Tuesday 30 April 2019

Google Cloud grabs serving spoon, ladles instances loaded with Nvidia’s Tesla T4 GPUs

For the diner that wants to chow down on ML and analytics data but can't stomach Tesla Volta V100 costs

Google has become the first bringer of clouds to sell server instances equipped with Nvidia’s Tesla T4 GPUs in general availability.…

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Big Cloud gets bigger: AWS's growth alone in 2018 matched Google's total haul – but Bezos beast is still on the hunt

AWS Outposts on horizon as infra giants look to cram their hardware in YOUR bit barn

Amazon Web Services bulked up in 2018, jugging down a protein shake of $2.3bn in cloudy infrastructure services revenues – equalling Google's total haul for the 12 months.…

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OpenStack wants Airship 1.0 to take flight and move devs up to the cloud without tears

Automated cloud provisioning joins the mile-high club

The OpenStack Foundation took advantage of its Denver shindig to emit version 1.0 of Airship, a collection of open source tools aimed at simplifying building cloud systems.…

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Everything's just fine at Google's mothership: $1.7bn EU fine, slower growth take their toll

Alphabet quiet on cloud business results, other bets lose a small fortune

Google parent Alphabet reported $36.34bn in revenue and $9.50 earnings per share on Monday for its Q1 2019 quarter, rather less than investors had anticipated.…

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Monday 29 April 2019

Huawei, Huawei. Huawei, Huawei. Feeling hot, hot, hot: US threatens to cut UK from intel sharing over Chinese tech giant

War over Middle Kingdom's 5G gear heats up

Analysis  Fallout over a leaked decision by the UK government to allow equipment from Chinese manufacturer Huawei into Britain's "non-core" 5G networks has continued into a second week.…

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FYI: Someone left 24GB of personal info on 80m US households exposed to the public internet

Security bods ask for help figuring out who left Microsoft-hosted barn door open

A pair of security researchers working on a web mapping project for security biz vpnMentor have identified what they claim is a database that exposes 80 million US households.…

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Switchzilla rolls out Wi-Fi 6 kit: New access points, switch for a standard that hasn't officially arrived

Snitches get switches, apparently - as 802.11ax(ed) and sexy 6 moniker stitched

Networking overlord Cisco has unveiled Wi-Fi access points and core switches supporting the latest wireless networking standard, the 802.11ax – otherwise known as Wi-Fi 6.…

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Dell pulls, er, large lever, powers up Big Switch OEM deal

BS's cloud software to manage Dell switch hardware

The newly public Dell EMC is to OEM Big Switch Networks software and wrap it up in Dell's own Ready Stack converged systems.…

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Friday 26 April 2019

Gin and bear it: Juniper Networks sales down across the board... so, er, 'better than expected'

Hopes to berry woes of slow Q1 '19

Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim has said the company will be "focused on delivering a return to growth later this year" amid shrinking revenues and weak product demand for its first quarter of fiscal 2019.…

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Internet industry freaks out over proposed unlimited price hikes on .org domain names

The domain name system is going to get more expensive and probably less competitive

The internet is about to get a whole lot more expensive.…

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Thursday 25 April 2019

Last year, we joked that Amazon was a cloud giant with a gift shop. Looking at these AWS figures, we were right

Modest expectations for next quarter, though, as web souk works toward one-day delivery

Cloud cash-cow and stuff-shifter Amazon on Thursday reported $59.7bn in revenue for its Q1 2019, up 17 per cent from a year ago and about what financial analysts expected.…

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Gather round, friends. Listen close. It's time to list the five biggest lies about 5G

Let's cut the crap, El Reg style

Comment  We thought the hype over next-generation mobile broadband networks couldn't get much thicker, but we were wrong. So let's just jump into the five biggest lies about 5G.…

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One of UK's largest pension funds goes to Hull, bids £504m for broadband firm KCOM

Largest shareholders for LSE-listed biz give thumbs-up to proposed sale

KCOM, the Hull-based telco that still has a monopoly fibre network in the city, has agreed to go private in a £504m deal agreed with the USSL, one of the UK's largest pension funds.…

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No stormy weather on Microsoft's horizon – as quarterly commercial cloud cash balloons 41%

Plus: PC slowdown, chip shortages? Shut yer mouth – we've got loadsamoney

Microsoft announced healthy revenues for its third-quarter financial results on Wednesday, citing a growing demand in Microsoft 365 and its cloud services.…

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Wednesday 24 April 2019

UK cautiously gives Huawei the nod for 5G network gear sales

But only on the edge, Chinese giant not trusted in the core

Britain will allow Huawei infrastructure kit on 5G mobile networks, according to reports, but not into the core of those networks, which is where UK spies fear Chinese backdoors exists.…

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Tuesday 23 April 2019

'Fake 5G' feud falters as Sprint, AT&T settle suit over 'misleading' label

The 'E' is for 'Ersatz'

US network operators Sprint and AT&T remain coy about the details of a 5G ceasefire they have just agreed.…

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Whose cloud is it anyway? Apple sinks $30m a month into rival Amazon's AWS – report

iPhone maker set to feed competitor even more dollars over the next five years

Apple has been identified as the largest customer of Amazon Web Services, splashing tens of millions of dollars each month on public cloud infrastructure supplied by its rival.…

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Cheapskate Brits appear to love their Poundland MVNOs as UK's big four snubbed in survey again

Giffgaff tops satisfaction ratings, Vodafone brings up the rear

Cheapo MVNOs have again scored far higher than the UK's big four mobile networks in Which? magazine's customer satisfaction ratings.…

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Sign up here: Learn all you need to know about Amazon's cloud for free at AWS London Summit

One-day event promises to cover all angles

Promo  Whether you are an experienced techie or a newbie still mulling over the prospect of venturing onto the cloud, there will be plenty to sink your teeth into at the Amazon Web Services Summit taking place on 8 May at London’s ExCel.…

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Friday 19 April 2019

UK comms watchdog mulls 5G tweaks: Operators want moooooar power

Oh and remove the guard bands, would you Ofcom?

Ofcom is amenable to technical tweaks that mobile operators have requested to 5G rules, launching a consultation yesterday.…

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Thursday 18 April 2019

We reveal what's inside Microsoft's Azure Govt Secret regions... wait, is that a black helico–

Redmond hopes to lure Uncle Sam's spy agencies, military away from Amazon

Microsoft has set up two new Azure cloud regions in the US – dubbed Azure Government Secret regions – to store data involving American national security. The services are in private preview, and are pending official government accreditation.…

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BBM is dead, long live BBMe: Encrypted chat plat opened up to all as consumer version burns

BlackBerry throws lifebelt to marooned users

BlackBerry has said it will open up its BBM Enterprise encrypted chat service to all-comers as the consumer version nears death.…

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Huawei thanks US for 'raising 5G awareness' by banning firm's wares

It's like talking to my children, sighs marketing bigwig

Huawei top brass took to the stage in Shenzhen this week to insist that everything was fine and dandy in the company's world, despite the shrieking from US lawmakers.…

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Cisco whispers the three little words to really get an ASR 9000 net admin's blood pumping: Remote unauthenticated access

Critical patch available now for those with vulnerable kit

Cisco has issued a security patch for a flaw in some of its routers that can be exploited by miscreants to potentially rifle through telecommunications networks.…

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Wednesday 17 April 2019

China Mobile, you can kiss good Pai to America: FCC to ban 'spy risk' telco from US

Welcome to the free market as defined by right-wing politics

America's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will block the entry of the world's largest mobile company – China Mobile – into the US market, citing security concerns.…

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UK watchdog slaps 'misleading' Voda ad: Gigafast... maybe so – but not for £23

Virgin complaint upheld

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has slammed Brit telco Vodafone's ads for its "Gigafast Broadband" as misleading.…

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Now, how to boost fibre throughput to a stonking 240Gbps? With frikkin' spin-lasers, of course

Approach could one day create faster data centre interconnect

Researchers at the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum in Germany have said they have developed a novel method of encoding information with lasers that could boost the amount of bandwidth sent down a strand of fibre to 240 gigabits per second.…

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Breathe in hardware, and exhale cloud: IBM stretches its revenues, profits... in the downward dog position

So tonight I'm gonna party like it's, er, two thousand sixteen

IBM is attributing another slow quarter to currency headwinds and purchase cycles, as Big Blue logged a dip in revenues for the third consecutive quarter. That means it's back into its old groove of shrinking sales.…

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Tuesday 16 April 2019

Google Fiber experiment ends with Choc Factory paying Louisville $3.8m to clean up its mess

Payout will cover costs incurred for (not quite) burying cable

Google has cut a deal with the city of Louisville, Kentucky, to settle lingering costs from its ill-fated Fiber broadband installation.…

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Monday 15 April 2019

Microsoft admits: Yes, miscreants leafed through some Hotmail, MSN, Outlook inboxes after support rep pwned

Email contents exposed for unlucky punters

Microsoft says miscreants accessed some of its customers' webmail inboxes and account data after a support rep's administrative account was hijacked.…

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As long as there's fibre somewhere along the line, High Court judge reckons it's fine to flog it as 'fibre' broadband

Cityfibre loses judicial review against ad regulator

Broadband infrastructure slinger Cityfibre has lost a judicial review against the Advertising Standards Authority after the regulator decided that the term "fibre broadband" could include connections that used a mix of fibre and copper cables.…

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'LTE with new shoes': Industry bod points a judgy finger at the US and Korea's 5G fakery

Wait till you see the real thing

A leading industry figure has dismissed 5G "launches" in Korea and the United States as "LTE with new shoes".…

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Saturday 13 April 2019

Is Google's new cloud gaming service scalable? Yes but it may not be affordable, warns edge-computing CEO

Polystream says the future of hi-def gameplay is distributed

We're doing gaming all wrong, says the CEO of UK-based Polystream, Bruce Grove, and that includes Google new cloud-based games service Stadia that was announced last month.…

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Friday 12 April 2019

Russian parliament waves through powers for internet iron curtain

High potential of cutting off the nose to spite the face

The Russian State Duma, the lower house of parliament, has voted to approve the controversial bill that would give politicians powers to isolate the country from the internet.…

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Now that's service: TalkTalk customers enjoy a Friday morning free of pesky emails

The day has a 'y' in it – must be time for an outage

TalkTalk's email service clearly had a big night out on Thursday and has spent Friday morning lying down in a darkened room.…

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Thursday 11 April 2019

Better late than never: Cisco's software-defined networking platform ACI finally lands on AWS

Go hybrid or go home

Networking overlord Cisco has punted its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) platform into AWS-hosted public cloud.…

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IBM, Oracle JEDI bids weighed, measured and found wanting: Amazon, Microsoft last standing in Pentagon cloud race

Possible 'ethical violations' found but no conflict of interest

Oracle and IBM are out of the running for the Pentagon's $10bn cloud contract after a departmental probe found no evidence a conflict of interest had affected the deal.…

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Wednesday 10 April 2019

They did it! The US Congress pulled its finger out and voted to restore net neutrality!

News only spoiled by fact it was a complete waste of time

US lawmakers approved a net neutrality bill on Wednesday that would repeal the repeal of rules that would force ISPs to treat all internet content equally.…

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When is a phone not a phone? When it's an Android security key

Google Cloud product deluge spans security, analytics and AI

People with suitably modern Android phones can now use their handsets as a hardware security key to safeguard both their Google Accounts and Google Cloud accounts.…

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US firm wins Oz-backed bid to block Huawei from subsea Pacific cables

Funny, that

An American company is to build a series of undersea cables linking Australia to China after the Aussie government put its foot down and kicked Huawei off the contract.…

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Google Cloud flashes flower power in bid to realize 'write once, run anywhere' dream

Cloud Services Platform gets rebranded Anthos and goes cross-cloud

At its cloud-touting event Google Cloud Next'19 on Tuesday, the Chocolate Factory announced a service that debuted last year, now with a new name and broader scope.…

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Tuesday 9 April 2019

US boffins tangle with quantum entanglement in spooky rack-mounted networking hardware

Supported by quantum storage that works at room temperature

American researchers have managed to successfully transfer entangled photons over a fibre network stretching approximately 11 miles, marking the longest-distance quantum entanglement experiment to take place in the US.…

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Google Cloud woos the open source crew with cash-rich kisses for coder's compute time

Next '19 SF shindig kicks off with a rocket for Bezos & Co

Google Cloud Platform on Tuesday plans to announce a series of partnerships with open source software companies, a move that may mollify members of that community who believe cloud companies exploit their development labor without giving back.…

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Juniper Networks liberates Contrail SD-WAN from its boxen to frolic among the clouds

aaS version of software promises faster deployments

Juniper Networks has recast Contrail SD-WAN as a fluffy white service for software-defined networking in branch offices, dragging itself into the 21st century tech world.…

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Analysts get hot under collar as ex-Oracle cloud guru ditches corporate wardrobe for Google

But Chocolate Factory hopes Kurian's business chops will help win over the enterprise

Google's new cloud chief, Thomas Kurian, has talked up plans to win enterprise customers by expanding his sales team, boosting its dealings with other businesses to shift kit and taking a "sympathetic" approach to legacy tech.…

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US government tells internet body to hurry the funk up on privacy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's hard. But so is my foot in your ass

The US government has warned the organization that oversees the domain name system that it needs to hurry up and finalize privacy rules for Whois internet addresses or Congress will back replacement legislation.…

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Monday 8 April 2019

Cloud prez Robert Enslin is latest SAP exec to ditch German ERP firm amid restructuring pains

Three decades of experience gone as staff voice fears for HANA platform

SAP veteran and cloud president Robert Enslin has quit as the German enterprise software firm forges ahead with restructuring, amid industry talk that its in-memory data platform HANA is in trouble.…

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Centrica: Server fault on Wednesday caused Hive to crash on the Tuesday. Yes, yes, that's what we said

App services has now thawed, and of course energy supplier is of course very, very sorry

Centrica has pinned last week's 36-hour freeze of its Hive app estate - the one that coincided with the plunging temperatures in Britain - on a server fault it claims happened, er, a day after the outage actually began.…

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Saturday 6 April 2019

As the UK updates its .eu Brexit advice yet again, an alternative hovers into view

.inc offers to remove domain name hassles with three-month giveaway and a hefty bill

If you are one of the 300,000 people or organizations based in the UK that owns a .eu domain, then the madness that is Brexit has come with an extra dose of frustration.…

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Friday 5 April 2019

Azure support arrives in Spinnaker, Azure DevOps rocks up in the UK

This is local storage for local people

Developers targeting Azure with Spinnaker have had their lives made a little easier this week, as deployments to Microsoft's cloud got integrated into the delivery platform, and Microsoft also had news to interest Blighty-bound devs.…

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If there's 5G connectivity but no 5G devices on it, does it make a sound? Wait, no, that's not right

Vodafone blesses Birmingham New Street station with amazing network tech of far-flung future

Vodafone has proclaimed Birmingham New Street as the UK's first railway station to have 5G connectivity. There's just one minor problem – the lack of actual 5G devices necessary to use it.…

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Thursday 4 April 2019

UK.gov: Hi, it looks like you're procuring comms infrastructure. Might we suggest... all vendors?

Ministry of Fun review likely to recommend happy shopping

Huawei is girding itself for the results of a UK government review that could recommend telcos buy network equipment from different vendors.…

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Wednesday 3 April 2019

CIA notices Big Red sh!tstorm around Pentagon's JEDI: Um, can we have multiple cloud vendors, please?

US spy agency plans to award multibillion-dollar deal in 2021

The CIA is reportedly planning to award a multibillion-dollar contract to extend its cloud services for the intelligence community to more than one vendor by summer 2021.…

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SUSE to celebrate its Independence Day by eating something multi-cloud management-y

That's 15 March btw, when Micro Focus dumped profitable bits

SUSECON '19  SUSE CEO Nils Brauckmann could scarcely contain his glee as he bounded on stage to deliver his keynote before the thousand or so attendees at this year's SUSECON summit in Nashville, Tennessee.…

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Tuesday 2 April 2019

Go on, feast your eyes on... HMRC's backend: 4,000 IT staff, its hookup with AWS and more

UK taxman's digital boss talks living with Amazon

OpenInfra Days UK 2019  The British tax man loves the cloud, but anyone who thinks public infrastructure can be run by a skeleton crew should think again: HMRC has no fewer than 4,000 IT staff who deliver around 140 digital services.…

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Hitting Microsoft's metal: SUSE flings Enterprise Linux at SAP HANA on Azure

Fancy a slice of SLES for SAP?

Veteran Linux slinger SUSE kicked off its Nashville shindig, SUSECON 2019, with a slew of new tech to gladden the hearts of enterprise fans.…

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Pecker-checker Becker's hacker wrecker: Saudi cyber-crew stole Bezos' sexts from phone, fed them to tabloid – claim

IT cloud baron's device pillaged, Feds told, while mag denies any hacking, spying

Remember that sordid and strange tale of the National Enquirer publishing Jeff Bezos's sexts sent to his new girlfriend, and then trying to blackmail the billionaire biz baron?…

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Monday 1 April 2019

Risky business: Data cloud outfit Cloudera bares all to investors with annual report

Firm warns of $1.1bn deficit, continued net losses after Hortonworks merger

Cloudera has an accumulated deficit of $1.1bn and warned in this year's annual report that it expects to continue making a net loss "for the foreseeable future", especially as it splashes extra cash on its merger with Hortonworks.…

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This is not, repeat, not an April Fools' Day joke: 5 UK broadband vendors agree to pay YOU daily rate for fscked internet

Engineer didn't show? Service later than planned? Providers need to cough up from today

Relax, alopecia sufferers or those unfortunate enough to be genetically pre-disposed to baldness. You'll never again – or at least not nearly as much – need to pull your hair out in frustration over crap broadband services.…

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