 'like a C# tribal gathering'?

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise, Scott Guthrie, came to London’s Mermaid Theatre on 3rd June 2016 to present to around 600 IT folk at the Azure Users Group, at an event called AzureCraft.…

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Storage vendors that don’t look like storage vendors any more

Solidfire is cool. I reckon NetApp's got a hidden gem here

Comment  Yesterday I was at the Solidfire Analyst day and this idea about the cloud-enabling vendor popped up just after a couple of hours of presentations and demos. The new licensing model, new features and also how the software works and is presented is unusual, not only from traditional storage vendors, but also from many storage startups.…

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Sunday 5 June 2016

AWS endures extended outage in Australia

Heavy clouds take out clouds

Sysadmins in Sydney had a horrible Sunday, while their CEOs bent their attention to wondering why their Foxtel Rugby sportscasts weren't working.…

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Saturday 4 June 2016

'Whites are taking over': Race storm hits heart of Africa's internet body

Former AFRINIC CEO makes shocking claims over Board control efforts

A race row has broken out at the organization responsible for the allocation of IP addresses across Africa.…

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Friday 3 June 2016

Outsourcery: We've had offer for our assets (and, er, shareholders might get nothing)

Share trading in troubled AIM-listed cloud biz suspended as fiscal numbers postponed

Investors in beleaguered cloud biz Outsourcery may well take a bath after the company confirmed it is in talks with suitors who made offers for its assets that will leave them little or no return.…

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Salesforce's data centre team 'fought' AWS cloud outsourcing

The growing cloud platform war takes shape

Analysis  Salesforce’s cloud server staff, those behind its flagship SaaS cloud, fought tooth and nail against their employer’s embrace of Amazon’s cloud.…

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TalkTalk scammers still active

Customer targeted by fraudsters seeking remote access of her PC

TalkTalk customers are still being targeted by scammers, following a series of data breaches at the company.…

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Thursday 2 June 2016

Amazon CloudWatch Events Available in the US West (N. California) and Asia Pacific (Singapore) Regions

The Amazon CloudWatch Events service is now available in the US West (N. California) and Asia Pacific (Singapore) regions.  

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Oracle to sue cloud sales 'whistleblower' for 'malicious prosecution'

Lawsuit wipes over $6bn from Oracle's value

Oracle isn't known as a shrinking violet when it comes to legal battles, and it's coming out swinging over allegations that it was playing fast and loose with its cloud revenue reporting.…

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Apache Tez 0.8.3 and Apache Phoenix 4.7.0 now available on Amazon EMR

You can now use Apache Tez 0.8.3, Apache Phoenix 4.7.0, and upgraded versions of Presto (0.147), Apache HBase (1.2.1), and Apache Mahout (0.12.0) on Amazon EMR release 4.7.0. Also, Amazon Redshift JDBC drivers are now included on Amazon EMR clusters for use with components such as the Spark-Redshift connector. 

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Announcing Amazon VPC Flow Logs Support in the Beijing (China) Region

Amazon VPC Flow Logs is now available in the Beijing (China) region. VPC Flow Logs is a feature that enables you to capture information about the IP traffic going to and from your VPC. Once enabled for a particular VPC, VPC subnet or Elastic Network Interface (ENI), relevant network traffic will be logged to CloudWatch Logs for storage and analysis by your own applications or third-party tools. Additionally, metrics can be created to identify trends and patterns. 

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AWS CodePipeline Adds Integration with AWS OpsWorks

You can now choose AWS OpsWorks as a deployment provider in your software release pipelines modeled in AWS CodePipeline. This lets you automate the release of updated application code and Chef cookbooks to your applications and instances running in OpsWorks. 

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Introducing New Amazon EC2 Spot Jenkins Plug-In – Save up to 90% Off Jenkins Infrastructure Costs

Starting today, you can now use the new Amazon EC2 Spot Jenkins plug-in to help you save up to 90% off Jenkins infrastructure costs, compared to when running them on Amazon EC2. This plug-in makes it easier to save money with EC2 Spot instances, by allowing you to configure Jenkins to automatically scale a fleet of Spot instances up or down depending on the number jobs to be completed. To learn more and get started, download the plug-in.  

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New Data Warehousing on AWS Training Available

Data Warehousing on AWS is a new three-day course that is designed for database architects, database administrators, database developers, and data analysts/scientists. It introduces you to concepts, strategies, and best practices for designing a cloud-based data warehousing solution using Amazon Redshift. This course demonstrates how to collect, store, and prepare data for the data warehouse by using other AWS services such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon S3. Additionally, this course demonstrates how you can use business intelligence tools to perform analysis on your data. Organizations who are looking to get more out of their data by implementing a Data Warehousing solution or expanding their current Data Warehousing practice are encouraged to sign up.  

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Oracle pulled made-up cloud figures out of its SaaS – whistleblower

Big Red vows to fight ex-finance bod's claims that it inflated sales numbers

An ex-Oracle staffer claims she was fired for refusing to keep quiet about the database giant's exaggerated cloud sales.…

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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Amazon Aurora now supports cross region replication

Starting today, you can create cross-region read replicas for Amazon Aurora. This allows you to serve read traffic from your users in different geographic regions and increases your application’s responsiveness. 

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Standardized Architecture for NIST-based Assurance Frameworks on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

This major update to the NIST 800-53 Quick Start (published earlier this year) deploys a standardized environment that helps support additional NIST-based security requirements on the AWS cloud. Specifically, it helps organizations with workloads that fall in scope for any of the following:

  • National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) SP 800-53 (Revision 4)
  • NIST SP 800-171
  • The OMB Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Initiative – FedRAMP Overlay (pilot)
  • The DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG)

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Amazon RDS Now Supports MariaDB 10.1

Starting today, customers can launch MariaDB version 10.1 instances on Amazon RDS. They can also upgrade their existing Amazon RDS for MariaDB database instances from version 10.0 to 10.1 using either the console or API.

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Controversial opinion time: Comcast sucks a little bit less this year

Up 15 per cent, but ISPs are still bottom of list for consumer satisfaction

Comcast sucks less than last year, but still has a pretty miserable customer rating, according to the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).…

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Microsoft mops up after drowns in tsunami of penis pills, Russian brides etc

Worst of the internet smashes through failed filters

Microsoft's Outlook and Hotmail spam filters went off piste on Wednesday, dumping an avalanche of unwanted bumf in inboxes.…

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AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Big Data & Analytics

We recognize how important it is for APN Partners to learn how AWS solutions can solve customer business needs. To this end, we’ve expanded our AWS Solutions Training for Partners with a second topic on Big Data & Analytics. This workshop is designed to help business professionals at APN Consulting Partner firms understand and address big data and analytics challenges faced by small-medium and enterprise businesses. We cover AWS best practices and case studies, and discuss how to address customer pain points with AWS big data and analytics solutions. This free, one day workshop compliments and extends concepts from the Big Data & Analytics e-learning and AWS Business Professional, which are both free, online courses available to all APN Partners via the APN Portal.

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Alces Flight: Effortless HPC is Born (Finally)

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Speaking in Tech: Old wrestlers, billionaires, open source and cloud

Plus: Are people losing patence with Yahoo!?

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Amazon EC2 Container Service Supports Docker 1.11

You can now use Docker 1.11 on your Amazon ECS container instances. Read our documentation to learn how to use the latest Amazon ECS-optimized AMI.

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