Thursday 31 July 2014

T-Mobile US preps for $43 MEEELLION shower of gold on cram victims

Network braces for quarterly hit from repaying unwanted SMS charges

As American regulators at the FTC crack down on mobile bill "cramming" scams, T-Mobile US has ring-fenced at least $43 million – to refund customers who were fraudulently charged for premium SMS services.…

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Microsoft must let US feds into its overseas servers, says US court

They're not your emails, they're Redmond's business records, says Uncle Sam

Microsoft has lost the first round in its fight to prevent US authorities from seizing customer data stored in its overseas data centers.…

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Amazon Route 53 Announces Domain Name Registration, Geo Routing, and Lower Pricing

Today, we are pleased to inform you about some changes regarding Amazon Route 53, a highly available and scalable DNS service:

Domain Name Registration

You can now purchase a new domain name or transfer the management of your existing domain name to Route 53. When you purchase new domains via Route 53, the service will automatically configure a Hosted Zone for each domain and ensure the privacy of your WHOIS record at no additional charge. In addition, you benefit from AWS's consolidated billing to manage your domain name expenses alongside all of your other AWS resources. Route 53 offers a selection of more than 150 top-level domains (TLDs), including the major generic TLDs like .com, .net, .org, and .info, and country TLDs including, .de, .tv, and Getting started with Route 53 Domain Name Registration is easy. Please see the Route 53 documentation for more details.

Geographic Routing with Geo DNS

Route 53's Geo DNS support lets you balance load by directing requests to specific endpoints based on the geographic location from which the request originates. Geo DNS makes it possible to customize localized content, such as presenting detail pages in the right language or restricting distribution of content to only the markets you have licensed. Geo DNS also lets you balance load across endpoints in a predictable, easy-to-manage way, ensuring that each end-user location is consistently routed to the same endpoint. Geo DNS provides three levels of geographic granularity: continent, country, and state, and Geo DNS also provides a global record which is served in cases where an end user's location doesn't match any of the specific Geo DNS records you have created. You can also combine Geo DNS with other routing types, such as Latency Based Routing and DNS Failover, using Route 53's Alias feature in order to enable a variety of low-latency and fault-tolerant architectures To learn more, please see the Route 53 documentation.

Lower Prices for DNS Queries

Effective August 1, we are lowering Route 53 prices for both Standard Queries and Latency Based Routing Queries by 20%. As before, queries to Alias records that are mapped to Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon CloudFront distributions, and Amazon S3 website buckets are free. Full details are available on the Route 53 pricing page.

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2015 F1 game to feature in-season updates

Next year's official Formula One video game will be available on new-generation platforms and will feature live, in-season updates for the first time, Codemasters have confirmed. The game, which will be playable on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, will also be released earlier in the season

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AWS Trusted Advisor Security and Service Limits Checks Now Free

Starting today, all AWS customers can start optimizing their cloud resources by using four of AWS Trusted Advisor’s most popular best-practice recommendations on service limits and security configurations. Access to the four free checks does not expire, and you can access the remaining 33 checks and additional features by upgrading to Business or Enterprise-level Support.

AWS Trusted Advisor acts like your customized cloud expert, and it helps you provision your resources by following best practices. Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS environment and finds opportunities to save money, improve system performance and reliability, or help close security gaps. Since 2013, customers have viewed over 1.7 million best-practice recommendations in AWS Trusted Advisor, and they have realized over $300 million in estimated cost reduction.

The four free checks, available in the AWS Management Console, help you build a more secure and responsive cloud environment: Security Groups - Specific Ports Unrestricted, Service Limits, IAM Use, and MFA on Root Account.

  • The Service Limits check (performance category) centralizes information about major service limits across multiple AWS products, and it alerts you when you use more than 80% of their allocation of resources such as Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes.

  • The Security Groups - Specific Ports Unrestricted (security category) alerts you to overly permissive access to your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and helps you avoid malicious activities such as hacking, denial-of-service attacks, and loss of data, which can result in loss of productivity, and potential legal and financial implications.

  • The IAM Use check (security category) alerts you if you are not following security best practices by creating users, groups, and roles to control access to your AWS resources instead of using your account credentials.

  • The MFA on Root Account check (security category) recommends that you use multi-factor authentication (MFA), which improves security by requiring additional authentication data from a secondary device.

You can configure Trusted Advisor notifications to receive weekly email about any changes in their check results. You can also subscribe to Business and Enterprise-level support to access the full suite of Trusted Advisor best-practice checks, API access, and a host of other support features, such as phone and chat access to support personnel, architecture guidance, API access, and help with third-party software configuration.

View your AWS Trusted Advisor report right now from AWS Management Console at. For more information about AWS Trusted Advisor, visit

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Ferrari announce reshuffle of power unit department

Luca Marmorini is to leave his role as the director of Ferrari's engine and electronics department as the Italian team restructure their power unit department. The move, which was announced on Thursday, sees Mattia Binotto assume the role of chief operating officer, whilst Lorenzo Sassi retains his position as chief designer of the power unit

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ICANN can't hand over Iran's internet, bomb victims told

Why? Because nobody owns it

It's not possible to hand over Iran's internet because it doesn't own it, a Washington DC court has been told in a mind-boggling submission to terrorism victims.…

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Facebook: Want to stay in touch? Then it's Messenger or NOTHING

Zuckerberg puts hammer down

If you're used to sending messages to Facebook friends, enjoy it while you can – Facebook plans to kill the feature on mobile clients and force users to download its Messenger app instead.…

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You, Verizon. What's with the download throttle? Explain yourself – FCC boss

Commission wants answers on plan to cap heavy users

The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is demanding an explanation from Verizon over the carrier's decision to throttle LTE speeds for heavy users.…

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Wednesday 30 July 2014

New Auto Scaling features for controlling individual Amazon EC2 instances

You now have more control over what happens to the Amazon EC2 instances running in your Auto Scaling groups at each stage of their lifecycle, from launch through termination. This makes it easier to update and run software on your EC2 instances, and troubleshoot and fix problems.

Starting today, you can use new instance lifecycle action APIs to hold your newly launched instances in a pending state while you perform actions on them, such as installing software, before they are added to your Auto Scaling group and become in service. Similarly, when instances are terminating, you can temporarily stop the termination to investigate the cause or retrieve logs from an instance before it terminates.

While instances are running in your Auto Scaling group, you can use the new DetachInstances action, and manage them just like instances that are not members of an Auto Scaling group. Combined with the AttachInstances action, you can easily move instances into and out of groups.

You can also place instances into the new Standby state to troubleshoot or perform maintenance on them, then put them back into service once you are finished. When you place an instance in Standby, it will no longer receive new inbound connections from Elastic Load Balancers or count toward your group’s capacity until you put it back into service again.

You can access these new features using the Auto Scaling API and command-line tools. They will be available in the AWS SDKs soon. To learn more about Auto Scaling, please visit the Auto Scaling Developer Guide.

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Amazon ElastiCache now supports flexible placement for Memcached clusters

Starting today, you can enjoy flexible cache node placement for your ElastiCache for Memcached clusters. Until now, all the nodes in an ElastiCache for Memcached cluster had to be placed in a single Availability Zone. With the introduction of flexible cache node placement, you can create clusters with nodes in multiple availability zones. This will help improve the reliability of the cluster by allowing you to spread your cache nodes across availability zones.

To learn more please read our blog.

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UK WinPhone clutchers to be given 'Brit beauty' Cortana in update

China will also get chatty WinPhone helper in 8.1 refresh

Microsoft has announced that it will be fine-tuning its virtual assistant Cortana in the first Windows Phone 8.1 update, which it will drop in the next few months.…

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iWallet: No BONKING PLEASE, we're Apple

BLE-ding iPhones, not NFC bonkers, will drive trend - marketeers

Apple's iWallet mobile money app could be the start of a more general trend that sees web giants such as Facebook pushing into the payment industry, according to online payment experts.…

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Trying to sell your house? It'd better have KILLER mobile coverage

More NB than transport links to next-gen buyers - study

Young property buyers see mobile coverage as a more important when it comes to choosing a location – rating it as more important than proximity to schools and transport or local crime rates, says a report commissioned by mobile survey company RootMetrics.…

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DDOS takes down Cirrus Communications

Australian fixed wireless provider loses half its network for a day or so

Fixed wireless broadband provider Cirrus Communications has experienced a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack that incapacitated half its network.…

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Facebook: Want to stay in touch? Then it's Messenger or nothing

Zuckerberg puts the hammer down

If you're used to sending messages to Facebook friends then enjoy it while you can – Facebook is killing the feature on mobile clients and forcing users to download its Messenger app instead.…

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DARPA collab launches fast cloud-to-cloud provisioning

Yet another elastic cloud

A DARPA-driven project based on OpenStack has been demonstrated in the US, with the bold claim that it will eventually lead to sub-second provisioning for connectivity between clouds.…

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Ethics boffins say Facebook's experiments not SO creepy

A little consent would have gone a long way

The Ethical Research Project has weighed into the argument over the ethics of Facebook's “creepy” social contagion research, doing the unthinkable: actually asking ordinary punters how they feel about being lab rats.…

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Forrester says Australia, not China, is next boom market for cloud

It's cloudy but fine down under, analyst says

Cloud vendors that have done alright in Europe and North American should head to Australia to find their next growth market, according to analyst outfit Forrester.…

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Tuesday 29 July 2014

NBN Co pricing under spotlight

Hated CVC prices could be cut

NBN Co is considering revising its wholesale pricing model, and has approached the industry for comment.…

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BlackBerry to slurp encrypted mobile comms firm Secusmart

Firms to work together on snoop-proof mobes - like, er, Angela Merkel's

BlackBerry has bought privately held German firm Secusmart as part of its drive to become the mobile handset provider of choice for security-conscious clients like government agencies and big businesses.…

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Amazon Climate Research Grants Program

We are delighted to announce a call for proposals designed to drive innovative climate change research with a focus on computational analysis. In early September, AWS will award grants of free access to supercomputing resources running on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). By providing grants in excess of fifty million core hours via the EC2 Spot Market, AWS intends to accelerate research that will result in an improved understanding of the scope and effects of climate change, and analyses that could suggest potential mitigating actions. Awardees will receive an opportunity to present their progress and early findings at our re:Invent conference in November. Expanding upon our investments in the Open NASA Earth eXchange (OpenNEX), this call will also accelerate the development of open climate data and software resources.

You can learn more about the Amazon Climate Research Grants Program and submit an application for a Research Grant here.

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Telcos renew calls to limit metadata retention

ASIO boss “doesn't understand” says iiNet's Dalby

Australian internet service provider (ISP) iiNet's chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby has (once again) come out swinging against proposals in Australia to introduce a mass data retention regime, telling a senate committee that the head of ASIO doesn't understand what law enforcement is asking for.…

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NBN Co adds apartments to FTTP rollout

Commercial trial locations to go live in September

NBN Co – via Telstra Wholesale – has revealed which apartment blocks will be the first to get FTTP under commercial trials of a rollout plan designed to thwart cherry-picking by competitors.…

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FTC to mobile carriers: If you could stop text scammers being jerks that'd be just great

Here's a hint: let customers dispute slippery premium fees

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has urged mobile carriers to crack down on scams that lure people into receiving expensive texts.…

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Monday 28 July 2014

What FTC lawsuit? T-Mobile US touts 10GB, $100 family-of-4 plan

Folks 'could use that money for more important things' says CEO Legere

T-Mobile US reckons it has undercut its larger rivals with a discounted family plan to give four lines and 10GB of shared mobile data for $100 monthly.…

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Russian launch for Linux OS phone postponed

Samsung has postponed the launch of its new Tizen-powered mobe yet again, delaying the Samsung Z’s debut on the Russian market.…

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Hungary analysis - Ricciardo, Alonso, Hamilton share the plaudits

Daniel Ricciardo's inspired drive to victory stole the headlines in Hungary, but the two men he beat - Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton - also shone in a sensational finish to a breathtaking Grand Prix. For Alonso, an astounding final stint brought him within three laps of what would have been a first triumph of 2014 - while Hamilton came agonisingly close to an unprecedented charge from pit lane to victory

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VMware counters containers with SaaSy VM disk swap

Patent-in-process offers new way to upgrade cloudy apps

The rise and rise of Docker, plus news that Google does most everything using containers, has raised eyebrows for those who like to ponder virtualisation's future in large-scale deployments.…

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Verizon to limit unlimited 4G plans

Regular and solid throttling will be administered to 4G data hogs

Verizon has decided to throttle some users of its 4G network.…

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Bring back error correction, say Danish 'net boffins

We don't need no steenkin' TCP/IP retransmission and the congestion it causes

Researchers from Denmark's Aalborg university are claiming that Internet could move traffic five times or more faster than it does today. The downside? Doing away with how TCP/IP currently functions.…

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Sunday 27 July 2014

Hamilton 'shocked' by request to let Rosberg through

Lewis Hamilton said he was "very shocked" that Mercedes asked him to move aside and let team mate and title rival Nico Rosberg through at the Hungaroring. The Briton had moved ahead of Rosberg, who started from pole, after the second round of pit stops, but the two drivers were on differing strategies

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FIA post-race press conference - Hungary

DRIVERS: 1 - Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull), 2 - Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), 3 - Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Q: Daniel, what brilliant drive, congratulations. How on earth does that feel?

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Race - Ricciardo triumphs in Hungarian thriller

Daniel Ricciardo claimed victory for Red Bull after picking off Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in a breathtaking finish to a scintillating and safety car-interrupted race at the Hungaroring. Alonso held on to second despite late pressure from Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, who himself had to defend as team mate and polesitter Nico Rosberg staged a lightning charge over the closing laps

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Race - selected team and driver quotes

Nico Hulkenberg on the mistake which led to contact with his team mate and ended his run of scoring points in every race in 2014; and Sergio Perez on his own error in tricky conditions at the Hungaroring. Force India's drivers and team principal Vijay Mallya review a disappointing weekend in Budapest...

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Saturday 26 July 2014

Magnussen to start from pit lane after chassis change

Kevin Magnussen will start Sunday's race in Hungary from the pit lane after McLaren found that the damage sustained in his qualifying crash was severe enough to necessitate a change of chassis and gearbox. The Danish rookie went into the Turn 1 barriers at speed during Q3 after being caught out by a sudden downpour, badly damaging the left-hand side of his MP4-29

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FIA post-qualifying press conference - Hungary

After taking his sixth pole position of the season in a rain-hit and incident-filled qualifying session in Budapest, Nico Rosberg was joined in the press conference by Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Williams' Valtteri Bottas. Read what all three had to say about the session in the official transcript

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Qualifying - selected team and driver quotes

Sebastian Vettel on his determination to carry the fight to Nico Rosberg on Sunday; Daniil Kvyat on his 'frustration' at spinning out of Q2 while on a quick lap; and Sauber on the tantalising prospect of scoring their first points of the season after a strong performance in qualifying. The drivers and senior team personnel give their verdicts on Saturday in Hungary

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Qualifying - Rosberg on pole as Hamilton's hopes go up in flames

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg snatched pole position back from Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel on the final lap of a dramatic, rain-hit qualifying session in Hungary on Saturday. But there was yet more heartache for Rosberg's team mate Lewis Hamilton, who, after dominating all three practice sessions, saw his Mercedes go up in flames at the start of Q1 because of a fuel leak

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FP3 - Hamilton fastest in Budapest but field closes in

Lewis Hamilton completed a clean sweep of practice sessions at the Hungaroring on Saturday morning, edging out Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg by just three hundredths of a second. However, in cooler temperatures the field closed in on the dominant Silver Arrows, with less than nine tenths of a second covering the top eight. Red Bull led the charge, with Sebastian Vettel third and Daniel Ricciardo fourth fastest

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Friday 25 July 2014

FIA Friday press conference - Hungary

Team Representatives - Monisha Kaltenborn (Sauber), Vijay Mallya (Force India), Claire Williams (Williams), Eric Boullier (McLaren), Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing), Marco Mattiacci (Ferrari) PRESS CONFERENCE Q: Claire, ladies first, if I can start with you. Phenomenal performances recently

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Indie ISP gives customers a 'Netflix Warning'

The side of Net Neutrality you don't often hear

A pioneering American community ISP is telling customers that Netflix should spend more time improving its technology, more money on its network – and less energy on lobbying in Washington DC.…

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Friday practice - selected team and driver quotes

Lewis Hamilton on why poor grip out on track made life difficult for all the teams; Toro Rosso duo Daniil Kvyat and Jean-Eric Vergne on their contrasting fortunes; and Nico Rosberg on why Mercedes' pace comes as a surprise despite their proven advantage over the rest of the field. The drivers and senior team personnel report back after a error-strewn opening day at the Hungaroring

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No clear cause of Hamilton's brake failure in Germany

Mercedes and brake supplier Brembo have said that they are still unsure as to what caused the front-right brake disc failure that led to Lewis Hamilton's heavy qualifying crash in Germany. The two companies, who have been working hand-in-hand to analyse and identify the causes of the failure, say that investigations are ongoing

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FP2 - Hamilton retains advantage in Budapest

Lewis Hamilton maintained his advantage at the Hungaroring as he finished two-tenths of a second clear of Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg and the rest of the Formula One field in Friday afternoon's second practice session. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso both got within a second of Hamilton, while McLaren's Kevin Magnussen narrowly edged out Kimi Raikkonen in the second Ferrari in the fight for fifth

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Pinterest diversity stats: Also pale and male (but not as much as Twitter)

Cats'n'flowers site latest to admit white men rule its roost

Pinterest is generally used to store images of polka dot knickers, cute animals and bags of artisan pear drops. What might come as a shock to its users is that Pinterest is actually run by the same “stale, pale and male” clique often seen at the rudder of other big Silicon Valley.…

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Termination charges drop smacks Vodafone and EE in the WALLET

Europe hits saturation

The reduction in how much mobile networks receive for handling incoming calls has hit both Vodafone and EE so hard that they have both separated out the charges in interim financial reports.…

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FP1 - Hamilton on top as Mercedes seize control in Hungary

Lewis Hamilton narrowly edged out Nico Rosberg to go fastest as Mercedes took command of the opening practice session in Budapest on Friday morning. Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was the only other man to get within one second of Hamilton, with the Finn's team mate Fernando Alonso fourth ahead of Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and McLaren's Kevin Magnussen

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BlackBerry: Toss the server, mate... BES is in the CLOUD now

BlackBerry Enterprise Services takes aim at SMEs - but there's a catch

BlackBerry has given users another reason to throw out their BlackBerry servers – by putting BES10 into the cloud as a hosted service.…

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The seven nations where SIM CARDS outnumber PEOPLE

PLUS: You'll never guess the nations where broadband's IN REVERSE!

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development's (OECD's) latest broadband statistics update reports that about 72 per cent of the group's residents now have access to broadband.…

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The Pirate Bay opens mobile site

Mobile carriers are going to LOVE this

The Pirate Bay has poked Big Content's sore spot again, by erecting a site for mobile devices at…

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Super Cali's optimistic system's cloud focused – even tho the sound of it is something quite ...

... Precocious?

The state of California has become the first state in the US to shift its entire government computing system to the cloud, dubbed CalCloud.…

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Thursday 24 July 2014

Amazon Reveals One Weird Trick: A Loss On Almost $20bn In Sales

Investors really hate it: Share price plunge as growth SLOWS in key AWS division

Gigantic retailer Amazon grew sales 23 per cent, year on year, in its second quarter of 2014 – and managed to lose even more money than usual.…

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AWS CloudTrail now logs AWS Management Console sign-in events

We are excited to announce support for logging AWS Management Console sign-in events with AWS CloudTrail. Logging successful and unsuccessful console sign-in events for IAM and federated users can help you with your compliance and security efforts.

All customers who have enabled CloudTrail will now see log entries associated with these sign-in events, including the IP address of the entity signing in and whether MFA was enforced for that sign-in. In addition to logging these events, CloudTrail captures successful sign-ins by root accounts.

For more information on logging events, see the AWS CloudTrail page.

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Elastic Load Balancing Now Supports Idle Timeout Configuration

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) now offers support for configurable idle timeouts. This setting allows you to specify the length of time that a connection should remain open while in an idle state.

Until now, ELB provided a default idle timeout of 60 seconds for all load balancers. Although this is suitable for most applications, some use cases require longer-running sessions, while others benefit from shorter sessions. With configurable timeouts, you can now set a timeout, between 1 second and 60 minutes, that best suits the needs of your application.

You can configure the idle timeout via the AWS Management Console, API, or Command Line Interface (CLI).

To learn more, please see the documentation.

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Whoop! Hadoop coop swoop: Hortonworks bags $50m from HP

Investment gives IT titan seat on the board – just in time for The Machine

Hadoop has become a strategic battleground for three of the world's most influential technology companies, judging by HP's $50m investment into Hadoop company Hortonworks.…

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Mexican duo hail Mexico City's F1® return

Sergio Perez and his Mexican countryman Esteban Gutierrez both expressed their delight at the news that Formula One racing is set to return to Mexico City after an absence of more than two decades. Formula One group CEO Bernie Ecclestone revealed on Wednesday that an agreement to hold a Grand Prix in Mexico in 2015 had been reached

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BlackBerry: Toss the server, mate... BES is in the CLOUD now

BlackBerry Enterprise Services takes aim at SMEs - but there's a catch

BlackBerry has given users another reason to throw out their BlackBerry servers – by putting BES10 into the cloud as a hosted service.…

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Rossi joins Marussia as reserve driver

Alexander Rossi has been appointed as Marussia's official reserve driver for the remainder of the 2014 season. The 22-year-old American, who left his reserve driver role at Caterham earlier this month, will join the Banbury-based squad from this weekend's race in Hungary and will provide cover should either of the team's regular drivers be unable to compete

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FIA Thursday press conference - Hungary

Drivers - Marcus Ericsson (Caterham), Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber), Kamui Kobayashi (Caterham), Pastor Maldonado (Lotus), Sergio Perez (Force India), Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso) Q: Marcus, ten races into your first season, what have you learned?

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Internet of Stuff my pockets: Investors plough 1 BEELLION dollars into IoT

Let's hope it catches on

The "internet of things" – the rebranding of good old machine-to-machine comms – has investors chucking ludicrous amounts of cash at firms who hope to get our gadgets talking to each other.…

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Pirelli reveal tyre choices up to Singapore

Pirelli have confirmed the tyre compounds that they will take to Belgium, Italy and Singapore. Formula One racing's official tyre suppliers will bring their soft and medium compounds - also available this weekend in Hungary - for Spa-Francorchamps, which will host the 12th round of the 2014 championship

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Auntie remains MYSTIFIED by that weekend BBC iPlayer and website outage

Still doing 'forensics' on the caching layer – Beeb digi wonk

BBC techies have no idea why the load on its database "went through the roof" last weekend, when Auntie was struck by a huge, two-pronged outage that caused its iPlayer service and website to go titsup.…

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Auntie remains MYSTIFIED by that weekend BBC iPlayer and website outage

Still doing 'forensics' on the caching layer – Beeb digi wonk

BBC techies have no idea why the load on its database "went through the roof" last weekend, when Auntie was struck by a huge, two-pronged outage that caused its iPlayer service and website to go titsup.…

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Seeking LTE expert to insert small cells into BT customers' places

Is this the first step to a FON-a-like 4G network?

BT is recruiting an expert on 4G small cells. What are they up to?…

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VMware fuels cloudy drive with second UK bit barn

First Slough, now Chessington... give it a year and they'll be EVERYWHERE

VMware's virtual cloud hybrid service (VCHS) has quietly added a second British bit barn.…

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BT: Hey guys, we've developed NEW MOBE TECH! It’s called... 2G

Zombie OnePhone claws its way out of the grave again

BT has fallen through a timewarp and introduced a system based on GSM technology – and even resurrected a name used in the last millennium to christen it.…

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If you missed the sign-up for tonight's DevOps Exchange gathering then why not sign up for the next one.

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The answer to faster wireless is blowing in the wind

Get out your hair-dryer to make an optical waveguide that boosts laser comms

If you make enough hot air, it'll act as a waveguide for optical signals and behave something like an optical fibre.…

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Facebook haters, look away now: The baby pic site's profit is up 138%

While a third of its addicts log in just from their phones

Facebook shares have rocketed after the biz reported record-setting growth, revenue and margin as it wrung cash from hundreds of millions of mobile users.…

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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Comcast bosses: THAT pushy sales rep was only obeying orders

But those orders are now being revised

Comcast management has said the staffer who was recorded endlessly haranguing a subscriber over the phone was doing what he trained and paid to do.…

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IBM soups up SoftLayer for supers with Infiniband tech

Amazon-beating, Google-ganking, Microsoft-muddling high-speed IO lands

IBM wants to make its newly acquired SoftLayer cloud a destination for high-performance computing workloads – so it has rolled out a high-end connectivity option unavailable in other large clouds.…

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Mexico set to return to F1® calendar in 2015

Mexico is set to host a round of the 2015 Formula One World Championship, Formula One group CEO Bernie Ecclestone confirmed on Wednesday. The race, the first Grand Prix to be held in Mexico for more than two decades, will be run at the 4.421 km Mexico City circuit

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Introducing AWS Trusted Advisor Console

Today we are excited to introduce the new AWS Trusted Advisor console.

AWS Trusted Advisor is now available in the AWS Management Console, with an enhanced dashboard and new customization features.

AWS Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS environment and makes recommendations for saving money, improving system performance and reliability, or closing security gaps. Since 2013, customers have viewed over 1.7 million best-practice recommendations in AWS Trusted Advisor in the categories of cost optimization, performance improvement, security, and fault tolerance, and they have realized over $300 million in estimated cost reductions. Currently, Trusted Advisor provides 37 checks; the most popular ones are Low Utilization Amazon EC2 Instances, Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances Optimization, AWS CloudTrail Logging, Amazon EBS Snapshots, and two security group configuration checks.

What to expect with the new AWS Trusted Advisor console:

New features

  • Recent changes: You can track recent changes of check status on the console dashboard. The most recent changes appear at the top to bring them to your attention.

  • Action links: You can click the hyperlinks on each item to go to the AWS Management Console and take action.

  • Access management: You can now use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to specific checks or check categories. For more information, see Controlling Access to the Trusted Advisor Console.

Enhanced dashboard and user interface

  • Simplified dashboard: All check categories are shown in the dashboard with a count of checks by severity.

  • Data reporting: Checks with high severity status appear at the top of each category list; you can further filter the category view by check status and exclude items from the check results.

  • Streamlined interaction: You are alerted when a refresh is complete, and the refresh interval has been shortened to five minutes.

Other features

  • Notifications: You can sign up for a weekly notification email with updates on check status and potential savings.

  • Exclude items (formerly called “suppress”): You can exclude items from a check report if they are not relevant; excluded items appear separately, and you can restore (include) them at any time.

  • AWS Support API: You can retrieve and refresh Trusted Advisor results programmatically. For more information, see About the AWS Support API.

Preview the Trusted Advisor console today at We will discontinue the current Trusted Advisor in the AWS Support Center in the near future. For more information about AWS Trusted Advisor, visit

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FRIKKIN' LASERS could REPLACE fibre-optic comms cables

Fire a laser, make an air tube, do stuff. Simple, innit?

You may think that a waveguide is something issued to junior members of the royal family ahead of their first pomp parade through London. But it's actually a new communications technique that makes the air behave like a fibre-optic cable.…

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Speaking in Tech: Microsoft DOES have a stake in Android, y'know

Ever been asked to give feedback on enterprise helldesks? Thought not

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Apple fanbois SCREAM as update BRICKS their Macbook Airs

Ragegasm spills over as firmware upgrade kills machines

Apple fanbois have erupted in rage after an update bricked their Macbook Airs.…

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Microsoft unsheathes cheap Android-killer: Behold, the Lumia 530

Say it with us: I'm King of the Landfill-ill-ill-ill

Microsoft's ex-Nokia phones unit has produced the successor to the Lumia 520, its best-selling Windows Phone by miles, topping the charts in the UK's Crimbo sales.…

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Microsoft unsheathes cheap Android-killer: Behold, the Lumia 520

Say it with us: I'm King of the Landfill-ill-ill-ill

Microsoft's ex-Nokia phones unit has produced the successor to the Lumia 520, its best-selling Windows Phone by miles, topping the charts in the UK's Crimbo sales.…

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Toto Wolff expected in Hungary despite bike crash

Mercedes-Benz's head of motorsport Toto Wolff is expected to travel to Hungary for this weekend's Grand Prix, despite suffering multiple fractures in what the team dubbed “a bit of carambolage” while cycling on Tuesday. The Austrian fractured his shoulder, collar bone, elbow and wrist in the crash, but was quick to make light of the situation

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Attack of the clones: Oracle's latest Red Hat Linux lookalike arrives

Oracle's Linux boss says Larry's Linux isn't just for Oracle apps anymore

For each new Red Hat Enterprise Linux release, a new version of Oracle Linux is never far behind, and RHEL 7 is no exception.…

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MPs to sue over 'ridiculous' EMERGENCY data snooping law

DRIP Act was rubber-stamped in THREE days

Two MPs are planning to sue the UK government over its controversial emergency data snooping law, which was rushed through Parliament last week with what they described as “ridiculous and unnecessary haste”.…

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FIA press conference schedule - Hungary

Among the drivers who will take part in the official FIA press conference in Hungary on Wednesday will be two drivers who scored points last year - Sergio Perez and Pastor Maldonado - and a man who earned Sauber their last top ten at the circuit back in 2010, Kamui Kobayashi. On Friday meanwhile senior personnel will answer questions from the press

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June Whitfield and EE to old folk: Would you like a nice cup of tea and some internet, dear?

And a biscuit, and one of those portable phones. Mm, lovely

EE has realised that while the vast majority of their target market has at least one phone, there is a whole untapped business opportunity in older people. So the company is inviting loads of them around for a cuppa to try and sell them a phone and internet connection.…

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Yorkshire cops fail to grasp principle behind BT Fon WiFi network

'Prevent people that are passing by to hook up to your network', pleads plod

Bungling cops in Yorkshire have called upon householders to lock down their wifi after mistaking a free hotspot user for a piggybacking connection thief.…

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All those new '5G standards'? Here's the science they rely on

Radio professor tell us how wireless will get faster in the real world

The 5G arms race has commenced, but beneath the duelling “my 5G is faster than your 5G” demos, there's serious work going on – and whatever the future of 5G, that work will change the future of mobility one way or the other.…

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Telstra to KILL 2G network by end of 2016

GSM now stands for Grave-Seeking-Mobile network

Telstra has announced, with an ever-so-modern blog post, that it will kill off its 2G network by the end of 2016.…

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Faced with stiff competition, Facebook just can't satisfy – report

And that's before it started inducing moodswings for science

The latest data on social networks from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows Facebook is about the least popular social network – but that doesn't seem to stop people using the site.…

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Tuesday 22 July 2014

SAP gets into OpenStack bed with... ORACLE? (and 100 others)

Splurges $25k to get a seat at the open-source cloud project's marketing table

SAP is preparing to work with arch-rival Oracle on developing open-source software that will benefit both companies' products.…

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New AWS Training Course - “Big Data Technology Fundamentals”

AWS Training & Certification released Big Data Technology Fundamentals, a new online training course designed to help individuals who are new to big data concepts learn about the technologies used in big data solutions. This 3-hour web-based course covers the technologies used in the development of big data solutions using the Hadoop ecosystem, including MapReduce, HDFS, and the Pig and Hive programming frameworks. The course teaches you to identify common tools and technologies that can be used to create big data solutions so that you can build a foundation for working with AWS services for big data solutions. Big Data Technology Fundamentals is available at no cost. It can be used on its own or to prepare for the instructor-led Big Data on AWS course.

from AWS News

Lotus hoping to retain Grosjean beyond 2014

Lotus say that driver Romain Grosjean remains very much in their plans for next season, even though they were unable to confirm his 2015 seat when team mate Pastor Maldonado's was announced last weekend. Grosjean made six podium appearances for Lotus last season, but the team's disappointing 2014 form - the Frenchman has scored just eight points so far - has led to speculation that he could be lured elsewhere

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Major problems beset UK ISP filth filters: But it's OK, nobody uses them

It's almost as though pr0n was actually rather popular

Consumer takeup of network-level filters offered by the UK's biggest ISPs remains sluggish, with customers largely declining to censor internet content on their home connections even when prompted, an Ofcom report revealed today.…

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Giovesi joins Caterham's Development Driver Program

Kevin Giovesi has been confirmed as the second driver to join Caterham's burgeoning Development Driver Program. The young Italian is currently contesting his second season of Auto GP where he is fourth in the standings

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Apple orders iPHONE 6 MOUNTAIN: Wants 80 MILLION huge 'Air' Jesus mobes

Incredibly hard, long bulges in fanboi pockets this year

Apple has asked suppliers to churn out between 70 and 80 million units of the latest iPhone, which is expected to come in two different sizes and hit stores later this year.…

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I've got an exciting week lined up. Tomorrow evening I'll be attending the AWS User Group, Thursday evening the DoxLon "Continuous Delivery" meetup and Friday the Sysadmin Appreciation Day networking event. Should be fantastic! Let me know if you'd like to meet up at any of these events. AWS User Group: DoxLon: Sysadmin Appreciation Day:

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WTF is ... Virtual Customer Premises Equipment?

It might just be a global conspiracy to lobotomise YOUR home router

As software-defined networking takes off, it's become the basis of a parallel development: network function virtualisation.…

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Twitter hints at messaging moves

WhatsApp with this plan? Facebook's $19b cash dangle, perhaps?

Twitter has issued a couple of big, meaty, hints that it wants in on instant messaging.…

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SK Telecom, Ericsson trial 'elastic cell'

Claims 50 per cent download boost

SK Telecom and Ericsson have demonstrated a technique they call “elastic cells”, which the two say should improve mobile connectivity in difficult environments.…

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NBN Co extends satellite scheme

New beams will leave 9,000 premises beaming

NBN Co has announced that 9,000 more premises in remote Australia will be offered satellite services.…

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Monday 21 July 2014

Hungary preview quotes - Red Bull, Sauber and Pirelli

Red Bull and Sauber have enjoyed differing fortunes at the Hungaroring in recent years, but for both 2010 stands out - being the last time Red Bull won, and the last time Sauber scored points at the technical, tricky 4.381km circuit. Ahead of this weekend's Grand Prix, the two teams - and Formula One tyre suppliers Pirelli - discuss their prospects for Hungary

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FONDLEMANIA: Mobile devices outstrip PCs on China's internet

Chinese folk let their fingers do the browsing

Mobile devices have edged past PCs when it comes to Chinese online browsing, an official government agency in the People's Republic said on Monday.…

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iThing builder Foxconn applies to be mobile network operator in China

Wants its customer's customers' customers

Foxconn, maker of Apple's iPhone, wants to own a mobile phone network in China and has applied for an MVNO licence.…

via The Register - Networks pops lid off £70m barrel of non-Cloudable hosting pork

Come and get it while it's still porky, shouts Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office is seeking a joint venture partner to help it tackle what it describes as one of the most costly areas of public sector tech – hosting.…

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US judge: Yes, cops or feds SO CAN SLURP an ENTIRE Gmail account

Crooks don't have folders labelled 'drug records', opines NY beak

A US judge has ruled that the Feds can have access to a Gmail user’s entire account to search for evidence in a money laundering case, a decision which clashes with at least two other recent rulings on email privacy.…

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GoTenna: How does this 'magic' work?

An ideal product if you believe the Earth is flat

You may have been hearing about a well-nigh miraculous device called GoTenna lately - a gadget which, apparently, lets your phone work even if there's no network coverage to be had.…

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Clouds gathering above Big Blue's storage empire

Public cumuli from AWS, Google and Microsoft, to be specific

The Big Blue IT colossus' storage revenues have carried on declining, with only FlashSystems showing growth, and stellar growth at that.…

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CAIDA to survey peers, colo sheds and ISPs for new map of internet

Also changes name from CAIDA to CAIDA, just to confuse things

CAIDA – the group of router boffins established at the University of California to research 'net traffic and look for solutions to threats to Internet stability – has given itself a new name.…

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Orange spent weekend spamming customers with TXTs

Zero, not infinity, is the Magic Number customers want

Customers of UK mobile carrier Orange have spent the weekend nursing their thumbs after receiving a deluge of unwanted TXT messages.…

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Office 365's free terabyte leaves Amazon's Glacier melting

Redmond's cloud storage is cheaper and faster to restore than AWS's data locker

Microsoft last week flicked the switch on its offer of 1 terabyte of storage for all Office 365 users.…

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Sunday 20 July 2014

Race - selected team and driver quotes

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg on what it feels like to win at home; Valtteri Bottas on equaling his best ever finishing position; Lewis Hamilton on an eventful drive through the field; Kevin Magnussen and Felipe Massa on their first corner clash; Daniil Kvyat on his fiery exit. The drivers and senior team personnel report back on a thrilling race in Germany

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FIA post-race press conference - Germany

DRIVERS: 1 - Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), 2 - Valtteri Bottas (Williams), 3 - Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) PODIUM INTERVIEWS (Conducted by Kai Ebel) Q: Nico, how sweet is the taste of the home victory champagne? Nico Rosberg: It's fantastic. It's an amazing feeling for me to win here at home. A very, special day for me. Thank you for all your support here this weekend

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Race - home glory for Rosberg and Mercedes in Germany

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg drove a faultless race at Hockenheim on Sunday afternoon to earn his first career victory on home soil. The German started from pole position and was never headed, whilst behind him Williams' Valtteri Bottas drove superbly to take second place and see off a late charge from the recovering Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton, who started 20th and finished third

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Ericsson penalized for Caterham parc ferme irregularity

Caterham's Marcus Ericsson will be required to start Sunday's German race from the pit lane after the team failed to cover and seal his car in line with regulations following qualifying. Ericsson must also serve a ten-second stop-and-go penalty within the first three laps

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Hamilton to take five-place grid penalty

Lewis Hamilton will drop five places on the grid for Sunday's German race after Mercedes decided to change the gearbox on his car because of damage incurred in his qualifying accident at Hockenheim. “The guys are working on the car now to repair everything for the race,” said the team

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from LinkedIn

Saturday 19 July 2014

Maldonado to remain with Lotus for 2015

Lotus have confirmed that Pastor Maldonado will continue to race with the team for a second season next year, having joined from Williams at the end of 2013. Maldonado, the 2010 GP2 Series champion, made his F1 debut in 2011 and went on to become the first Venezuelan to win a Grand Prix

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Qualifying - selected team and driver quotes

Nico Rosberg on taking pole for his home race; Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton on crashing out in Q1; Valtteri Bottas on winning the intra-team battle at Williams; and McLaren's Kevin Magnussen on matching his best ever qualifying performance. The drivers and senior team personnel give their verdicts on Saturday in Germany

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FIA post-qualifying press conference - Germany

After taking his fourth pole position of the season, Nico Rosberg was joined in the press conference by the Williams duo of Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa. Read what all three had to say about qualifying in the official transcript

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Qualifying - Rosberg on pole as Hamilton crashes out

Nico Rosberg gave the home fans exactly what they wanted as he raced to pole position in Germany on Saturday afternoon, but Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton had another miserable qualifying session, crashing out in Q1 with a brake disc failure. Behind Rosberg, Williams claimed second and third with Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa, ahead of McLaren's Kevin Magnussen and Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo

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FP3 - Rosberg pulls clear in Germany

Nico Rosberg was the fastest man around Hockenheim in sizzling conditions on Saturday morning, going over half a second faster than Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso was 'best of the rest', just four thousandths of a second behind Hamilton, followed by the Williams duo of Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas, but it was a session that raised more questions than answers

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Some photos I took during last night's storm

Friday 18 July 2014

Nakivo: Yet another VMware server backup biz going bananas

That's not a sneeze, that's its actual name

Thirty-month-old startup Nakivo has erupted into view as an alternative to Veeam for VMware server backup, claiming more than 3,000 customers and a triple-digit growth rate.…

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New Functionality in AWS Support API – Attachments and lightweight case monitoring capability

The AWS Support API allows programmatic access to support cases and Trusted Advisor and allows you to integrate your internal error and ticketing system with AWS Support.

Today, we are enhancing the AWS Support API with the addition of two new features:

  • You can include file attachments when you submit a case or add case communications.

  • When retrieving information about an existing case, you can choose to exclude the case communications and attachments for a more lightweight case status monitoring mechanism.

Learn more about the AWS Support API by reading the blog post.

To get started, visit:

from AWS News

FIA Friday press conference - Germany

Team Representatives - John Booth (Marussia), Paul Hembery (Pirelli), Federico Gastaldi (Lotus), Christijan Albers (Caterham), Toto Wolff (Mercedes), Cyril Abiteboul (Renault) Q: Cyril, if we could start with you. Perhaps you could tell us why the job change to Renault?

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EU's top data cops to meet Google, Microsoft et al over 'right to be forgotten'

Plan to hammer out 'coherent' guidelines. Good luck chaps!

EU countries appear to be divided on how to implement a recent European Court of Justice ruling that calls on Google and other search engines to remove certain links from their indexes.…

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Friday practice - selected team and driver quotes

Daniel Ricciardo on why outright performance will not neccessarily determine Sunday's race; Jean-Eric Vergne on why Toro Rosso have a lot of work to do to improve; Adrian Sutil on challenging for the top ten at his home race. The drivers and senior team personnel report back after a sweltering opening day at Hockenheim

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FP2 - Mercedes ahead at Hockenheim, but Ricciardo closes in

Mercedes recorded another one-two finish in a scorching second practice session in Germany on Friday afternoon, but Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo was right with the silver cars. Lewis Hamilton led the way, beating team mate Nico Rosberg to the fastest time by 0.024s, with Ricciardo just 0.078s further back in third. Six other drivers were also within one second of the Mercedes duo

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Will the next US-EU trade pact prevent Brussels acting against US tech giants?

'It's not a question of whether, but of how much'

The European Union government in recent years has proven to be perhaps the most willing to take on the world's major tech companies over digital rights and wrongs. But that could come to an end if planned measures allowing companies to sue governments for lost profits are implemented as part of the next EU-US trade agreement.…

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Red Hat drops Calamari into pan: Now we're cooking with gas

Management tool lands on plate

Carmine headgear-sporting open-sourcer Red Hat has made a refreshed version of its Ceph Enterprise product available, adding the ability for it to manage high-access rate hot data and across the data lifecycle to cold archival data.…

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Facebook in new 'EXPERIMENT' drama: A sticky Buy button

Free content ad network morphs into online market

Facebook is dipping a toe into the e-commerce market as it tests an Amazon-style "Buy" button on the adverts it serves on the website and app.…

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FP1 - Rosberg edges ahead of Hamilton in Germany

World championship leader and crowd favourite Nico Rosberg led team mate Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes one-two as the action got underway at Hockenheim on Friday morning. The well-matched Silver Arrows duo were separated by just 0.065s, with Fernando Alonso a further 0.227s back for Ferrari. Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren's Jenson Button completed the top five

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All teams to run without FRIC suspension in Germany

The FIA's Formula One technical delegate Jo Bauer has confirmed that none of the cars that will take part in this weekend's Formula 1 Grosser Preis Santander von Deutschland 2014 at Hockenheim will be fitted with a Front-and-Rear Interconnected Suspension (FRIC) system. The news follows a technical directive sent to the teams by the FIA's race director Charlie Whiting following the last race in Great Britain which called into question the legality of some of the FRIC systems being used this season

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Telstra to grinch WAP 1 network five days before Christmas

First-generation iPhone and feature phone users, your time is up

Telstra has quietly announced it will shutter its WAP 1 network, just five days before Christmas.…

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Oh girl, you jus' didn't: Level 3 slaps Verizon in Netflix throttle blowup

Just hook us up to more 10Gbps ports, backbone biz yells in tit-for-tat spat

A backbone provider that pumps video from Netflix to viewers has hit back at Verizon's moan that everyone else is to blame for its users' slow streams.…

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Thursday 17 July 2014

Microsoft's XBox Live goes titsup across the world

XBox Live Blocked, Cloud Clocked, Console players Docked

Microsoft's Xbox Live service is suffering an outage this afternoon, San Francisco time, as its cloud went wobbly.…

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FIA Thursday press conference - Germany

Drivers - Nico Hulkenberg (Force India), Kevin Magnussen (McLaren), Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), Adrian Sutil (Sauber), Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) Q: Nico Hulkenberg, points in every race so far this season - only you and [Fernando] Alonso have managed that so far. How positive is that for you?

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Move over Siri and Cortana: BlackBerry's, um, 'Assistant' is here

Used up creativity building the software, hopefully...

BlackBerry has formally unveiled a voice-powered assistant due to appear on its BB10 devices later this year. Imaginatively named er, "BlackBerry Assistant", the speech software hooks into web searches, social media and basic phone functions, like Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google Now.…

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Raikkonen sure he can overcome 2014 struggles

Kimi Raikkonen is confident he can get on top of his current struggles and turn his 2014 campaign with Ferrari around. The Finn has not finished higher than seventh in the opening nine races of the season, and is yet to beat team mate Fernando Alonso. While the Spaniard sits fourth in the championship, on 87 points, Raikkonen is 12th overall, 68 points in arrears

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X marks the chop: Microsoft kills off Nokia's Android venture

Elop explains new, lighter strategy (sort of)

Microsoft's Android phones are the latest casualty of the company's axe. The X range was only launched in February, before the acquisition of Nokia's devices unit had been completed, but the mutant 'droids will soon be phased out, says CEO Satya Nadella.…

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Kaboom: Delayed patent bomb hits SAP in the Q2 profit

Hey ho, more cloud sales it is

Sales of new software for SAP saw a minor improvement this spring while cloud grew so fast the giant has upped its estimated figures for the year.…

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Really looking forward to attending this tonight @ Google Campus.

from LinkedIn

Caterham reveal new F1® team structure

Caterham have announced several new appointments as part of a wider restructuring following the management takeover completed at the start of July. Christijan Albers has been confirmed as the new team principal, taking over from the recently-departed Cyril Abiteboul who has since returned to Renault Sport.

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Skiddes turn Amazon cloud into 'crime-as-a-service' – security bod

AWS is a growing haven for malware in survey of top web providers

Amazon Web Services' share of cloud-hosted malware-slingers has more than doubled in the last six months.…

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ACCC should be regulated: Vertigan NBN review

Volume discounts back on table, VDSL should be required

The first slab work by the Vertigan panel, the group assembled to conduct a cost/benefit analysis of Australia's National Broadband Network (NNB), has landed and suggests the industry is happier with dealing with NBN Co than it is with the Australian Competition and Consumer Comission'ss (ACCC's) regulatory processes.…

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UN to Five Eyes nations: Your mass surveillance is breaking the law

And Navi Pillay calls for Snowden to be protected

Edward Snowden should be shielded from prosecution because the world needs people willing to expose violations of human rights, says the UN's High Commissioner for Human rights Navi Pillay.…

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Want to legally unlock your phone from its network? The US Senate says that's A-OK

Bill passed. Now there's just niggling to sort out

In a rare display of equanimity (and common sense), the US Senate has unanimously passed a bill allowing cell phone owners to unlock their handsets, should they choose to do so.…

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Wednesday 16 July 2014

AWS IAM Adds Enhanced Password Management and Credential Reports

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is excited to release new credential lifecycle management features that enable AWS account administrators to define and enforce security best practices for IAM users, at no additional cost.

We’ve expanded IAM password policies to enable self-service password rotation, on top of existing password complexity options. Now you can enforce automatic password expiration, prevent re-use of old passwords, and require a password reset upon next AWS sign in. Furthermore, you can download reports for better visibility into the status of your IAM users’ AWS security credentials such as passwords, access keys, MFA, and more. These enhancements are designed to help you comply with security standards such as PCI DSS v2.0, ISO 27001, and FedRAMP.

Get started today with IAM password policies or credential reports by visiting the IAM console. To learn more about these new features, visit the IAM user guide.

from AWS News

Microsoft WSFC and SQL Server AlwaysOn Quick Start Reference Deployment

This new Quick Start Reference Deployment includes a guide covering architectural considerations and configuration steps for running Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) clusters in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. We discuss how to launch the necessary AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), and how to run a WSFC cluster across different subnets and Availability Zones. Then we provide instructions for installing, configuring, and testing the WSFC cluster and a SQL Server 2012 or 2014 AlwaysOn Availability Group.

We also provide a sample AWS CloudFormation template designed to help you deploy the necessary and correctly configured infrastructure predictably and repeatedly. This automated template deploys an Active Directory Domain Services infrastructure along with SQL Server 2012 or 2014 instances configured in a Windows Server Failover Cluster in multiple Availability Zones into an Amazon VPC. The entire deployment takes about three hours.

This Quick Start is the fourth in a series of new Reference Deployments that describe in words and diagrams the architectures for implementing popular enterprise solutions on AWS. They also include the AWS CloudFormation templates that automate the deployments.

To get started with Microsoft WSFC and SQL Server AlwaysOn on AWS, use the following resources:

from AWS News

Amazon Kinesis now available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) regions

Amazon Kinesis is a fully managed service for real-time processing of streaming data at massive scale. Using Amazon Kinesis, you can capture, and store terabytes of data an hour from hundreds of thousands of sources. Developers can write stream processing applications with the Kinesis Client Library that take action on real-time data such as web site click-streams, financial transaction data, social media feeds, IT logs, location-tracking events, and more. Amazon Kinesis-enabled applications can power real-time dashboards, generate alerts, drive real-time business decisions such as changing pricing and advertising strategies, or emit data to other big data services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon EMR), or Amazon Redshift.

Amazon Kinesis is now available to all customers in 2 additional regions:

  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region

  • Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region

  • Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region

All customers can now use Amazon Kinesis from these regions in addition to US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland) Regions, further reducing the latencies associated with high throughput streaming data ingestion, and processing for all data of interest. The pricing for new regions can be found in the pricing page.

For more information about Amazon Kinesis, please visit the product detail page, where you can learn more and watch a short introductory video that will explain the service. You can get started with a sample visualization application here. Finally, you can also get started with the service using the AWS Management Console.

The Amazon Kinesis Team

from AWS News

Nadella: YES I can put TWO THINGS FIRST. I will say them at the same time CLOUDOBILE

'We are building an operating system for human activity'

You can have “mobile first, cloud first” and target business and consumer users at the same time.…

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Nadella: YES I can put TWO THINGS FIRST. I will say them at the same time CLOUDOBILE

'We are building an operating system for human activity'

You can have “mobile first, cloud first” and target business and consumer users at the same time.…

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Caterham part company with reserve driver Rossi

Alexander Rossi has parted company with Caterham, he confirmed on Wednesday. The American has been the team's Formula One reserve driver for the past two seasons, and has driven for the team in three Grand Prix weekend practice sessions, including an outing on home soil at the Circuit of the Americas last year

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from LinkedIn

from LinkedIn

WiGig wars heat up as Aussie chipmaker touts tiny chip for mobes

Nitero promises half the power and better range than competition

The quest to kill video and IO cables with super-fast wireless connections is an old one. Now chip companies are gearing up for another push using the 802.11ad standard – aka WiGig – to carry the data over the air at multi-gigabit-a-second speeds.…

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Rosberg inks multi-year contract extension with Mercedes

Mercedes have signed a multi-year contract extension with world championship leader Nico Rosberg, it was announced on Wednesday. The German joined Mercedes when they returned to the sport as a fully-fledged manufacturer in 2010 and has since gone on to score six wins, eight pole positions and 17 podiums for the Brackley-based squad

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US freemium mobile network eyes up Europe

FreedomPop touts 'free' calls, texts and data

Freemium mobile network FreedomPop has set its sights on Europe. The LA-based company has signed a deal with BASE, a subsidiary of Dutch telco and MVNO-lover KPN. It will launch in Belgium and then plans to expand to the UK, Germany, France and Spain.…

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from LinkedIn

from LinkedIn

Rackspace chases the channel with hands-on 'managed cloud'

Actual people will tend your numinous servers

Rackspace has decided that cloud users want more than self-service and has launched a “managed” cloud service that will see it feed and groom its customers' cloudy servers.…

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If BlackBerry killed off its social gaming platform, would anybody notice?

El Reg in quantum news experiment

Sticking to its knitting, BlackBerry is closing Scoreloop - the German social gaming platform and tools company it acquired in 2011 for $71m. The Canadian mobile phone company once known as RIM told the Wall Street Journal that this was in line with its focus on enterprise.…

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Google raises white flag on 'real names' policy

On Google+ no-one knows you're a dog, but Google knows Google+ is a dog

In another desperate attempt to get someone, anyone, spending time on Google+, The Chocolate Factory has abandoned its “real names” policy.…

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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Don't mention ZE WAR: Battling Box touts unlimited storage to biz

Having a hard time being profitable? Quick - give every byte away

Storage startup Box will give some of its customers unlimited storage, following moves from established cloud competitors Google, Microsoft et al.…

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Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Covered by RDS SLA

Amazon RDS makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale PostgreSQL deployments in the cloud. The RDS Service Level Agreement affirms that AWS will use commercially reasonable efforts to make Multi-AZ instances of Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL (as well as MySQL and Oracle) available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.95% during any monthly billing cycle. In the event Amazon RDS does not meet the Monthly Uptime Percentage commitment, customers will be eligible to receive a service credit.

Multi-AZ deployments are perfect for production database workloads. When you provision a Multi-AZ DB Instance, Amazon RDS synchronously replicates your data to a standby instance in a different Availability Zone (AZ). Each AZ runs on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure, and is engineered to be highly reliable. In case of an infrastructure failure (for example, instance hardware failure, storage failure, or network disruption), Amazon RDS performs an automatic failover to the standby, so that customers' applications can resume database operations as soon as the failover is complete.

AWS customers of all sizes run their mission-critical PostgreSQL workloads on Amazon RDS. They have built cross-platform mobile applications such as Wunderlist, enterprise-scale web applications such as Illumina's BaseSpace, open-source security platforms such as Security Monkey by Netflix, and much more on top of RDS for PostgreSQL. An ecosystem of partners such as ESRI, Boundless, and Jaspersoft is helping customers leverage the power of RDS for PostgreSQL.

Please see the RDS SLA for details on our Monthly Uptime Percentage commitment and service credits. You can also learn more about Multi-AZ deployments, and launch a Multi-AZ RDS instance using the AWS Management Console for RDS.

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Annual Software Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace

Annual subscriptions are now available for over 90 software products on AWS Marketplace, including offerings from top ISVs like Citrix, Barracuda, Fortinet and Tenable. You can save between 10%–40% over what you would pay using hourly pricing when you purchase an annual subscription for a software product that you use regularly for steady-state workloads. Annual subscriptions also enable you to better forecast your software expenses. Additionally, software bought under the annual subscription model can run in any AWS Region or Availability Zone.

Learn more by reading the blog post and FAQ.

To get started

  • Go to the AWS Marketplace website and search for the product you are interested in. Click on the product name to see more details. If the product offers annual subscriptions, you will find annual prices in the pricing box

  • Visit ‘Your Software’ page to check if your existing software is offering annual subscription (look for ‘Buy annual subscription’ button)

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'Two-speed internet' storm turns into zero-speed website

Deadline for comments on net neutrality shake-up extended to Friday

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has extended the deadline for public comment on its net neutrality proposals – after a flood of traffic borked the agency's website yet again.…

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Smashing, groovy, baby – yay, capitalism! Digital Ocean flogs Brit VMs

Plucky Linux cloud startup floats where Amazon fears to tread

Cheap-as-a-chips virtual-machine hoster Digital Ocean has put roots down in the UK by opening up its first bit barn in Blighty.…

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Google Nest launches Thread, takes a flyswatter to ZigBee

But there's a flaw in Google's IP-based IoT system

Nest Labs, the connected thermostat company recently acquired by Google for $3.2bn, is leading the charge of tech companies who wish to launch a new wireless protocol for Internet of Things devices.…

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FIA press conference schedule - Germany

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, who broke his home duck and triumphed in Germany for the first time last year, will be among the six drivers taking part in the official FIA press conference at Hockenheim on Thursday. Fellow countrymen Nico Hulkenberg, Adrian Sutil and championship leader Nico Rosberg will also be present

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What do we want? Swift storage policies! OpenStack: Yeah, fine

Not many though, it seems

Thanks to new storage policy support, OpenStack's Swift v2.0 can now create storage containers with specific policies controlling their operation.…

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Mercedes confident gearbox issues have been fixed

Mercedes have found a solution for the gearbox problem which halted Nico Rosberg's progress in Britain, according to the team's technical chief Paddy Lowe. Rosberg had taken an early command of proceedings at Silverstone, but was forced to cede the lead to team mate Lewis Hamilton and then to retire from the race on lap 29 with a gearshift issue

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YES: Scotland declares independence ... from the dot co dot uk empire

You can take our hard drives, but they will never take our freedom

Scotland has shaken off the shackles of its English oppressors by ditching the vicious Sassenach web address system – and replacing it with a homegrown one.…

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Verizon, Ericsson, Qualcomm plot spectrum-sharing test

When the lads in khaki leave the 3.5 GHz band alone, telcos plan to borrow it for your mobe

Verizon, along with vendors Qualcomm and Ericsson, hopes to soon conduct field trials sharing spectrum currently owned by the US government as a means of expanding its wireless network capacity.…

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French telco vendors line up with government on 5G

Alca-Lu leads 'Club France' to take battle back to Asia

A group of French telcos is warning that Europe could fall behind Asia in the race towards 5G, and has launched a joint effort to stave off the threat.…

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VMware launches vCHS in Japan and reveals China Telecom partnership

SoftBank scores in Japan as 'CT E-surfing Hybrid Cloud Services' name picked for Middle Kingdom ops

As El Reg predicted last week, VMware will offer its cloud hybrid service (vCHS) in Japan, and has also revealed a plan to launch the service in China.…

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IBM to drop SoftLayer pod in Melbourne

Big Blue joins the race to coud

IBM will bring a "pod" of its SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service offering to Melbourne.…

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Monday 14 July 2014


I'll be attending this meetup on Thursday. Drop me a note if you're attending and would like to catch-up whilst there.

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Big Internet ducks head-on net neutrality battle

We'd love Class II reclassification – but just not yet

Major internet companies have submitted their comments to the Federal Communications Commission's consultation on new rules for internet discrimination and pricing - the so-called "net neutrality" consultation.…

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Tweeting twits to join chirping tits in UK's national parks

Yup, someone IS gabbering behind you on the hiking trail

The Mobile Operators association has signed an accord with National Parks England to improve coverage over the 10 per cent of the UK which falls under the category of the national parks.…

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