Friday 29 March 2019

Citrix mysteriously quiet amid whisperings of senior layoffs: Marketing VPs, teams logged out for good, it is claimed

Ax falls on staff as customers seemingly slow to embrace subscription model

Virtualization and networking biz Citrix has been quietly cutting jobs in California, North Carolina, and Florida, in the US, The Register has been told, but the company refuses to comment on the claims.…

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Webinar: Tune in next month to find out how to turn the tables on your data – using analytics

That unmanageable thicket of info is a gold mine for your business

Sponsored webcast  The volume of data many organisations have to deal with today is becoming so vast that they can barely make sense of it.…

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Thursday 28 March 2019

Public cloud has gone from existential threat to friends with benefits for colocation providers

Hyperscaler demand for colo space growing in double digits

Rather than eating into colocation providers' revenues, public cloud vendors have emerged as their fastest-growing customer category.…

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Cloudera's machine learning head honcho: Collaboration? Data scientists have heard of it

Hilary Mason: Agile 'doesn't work for research', we need to build 'network' workflow

Interview  Data science as a profession has a lot of maturing to do, with workflows up to a decade behind those of software engineers and tools that make collaboration hard, according to Cloudera's general manager for machine learning.…

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Beginner, seasoned pro, IT buyer... if you're keen to see Amazon's cloud demystified, pop along to this free AWS Summit

Action packed day offers training, networking with over 12,000 people

Promo  Whether you are still considering a move to the cloud or already a seasoned user, you should find plenty to interest you at the AWS Summit London on Wednesday, 8 May, 2019.…

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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Cisco emits 25 security bug fixes for IOS, takes second crack at patching WAN router SNAFUs

Oh no, these patches kinda blow, go go Switchzilla!

Just as Cisco is looking to close up more than two-dozen security flaws in networking boxes, researchers are claiming a set of previously-issued patches are failing to work properly.…

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Take a deep breath: AWS has just rolled out cheaper instances, glacier-slow storage, and AI container tools

CTO Werner Vogels reminds his tenants to use encryption

Amazon devs and users are gathering in Silicon Valley as Amazon Web Services hosts its AWS Santa Clara Summit '19 on Wednesday and the former book vendor used the event to announce a veritable cornucopia of new stuff.…

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Volkswagon and AWS hook up to float German carmaker's Industrial Cloud

Will track parts, vehicles and suck up data from the factory floor

Volkswagen has thrown its lot in with Amazon Web Services to float a cloud that will suck up data from the scandal-struck car maker's 122 manufacturing plants and systems to manage the effectiveness of assembly kit.…

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Cisco reckons there are intelligent ways to protect your network from attack – and it has free demos to prove it

Switchzilla touts advanced analytics, automation

Promo  Protecting your network from a barrage of assaults by brand-new as well as tried-and-tested methods of attack is increasingly challenging.…

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Boxer Box wants to step up to the heavyweight class before investors lose their patience

Sales execution, product packaging, non-cloud-centric customers don't help

Comment  Ambitious online file-silo boxer Box can't enter the heavyweight enterprise content management (ECM) championships because its core platform is too skinny to cope.…

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Tuesday 26 March 2019

When it comes to 5G kit security, you can go your Huawei, EU tells member nations

Risk-assessment plan snubs Uncle Sam's fears, will let Euro nations freely decide where to get telecoms gear

The European Union says it has a plan for securing its 5G networks – and no, it doesn't necessarily involve forbidding the use of Huawei kit, US-style.…

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Microsoft trots out Azure Anomaly Detector tech, which oddly enough spots oddities in data

Plus: Redmond's shot at image recognition, Custom Vision

Microsoft has emitted a couple of technologies for its Azure Cognitive Services designed to spot unusual patterns and classify images.…

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Monday 25 March 2019

Oracle swings axe on cloud infrastructure corps amid possible bloodbath at Big Red

0.4 to 10% of corporate wage slaves could be up for the chop

Oracle has laid off about 40 people in its Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) group based in Seattle – and on Friday began notifying about 250 workers at its Redwood City, California, facility, and about 100 at its Santa Clara, facility that they will be let go as of May 21, 2019.…

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Brit broadband giants slammed as folk whinge about crap connections, underwhelming speeds

TalkTalk and Sky are the worst, but Vodafone is falling fast

TalkTalk and Sky are still dismally disappointing their customers – but Vodafone saw the biggest drop in ratings, according to a broadband survey from consumer group Which?.…

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Friday 22 March 2019

Debate around Huawei espionage fears in UK about as clear as those darn Brexit negotiations

Digital secretary responds to Commons Science and Technology Committee, sort of

Considering the state of political discourse in Britain, it comes as little surprise that the government has no idea whether it should follow allies and start banning certain foreign firms – most notably Huawei – from national telecommunications infrastructure projects.…

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Children of Wales to be prepped for the vibrant world of work with free Office 365 ProPlus

We'll keep an Excel in the hillside, we'll keep on coding in the Vales

The best part of half a million students in Wales will be able to get their hands on a free copy of Office 365 ProPlus as the Welsh Assembly lobs cash Redmond's way.…

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O2 brings forth a Friday fail for some unlucky UK customers

Voice services go TITSUP* to round out the week

The UK's O2 mobile network knocked off early for the week today as some customers found themselves unable to use voice services.…

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Terrified of network downtime? Connectivity collapse? Let analytics banish fear of outages

Cisco says assurance solution will be just the ticket

Promo  Infrastructure failure is a major cause of concern for enterprises, incurring huge costs in troubleshooting and a multiplicity of monitoring tools.…

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What's holding up the 5G utopia in Britain? Quite a lot, actually

Views from the morning after the night before

Special Report  5G is like an all-night drunken brainstorm in which the world's brainiest telecoms boffins went wild, and really let rip. The morning after is a real headache.…

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LOL EPA OIG NDA WTF: Eco-watchdog's auditors barred from seeing own agency's cloud security report by gagging order

Peak US govt bureaucracy locks investigators out of files covering '180' vulnerabilities

Least you think working for Uncle Sam in Washington DC is glamorous or in any way enviable, behold this stunning achievement in bureaucratic cock-up, or perhaps conspiracy.…

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Thursday 21 March 2019

Overheard at a Brit mobe network: On the count of Three UK, smile and say, er... we lost how many customers?

Never mind, we've got a fistful of spectrum and 5G's a-coming...

Hutchison's Three UK network lost 44,000 active customers last year, but saw its revenue increase slightly to £2.439bn from £2.425bn.…

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Cloudera sets its sights on $1bn revenues after Hortonworks slurp gave Wall Street the willies

CMO talks post-merger relationships, open-source spats

Interview  Cloudera said it plans to become the darling of Wall Street in 18 months, in part by breaking into the $1bn turnover club. This promise comes a week after the company reported widening losses and sales that missed analysts forecasts, sending it share price down by almost a fifth.…

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Azure thing at last: Windows Virtual Desktop takes to the cloudy stage

Reg talks to Microsoft as it finally pulls covers from new virty toy, reveals Win 10, apps and, er, 7?

Windows Virtual Desktop has finally arrived, in preview form that is, and three months after the public preview was supposed to have begun.…

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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Within Google Cloud, a computer is muttering: Shall we play a game? Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of SaaS?

Come for the on-demand servers, stay for the sweet documentation

On a rainy Wednesday morning in San Francisco, Google pitched its Cloud Platform (GCP) to power games, and brought friends along to sing its praises at the annual Games Developer's Conference.…

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Dead LAN's hand: IT staff 'locked out' of data center's core switch after the only bloke who could log into it dies

'We can replace it but we have no idea what the config is on the device'

An IT department is pulling its hair out this month after realizing a coworker who died last year was the only person who could log into a crucial network switch.…

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Vengeful sacked IT bod destroyed ex-employer's AWS cloud accounts. Now he'll spent rest of 2019 in the clink

Bloke hit delete on £500,000 of 'business-critical data' after he was let go for 'poor' performance

An irate sacked techie who rampaged through his former employer's AWS accounts with a purloined login, nuking 23 servers and triggering a wave of redundancies, has been jailed.…

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CLOUDERA gets all SHOUTY about rebrand: SMASHES capslock, but easy on the elephants

Merger so fresh, gabfest freebies had old logo

Logowatch  Now that star-crossed Hadoop-flinging lovers Cloudera and Hortonworks have ended their years-long competition-cum-courtship with a merger, what better way to seal the deal than visiting the Strategy Boutique?…

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Cloudera execs grab the mic at ex-Hortonworks gig, dish details on new data platform

Go off-cluster if you wanna, plus 'batteries-included' Kubernetes containers

Cloudera, fresh from the uneven merger with former Hadoop distro competitor Hortonworks, used its first major public event to thrust a new data platform hard at the enterprise.…

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My AWS Lamba Custom Runtimes bring all the .NET Core to the yard, and they're like... where is this headline going?

Good news for all – whoa, not so fast, Visual Studioers

Lambda lovers, rejoice! You can now, from this week, write your cloudy functions in pretty much any version of .NET Core you like.…

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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Meet YouTube-linked games-streaming Stadia, yet another service Google will kill in two years – or will kill Twitch

Chocolate Factory ahas big plans for the eventually operational game star

Challenging Amazon and Microsoft for the attention of gamers and for the billing of game industry customers, Google announced a planned game streaming service called Stadia at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.…

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With an estimated 63 million devices joining the business end of networks a second by 2020, are you prepared?

Cisco is touting analytics, automation for that very challenge

Promo  With an estimated 63 million new devices attaching to enterprise networks per second by 2020, will your infrastructure team be able cope with its growing scale and complexity?…

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Size isn't everything when talking mobile performance: The UK's largest cities suck at it

London, Birmingham forced to wear survey's dunce cap

London has again finished towards the bottom of a mobile network performance league of 16 urban areas in the UK – only Birmingham did worse overall.…

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Monday 18 March 2019

UKCloud hauls Cisco reported 10% stake as biz tries to convince IT punters to buy British

The Phil Collins-approved farmers' market of cloud computing

UKCloud today sucked up £25m in funding from Cisco-backed Digital Alpha Advisors for a 10 per cent stake in a business battling to convince buyers to use national rather than multinational cloud bringers.…

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Do Martians dream of electric Nimbys? Selling 5G needs steak, not just sizzle

Let's talk about specs baby, let's talk about real 5G

Comment  Executive editor Andrew Orlowski was invited to share his thoughts on challenges to the uptake of 5G at a Westminster Forum event on Thursday 14 March. This is what he told the panel.

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Friday 15 March 2019

Juniper grabs controller, inserts code, gets ready to play some SONiC Mania on its switch

Welcome to El Reg: Come for the video game references, stay for the open-source networking news

US networking specialist Juniper is setting up its switches to support SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) – an open-source toolkit developed by Microsoft to run the plumbing of its Azure cloud platform.…

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Cloud atlas: Oh dear. Now Adobe has mapped out a slowdown

Pricey software suite with no real rivals thinks growth will slow

Adobe, maker of pricey software for artsy types, is still growing like a weed but last night joined a list of tech titans to forecast a slowdown.…

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It's alive! Big Switch stitches together an open-source Network Operating System

Victor Frankenstein would be impressed

Networking software specialist Big Switch has launched a Network Operating System (NOS), cobbled together from freely available open source components.…

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Thursday 14 March 2019

Following 'stellar' flat sales growth, operating profit dip, Oracle says it has 1,000 Autonomous Database customers

Ellison insists Oracle Cloud is less expensive, more secure than AWS – which is why so many people are flocking to it

Oracle on Thursday reported revenues of $9.6bn for fiscal Q3 2019 – which is about what analysts anticipated and prompted the stock to bounce up and down indecisively in after-hours trading.…

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Facebook blames 'server config change' for 14-hour outage. Someone run that through the universal liar translator

Is a single tweet enough when millions of people's communications are affected?

Facebook has said a "server configuration change" was to blame for an 14-hour outage of its services, which took down the Facebook social media service, its Messenger and WhatsApp apps, Instagram, and Oculus.…

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Cloudera shakes off Hortonworks fixation, realises AWS was the big baddie all along

Plans to squeeze out enterprise data cloud in next two quarters

Cloudera and former open-source database rival Hortonworks may have merged in a defensive manoeuvre but CEO Tom Reilly seems to have spied a bigger existential threat – AWS.…

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Overhyped 5G is being 'rushed', Britain's top comms boffin reckons

The technology's not ready – but they won't wait

If anyone knows the state of play in 5G, it's Regius Professor Rahim Tafazolli, director and founder at the Institute of Communication Systems and 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey, and the government's go-to man for mobile technology. But he warned today that the industry was being too hasty in proclaiming the revolution.…

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That's Numberwang! Google Cloud staffer breaks record for most accurate Pi calculation

Four months to arrive at 31,415,926,535,897 digits

Emma Haruka Iwao, a developer advocate at Google Cloud, has celebrated Pi Day (3/14) by setting a new Guinness World Record for calculations of the beautiful mathematical constant, reaching a number with more than 31.4 trillion (ha!) digits.…

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Wednesday 13 March 2019

Marvell-ous! Chip slinger unleashes 400Gbps switching silicon for the edge

Scream if you wanna go FASTER. SAFE, mate

US chipmaker Marvell Technology has created 400Gbps silicon for Ethernet switches, destined for data centres that live at the edge of the network.…

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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Not a great day for Oracle: Top cloud exec jumps ship, analyst recommends cutting shares

Amit Zavery to join former Big Red man Thomas Kurian at Google – reports

Google has poached another of Oracle’s top cloud execs with company veteran Amit Zavery joining his former boss Thomas Kurian at the ad-search behemoth - the latest blow to the Oracle's services ambitions.…

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We can do this the easy way or the Huawei, US tells Germany with threat to snip intel over 5G fears

Tough talk as calls for evidence of China naughtiness grow

Uncle Sam has reportedly threatened Germany with a reduction in intelligence sharing if it allows Huawei equipment to be installed on its 5G networks.…

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High-jacking the Box: Enterprise storage tool's customers leave secrets on web like sitting ducks

Talk about thinking outside the Box... File silos just like poorly secure AWS S3 buckets

Box enterprise customers may be sharing sensitive corporate data on the open internet by misusing their online storage.…

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Monday 11 March 2019

Is that rain or tears of frustration on your face? Google Cloud bursts, Console and Dataflow washed away for hours

Servers-for-hire shop takes nap for repairs

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has been under the weather today, failing to respond to developers for several hours and counting.…

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TalkTalk returns to the email hall of shame as Pipex accounts throw weekend-long wobbly

All fine now, insists telco after Total Inability ToTalkTalk to Server Upsets Pipex peeps*

TalkTalk is back in the spotlight over its email services after ageing Pipex mail addresses stopped working abruptly on Saturday.…

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Radio gaga: Techies fear EU directive to stop RF device tinkering will do more harm than good

Industry and free software folk alike condemn proposals

EU plans to ban the sale of user-moddable radio frequency devices – like phones and routers – have provoked widespread condemnation from across the political bloc.…

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Packet switching pickle prompts potential pecuniary problems

Techie's 'oops' moment goes unnoticed due to massive bills

Who, Me?  Our warmest of wishes to you all on this fine Monday. Let us provide you with some of El Reg’s finest word sustenance, with this week’s Who, Me?…

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Saturday 9 March 2019

Biker sues Google Fiber: I broke my leg, borked my ankle in trench dug to lay ad giant's pipe

Sum of a ditch! Bloke demands $75,000 after road prang

Installing broadband fiber is a complex and expensive activity, though it may have got a little bit more so, for Google at least, following a lawsuit in Missouri.…

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Friday 8 March 2019

Britain's mast-fearing Nimbys: Do you want your phone to work?

Building to nowhere

Analysis  The UK's four big mobile network operators dropped in on Whitehall yesterday to plead their case for taller masts and other policy tweaks. With the public thirsting for better data, but derailing attempts to improve it, they're treading a delicate line.…

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Thursday 7 March 2019

Vodafone: Daft Huawei ban will cripple UK, and cost punters loads

Big Red details 5G plans

Vodafone played down 5G expectations as it elaborated on its own 5G plans today - and warned that interference over Huawei by Government would retard the UK’s mobile network leadership.…

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You won't get Huawei with this, America! Chinese giant sues US government over 'unconstitutional' ban

Hardware maker asks Texas court to undo banishment of IT gear from federal networks

Huawei is suing Uncle Sam to overturn a ban on its communications hardware from US federal government computer networks.…

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Wednesday 6 March 2019

Microsoft blesses the clouds down in Africa in full-blown Azure-gasm

Beats the other big boys to region, Blobs go Premium, DevOps go on-prem, oh my

With Premium Blobs, Azure DevOps Server and a new Africa Azure region, Microsoft has spaffed out cloudy goodness like a Roomba in reverse.…

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You have the right to remain on-prem, but you should really head for the cloud, UK plod told

Some police keeping their feet on ground despite pleas from on high

Six years after the UK government introduced its "Cloud First" policy, some police forces have continued to opt to keep their feet firmly on the ground, a survey has revealed.…

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5G is 'ready' once you redefine 'ready'... and then redefine 'reality'

It'll be big one day. But that day is not tomorrow

Analysis  If the industry had one job at Mobile World Congress last week, it was to tell the world that 5G – the biggest thing since "electricity or the automobile", according to Qualcomm's CEO* – was almost upon us.…

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Tuesday 5 March 2019

Huawei, your way, whichever way. We're cool with being locked out, defiant biz insists

Plus: Reagan's model doesn't apply today, says US CSO

Huawei execs insisted today that they have no problem with being shut out of certain countries' networks, even as their US CSO gently scorned a famous Ronald Reagan saying that heralded the end of the Cold War.…

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UK civil servants 'Sir Humphrey' their way through grilling on's digital transformation

MPs ask for specifics, get evasive umming and erring

British civil servants and ministers have been slammed for a "Sir Humphrey"* performance when grilled by MPs on differences in attitudes to tech across government and progress moving off legacy systems.…

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Monday 4 March 2019

Huawei 'to sue US' over federal kit block – report

Last summer we asked FCC to have heart, but the very next day, it said No Huawei...

Huawei is to sue the American government for banning federal agencies from using the Chinese giant's network equipment, according to reports stateside.…

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UK banking was struck by one IT fail every day for most of 2018

May we suggest your mattress as an alternative?

The UK banking sector was hit by IT outages on a daily basis in the last nine months of 2018, with 302 reported TITSUPs according to consumer group Which?.…

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Friday 1 March 2019

We're not throttling you, says Vodafone, claiming slow vid streaming is down to the 'cards'

The line cards, that is... which ISP has fingered for selective download slowness

Vodafone has admitted that a "technical issue" is to blame for some broadband customers being unable to stream video from popular sites for months.…

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