Thursday 31 August 2017

Announcing New AWS Direct Connect Location in Boston, MA

AWS Direct Connect has now landed in Boston, MA at Markley Group One Summer Data Center supporting the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region. Customers in Boston can now establish a dedicated network connection from their premise to AWS. 

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Deploy IBM MQ on the AWS Cloud with New Quick Start

This new Quick Start automatically deploys a highly available, production-ready IBM MQ server on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in about 30 minutes, into a configuration of your choice. 

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Announcing support for synonyms and slot value validation on Amazon Lex

You can now provide synonyms for slot values in Amazon Lex. With the synonym functionality, you can specify multiple synonyms for a slot value in your chatbot. The synonyms specified are resolved to the corresponding slot values. For example, if the slot value is “comedy”, with “funny” and “humorous” specified as synonyms, then user input of “funny” will now be resolved to “comedy”. You can optimize your business logic to implement code for just the slot value instead of entire set of synonyms. In addition, the chatbot automatically resolves minor variants of the slot value to the original value without the user having to explicitly specify the synonym. For example, if “pineapple” is one of the slot values and the user value is “pineapples” then slot is resolved to the value “pineapple”.  

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Simplify management of security groups with security group rule descriptions

Amazon EC2 now allows customers to add a short description to individual security group rules. Using this functionality, customers can add details like when and why a certain security group rule was created or updated. This functionality simplifies management of security groups as customers no longer need to track this information using spreadsheets or documents.

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Amazon S3 Storage Management Features in AWS GovCloud (US)

We’re excited to announce new features to the growing portfolio of Amazon S3 Storage Management capabilities to help you better analyze and manage your storage. You can now utilize the following new features in AWS GovCloud (US): 

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Quick Start Update: Deploy NGINX Plus on the AWS Cloud

AWS has released a major update to the NGINX Plus Quick Start reference deployment that includes enhanced Auto Scaling features. 

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Wednesday 30 August 2017

AWS X-Ray SDK for Go (Beta)

AWS X-Ray adds support for Go (beta). 

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Now Generally Available: Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs

We are excited to announce the general availability of Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs. Elastic GPUs allow you to easily attach low-cost graphics acceleration to a wide range of EC2 instances over the network. Simply choose an instance with the right amount of compute, memory, and storage for your application, and then use Elastic GPUs to add the GPU resources needed to accelerate the graphics performance of your application for a fraction of the cost of standalone graphics instances.

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Amazon Aurora Supports Fast Database Cloning

Amazon Aurora MySQL users can now create quick, efficient database clones. Following on the heels of the original database cloning announcement in June 2017, copy operation time has been substantially reduced so entire multi-terabyte database clusters can be cloned in minutes.

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Veeam follows Virtzilla's cloud up the Amazon

Wherever VMware's customers go, we shall also go

Veeam now backs up VMware Cloud data on Amazon Web Services (AWS).…

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AWS Server Migration Service is now available in Canada (Central) Region

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is now available to customers in the Canada (Central) region. AWS Server Migration Service is an agentless service which makes it easier and faster for you to migrate thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS. AWS SMS allows you to automate, schedule, and track incremental replications of live server volumes, making it easier for you to coordinate large-scale server migrations.  

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) now allows customers to expand their existing VPCs

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) now allows customers to expand their VPCs by adding secondary IPv4 address ranges (CIDRs) to their VPCs. Customers can add the secondary CIDR blocks to the VPC directly from the console or by using the CLI after they have created the VPC with the primary CIDR block. Similar to the primary CIDR block, secondary CIDR blocks are also supported by all the AWS services including Elastic Load Balancing and NAT Gateway.

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DC court says Dish skirted rules in US airwave auction

No bid credits for sockpuppets, rules judge

A US Court of Appeals has upheld US broadband watchdog the FCC's decision to bar companies connected to satellite provider Dish Network from claiming discounts on their bids in a 2014 wireless spectrum auction.…

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Tuesday 29 August 2017

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Supports Windows .Net Core 2.0

AWS Elastic Beanstalk now supports Windows .NET Core 2.0. You can now deploy applications using Windows .NET Core 2.0 on Elastic Beanstalk with the AWS Management Console, the EB CLI, and the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.

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Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Adds Configuration Compliance Reporting and Auto-Remediation

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager can now be used to report and take action on configuration compliance for Patch Manager, State Manager, and custom compliance types. 

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Integration App for AWS Managed Services is available for ServiceNow

The AWS Managed Services (AMS) Integration App for ServiceNow provides an out-of-the-box integration between ServiceNow and AMS. By installing the app, customers can interact with AMS from ServiceNow without a custom API integration. This app makes it easier for enterprise users to manage their operational processes via a single interface and get a unified view of AMS resources in their enterprise configuration management database (CMDB). 

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Launch your rendering fleet in AWS with Deadline 10

Deadline 10, our powerful and easy to use render management system, is now available to all customers. Deadline 10 allows customers the freedom to easily access any combination of on-premises or cloud-based resources, and features new, cost effective pricing for broader accessibility. 

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VMware Cloud on AWS is now initially available in the AWS US West (Oregon) region

VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) to the AWS Cloud. This lets you run applications across operationally consistent VMware vSphere®-based private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, with optimized access to AWS services. VMware Cloud on AWS is delivered, sold, and supported by VMware as an on-demand, elastically-scalable cloud service that removes barriers to cloud migration and cloud portability, increases IT efficiency, and opens up new opportunities for you to leverage a hybrid cloud environment.

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Whatchu doin' Upthere? Western Digital moves on cloud storage space

Gobbles consumer file-hosting startup for undisclosed amount

Western Digital Corporation has bought Upthere, a consumer data storage startup with its own public cloud.…

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EE!? The sound customers make when the interwebz don't work

Broadband's out nationwide, say frustrated Twitter folk

EE broadband customers have been unable to get online this morning, due to what seems to be a major nationwide outage.…

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Fujitsu Australia cloud outage leaves lifeguards' members exposed

Cloud operator 'reviewing' outage as Surf Life Saving Australia says it still doesn't have a proper portal

Fujitsu's Australian limb is saying nothing of substance about the outage that last week saw users advised of likely data loss.…

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Monday 28 August 2017

India responds to internet shutdown criticism... by codifying rules to make it legal

Bureaucracy embraces removing communications for millions of people

The Indian government has responded to fierce criticism of its increasing use of internet shutdowns by codifying rules for when the extreme measure is allowed.…

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Telcos waive bills during Houston hurricane recovery

Carriers say they're holding up – more flooding is likely

With Houston in the midst of severe flooding from Hurricane Harvey, telcos say they are so far maintaining service and will help with emergency efforts by waiving service costs.…

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Improvements to How You Sign In to Your AWS Account

You will now see improvements to the way you sign in to your AWS account. You can sign in as your account’s root user or an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user from the AWS Management Console’s homepage. You no longer have to use an account-specific URL to sign in as an IAM user. However, the account-specific URL you have used in the past to sign in will continue to work.

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Amazon EFS now Supports Additional Permissions for Finer-Grained Control of Directory and File Access

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) now supports the use of setgid and sticky bit special permissions on directories. This new capability allows you to further customize access permissions for shared directories across a set of file system users. When the setgid permission is set on a directory, files created in the directory belong to the group associated with the directory (instead of the group to which the user creating the file belongs). The sticky bit is used to restrict deletion and renaming of files to the owner of the file or directory or to the root user.

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Sunday 27 August 2017

Google routing blunder sent Japan's Internet dark on Friday

Another big BGP blunder

Last Friday, someone in Google fat-thumbed a border gateway protocol (GGP) advertisement and sent Japanese Internet traffic into a black hole.…

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Friday 25 August 2017

A LANnister always pays his subnets: Cisco hires Game of Thrones' Tyrion

Peter Dinklage takes Switchzilla's coin

Tech firms hiring famous folks to push their products are depressingly common – who can forget Lady Gaga promoting cables for Monster at CES? Now Cisco is going to hook onto the popularity of Game of Thrones to push its new grand plan.…

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Amazon Kinesis Firehose is now available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo), EU (Frankfurt), and US East (Ohio) regions

Amazon Kinesis Firehose is the easiest way to load streaming data into AWS. It can capture, transform, and load streaming data into Amazon Kinesis AnalyticsAmazon S3Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service, enabling near real-time analytics with existing business intelligence tools and dashboards you are already using today.

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Amazon RDS for SQL Server Increases Maximum Database Storage Size to 16TB

You can now create Amazon RDS for SQL Server database instances with up to 16TB of storage, up from 4TB. The new storage limit is available when using the Provisioned IOPS and General Purpose (SSD) storage types. In addition, the range for the IOPS to Storage (GB) Ratio has been increased from 10:1 to 50:1.

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Quick Start deploys a reference architecture for HIPAA workloads on the AWS Cloud

This Quick Start deploys a model environment that can help organizations with workloads that fall within the scope of the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including workloads with protected health information (PHI). The Quick Start architecture maps to certain technical requirements imposed by HIPAA regulations.

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Amazon WorkDocs makes it easy to share content with anyone using “Share a Link”

You can now quickly create a shareable link for any file on Amazon WorkDocs by clicking “Share a link” from the drop-down menu in the web client. This allows you to use Amazon WorkDocs to share content by emailing a link to coworkers and external partners or embedding a link in a document or webpage.

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Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) Introduces Reputation Dashboard for Email Accounts

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) now includes a reputation dashboard, which helps you track the overall bounce and complaint rates for your account. With this information, you can take immediate action to correct issues that could impact your email sending capabilities.

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Oracle’s cloudy cash dash could fall flat, insiders warn

Staff say they’re in the (Big) Red after sales teams push customers into the fluffy stuff

Boardroom high-fives at Oracle over bumper cloud sales haven’t spread across the entire business, with staff lower down the food chain telling The Register that their bonuses have tanked.…

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Thursday 24 August 2017

Amazon Redshift introduces new OCTET_LENGTH Function

You can now use OCTET_LENGTH to count the number of bytes (octets) in a specified string.

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Amazon Redshift Spectrum now supports ORC and Grok file formats

You can now leverage Amazon Redshift Spectrum to query data stored in Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) and Grok file formats. Amazon Redshift Spectrum also supports multiple other open file formats, including Avro, CSV, Parquet, RCFile, RegexSerDe, SequenceFile, TextFile, and TSV. For more information, see supported file formats in the Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide.

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Dell, BT alchemists turn bog-standard HW/SW to flexible, open networks

Playing the disaggregation game

Analysis  Dell EMC is supplying network switches to a proof-of-concept research project at BT Labs in Adastral Park, Suffolk.…

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British broadband is confusing and speeds are crap, says survey

See, it's not just Grant Shapps who gets it mixed up

Four in five Britons has experienced broadband molasses in the past year and most of us are also "bamboozled" by the terms that telcos use to peddle their wares at us, according to a survey.…

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Google will let cloud customers use plain-old-Internet links

'Just like other public clouds, believe us!'

It would be mischievous, perhaps, to suggest Google needs some network back for its own purposes – but the Chocolate Factory wants at least some of its cloud customers to shift their data around on the Internet instead of its private network.…

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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Amazon EC2 G3 Instances Now Available in Asia Pacific (Japan), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and EU (Frankfurt) Regions

Amazon EC2 G3 Instances, the latest generation of Amazon EC2 Accelerated Compute Instances, make it easy to procure a powerful combination of GPU, CPU, and host memory. Backed by the NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPUs, G3 instances offer double the CPU power per GPU, and double the host memory per GPU when compared to the most powerful GPU cloud instance available today. This makes G3 instances ideal for workloads such as 3D rendering, 3D visualizations, graphics-intensive remote workstations, video encoding, and virtual reality applications.

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AWS Step Functions Now Available in EU (London) Region

AWS Step Functions makes it easy to coordinate the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. Building applications from individual components that each perform a discrete function lets you scale and change applications quickly. Step Functions is a reliable way to coordinate components and step through the functions of your application.

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CrashPlan crashes out of cloudy consumer backup caper

You've got until October 2018 to bail, or pay business rates

Code42 Software, operator of the Crashplan cloud backup service, has decided it's had enough of providing its services to consumers.…

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IBM likely to close Australian data centre

Clients being advised of migration plans from vintage Cumberland Forest bit barn

IBM's Australian tentacle is considering the closure of a data centre in 2019, The Register has learned.…

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Microsoft, Red Hat in cross-platform container and .Net cuddle

Redmond Hat will run each other's containers in each other's clouds

Red Hat and Microsoft have extended their partnership with a containerised cross-cloud cuddle.…

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D-Link in Pluribus-powered white box play to target enterprise sales

Netvisor gets a crack at the consumer and SME channel in new 54-port switch

D-Link has decided that white-box open networking might just be its ticket out of the consumer and small business ghettos, and into the rich enterprise market.…

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AWS CloudFormation support for Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)

You can now provision Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) clusters using AWS CloudFormation, a service that allows you to easily provision, manage and update a collection of related AWS resources. Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) is a fully managed, highly available, in-memory cache for DynamoDB that delivers up to a 10x performance improvement – from milliseconds to microseconds – even at millions of requests per second.

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Amazon EC2 P2 Instances are now available in Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Europe (Frankfurt) Regions

We are excited to announce that Amazon EC2 P2 instances are now available in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Europe (Frankfurt) Regions.

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Tuesday 22 August 2017

Sysadmins told to update their software or risk killing the internet

The DNS signing keys are changing for the first time

The world's internet providers and sysadmins need to make sure they are running up-to-date software or they risk cutting their customers off from the internet in October, DNS overseer ICANN has warned.…

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Codename Brainwave: Microsoft reveals tricks and tips for whipping cloud FPGAs into shape

Pipelining, on-die memories exploited in Azure

Hot Chips  Microsoft today teased chip designers with Brainwave, its cloud-hosted pool of FPGAs designed to perform AI stuff in real time.…

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Google slaps a suit on beefed up Chrome OS, offers Enterprise version for business

Getting a bit crowded in here, isn't it, Microsoft?

Google is making a push for its Chrome OS in the business space with a new Enterprise edition of the cloud-centric operating system.…

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Quick Start Update: Deploy SQL Server on the AWS Cloud

AWS is pleased to release a major update to the SQL Server Quick Start to support SQL Server version 2016.

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Verizon kicks out hot new Unlimited* plans

*By 'unlimited' they mean 'significantly limited'

US telecom goliath Verizon has replaced its single unlimited phone plan with four new options that all throttle video and bandwidth.…

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Virgin Media customers complain of outages across UK

Not looking good for Beardy Branson's customers

Virgin Media is seemingly suffering a series of outages accross the country, with aggrieved customers using alternate methods to air their ire at the telco.…

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Virgin Media suffering nationwide TITSUP*

Not looking good for Beardy Branson's customers

Virgin Media is seemingly suffering a series of nationwide outages, with aggrieved customers using alternate methods to air their ire at the telco.…

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Monitor your Reserved Instance utilization by receiving alerts via AWS Budgets

AWS Budgets lets customers set custom budgets and receive alerts if their costs or usage exceed (or are forecasted to exceed) their budgeted amount.

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Amazon Route 53 now supports CAA records

Amazon Route 53 now supports CAA records.

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Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Adds a New Amazon CloudWatch Events Target, Association Versioning for State Manager, and Approve Action for Automation

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager State Manager can now be used to trigger Amazon CloudWatch Events, Automation can be used as a CloudWatch Events target, you can now keep track of State Manager association changes, and you can use the new approve action type in Automation.

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Monday 21 August 2017

Who needs 5G? Qualcomm, Ericsson and Verizon hit 1Gbps with LTE gear

Trio squeezes a bit more life out of current-gen broadband standard

A group of researchers working for Verizon, Ericsson and Qualcomm say they have hit a record 1.07Gbps download rate with LTE hardware.…

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Amazon Kinesis Firehose can now read data directly from Amazon Kinesis Streams

Amazon Kinesis Firehose is the easiest way to load streaming data into AWS. Today we have added a built-in integration that allows you to send streaming data from Kinesis Streams to Kinesis Firehose by configuring your stream as a data source to Kinesis Firehose using the console or API. You can now create and configure a Firehose delivery stream to automatically read data from your Kinesis streams and then deliver the data to destinations. This makes it easy for you to persist data in your streams to data stores such as Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service. 

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Sunday 20 August 2017

Qualcomm moved its Snapdragon designers to its ARM server chip. We peek at the results

Centriq 2400 blueprints revealed this week

Hot Chips  Qualcomm moved engineers from its flagship Snapdragon chips, used in millions of smartphones and tablets, to its fledgling data center processor family Centriq.…

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Saturday 19 August 2017

Amazon SES Announces Dedicated IP Pools for sending Email

Amazon SES announces the availability of functionality to create groups of dedicated IP addresses for your email sending activities. The introduction of dedicated IP pools makes it possible to specify which dedicated IP address to use for a specific email by allowing you to send emails from specific IP addresses. 

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AWS CodeStar is Now Available in US West (N. California) & EU (London) Regions

AWS CodeStar provides a unified user interface, enabling you to easily manage your software development activities in one place. With AWS CodeStar, you can set up your entire continuous delivery toolchain in minutes, allowing you to start releasing code faster. With AWS CodeStar, you can easily track progress across your entire software development process, from your backlog of work items to your team’s recent code deployments. 

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Introducing the new AWS Cost Explorer

Starting today, customers can access the redesigned Cost Explorer interface, which sits on top of a newly-optimized backend querying engine. Customers can now take advantage of a more robust, and performant filtering experience that has been enhanced to allow customers greater flexibility over the information they include or exclude from their analyses. For example, customers can create a view that only includes costs associated with EC2 instance running hours in Availability Zone “us-east-1a” but does not include costs associated with instance types in the m4 family. Customers also benefit from a new consolidated date picker that lets them choose a custom or preset time range (e.g., month-to-date), while also allowing them to forecast forward over user-defined intervals. Once customers reach a view that they would like to refer back to, they can use the improved report management functionality to save up to 50 custom reports per account.

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AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition) is now available in the US West (N. California) Region

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition), also known as AWS Microsoft AD, is now available in the US West (N. California) Region.

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Amazon Cognito Is Available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region

Amazon Cognito is now available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) region. 

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AWS Batch is Now Available in Singapore

AWS Batch enables developers, scientists, and engineers to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on AWS. AWS Batch dynamically provisions the optimal quantity and type of compute resources (e.g., CPU or memory optimized instances) based on the volume and resource requirements of jobs submitted to job queues. With AWS Batch, there is no need to install and manage batch computing software or server clusters, allowing you to instead focus on analyzing results and solving problems. AWS Batch plans, schedules, and executes your batch computing workloads which run on Amazon EC2 and Spot Instances. 

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Friday 18 August 2017

Why does the market care so much about Cisco's security biz?

In the land of decline, sustainable growth is king

Analysis  Like many enterprise tech dinosaurs, Cisco has clutched at new lines of revenue for some time, positioning its security arm as the centrepiece of a long-talked-about reinvention as a software biz.…

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Thursday 17 August 2017

Introducing FlexMatch, the Latest Addition to Amazon GameLift’s Matchmaking Services

Amazon GameLift’s FlexMatch lets you match players together based on rules you define. Whether you choose to build your matchmaking based on player skill, latency, or some other custom criteria, FlexMatch’s simple but powerful rules language makes it easy for anyone to quickly create robust player matchmaking. 

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Wednesday 16 August 2017

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Adds New Maintenance Window Task Types for Automation, AWS Step Functions, and AWS Lambda

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager now supports Systems Manager Automation, AWS Step Functions, and AWS Lambda maintenance window task types, allowing you to schedule complex workflows across your AWS resources.

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VPC Endpoints for Amazon DynamoDB Now Generally Available

VPC Endpoints for DynamoDB enables you to have all network traffic between your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Amazon DynamoDB stay within the AWS cloud instead of traversing the public internet.

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Amazon Redshift Spectrum Now Integrates with AWS Glue

You can now use the AWS Glue Data Catalog as the metadata repository for Amazon Redshift Spectrum. The AWS Glue Data Catalog provides a central metadata repository for all of your data assets regardless of where they are located.  

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) now allows customers to recover accidentally released EIPs

Amazon Virtual Cloud (VPC) now provides customers an opportunity to recover EIPs that they might have released accidentally. The released EIPs are available for recovery as long as they are not assigned to a different customer. The sooner customers try to recover their EIPs, the better are the chances of recovering them. Customers can recover their EIPs via CLI by using the allocate-address command and specifying the IP address using the --address parameter.  

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AWS CloudTrail Integration is Now Available in Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is now integrated with AWS CloudTrail, a service that enables you to log, continuously monitor, and retain events related to API calls across your AWS infrastructure, to provide a history of API calls for your account. Amazon Lex API calls are captured from the Amazon Lex console or from your API operations using the SDKs directly. Your Amazon Lex API calls are delivered to an Amazon S3 bucket with your other AWS service records. Using the information collected by AWS CloudTrail, you can track requests made to Amazon Lex including the origination of the request, such as source IP address, the date and time the request was made, and the parameters requested.

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Introducing AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

The AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is an extension for Microsoft VSTS and on-premises Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) that makes it easy to deploy .NET applications to AWS. If you already use Microsoft VSTS or TFS, the AWS Tools for VSTS makes it easy to deploy your code to AWS without changing how you run your project, organize your builds, and track your work.

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Use Apache Spark and Hive on Amazon EMR with the AWS Glue Data Catalog

You can now use the AWS Glue Data Catalog with Apache Spark and Apache Hive on Amazon EMR. The AWS Glue Data Catalog is a managed metadata repository that is integrated with Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, and AWS Glue ETL jobs. Additionally, it provides automatic schema discovery and schema version history. You can choose to use the AWS Glue Data Catalog to store external table metadata for Hive and Spark instead of utilizing an on-cluster or self-managed Hive Metastore. This allows you to more easily store metadata for your external tables on Amazon S3 outside of your cluster.

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Introducing AWS Glue: A Simple, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) Service

Today we announced the general availability of AWS Glue, a new, fully managed extract, transform, and load (ETL) service that makes it easy for customers to prepare and load their data for analytics. With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, customers can create and run an ETL job. You simply point AWS Glue to your data stored on AWS, and AWS Glue discovers your data and stores associated metadata (e.g. table definition and schema) in the AWS Glue Data Catalog. Once catalogued, your data is immediately searchable, queryable, and available for ETL. AWS Glue generates the code for you to execute your data transformations and loading processes.

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Amazon EFS Now Supports Encryption of Data at Rest

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) now allows you to encrypt your data at rest using keys managed through AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Encryption and decryption are handled seamlessly, so you don’t have to modify your applications to access your data.

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AWS Config Supports New Managed Rules for Securing Amazon S3 Buckets

AWS Config now supports two new managed rules to detect overly permissive Amazon S3 bucket policies. Previously, you had to manually examine the policies tied to each of your S3 buckets to ensure proper access configurations are in place. Now, you can use Config rules to automatically check your S3 buckets for unrestricted public read or write access. With these new rules, you can check Access Control Lists (ACLs) and policies attached to your S3 buckets, flag non-compliant resources, and receive Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications when your bucket permissions change.

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AWS CloudTrail Event History Now Available to All Customers

AWS CloudTrail Event History is now available to all customers. CloudTrail Event History (formerly known as API Activity History) lets you view, search, and download your recent AWS account activity. This allows you to gain visibility into your account actions taken through the AWS Management Console, SDKs, and CLI to enable governance, compliance, and operational and risk auditing of your AWS account.

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Announcing the new AWS CloudHSM, offering cost effective hardware key management at cloud scale for sensitive and regulated workloads

Announcing the new AWS CloudHSM. The new CloudHSM offers you cost effective hardware key management at cloud scale for sensitive and regulated workloads. You can now generate and use encryption keys using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated hardware security modules (HSMs) on the AWS Cloud. CloudHSM integrates with your applications using industry-standard APIs, such as PKCS#11, Java Cryptography Extensions (JCE), and Microsoft CryptoNG (CNG). It is also standards-compliant and enables you to export all of your keys to most other commercially-available HSMs. CloudHSM is a fully-managed service that automates time-consuming administrative tasks for you, such as hardware provisioning, software patching, high-availability, and backups. With CloudHSM, you can add and remove HSM capacity on-demand, with no up-front costs.

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Amazon Athena Now Integrates With AWS Glue

Amazon Athena is now integrated with the AWS Glue Data Catalog. The AWS Glue Data Catalog provides a central metadata repository for all of your data assets regardless of where they are located. It integrates with Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift and Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, and any Apache Hive Metastore compatible application. If you already use Amazon Athena, we recommend that you upgrade from using Athena’s internal Data Catalog to AWS Glue Data Catalog. Click here to learn more about the upgrade.

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Introducing Amazon Macie for S3

Amazon Macie is a security service that uses machine learning to automatically discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in AWS. Amazon Macie recognizes sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) or intellectual property, and provides you with dashboards and alerts that give visibility into how this data is being accessed or moved.

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Introducing AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub provides a single location to track migrations across multiple AWS and partner solutions. Using Migration Hub allows you to choose the AWS and partner migration tools that best fit your needs, while giving you visibility into the status of migrations across your portfolio of applications. This allows you to quickly get progress updates across all of your migrations, easily identify and troubleshoot any issues, and reduce the overall time and effort spent on your migration projects.

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Azure Stack will need special sysadmins, says Microsoft

'Operator' to wrangle on-prem cloud, with paid course coming soon, natch

Microsoft reckons its forthcoming Azure Stack on-premises cloud needs a special breed of sysadmin to keep it humming.…

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Tuesday 15 August 2017

Outage outed: Bing dinged, Microsoft portal mortal, DuckDuckGo becomes DuckDuckNo

Like it or not, it's back to Google for now

Microsoft's Bing fell over on Tuesday morning, Pacific Time, causing a ripple effect that crippled other search engines.…

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Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad

No, non, nein says telco's marketing bods, 'we don't throttle'

Vodafone customers are complaining their data is being throttled while on hols, with supposedly 4G services dropping to sluggish speeds of 2Mbps.…

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Monday 14 August 2017

Macie slay: AWS touts S3 patrol bots to kill data-slurping hackers

Plus: Database Glue guns, more encryption, hardware key management, and config tools

AWS kicked off its New York City summit with a handful of announcements on Monday.…

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AWS Batch Adds Support for AWS CloudFormation

You can now provision AWS Batch resources using AWS CloudFormation, a service that gives you an easy way to deploy and update resources in an orderly and predictable fashion. AWS CloudFormation streamlines the process of creating and managing AWS Batch deployments across multiple AWS accounts and regions.

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Announcing Additional Edge Locations in Chicago and Frankfurt for Amazon CloudFront

We are pleased to announce the launch of two additional edge locations for Amazon CloudFront, Chicago, Illinois and Frankfurt, Germany. Chicago now has two edge locations while Frankfurt now has six. Each new edge location improves CloudFront’s performance and availability experienced by your application’s end-users.

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Amazon Redshift announces enhanced support for viewing external Redshift Spectrum tables

Using new Amazon Redshift ODBC and JDBC drivers, you can view external Redshift Spectrum tables in your existing SQL client and BI tools. Download the new drivers from the Connect client tab on the Amazon Redshift Management Console.

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Amazon Redshift announces Federated Authentication with Single Sign-On

You can now use the new Amazon Redshift database authentication to simplify the credential management of database users. You can configure Amazon Redshift to automatically generate temporary database credentials based on permissions granted through an AWS IAM policy. You can leverage your corporate directory and third-party SAML-2.0 identity provider, such as ADFS, PingFederate and Okta, to enable your users to easily access their Amazon Redshift clusters using their corporate user names, without managing database users and passwords. Furthermore, database users are automatically created at their first login based on their corporate privileges. The new Amazon Redshift ODBC and JDBC drivers support Windows Integrated Authentication for a simplified client experience. This feature is supported starting with Amazon Redshift ODBC driver version and JDBC driver version For more information, see Using IAM Authentication to Generate Database User Credentials in the Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide.

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Introducing AWS SAM Local, a CLI Tool to Test AWS Lambda Functions Locally

AWS SAM Local is a CLI tool that allows you to locally test and debug your AWS Lambda functions defined by AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) templates. Today, SAM Local supports Lambda functions written in Node.js, Java, and Python. SAM Local is available today in beta.  

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AWS CodeDeploy Now Supports Using Application Load Balancers for Blue/Green and In-Place Deployments

AWS CodeDeploy now supports using Application Load Balancers for both blue/green and in-place deployments. With this update, you can choose between a Classic Load Balancer and an Application Load Balancer for your deployment groups. For blue/green deployments, CodeDeploy re-routes the traffic from instances in the original environment to those in the replacement environment. For in-place deployments, using a load balancer with CodeDeploy increases the fault tolerance of your application as it prevents traffic from being routed to instances that are currently being deployed to. For more information, see Integrating AWS CodeDeploy with Elastic Load Balancing

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Microsoft does something unusual in Australia: names the bit barn hosting Azure

Plan to conquer federal IT sees Redmond team with super-secure Canberra Data Centres

Microsoft's cooking up a government-grade cloud in the Canberra, Australia's capital city.…

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'Other' may yet become the biggest and most useful cloud

History tells us none of the big four will dominate forever and that niches matter

COMMENT  In recent weeks I didn't write stories about splashing down in 15 new nations to start an edge compute service, or the plans that Tata Telecoms' shared with me to expand its data centre footprint by targeting partnerships with users of its submarine cables.…

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Industry mouthpiece wants 'near-universal' broadband speeds of 30Mbps by 2020

Says gov needs to 'collaborate' with industry. Now there's a surprise...

Industry mouthpiece techUK has thrown its tuppence into the debate around what Blighty's communications infrastructure should look like in 2020, calling for "near-universal" superfast broadband of 30Mbps.…

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Friday 11 August 2017

South London: Rats! The rodents have killed the internet

Murine mouths mangle broadband - outage hits Gnaw-wood...

Giant cable-nomming rodents have caused "extensive damage" in South London by chewing through fibre, leaving customers without broadband since last night.…

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Amazon ECS is now HIPAA Eligible

Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) is now HIPAA-eligible. If you have an executed Business Associate Addendum (BAA) with AWS, you can use Amazon ECS to process encrypted Protected Health Information (PHI) using Docker containers deployed onto a cluster of Amazon EC2 compute instances.

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Updates to Apache Spark and Apache Hive in Amazon EMR release 5.8.0

You can now use new versions of Apache Spark (2.2.0), Apache Hive (2.3.0), and Apache Flink (1.3.1) on Amazon EMR release 5.8.0. Spark 2.2.0 resolved over 1,100 tickets, including the general availability of Structured Streaming, new machine learning algorithms in MLlib, and improvements to Spark’s cost-based optimizer. Hive 2.3.0 and Flink 1.3.1 contain bug fixes and improvements. Additionally, you can now store workflow files for Apache Oozie in Amazon S3 and the AWS SDK used by applications on your cluster is now upgraded to 1.11.160.

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AWS Marketplace cost and usage data now available in AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and the AWS Cost & Usage Reports

AWS Marketplace is a curated software catalog which allows customers to instantly deploy over 3,800 third-party AMI, SaaS, and Desktop software solutions across 35 product categories. Starting today, AWS Marketplace customers can now analyze and control their costs and usage via AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and the AWS Cost & Usage Report (“CUR”). 

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Software from AWS Marketplace vendors now available to be deployed into the AWS GovCloud (US) region

AWS Marketplace now enables customers to discover and subscribe to software that supports regulated workloads through AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud (US). AWS GovCloud (US) is an isolated AWS region designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads in the cloud, assisting customers who have U.S. federal, state, and local government compliance requirements. 

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Launch your rendering fleet in AWS with Deadline 10 (Public Preview)

Our customers can now try out Deadline 10, our easy to use render management system in public preview. Deadline 10 allows users the freedom to easily access any combination of on-premises or cloud-based resources for their image/video rendering jobs.

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Thursday 10 August 2017

Amazon Cognito Launches General Availability of a Built-in Customizable User Experience for Sign-in, OAuth 2.0 Support, and Federation with Facebook, Login with Amazon, Google, and SAML providers for User Pools

Today we launched the general availability (GA) of features for Amazon Cognito User Pools that enable application developers to easily add and customize a sign-up and sign-in user experience, use OAuth 2.0, and integrate with Facebook, Google, Login with Amazon, and SAML-based identity providers. Now you can enable your users to sign-up and sign-in using social identity providers, corporate identity providers with SAML, and a username, email address or phone number with Cognito User Pools.

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AWS CodeBuild Now Supports Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud as a Source Type

AWS CodeBuild now allows you to easily build and test your source code hosted in Git repositories on Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud. With the new support for Bitbucket Cloud, CodeBuild now integrates with four systems to store your source code, including AWS CodeCommit, Amazon S3, and GitHub. 

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AWS Encryption SDK now supports data key caching

The AWS Encryption SDK is an encryption library that helps make it easier for you to implement encryption best practices in your application. It enables you to focus on the core functionality of your application, rather than on how to best encrypt and decrypt your data. 

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Folk STILL not getting advertised broadband speeds, whinges survey

The faster the claim, the bigger the disappointment

Households only hit their advertised broadband speeds 58 per cent of the time, according to a survey from consumer group Which?…

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London 'not-spots' look out! Mayor wants team to tackle crap signal

Also appears to take credit for 4G-on-Tube plans

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants to deploy a "not-spot" team to tackle poor connectivity in the capital, under plans unveiled today which include re-announcing 4G on the underground for 2019.…

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IBM Cloud turns TLS 1.0 off and then turns it on again

Big Blue admits it gave customers too little notice of the change and broke their code

IBM has turned known-to-be-insecure TLS 1.0 back on in its cloud.…

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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Amazon Cloud Directory improves search performance with subdirectory queries

Amazon Cloud Directory now enables you to optimize your directory searches by only searching a subset of your directory, using a schema facet. For example, instead of searching across all the user objects in your directory, you can search a subset of your directory by searching only the user objects that contain an employee facet.  

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Brits look at Google and Facebook every 210 seconds, says survey

Go on, count them. Bet you can't resist now we've said that

Ad companies Facebook and Google slurp one in every 3½ minutes that Britons spend online, according to a survey.…

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Big Switch, HPE, in 'You complete me. No, you complete me' tryst

Dell's still got more network OS options, but as anyone who remembers NetWare vs. NT can tell you, a NOS war is fun

Big Switch Networks and HPE have buddied up to push other's stuff and the concept of open networking.…

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Amazon QuickSight now available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Amazon QuickSight is now available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Sydney).  

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AWS X-Ray SDK for Python (Beta)

AWS X-Ray adds support for Python (beta). 

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Tuesday 8 August 2017

AWS Snowball and AWS Snowball Edge Available in the South America (Sao Paulo) Region

AWS Snowball and AWS Snowball Edge are now available in the South America (Sao Paulo) region. 

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Mediocre Britain: UK broadband ranked 31st in world for speed

Behind Bulgaria and Romania. But spare a thought for Yemen

Broadband in Blighty ranks 31st in the world, with average speeds of 16.51Mbps, according to a comprehensive analysis.…

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Big question of the day: Is it time to lock down .localhost?

IETF considering making a new .onion

A proposal to tightly lock down localhost as a reserved top-level domain name has bubbled up to the surface again at the Internet Engineering Task Force.…

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Heavy clouds in IT world make it rain gold for UPS box manufacturers

Data centers need good uptime, and good uptime means backup power – ka‑ching!

The growth in cloud computing services is creating a financial windfall for perhaps an unlikely source: backup battery vendors.…

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Monday 7 August 2017

Cisco loses customer data In Meraki cloud muckup

'Erroneous policy' upload wound deleted custom apps, IVR menus and custom bling

Cisco's admitted to a cloud configuration cockup that's erased customer data.…

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Friday 4 August 2017

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Now Lets You Use Microphones with Your Streaming Applications

Amazon AppStream 2.0 now allows you to use microphones and other audio input devices with your streamed applications. With this capability, you can use popular collaboration applications, call center solutions, and tools used to record voiceovers, such as video editing software with AppStream 2.0. Since your applications are streamed to an HTML5 browser, your users can now access these solutions from Windows PCs, Mac OS devices, and Linux-based desktops.

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Announcing Third Edge Location in Paris, France for Amazon CloudFront

We are happy to announce the launch of our third edge location in Paris, France! This brings Amazon CloudFront's total edge locations to 91 (including 80 points of presence and 11 regional edge cache locations). To see a full list of CloudFront locations, please visit our website here. Meet with the CloudFront team at one of our upcoming webinars.

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Amazon Athena adds support for querying data using Logstash Grok filters

You can now use Amazon Athena to query data using Logstash Grok filters. Grok is useful for applying patterns to parse unstructured data, usually logs. The patterns are easier to use than regular expressions, because each Grok pattern is essentially a named regular expression. This makes it easier to identify and re-use deserialization patterns. Grok provides a set of pre-defined patterns. You can also create custom patterns.

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Got that syncing feeling? Cloud's client-side email problem

Come, swim with the sharks

Despite predictions of its demise, we've been happily using email in business since it first became widespread more than two decades ago. In many ways it's defined the way we compose, reply or send digital messages. A number of technologies have consolidated and extended it to something that became called "collaboration".…

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Amazon RDS for SQL Server Adds High Availability Support to the Frankfurt Region

Amazon RDS for SQL Server now offers Multi-AZ support in the EU Central (Frankfurt) region. This new high availability option leverages SQL Server Mirroring technology, with additional improvements, to meet the requirements of enterprise-grade production workloads running on SQL Server.

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Thursday 3 August 2017

AWS CodeCommit Now Sends State Changes to Amazon CloudWatch Events, Saves User Preferences, and Adds Tag Details View

AWS CodeCommit now sends repository state changes to Amazon CloudWatch events. For example, the repository state changes include activities like pushing new code to a code repository. Using these new event types, customers can build Amazon CloudWatch Event rules to match AWS CodeCommit events and route them to one or more targets like an Amazon SNS Topic, AWS Step Functions state machine, or AWS Lambda function to trigger automated workflows to process repository changes. To learn more, read the blog post.

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Internet's backroom boffins' big brainwave: Put people first in future

IETF draft hopes to balance netizens' needs and corporate interests in future standards

The Internet Engineering Task Force is being asked to formally adopt its informal philosophy that when it comes to new standards and protocols, end users' needs must come first.…

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Deploy the AWS Cloud Infrastructure for SAS Grid with New Quick Start

This Quick Start automatically deploys the IT infrastructure for implementing SAS Grid and related SAS components on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

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Amazon Connect is Now Available in the EU (Frankfurt) AWS Region

Amazon Connect is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) AWS Region, adding to the two regions where it is already available, the US East (Northern Virginia), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS Regions.

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AWS Marketplace Self-Service Listings Adds Support for SaaS Software Scenarios

Today, AWS Marketplace released new feature enhancements to the Seller Self-Service Listings feature, a web-based interface that lets AWS Marketplace software vendors manage their product listings through the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP). SaaS software vendors that have product listings in AWS Marketplace can now use Self-Service Listings to upload new SaaS Contract products, or make changes to their SaaS Subscriptions and SaaS Contracts product listings, including updating product metadata and making pricing changes. In addition, Self-Service Listings now enables sellers to sunset their AMI or SaaS listings.

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UK Met Office’s High-Resolution Weather Forecast Data is Now on AWS

Archive data from the UK Met Office Global and Regional Ensemble Prediction System (MOGREPS) is now available on Amazon S3. Data from two models is available: MOEGREPS-UK, a high resolution weather forecast covering the United Kingdom, and MOGREPS-G, a global weather forecast. MOGREPS is primarily designed to aid the forecasting of rapid storm development, wind, rain, snow and fog. Accurate weather forecasts allow farmers to predict when to plant crops, let airlines know when it's safe to fly, help governments plan for transportation hazards, and are useful in a number of other ways.

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NOAA’s GOES-R Series Weather Satellite Imagery is Now on AWS

Data from NOAA's GOES-R series satellite is available on Amazon S3. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) operates a constellation of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) to provide continuous weather imagery and monitoring of meteorological and space environment data for the protection of life and property across the United States. GOES satellites provide critical atmospheric, oceanic, climatic and space weather products supporting weather forecasting and warnings, climatologic analysis and prediction, ecosystems management, safe and efficient public and private transportation, and other national priorities.

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Delphix dishes out Dynamic Data Platform with masking

Virtualises structured data for copies and cloud migration

Analysis  Database copy virtualiser Delphix has relaunched itself as a Dynamic Data Platform supplier of personal virtualised data environments, covering on-premises and public cloud environments and masking out sensitive data.…

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Microsoft breaks Office 365 sign-in pages ahead of surprise update

Opt-in at your own risk

Some Office 365 customers can't use Office, thanks to a login portal redesign.…

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Gartner mystics name Rubrik Miss Data Centre Backup 2017

That's gotta sting, huh, HPE?

Rubrik is a winner and HPE a loser in Gartner's latest beauty contest for data centre backup and recovery suppliers.…

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Microsoft: We beat Google, AWS to cloudy GPU VMs in Blighty

Now you can shave a few milliseconds from real-time apps and, er, batch processing

Microsoft has spun up families of virtual machines packed with GPUs and beefy compute muscle for Azure UK customers.…

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Another slice of Brocade carved off: Mavenir buys packet core business

Only the smile remained

Pretty much the last bits of Brocade have been sold, with the news that Mavenir Systems has slurped the networking company's virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) product range, intellectual property, and development lab.…

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Wednesday 2 August 2017

Now You Can Use Amazon Cloud Directory to Help Maintain HIPAA and PCI Compliance in the AWS Cloud

Now you can use Amazon Cloud Directory, to build and run applications in the AWS Cloud that are subject to U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. Amazon Cloud Directory reduces the effort required of you to deploy compliant infrastructure for your cloud-based applications, as you manage your own HIPAA risk management programs or PCI DSS compliance certification. 

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New Quick Start: Build a Data Lake Foundation on the AWS Cloud with Apache Zeppelin, Amazon RDS, and Other AWS Services

This Quick Start deploys a data lake foundation that integrates services and components to help you migrate data to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, and store, monitor, and analyze the data.

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Additional Example AWS IAM Policies Added to the IAM Documentation for you to Use and Customize

You can now more easily create fine-grained AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies by using new Example Policies. The example policies in the IAM documentation include more than thirty examples to help you manage access to your AWS Cloud resources. The example policies provide you policy templates to help you specify specific resources and access conditions in your policies.

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Post Office puts stamp on ISP minnow Fuel

Acquisition marks move away from snail mail to broadband

The Post Office has today completed its acquisition of ISP Fuel Broadband, adding 60,000 customers to its network.…

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IBM adds Optane to its cloud, only as storage and without GPUs

Optane's great as memory, says Big Blue, but we can't do that yet

IBM's made good on its promise to fire up a cloud packing Intel's Optane non-volatile memory “in the second half of 2017.” But Big Blue has fallen short of the “broad services suite” it foreshadowed and can't even put Optane to work as memory.…

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Tuesday 1 August 2017

Amazon SES Introduces Open and Click Metrics for Tracking Customer Engagement

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) now includes the ability to track open and click events, as well as the ability to publish email sending events to Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS).

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AWS CodeDeploy Now Provides Flexible EC2 Tagging with Multiple Tag Groups

AWS CodeDeploy now supports using multiple tag groups to identify groups of EC2 instances to be included in a deployment group. This new feature allows greater flexibility and more granular control over which instances are included in your deployment groups. If you use a single tag group, any instance identified by at least one tag in the group is included in the deployment group. If you use multiple tag groups, only instances that are identified by at least one tag in each of the tag groups are included. For example, you can define a deployment group that contains only instances tagged with both ‘Application: Frontend’ and ‘Environment: Prod’. For more information, see Tagging Instances for Deployment Groups in AWS CodeDeploy

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Now available–Lumberyard Beta 1.10

We’re excited to announce the availability of Lumberyard Beta 1.10, the biggest release to date for Amazon’s free AAA game engine. This release contains over 545 features, fixes, and enhancements. Some highlights include:

Order-independent Transparency – correctly display overlapping transparent surfaces (i.e. wine glasses or ice sculptures) in your games with greater ease
Temporal Anti-Aliasing - smooth out jagged edges and other imperfections caused by real-time rendering, getting you closer to achieving film-like quality in your games
Component entity workflows - 35 improvements to help speed up your iteration time
Cloud Gems - Over 50 improvements to help you better manage your player community
• Plus much more, including a brand new docking system for customizing the editor, performance enhancements to the material editor, and new cinematic features

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Welcome to the Rise of the Machine-to-Machine. Isn't it time to 'block off' some data ducts?

Isolation-based security is getting important

Sysadmin blog  Do you remember Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and so forth? It's marketing terminology that was popular at the turn of the millennium and was as used and abused as "cloud" is today. Underneath all the fluff, however, were solid and reasoned ideas about how technology would evolve and the benefits they'd bring.…

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Dirty carbon nanotubes offer telcos chance at secure quantum comms

Room-temperature single-photon-emitter boosts conventional networks

Single-photon emitters aren't a new thing in physics labs, but they usually require liquid-helium-chilled freezers.…

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