Friday 28 June 2019

cPanel unleashes price hikes on its most dense customers

Yeah - because hardware is better these days, we're going to need to charge you more. Much, much more...

cPanel has dropped a bombshell on its customers with a price hike for its services that has left some running for the door marked exit.…

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America's latest 5G drama: Spectrum row bursts into the open with special adviser fingered as agent provocateur

Next-gen 24GHz cellular broadband roll-out stalls amid 'personal animosity' claims

Special report  A growing inter-agency row over America's use of particular radio frequency bands for 5G phones has burst into the open – with a senior US Department of Commerce adviser fingered as the main source of problems.…

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Pitch of the week: Helping to stamp out e-cigarettes while removing hurdles to digital learning

Buy our networking gear and get rid of vaping. Think of the children!

Comment  From the department of "Just what can't IoT do?" comes plans from Ruckus to both aid digital learning while also stamping out vaping.…

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Thursday 27 June 2019

Roll up, roll up, you want machine learning in a box? Google Cloud Platform's service enters beta

Chocolate Factory play catch up to AWS and Microsoft... again

Deep Learning Containers (DLC) has entered beta stage, according to Google's Cloud Platform team.…

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You know whose kit for 5G is Huawei better? Go on, have a guess, says UK mobile player Three

Warns deployment will go up spout if pulls plug on controversial supplier

Huawei has the most advanced tech for 5G deployment, Three's director of network strategy has said - ahead of the government's pending review into the controversial supplier's UK telecoms footprint.…

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There's Huawei too many vulns in Chinese giant's firmware: Bug hunters slam pisspoor code

More than 1 in 2 products have serious flaws, some potentially backdoors, we're told

Huawei, the Chinese manufacturing giant targeted by the Trump administration as a national security threat, has some of the least secure networking products in the industry, according to Finite State.…

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Wednesday 26 June 2019

FCC adviser and fiber telco CEO thrown in the clink for five years after conning investors out of $270m with fake deals

Funnily enough, she was keen to slash infrastructure investment red-tape

A telecoms CEO and one-time adviser to FCC boss Ajit Pai will spend as much as the next half-decade behind bars after being convicted of wire fraud and eight counts of aggravated identity theft.…

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Weather forecasters are STILL banging on about 5G clashing with their sensors. As if climate change is a big deal

Now gimme that 4K HD live stream of kittens

Analysis  The weather forecasters responsible for letting millions knowing about weather patterns, including hurricanes and tornadoes, have warned yet again that plans to auction off radio spectrum for 5G mobile networks could have a dangerous impact on their efforts.…

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Tuesday 25 June 2019

RIP Dyn Dynamic DNS :'( Oracle to end Dyn-asty by axing freshly gobbled services, shoving customers into its cloud

Meanwhile, staff face cuts – and really won't exist by next year

Oracle is sharpening its ax for the Dyn networking biz it acquired in 2016, with plans to slash jobs and switch off services.…

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FedEx fed up playing box cop, sues Uncle Sam to make it stop: 'We do transportation, not law enforcement'

Feds are asking Huawei too much from us, complains shipping giant upset it has to police every package

FedEx is suing the US government to escape the burden of policing packages (cough, cough, tech materials) sent abroad (ahem, ahem, China).…

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AWS Security Hub takes half-hearted bite out of SIEM vendors' lunches

SIEMless pitch, amirite?

Amazon Web Services has wheeled out its Security Hub – a SIEM aggregator product – in an effort to snaffle some of the lucrative cloud SIEM market for itself.…

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Monday 24 June 2019

BGP super-blunder: How Verizon today sparked a 'cascading catastrophic failure' that knackered Cloudflare, Amazon, etc

'Normally you'd filter it out if some small provider said they own the internet'

Verizon sent a big chunk of the internet down a black hole this morning – and caused outages at Cloudflare, Facebook, Amazon, and others – after it wrongly accepted a network misconfiguration from a small company in Pennsylvania, USA.…

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Oh how embarrassing: Cloudflare suffers a route leak

Happens to us all at some point

US network services provider Cloudflare has been celebrating its impending tenth birthday with a good, old-fashioned TITSUP*, er, knees-up.…

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Friday 21 June 2019

Hello Moto! UK Home Office shoves comms giant another £82m to stay on Emergency Services Network gig

More delays ahead for troubled programme

The UK Home Office has extended its Emergency Services Network contract with Motorola, intended to shift blue-light services to 4G.…

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Comms room, comms room, comms room is on fire – we don't need no water, let the engineer burn

Figuratively, of course

On Call  As you shut down and wait for Windows or macOS to spend the usual hour installing updates before your weekend can begin, spare a thought for those on the other end of the phone in The Register's weekly On Call column.…

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Thursday 20 June 2019

NetApp wraps Elements HCI and Google Cloud Platform in Data Fabric

New cloud services weaved into portfolio

NetApp has wrapped up Elements HCI and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into its Data Fabric en route to building a hybrid multi-cloud orchestration or operating system.…

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Net-sweet! Oracle cloud shows some signs of life, just don't ask about the on-prem stuff

Meanwhile, database giant preps free as-a-service program to entice developers

Database giant Oracle beat market expectations for its fiscal Q4 2019 and FY 2019 financial results, reporting $11.1bn in quarterly revenues and $39.5bn for the full year.…

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Tuesday 18 June 2019

HPE: We will throw all of our products into a GreenLake by 2022

'Customers want tech as a service, they also want it on their terms' – at least 50% correct, there, Ant

HPE – the company that failed to cut it in the public cloud and offloaded its Enterprise Services biz a few years back – wants to make its whole portfolio available to buy as a service by 2022.…

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Ahhhhh! What year is it?! Users left without direction or clue after Google Calendar 404s

Hint: The pub is that way >>>

Google Calendar has gone TITSUP* with no sign given as to when it should be unborked.…

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Video: The future of faster enterprises

The benefits of cloud in a fast-moving future

Promo  Amazon Web Services is launching a series of videos to illustrate the various ways its cloud can help businesses innovate and prosper.…

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Monday 17 June 2019

Do you want a Kool-Aid with that, Huawei? You'll need one after watching boss chat to US mavens

George Gilder and Nicholas Negroponte join CEO for 2-hour 'Tea with Mr Ren'

Huawei's public relations onslaught continued today with a "panel discussion" between the company's founder Ren Zhenfei, blockchain blowhard George Gilder and MIT co-founder and non-stop tech panellist Nicholas Negroponte.…

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23. 712. 3. 608. 45. 89. 11. 332. 841. 255. You want more? Cloudflare and pals are streaming 'em live from new RNG API

League of Entropy is the superhero gang you may or may not need

Like some kind of space-age Bingo hall caller, a cloud-based API that publicly streams random numbers arrives today, and is being touted by Cloudflare.…

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Watch online: How to navigate your route to Office 365 adoption

Take the right steps for a hassle-free deployment

Sponsored webcast  Office 365 is the solution many organisations gravitate towards when they are looking to move from legacy office applications to a more flexible, mobile-friendly solution for sharing documents and collaborating with colleagues and clients.…

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Friday 14 June 2019

Swarm: We want 150 broadband satellites. No wait, that's not much is it? OK, we demand ONE MILLION internet sats

Hey, leave some room in orbit for the rest of us?

One of the companies that hopes to beam internet access down to Earth from space has applied for permission to put an extraordinary one million mini-satellites into orbit.…

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Exodus: Tech top brass bail on £1bn UK courts reform amid concerns project is floundering

Digitisation programme already at 'serious risk' of missing deadline

Exclusive  A raft of senior techies working on £1bn project to modernise Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) have stepped down amid concerns the flagship project is floundering.…

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Thursday 13 June 2019

Germany and South Korea go nuts for 5G while Blighty subsists on test bed crumbs

Huawei with you!

It seems the rest of the world can't get enough of 5G – Germany has just raised €6.6bn (£5.8bn) in its spectrum auction, and more than a million folk in South Korea have subscribed to a 5G contract.…

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Underground network targets Salisbury: Not the Russian death crew, this time it's Openreach laying fibre-optic cables

Ground-penetrating radar and micro ducting to keep that lovely cathedral untouched

The sleepy English city of Salisbury – infamous for the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal last year – is once again the target of an underground network. Yep, Openreach's full-fibre plans.…

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Akamai CEO: Playing games from the cloud? Seems too expensive to be viable right now

'It is something we are interested in … but the economic model hasn’t worked out yet'

Akamai Edge World  Akamai CEO Tom Leighton – an expert in distributed computing with 50 patents under his belt – has thrown shade on Google’s plans to launch a cloud-based gaming platform.…

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Wednesday 12 June 2019

IT pro screwed out of unused vacation pay, bonus by HPE after judge rules: The law is a mess but it's still the law

All that was missing was a Beware of the Leopard sign

A "highly skilled IT professional" has lost his fight to be paid his unused vacation days as well as a non-trivial bonus, after a judge stuck to a law he admitted was outdated.…

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Rubber glove time! Microsoft flings open gates to its very own Azure FHIR health data fest

SQL support and Release 4 arrives in cloudy open source service

Feeling a bit poorly? Good news! Microsoft has added SQL to its FHIR Server for Azure, so your symptoms can now be flung even further.…

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Microsoft pokes about in Azure's innards, whips out new Service Fabric

A stitch in time saves 6.5

Microsoft crossed its fingers and started rolling out an update to Azure Service Fabric over its cloudy platform yesterday.…

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AWS adds conflict resolution, squash merge to its GitHub homage CodeCommit

Good – if you're eye-deep in Amazon's cloud, that is

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added key features to the console and API for its source code repository, CodeCommit.…

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Tuesday 11 June 2019

Cram this in your Pai hole! New York, Cali, eight other US states sue to stop T-Mobile-Sprint merger

State attorneys general unimpressed by FCC boss's rationale

Ten state attorneys general, including New York and California, are suing in an effort to stop the merger of T-Mobile US and Sprint.…

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Top websites screwed over in super-outage: VIP Go? More like VIP No Go

Automattic's premium hosting service goes TITSUP: Total Inability To Serve Usual Pages

News websites and other top sites have fallen over, or reverted to 2002-era my-first-blog themes, after their hosting platform,'s premium VIP Go service, broke down today.…

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Custom chip vendor Barefoot Networks dips its toes in the water, Intel takes the whole schmear

Chipzilla smacks lips with eyes fixed on the cloud biz

Intel is acquiring custom network chip maker Barefoot Networks in a broadside that just might rattle arch-rival Broadcom.…

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UK taxman spent six times more with AWS last year than cloud firm paid in corporation tax

Taxpayers taken for 'mugs' as contract awards surface

AWS has been accused of treating the British public like "mugs" after it emerged HMRC splashed £11m with the cloud giant last year, more than six times the amount it received in corporation tax from the US firm.…

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Webcast: How AWS cloud helps companies put innovation first

Learn the secret of two-pizza teams and other aids to creating an agile environment

Promo  Amazon Web Services has launched a series of videos to provide an insider’s view of how the cloud can help businesses stay one step ahead of their competitors.…

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Mystery GPS glitch grounds flights, leaves passengers in the bar

The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system is not happy. Not happy at all

Hundred of flights were cancelled and aircraft grounded stateside over the weekend due to a mystery GPS glitch.…

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No backdoor, no backdoor... you're a backdoor! Huawei won't spy for China or anyone else, exec tells MPs

'If we were put under any pressure by any country that we felt was wrong, we would prefer to close the business'

The UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Select Committee yesterday asked experts whether Huawei poses a threat to national security. It was a question the answers to which exposed the many problems with trying to ban a manufacturer that’s been a part of the country’s telecommunications landscape for nearly two decades.…

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Monday 10 June 2019

You won't guess where European mobile data was rerouted for two hours. Oh. You can. Yes, it was China Telecom

BGP leaks are common but don’t usually take hours to fix...

Comment  Yet another large interweb routing blunder has prompted internet engineers to stress the need for additional security at the network's foundational layer, and again raised eyebrows at the behavior of China Telecom.…

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There's an explosion of devices on your network. How can you manage it all? Help is here: Cisco DNA Assurance

Suffer no more interruptions and downtime: Book a demo session today – and check out the research

Sponsored  From offices and hospitals to factories, hotels and universities, all say more wireless devices than ever are joining their networks.…

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When it comes to DNS over HTTPS, it's privacy in excess, frets UK child exploitation watchdog

Encrypting web queries makes it more difficult to block underage sexual abuse images

Analysis  Since last year, organizations like Cloudflare, Google and Mozilla have been working to encrypt DNS queries by implementing a protocol called DNS over HTTPS, one of a handful of related web specs that aim to close privacy gaps that can expose network requests to potential scrutiny.…

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Friday 7 June 2019

Samsung goes Marie Kondo on its public cloud outfit: Does this bring me Joyent? Nope. Then in the bin it goes

That three-year anniversary party took a dark turn

Samsung has killed off its Joyent public cloud – its unsuccessful answer to Amazon and Google's public cloud services – almost three years to the day after it acquired the biz.…

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Arista whips out first crop of edgy switches, Wi-Fi 6 gear

Cisco-botherer grows its Spline

Switch-making Cisco nemesis Arista Networks has unveiled its first campus leaf switches and first Wi-Fi 6 access points, aimed at offices at the edge of the network.…

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Finnish and Russian comms giants shake hands on submarine cable across Arctic Sea

Cinia, MegaFon expect to start work in the fourth quarter

Finnish network operator Cinia and Russian mobile giant MegaFon are planning to lay a telecommunications cable across the Arctic Sea.…

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Could you just pop into the network room and check- hello? The Away Team. They're... gone

Number One, send in another Away Team

On Call  Friday is upon us once again, and as the week disappears into the rear-view mirror we have another tale from those princes and princesses of the pager in our regular On Call column.…

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Thursday 6 June 2019

Google digs deep behind back of multicoloured chaise longue, finds a spare $2.6bn to slurp analytics house Looker

First buy under new broom Thomas Kurian as Chocolate Factory tries to make up ground on AWS and Microsoft

Google is spending a whopping $2.6bn on data analytics and machine learning specialist Looker.…

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March 2020: When you lucky, lucky Brits will have a legal right to a minimum of... 10Mbps

And only if it doesn't cost too much

Brit comms regulator Ofcom has revealed that the universal broadband service – previously known as the universal service obligation – will come into effect in March 2020.…

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There's a Snowflake in Washington: Microsoft lets data warehouser in on Azure Government

What did you think we meant?

Not content entwining with Oracle, Microsoft has added another third-party database tech to Azure – this time to the Government incarnation of its cloudy platform.…

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What first attracted Ofcom boss Sharon White to the near-£1m salary offered by John Lewis Partnership?

Because we haven't a clue

The chief exec at Ofcom is swapping life battling telcos – or doing their bidding, depending on your perspective – for an altogether more lucrative role as the chairman of John Lewis Partnership.…

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Cloudera CEO quits as customers delay orders due to uncertainty after Hortonworks merger

Pesky public cloud rivals didn't help either as share price crashes 30%

Fiscal '20 hasn't started well for Cloudera as enterprise customers paused spending due to roadmap uncertainty over the Hortonworks merger and held off for the coming of the Cloud Data Platform (CDP).…

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Russia signs Huawei deal as Chinese premier decries 'protectionism', 'unilateral approaches'

While Arm founder slams US tantrum tactics from the big orange baby

Huawei has signed a contract to develop Russian 5G networks for mobile provider MTS over the next two years.…

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Court drama: Did Oracle bully its customers into the cloud? Nine insiders to blow the whistle

Pension fund lawsuit could reveal evidence of dodgy sales – or clear Big Red completely

The ongoing lawsuit between Oracle and a major pension fund over claims Big Red artificially inflated its cloud revenues has just stepped up a notch.…

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Wednesday 5 June 2019

Mad King Leo pulled the wool over HP shareholders' eyes, ex-CEO Whitman tells court

Assured exec stumbles when probed over sales screwups

Autonomy Trial  Fresh from regretfully admitting she wanted to throw HP’s former CEO “under the bus,” Meg Whitman today told London's High Court Leo Apotheker said to shareholders he wouldn’t do a “transformative” acquisition – before doing that exact thing and buying Autonomy.…

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Heavyweight notorious for aggressive licensing practices hooks its cloud up to Oracle's

Microsoft's Azure brought in to plug gaps in Big Red's product

Microsoft got together with Oracle today to fling interoperability at users of Azure and the latter's less-loved Cloud.…

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Salesforce CEO: Digital transformers, more than meets the eye (Autobots are coining it for you)

Anyone who thinks otherwise should Benioff

Digital transformation - sorry readers, we feel sick too - is as important to CEOs in this day and age as preparing for the Millennium Bug was to CIOs in the countdown to the year 2000.…

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Tune in live: Dropbox and El Reg are here to help you free your staff to collaborate securely beyond the walls of IT

We'll show you how to consumerise communication without losing control

Sponsored webcast  You won’t be surprised to hear that company employees like to use simple, effective tools when collaborating with their colleagues and partners. Those tools may lie outside the traditional confines of IT but they get the job done.…

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BT to axe 90% of its UK real estate, retains circa 30 sites

Historic St Paul's digs amongst 270 offices offloaded

BT is shuttering more than 270 UK offices as part of a three- to five-year grand plan to carve out £1.5bn in expenses.…

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Tuesday 4 June 2019

Google may have taken this whole 'serverless' thing too far: Outage caused by bandwidth-killing config blunder

Engineers struggled to restore own packet-starved systems during four-hour SNAFU

Google says its four-hour wobble across America and some other parts of the world on Sunday was caused by a bungled reconfiguration of its servers.…

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Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook in crosshairs: Politicos stick monopoly probe into Silicon Valley

US House Judiciary Committee and the Antitrust Subcommittee open Big Tech investigation

American lawmakers are opening an investigation into the dominance of large digital companies in their respective marketplaces, sending a collective shudder across Silicon Valley.…

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US cloud pusher Fusion Connect hits ice after double-merger debt pile-on, files for chapter 11

'Underperformance', liquidity problems fingered, vendor relationships 'increasingly strained'

American cloud peddler Fusion Connect has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, after entering a series of risky mergers and accumulating more debt than it could hope to repay.…

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Monday 3 June 2019

Thrown Huawei: Chinese leviathan's subsea cable biz to be flogged off

To a fellow China-based firm, mind you

Huawei is reportedly flogging off part of its undersea telecoms cable business, barely six weeks after Australia blocked its attempts to win a major cable contract.…

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It's a Hull of lot more: Macquarie offers £563m for fibre network flinger KCOM

6 weeks after board approves pension fund offer, private equity biz trumps bid

Hull-based fibre flinger KCOM has thrown its lot behind a £563m bid from private equity investor Macquarie, dropping the previously accepted £504m offer from one of the UK's largest pension funds.…

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BT berries Juniper's SDN kit in network architecture refresh

Meet Network Cloud – Brit telco's latest infrastructure play

BT will be using software-defined networking (SDN) tools from Juniper Networks to breathe new life into its ageing infrastructure and prepare it for the deluge of data expected when 5G goes mainstream.…

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Sunday seems really quiet. Hmm, thinks Google, let's have a four-hour Gmail, YouTube, G Suite, Cloud outage

Unlucky netizens struggle to connect to web giant suffering from 'network congestion'

Google is right now recovering from a multi-hour outage that knocked several of its internet services offline for unlucky netizens on Sunday.…

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Saturday 1 June 2019

DigitalOcean drowned my startup! 'We lost everything, our servers, and one year of database backups' says biz boss

Server hoster apologizes, undoes system slaying after washing away AI org

Nicolas Beauvais, the CTO of a two-person AI startup called Raisup, raised a ruckus on Twitter on Friday to revive his company and it worked.…

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