Friday 28 February 2014

Perez quickest again for Force India in Bahrain

For the second day in a row, Force India's Sergio Perez was the fastest man on track at the final pre-season test in Bahrain. The Mexican's timesheet-topping lap on Friday was 0.064s quicker than Fernando Alonso's best effort for Ferrari, whilst Daniel Ricciardo was just 0.109s further back on a much better day for world champions Red Bull

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BT demands end to Ofcom wholesale broadband subsidies for BSkyB, TalkTalk

Telco giant claims watchdog has driven competition deep into network

BT is pressuring communications regulator Ofcom to end what it described as a "pricing distortion" in the wholesale broadband market that has protected rivals BSkyB and TalkTalk for nearly 10 years.…

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French silver foxes use Fujitsu's Grandroid mobes... to send each other selfies

Soon they'll send them to Japanese pals using Babelfish-like social network feature

One of the features of the Fujitsu Stylistic phone, a device targeted at the older French market and sold by Orange France, is its dedicated social network. The Raku-Raku phones Fujitsu sells in Japan have a similar feature, and the silver-haired beta testers of the er, francophone, will soon be using it to get friendly with Asian grandparents.…

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Software containers for BYOD/mobile device management: Big Tin Can

This baby will never escape from the bit of string back to corporate

An environment which runs on a number of mobile platforms seeks to solve lots of the BYOD issues faced by corporates. It creates a balance between locking down a device so completely that people won't or can't use it and leaving the door open to miscreants.…

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Facebook cans Windows and Firefox Messenger apps

No need to ask what's up with all the titsup, what with WhatsApp on the up-and-up

Facebook took another step away from the desktop on Thursday with the announcement that it’s canning its Messenger app for Windows and Firefox from next week.…

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Microsoft research chap co-develops cloud data scrambler

'Melbourne Shuffle' will make it harder for cloud operators to mine or sniff your data

Researchers from Microsoft, the University of California, Irvine and Brown University have proposed a technology that should make it harder to derive value from data stored in the cloud.…

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Mens sana in fibro sano: Virgin Media network-level smut filters are ON

What will punters use their new fast connections for?

Virgin Media joined the big boys' club today by switching on network-level filters which allow subscribers to prevent perfectly legal material such as pornography from being accessed on their broadband connections.…

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Thursday 27 February 2014

Pork time! £350m in Health Service mail-etcetera cloud deals up for grabs

Twenty suppliers is better than one, says government

The contract for a massive NHS email system is up for grabs under a £350m government IT pitch.…

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Perez the pacesetter at final pre-season test in Bahrain

Force India's Sergio Perez finished with the fastest time on the opening day of the final pre-season test in Bahrain on Thursday. The Mexican took his Mercedes-powered VJM07 around the Sakhir circuit in 1m 35.290s in the morning session, and with many teams opting to concentrate on long runs, his time was not bettered in the afternoon

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Blink once to turn right: Samsung asks software dev Teleca to talk Tizen

Because the world really needs another OS

Symphony Teleca is the company the big equipment manufacturers go to when they want software written. Unlike most development houses it doesn't do apps for iPhone and Android and, er that's it. Teleca writes low level code and was commissioned by Samsung to look at the Tizen engine.…

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Young, fun and full of lovely tech skills? Then BT needs you!

One-time national telco punts 1,000 new apprentice and grad jobs

BT is on the hunt for around 300 freshly qualified science, biz and IT graduates to work in research and development for the telecoms giant, but it might have a tough time finding enough skilled young folk to fill the posts, it has warned.…

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Fujitsu says SAYONARA to smartphone chip JV

Splits with NEC, NTT on attempt to take on Qualcomm

Fujitsu has decided to end its aspirations to be a smartphone semiconductor player after dissolving a joint venture with NEC and NTT just 18 months after its launch.…

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Toshiba floats enterprise cloud storage-as-a-service

Promises single-tenant experience at multi-tenant prices

Toshiba has entered the cloud storage game with a new enterprise-grade service designed to deliver SAN and NAS capabilities to cloud provider customers.…

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Wednesday 26 February 2014

T-Mobile: Our dump your carrier drive is doing SO WELL (Also, we lost $20m last quarter)

Company picks up customers... at a cost

T-Mobile US is boasting over continued growth in subscribers for its mobile services, despite losing some $20m this quarter.…

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Astute still seeking golden ticket into all-flash array party in the cloud

Asks biz bod bouncers: Will OpenStack Cinder and NFS get us in?

All-flash array start-up Astute is adding NFS access and OpenStack support as it tries to broaden its SMB customer appeal through file and cloud functionality.…

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CipherCloud launches 'watch your cloud app' protection

Compatibility matters

CipherCloud is rolling out a new iteration of its cloud-based security and data loss prevention (DLP) environment which it says focuses on interoperability with existing environments.…

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VMware flicks switch on Euro hybrid cloud

Wernham Hogg has a new neighbour, Virtzilla's vCloud Hybrid Service

As foreshadowed in these very pages last week VMware has flicked the switch on its VMware Hybrid vCloud Service in Europe.…

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Pirate Bay becomes 'Research Bay' for three days

Notorious site teams with Lund University Internet Institute to probe file sharing habits

Notorious file-sharing site The Pirate Bay has found a way to clothe itself in a little respectability for a couple of days by teaming with Sweden's Lund University Internet Institute to research file sharing.…

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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Microsoft joins the cloud-empire club with Japanese bit barns

New Azure locations mean the sun never sets on Redmond's empire

At its peak, it was said that the sun never set on the British Empire – now you can say the same thing about Microsoft's global fleet of cloud data centers.…

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Piston coats OpenStack in secret Red Hat–killing sauce

Third major OpenStack release follows snubbing by Linux giant

OpenStack is like fried chicken: everyone kind of knows what its ingredients are, but uses their own oh-so-secret combination of spices to make it palatable.…

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Cable thieves hang up on BT, cause MAJOR outage

There's gold in that there copper

BT is suffering a big outage in a number of areas throughout Blighty, after thieves severed the telecoms giant's fibre cable in an effort to nick copper wiring from the company on Monday.…

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Lotus: We're making strong progress

Lotus insist that they are making 'strong progress' with their new car, the Renault-powered E22, despite it completing just 111 laps - the fewest of any car, except Marussia's MR03 - on its official debut in Bahrain last week. “Certainly, we started from a position very far from where we want to be,” explained Lotus's technical director Nick Chester in an interview on the team's official website

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Engineer Smedley joins Massa at Williams

Felipe Massa's long-time Ferrari race engineer Rob Smedley has joined the Brazilian at Williams. The Englishman, whose voice has become familiar to fans all over the world because of his conversations with Massa over race radio, has been appointed to the newly-created role of head of vehicle performance and will join the Grove-based team prior to the Bahrain race in April

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LinkedIn censors self to launch in China

We hate the laws but we'll agree to them China needs us more than we need freedom

Business social network LinkedIn has trumped Facebook and Twitter by launching a localised site for China, although the US firm admitted it would be subject to government censorship requirements.…

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What's up with that WhatsApp $19bn price tag? Answer: Voice calls

Now you can text and talk on your phone! RIP the mobile network business as we know it

Multibillion-dollar chat app WhatsApp will let users make voice calls, it was announced today.…

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Monday 24 February 2014

Prez Obama cyber-guru: Think your data is safe in an EU cloud? The NSA will raid your servers

But US govt shouldn't be 'f**king' with crypto algorithms

A former White House security advisor has suggested that you, dear reader, are naive if you think hosting data outside of the US will protect a business from the NSA.…

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NBN Co tells iiNet told to use Broadcom chips in VDSL routers

ISP also planning Zigbee-powered connected home router

iiNet, Australia's third-largest internet service provider in terms of subscriber numbers, has been told by NBNCo that it should consider only Broadcom chipsets for its future VDSL modems.…

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IBM gobbles CIA-backed database biz Cloudant

Big Blue furnishes cloud wing with NoSQL CouchDB system

IBM is creeping towards the cloud, picking up startups on the way, including a NoSQL database company to fill in some of the perceived shortcomings of DB2.…

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Stuff the delays! PM chuffed to have BT's superfast broadband in his constituency

'It's great', says David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron already enjoys super speedy internet connections at his constituency home in Dean, Oxfordshire, but locals in the village of Alvescot – saddled with a very slow broadband service – have waited a long time for an upgrade.…

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Wolff to make Friday practice appearances for Williams

Williams' Susie Wolff will become the first female driver in over two decades to compete in an official Grand Prix session later this year, when she takes part in two opening Friday practices for the team. The practice outings are part of an expanded role for Wolff, as she continues as Williams' development driver for the 2014 season, and follow her impressive performance in last year's young drivers test at Silverstone

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Cloud Foundry laps up attention in EMC, IBM, HP, Rackspace, SAP, VMware love-in

One PaaS to rule them all, one PaaS to bind them

The Cloud Foundry open source project looks set to become a standard piece of technology in the Cambrian explosion known as the distributed systems ecosystem, after its main backer, Pivotal, got IBM, HP, SAP and Rackspace to join a new foundation dedicated to the tech.…

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Saturday 22 February 2014

Pirelli: 2014 tyres more consistent and durable

This week's Bahrain test allowed Pirelli to begin to get a better picture of how their latest tyres interact with the radically different new cars. A number of teams were able to complete race simulations, as well as qualifying and pit stop practice, assessing every aspect of tyre usage. On top of that, the weather remained dry and warm, in the region of 20 degrees Celsius or higher

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Rapid Rosberg keeps Mercedes ahead on final day in Bahrain

The second of 2014's three pre-season tests drew to a close in Bahrain on Saturday, with Mercedes leading the way by a clear margin. Nico Rosberg's best lap of 1m 33.283 was over 1.5s quicker than that of nearest rival, McLaren's Jenson Button. Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was third in the timesheets, despite a late crash which brought the day's running to an end five minutes early, followed by Williams debutant Felipe Nasr

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Williams appoint Nasr as test and reserve driver

Brazilian Felipe Nasr made his Williams debut in Bahrain on Saturday morning after being signed as the team's 2014 test and reserve driver. Nasr will attend all Grands Prix this season, as well as participating in three tests and five FP1 sessions. This will be combined with factory based work in Williams' simulator to support the continued development of the team's cars. "I'm really happy to be joining the Williams family,” said Nasr

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Friday 21 February 2014

Google's 1Gbps fiber 'not driving' Time Warner Cable's sudden Austin speed increase

Telco was planning to do it ALL ALONG, honest

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is to upgrade its network in Austin, Texas over the summer to allow internet speeds of up to 300Mbps, but says this has nothing to do with Google's decision to make the city its third installation of 1Gbps fiber.…

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Red Hat kicks Piston out of Red Hat Summit, then performs $13,000 U-turn

Fallout blamed on tussle over huge cloud contract win

In the past two hours, Red Hat has kicked cloud upstart Piston out of the upcoming Red Hat Summit, changed its mind minutes after The Register started asking questions – and has now waived Piston's $13,000 summit sponsorship bill.…

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Hamilton on top for Mercedes on day three in Bahrain

Lewis Hamilton recorded the fastest lap of the week as he sent Mercedes to the top of the timesheets on the third day of pre-season testing at Sakhir. The 2008 world champion leapt to the head of the field during Friday's morning session, with McLaren's Jenson Button the only driver to come close to matching Hamilton's furious pace

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'Sons of Solaris' Joyent welcome Ubuntu into their cloud

My enemy's enemy is my friend, explains engineering chief

Sun refugee camp and cloud operator Joyent has partnered with Canonical to bring tailored Ubuntu images into its technically sophisticated cloud.…

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SUSE's new OpenStack is Havana good time with VMware and EMC

Multi-stack private clouds are go in SUSE Cloud 3

SUSE has emitted the third version of its OpenStack distribution, and has taken further strides towards making it a good fit for multi-hypervisor clouds by including full support for VMware's vSphere and EMC's VNX storage arrays.…

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Thursday 20 February 2014

Pic joins Lotus as third driver

Lotus have appointed former Caterham and Marussia racer Charles Pic as their third driver for the 2014 season. The 24-year-old Frenchman, who has 39 Grand Prix starts to his name, will conduct simulator work at the Enstone squad's factory, whilst also providing support at races

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Magnussen leads the way for McLaren on day two in Bahrain

Danish rookie Kevin Magnussen continued his impressive pre-season form by going quickest on the second day of testing in Sakhir on Thursday. The McLaren driver's fastest time was over 1.5s faster than the next-best effort, set by Nico Hulkenberg of Force India. Red Bull, meanwhile, enjoyed a more positive session with world champion Sebastian Vettel able to complete more than 50 laps in the new RB10

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Lotus and Renault confirm partnership extension

A day after their new Renault-powered car made its formal test debut in Bahrain, Lotus have officially confirmed the extension of their successful chassis-engine partnership with Renault for 2014 and beyond. For the coming season, Renault will supply the team with its cutting-edge Energy F1-2014 power unit, designed for the radical new 2014 technical regulations

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Turnbull back-pedals on broadband black spot fix promise

Now aims to 'prioritise areas of greatest where logistically and commercially feasible'

Pre-election promises to prioritise broadband black spots appear to have gone onto the back burner after the release of the Broadband Availability and Quality Report (BAQR) (PDF) by Australia's Federal Department of Communications.…

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T-Mobile US makes peace offering with $250 BlackBerry olive branch

Sorry we insulted you. How about a new phone?

In a move to calm outraged BlackBerry fanbois after suggesting they should get an iPhone, T-Mobile US is offering them $200 towards any newer handset available, be it a BlackBerry, Android gadget or iPhone.…

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SkyDrive is dead! All hail Microsoft OneDrive! Happy now, Uncle Rupe?

Redmond flips switch on new cloud storage branding after trademark flap

Microsoft has completed the transition of its SkyDrive cloud storage service to its new branding, henceforth to be known as OneDrive.…

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Google suggests more cities for bonkers-fast fiber broadband rollouts

'You wouldn't steal a car! You wouldn't steal a handbag!' Well, at 10Gbps we might be able to

Google has named nine areas in the US which could be added to its high-speed fiber internet connection service.…

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Wednesday 19 February 2014

US watchdog FCC in fresh net neutrality push – with Obama's blessing

Watchdog boss vows to renew plan to curb telco tampering of web packets

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has vowed to come up with new rules to ensure network neutrality.…

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Rackspace seals new UK data center in frosty air-cooled TOMB

This ain't your normal Crawley bit barn

Cloud and hosting provider Rackspace will put the chilly air of England to work cooling servers in a new facility – though its approach differs from other energy-saving techniques used by Google and Facebook.…

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Chinese regulators probe Qualcomm over 'unfair pricing' claims

NDRC claims silicon shifter overcharged its Chinese customers

China's antitrust regulator has accused chipmaker Qualcomm of abusing its market dominance and overcharging customers, charges that could see the firm hit with record fines of millions of dollars.…

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Hulkenberg sets the pace for Force India in Bahrain

Force India's Nico Hulkenberg topped the timesheets as the second pre-season test of 2014 got underway in Bahrain on Wednesday. The German edged out Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton with a lap time that was some 0.081s quicker than last year's fastest race lap in Sakhir. Red Bull, meanwhile, continued to experience teething troubles with their new car

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Steelie Neelie 'shocked' that EU tourists turn mobes off when abroad

Roaming charges must DIE, vows top Eurocrat

Nearly half of European tourists say they would never use mobile internet in another EU country and over a quarter turn off their mobiles altogether over fears of monstrous phone bills when they get home.…

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EU hunts down online cross-border lawbook bureaucra-snaggles

But are they dangerous to biz? Commish to 'assess' risks

The European Commission is to conduct an "in-depth review" of the risks present in conflicting laws and jurisdictions that apply online.…

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Google's App Engine architect defects to Snapchat

Peter Magnusson hopes to avoid 'pissing off' former colleagues

One of Google's top cloud product managers has left the gold-plated confines of Page and Brin's search palace to work for one of his former top customers – the obscenely popular SnapChat app.…

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New Lotus debuts as second test starts in Bahrain

Lotus's 2014 car, the Renault-powered E22, finally made its official debut on Wednesday morning as the second pre-season test of the year got underway, this time in the rather warmer climes of Bahrain. With Lotus having chosen to skip last month's opening Spanish session to focus on factory development work, their new machine, which features a radical, split-nose design, rolled out at Sakhir with Romain Grosjean at the wheel

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Opera launches public beta of data-saving app

Opera Max squeezes the net into mobiles

Norwegian browser-maker Opera Software has announced a limited public beta of Opera Max – a new app designed to let users get more out of limited data plans.…

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FIGHT! BlackBerry,T-Mobile US CEOs clash in 'inappropriate' ad spat

John Chen shares BlackBerry fans' outrage over 'ill-conceived' iPhone offer

Wireless carrier T-Mobile US would like to see its BlackBerry customers switch over to Apple's camp – and die-hard BlackBerry users are none too happy about it, to say nothing of BlackBerry CEO John Chen.…

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Metacloud's OpenStack tempts the hy-curious in Internap tie-up

Carbon|OS touted on virtual private hybrid cloud servers

OpenStack tweaker Metacloud has caught the scent of the often-talked-of-but-rarely-captured "hybrid cloud" market – and floated after it in pursuit.…

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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Ericsson and Kodiak in Europe WALKIE-TALKIE-style push-to-talk push

Euro teens dissed it... hope construction, hotel crews don't

Push-to-talk company Kodiak has struck a deal with Ericsson to sell the systems it is currently touting to the US market through American firm Cspire to European telcos. The pair are aiming to sell these services to both real mobile network operators and virtual ones.…

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First Data hoiks out custom Android point-of-sale fondleslab

US transactions giant muscles into mobe payments market

Around half US online transaction revenue goes through payments firm First Data’s systems. They have such a large volume of transaction information they are used as an economic barometer by the US government.…

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Elders tell cluster tool Apache Spark it's time to quit chillin' in the crib

Hadoop Swiss Army knife software graduates from Incubator to full-blown project

The Apache Foundation has promoted a fast data-processing tool out of the Apache Incubator in a further sign of the maturity of the Hadoop family.…

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Monday 17 February 2014

Tasmanian Liberals fear NBN policy will kill their election hopes

Fibre/copper mix sparks reaction that corrodes voter confidence

Four weeks out from an election in the Australian state of Tasmania, the leader of the opposition Liberal party leader Will Hodgman has staged a “gaffe” by telling a colleague the issue of the National Broadband Network (NBN) could cost his party the election in front of TV cameras.…

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Angela Merkel: Let US spies keep their internet. The EU will build its own

German Chancellor will talk data networks and privacy with Hollande this week

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has lent her support to the idea of building out new European data networks to help keep Europeans' email and other data out of the hands of US spies.…

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TGI Monday: Brocade profits up, Scality and Tegile fattening up

Not all that glitters is gold, but storage sure is pretty right now

Tracking storage supplier and association news is like standing underneath a waterfall; you get deluged. Of course, the main stories stand out but there are lots of others that are worthy of note.…

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London calling: Date set for launch of capital's very own domain name

Except 75% of London SMEs AREN'T jumping aboard the bandwagon

You'll never Adam and Eve how many people are apparently set to buy a new .london domain name.…

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Free space optics gets shiny new snake-oil paint job

Money-sharks with frikkin' lasers for this week's 'tech' media rating system

A technology more than 15 years old is getting a brand-new publicity brush-up because it's been discovered by the high-frequency trading community.…

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Sunday 16 February 2014

NBN to be built even if cost-benefit analysis shows no ROI

Parliamentary Secretary for Comms Paul Fletcher finds an exemption to the Qantas doctrine

In opposition, the current parliamentary secretary for communications Paul Fletcher and his boss, minister for communications Malcolm Turnbull, made much of the fact Australia's national broadband network (NBN) had been commenced without a cost-benefit study that would show whether or not the network will deliver positive return on investment.…

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Friday 14 February 2014

Google will boost fiber network to 10Gbps for home and office

A few lucky US cities to become envy of the nation

Google Fiber is the fastest broadband internet provider in the US, but according to the Chocolate Factory's CFO Patrick Pichette, its 1Gbps connection speeds are going to increase ten-fold.…

via The Register - Networks tech titan snaps up 'VoIP-tastic WhatsApp' firm Viber

Rakuten acquires app for $900m in cold hard cash

Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten will slurp messaging app Viber for $900m in cash as it continues its plans for world domination.…

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Virgin Media sales flat: Firm bags fewer winter sign-ups than last year

But don't worry, everything's 'strong' - according to CEO

Virgin Media watched subscriptions to its broadband service plummet during its final quarter, compared with the same three-month period a year earlier.…

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De Silvestro joins Sauber as affiliated driver

IndyCar star Simona De Silvestro is targeting a Formula One race seat in 2015 after joining Sauber as an affiliated driver. The 25-year-old Swiss will undergo an F1 preparation programme with the team, including on-track testing, simulator work, as well as mental and physical training

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Toshiba opens curtains, reveals air-cushioned 5TB TERROR

Take THAT, spinning rust flingers. HGST, Seagate - we're looking at you

Toshiba, the newest third 3.5-inch disk drive manufacturer, has announced a 5TB drive, beating other suppliers except HGST.…

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Facebook un-blurs identities with 50-plus new gender options

Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls ...

Facebook has introduced more than 50 options its users can select when choosing their gender.…

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VMware cuts price of hybrid cloud management tool to $0

Virtzilla merges Core and Advanced versions of vCloud Connector

VMware has released version 2.6 of its vCloud Connector tool, and dropped its price to $0. At current exchange rates that's £0 and $AUD0, for UK and Australian readers.…

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Verizon jumps into wireless discount fight with 'More Everything'

Carrier will raise caps, drop fees

Verizon Wireless has become the latest US telco to roll out an aggressive price-cutting campaign for its subscribers.…

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Thursday 13 February 2014

Schumacher 'still in a waking up process'

Michael Schumacher's management have confirmed that doctors are continuing the process of bringing the seven-time world champion out of his medically-induced coma following his skiing accident in December. "Michael's family would like to again express their sincere thanks for the continuous sympathy coming from all over the world,” said a statement

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Don't be afraid of our e-tool, public sector, CloudStore won't bite

Gov Digi Services whistling same old tune

Nearly two years into the CloudStore experiment and the government is still working out ways to motivate more public sector tech procurement heads to actually use the e-tool.…

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Don't hang up! Cisco chucks $100m at Internet of Things

Places big bets on staying connected with world

Cisco may have predicted tough times ahead, after sales recently fell sharply in China and it laid off 4,000 employees due to a growth slump, but the networking giant reckons that pumping cash into the so-called Internet of Things will help spur on recovery.…

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Googorola's Dennis Woodside shuffles over to Dropbox

Ex-Google and Motorola bod leaves for cloud biz ahead of Lenovo sale

Googorola employee Dennis Woodside has reportedly been lured away from his role as chief exec of Motorola Mobility, ahead of its sale to Lenovo, to the newly created chief operating officer position at cloud sync and backup firm Dropbox.…

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Comcast to acquire Warner Cable – reports

Colossal cable consolidation to rock US broadband and media market

The US broadband market looks set for a shake-up, with multiple reports tipping Comcast to acquire rival Warner Cable.…

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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Scotland to test mobe signals slammer jammer

Prisoner cell block waits in pilot scheme

A pilot scheme to test mobile phone signal blocking technology in Scottish prisons will go live in two jails in the next few weeks, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill announced.…

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So cool it 2.4 gigahertz: BATTERY-FREE comms for international band

Embedded wireless bods show off first prototype this month

Embedded wireless solutions company EnOcean is planning to show the first self-powered transmitter to work at 2.4GHz.…

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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Cut-price Linode competitor spins up Singapore bit barn

New Equinix colo space gives DigitalOcean global coverage

Scrappy cloud provider DigitalOcean has started selling cloud servers out of a Singapore data center, giving the cut-price Linode competitor a globe-spanning service.…

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Google hefts MySQL service into cloud

MySQL for the punters, but for everything else there's MariaDB

Google has pushed its MySQL-based cloud database service into general availability, months after beginning a wholesale shift of internal production servers to MariaDB.…

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Ono board mulls Vodafone's offer to grab its pipe for £5.8bn

Cash-rich mobe telco licks lips over Spanish beauty

The board of Spain's biggest cable operator Ono will meet today to decide if it should accept a £6bn (€7bn) bid from Vodafone or push ahead with its plans for an IPO.…

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iTunes radio tunes in to Australia for first launch beyond USA

DO touch that dial: it's not much better than Apple maps

Apple has activated its iTunes radio service outside the USA for the first time, with Australia the lucky nation chosen to receive Cupertino's competitor to Spotify, Pandora and rdio.…

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Is it a bird? A plane? No – it's a CLOUD BRAIN

Netflix takes Google's neural network tech, lifts it into Amazon cloud

Netflix has created a blueprint for how companies might use neural networks to analyze information in – you guessed it – the cloud.…

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Monday 10 February 2014

Rackspace shares pummelled by CEO retirement shock

Lanham Napier hangs up his hat

Hosting provider Rackspace delivered good results on Monday along with the shock news that its chief executive Lanham Napier would be stepping down.…

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Netflix speed index shows further decline in Verizon quality

Smoking gun for Netflix streaming problems, or coincidence?

Verizon insists it "treats all traffic equally" but new data from Netflix indicates that the network provider's customers have seen a degradation in service quality in the past months.…

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Micron: PCM? Pah. Gaze upon our MUTANT flashy memory cube

Memory bods fling doors open to analysts+dogs

A Micron analysts day revealed the boys from Boise think nothing much will happen with resistive RAM technologies like the Memristor for five years, and that volatile/non-volatile memory configs for servers are going to grow.…

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Qipp debuts 'Clippy for your STUFF' app

Bluetooth tags turn turns things into things on the internet

It looks like it's time to oil your bike chain. Would you like to 1) check warranty instructions 2) just oil it already and/or 3) check if the kids' bikes need attention?…

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NYPD dons Google tech specs: Part man. Part machine. All Glasshole.

Patrolling Big Apple cops beta-test wearables

In the first step towards the future of law enforcement, New York's police department is beta-testing Google Glass to give its officers instant access to crime data.…

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NYPD dons Google tech specs: Part man. Part machine. All Glasshole.

Patrolling Big Apple cops beta-test wearables

In the first step towards the future of law enforcement, New York's police department is beta-testing Google Glass to give its officers instant access to crime data.…

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Friday 7 February 2014

IBM opens 'JumpGate' code to help devs navigate among clouds

Big Blue tackles big cloud compatibility problem

IBM has developed a tool to tackle fragmentation in the cloud management ecosystem, and hopes its approach will encourage more providers to support OpenStack-based applications without having to run OpenStack.…

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Honda making 'steady progress' with F1® power unit

Honda say they are making 'steady progress' in developing their new Formula One power unit ahead of their return to F1 racing in 2015. The Japanese company's V6 turbo engine will power the McLaren team from next year. Honda have already set up a European headquarters for their Formula One operations, in Milton Keynes in the UK

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Friday shakedown for new Lotus at Jerez

Having been the only team to miss the opening pre-season test in Spain last week, Lotus will finally give their new car its track debut on Friday when the E22 undergoes a shakedown test as part of a team filming day at Jerez. Lotus have already released some images of the Renault-powered car, which features a highly unusual, asymmetric split-nose design - one which has garnered much speculation over its legality

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Thursday 6 February 2014

Vodafone's Euro revenues slump by nearly TEN PER CENT

Project Spring fails to insert itself into firm's financial step

Vodafone's latest results make grim reading for the company's investors, with revenues in established markets falling and subscribers drifting away despite the firm's 4G investments.…

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Virgin Media's flaky broadband network turns Bolton off

Town hit by multiple outage spasms - but for why?

Virgin Media customers in Bolton have been moaning about the telco's network since late last year, with some subscribers in the area claiming that the firm's techies have ignored the complaints or blamed the connection problems on individual routers.…

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Cloudera lights Spark under Hadoop

Get the elephant to dance

Cloudera has announced commercial support services for the Apache Spark machine learning and stream processing environment.…

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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Verizon: Us throttling AWS and Netflix? Not likely

Telco denies throttling claims after excitable blog post

Verizon has strenuously denied claims that it is throttling IP addresses associated with Amazon Web Services.…

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Google to dodge MASSIVE FINES in EU by 'promoting' rival search services

But charges for some results remain in place, grumble ad giant's foes

Complainants in the lengthy EU Google case might characterise the Brussels' antitrust chief's decision to reach a settlement deal with the ad giant as caving in to a company whose dominance in search, they claim, stifles competition in the 28-member state bloc.…

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Save Ofcom! Telcos and consumer groups call for end to legal disputes

Regulator spends too much time+cash bogged down in litigation, says open letter

Consumer groups and two telcos have written to the government in support of Ofcom's attempts to revamp its appeals process and stop legal challenges from obstructing its rulings.…

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Orchestrate launches Chameleon-like database service at developers

Shape-shifting query engine makes for useful rapid prototyping service

Some of the bright minds behind Riak database company Basho have conjured up a cloud service that gives developers an elegant way to query a single datastore in lots of different ways.…

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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Ferrari retain trio of testers for 2014

Ferrari has confirmed that it has retained test drivers Pedro de la Rosa, Davide Rigon and Marc Gene for the 2014 season. The trio will undertake development and simulator work on the Italian team's new car, the F14 T, as well as taking part in other racing and promotional activities

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Yet ANOTHER Brit MOBE tower BORG: Three and EE ink network-sharing deal

Just TWO network footprints left to choose from

A new deal between EE and Three will apparently see the two British mobile operators sharing their cellular networks, according to reports.…

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BT scratches its head over MYSTERY Home Hub disconnections

We've tried turning it off and on again, before you say it

BT has been left puzzled after some Infinity customers complained about being abruptly disconnected from the fibre broadband network when using the telco's Home Hub 5 wireless router.…

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Duracell powers into cloud storage market

Promises service '250-1000 times faster' than rivals, unlimited cloud capacity

The Gillette Company was famously founded on the idea that by giving away razors, but charging for new blades, you can milk customers forever.…

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Monday 3 February 2014

Heroku adds Big Gulp 'XL' option to cloud menu

Salesforce-backed cloud boosts capabilities, but keeps prices high

Salesforce has upgraded its Heroku cloud to take advantage of more powerful technology in the Amazon Web Services infrastructure upon which it floats, as it tries to support larger, more complicated customers.…

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Ferrari satisfied after 'solid' start in Spain

The first pre-season test of 2014 has provided Ferrari with a 'solid starting point', according to team principal Stefano Domenicali. The Italian squad completed the second-most laps of any team with their new F14 T machine in Jerez, but more importantly they were able to validate their wind tunnel data on track - something the Scuderia has struggled with in recent years

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Ker-ching...Er, ZZZWIP: Square-alike mobile swipe type scores $96m

British Bluetooth gizmo startup pushes card-slurper for tiny biz

Sitting above what used to be Laskys in London's Tottenham Court Road is a British mobile money startup which has just raised almost $100m in its first round of funding.…

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Sync'n'share firm Box secretly files for IPO

Dropbox-style offering possibly worth up to $2m

Enterprise-focused file sync'n'share outfit Box has secretly filed an IPO intention with the SEC and not shared it with anybody in advance, according to media outlet Quartz and others.…

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Chaps propose free global WiFi delivered FROM SPAAAACE

'Outernet' plan would use cubesats to beam MOOCs and Wikipedia to the world

Free WiFi is an idea that just won't go away, with a new proposal calling for it to be made available to everyone in the world via. satellite.…

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Microsoft to build 'transparency centres' for source code checks

Governments invited to Brussels for a look up Redmond' skirts

Microsoft has announced it will establish a set of "transparency centres" around the world, at which government clients can rifle through its source code to satisfy themselves it contains no back doors.…

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Sunday 2 February 2014

Massa fastest for Williams as first test ends in Spain

Williams' Felipe Massa set the pace at Jerez on Friday, as the opening pre-season test of 2014 drew to an intriguing close. The Brazilian was one of seven drivers - six of them using Mercedes or Ferrari power - to complete more than 50 laps of the Spanish circuit, but once again all three Renault-powered teams were forced to cut their running short because of technical issues

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