Wednesday 30 September 2020

Not one to be outdone by Microsoft, Apple's cloud fell over too. Unlike Microsoft, it hasn't said what happened

Apple TV, iCloud Mail, iWork for iCloud, App Store and more go TITSUP*

The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft continued last night as the fruity firm's cloud services took a tumble a mere day after Azure crapped itself.…

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Trello co-founder Michael Pryor on pandering to power users, skyrocketing numbers, and the spectre of Microsoft

Get to 100 million customers, 1% pays $100 a year, and bam! $100m business

Microsoft unveiled its latest crack at getting customers organised last month with Project Moca, but Redmond's scattergun approach to planning tools has left many a little confused. The Register spoke to Trello co-founder Michael Pryor about keeping things simple.…

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Tuesday 29 September 2020

NATO's at risk if you go your own Huawei on 5G, US government warns Germany

Undersecretary pays a visit to Berlin, Merkel’s not moving despite pressure

The US government is continuing its crusade against Huawei, with economic undersecretary Keith Krach visiting Berlin to pressure the German government to reconsider banning the company’s kit from its 5G network.…

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With so many cloud services dependent on it, Azure Active Directory has become a single point of failure for Microsoft

Does Redmond have a reliability problem?

Comment  Microsoft has fixed an issue with its OneDrive and SharePoint services where users were unable to sign in, caused by a faulty remediation for the earlier Azure Active Directory outage.…

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UK mobile network EE plumps for Nokia to provide that all-important 5G RAN equipment

Is that a £500m Huawei-shaped hole you're looking to plug? The big rip 'n' replace begins

BT's EE has selected Nokia to fill the Huawei-shaped hole in its 5G network. The deal will involve Nokia providing crucial 5G RAN equipment, and make the Finnish giant BT's largest external vendor.…

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Wanna get all those PST files off your network and into the cloud? We can help

Join us and Quadrotech on September 30 and learn how to finally escape the 1990s

Webcast  Aging file formats are always a pain, but how often do you consider the implications of the seemingly innocuous PST files that may be spread around your organization.…

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Amazon bean-counter, her husband, father-in-law cough up $2.6m after SEC collars them on insider-trading rap

Criminal charges to follow

An Amazon finance manager has been accused of insider trading, along with her husband and father-in-law who collectively bought and sold Amazon shares based on non-public financial details it is said she leaked to her spouse.…

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Microsoft? More like: My software goes off... Azure portals, Outlook,, Teams, Authenticator, etc fall over for unlucky customers

365... 364.75... 364.5... 364.25...

Microsoft's online authentication systems are inaccessible for at least some customers on Monday – locking those subscribers out of tons of Redmond-hosted services, and prompting predictable dissatisfaction among those unable to login to associated services.…

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Monday 28 September 2020

No one likes a heart-stopping AWS bill shock so now there's a machine learning tool to help detect cost anomalies

Unexpected item in bagging area?

AWS has introduced Cost Anomaly Detection, a new feature now in beta driven by machine learning that pledges to notify admins of "unexpected or unusual spend".…

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Friday 25 September 2020

Scre-EE-m if you wanna go faster: BT's mobile network reigns supreme in UK-wide speed and latency tests

But Vodafone's not far behind

EE is the UK's fastest mobile network, according to a new report [PDF] from Tutela Technologies which examines more than 180 million speed and latency tests performed between 1 March and 31 August.…

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Thursday 24 September 2020

Join us in the cloud, breathes Microsoft as it gifts Azure SQL Managed Instance customers a surprise horsepower boost

And if you don't like it, managed instances maybe aren't for you

Ignite  Microsoft has unveiled a raft of tweaks to its Azure SQL Managed Instance product in an effort to lure more customers from their on-premises happy place.…

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Won't duke, duke, duke the URLs: AWS backtracks on plans to block old-style S3 paths

As I walk through this world... born-in-the-cloud companies have legacy problems too

Amazon Web Services has changed its mind about ending support for the URLs originally used by S3 (Simple Storage Service), though it is delaying rather than ending its deprecation plans.…

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BT cutting contractors' rates by a fifth and halving notice period because 'coronavirus'

Telco tells freelancers it 'isn't immune to the economic volatility and uncertainty' caused by pandemic

Exclusive  BT is slashing day rates for contractors and reducing their notice period by 50 per cent due to the unpredictable nature of the economy caused by the coronavirus.…

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Former BT CEO to lead task force that will advise on diversifying the nation's telecoms supply chain

Experts from industry and academia tapped to help increase competition

The Ministry of Fun* has assembled a new task force of senior mobile industry bods to help diversify the UK's telecoms supply chain and reduce the exposure to so-called "high-risk vendors" such as Huawei.…

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Oracle rejoices as US government's $400m wage discrimination claim gets piped into /dev/null

Winner winner, lawsuit-binner

An administrative law judge this week dismissed the US government's claim that Oracle unfairly underpaid its female and minority workers by hundreds of millions of dollars.…

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Wednesday 23 September 2020

ServiceNow founder Fred Luddy sells $13.2m stake in 'defining enterprise software company of the 21st century'

He either missed the memo or doesn't believe it

ServiceNow's unstoppable showman CEO, Bill McDermott, has been telling anyone who will listen that the business's "destiny" is "to become the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century".…

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.uk registry operator Nominet responds to renewed criticism – by silencing its critics

It’s always important for us to understand your views. That's why we’re shutting them down

In an extraordinary display of raw political power, the organisation in charge of the .uk internet registry has responded to growing criticism of its actions by silencing critics.…

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Psst... Is that the sound of your Outlook backups leaking?

Join us this month to learn how to squeeze 25 years of local backups into the cloud

Webcast  One of the great things about moving to the cloud is not having to worrying about PST files any more, isn’t it?…

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Whether it's your Arc nemesis or Arc angel, Microsoft tweaks hybrid cloud wrangler – and links AKS to HCI offering

The K is short for K8s

Ignite  Microsoft has flicked the switch on its Azure Arc hybrid infrastructure manager and unveiled some upgrades to its Azure Stack HCI and Hub hybrid cloud offerings.…

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Tuesday 22 September 2020

Cisco bets on real-world events with overseas audiences resuming in late 2021

Branded tat and disrupto-talks to return nine months later than usual in Oz plague capital

Cisco has scheduled a regional mass-attendance event for December 2021.…

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India orders 180-day sprint to wire 46,000 villages

At least one WiFi access point and five FTTP connections in each

India’s government has ordered a broadband building blitz that will see all 45,945 villages in the State of Bihar connected by optic fibre before March 31st, 2020.…

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She was praised by the CEO and promoted. After her brother and mom died, she returned from compassionate leave. IBM laid her off

Nancy is among 15 former Big Blue workers now suing the mega-corp for age discrimination

IBM has once again been sued for alleged age discrimination, this time in Texas on behalf of 15 former employees.…

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Monday 21 September 2020

Have no idea WTF is going on with the Oracle-Walmart TikTok deal? Don’t sweat it, here’s our latest rundown

TL;DR: Trump is confusing everything to stay in the spotlight

Analysis  Each day for the past six days, the sale of the US wing of the video-sharing app TikTok has been alternatively approved and not approved, each time with a wave of announcements, tweets, press releases and 24-hour news coverage.…

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Before you buy that managed Netgear switch, be aware you may need to create a cloud account to use its full UI

You will be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, and numbered

Netgear has decided that users of some of its managed network switches don’t need access to the equipment's full user interface – unless they register their details with Netgear first.…

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Remember those Salesforce layoffs after that bumper Q2? Yeah, forget that, SaaS player set to hire 12,000 staff

What goes up must come down. Or is it the other way round?

Just weeks after Salesforce reported huge Q2 profits only to lighten the company payroll by more than 1,000 staff, the badass of CRM software has now said it plans to hire 12,000 or more people over the next year.…

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Friday 18 September 2020

Did this airliner land in the North Sea? No. So what happened? El Reg probes flight tracker site oddity

All is well. Unless you trust everything you see on the internet

An airliner that appeared to crash into the North Sea earlier this week in fact landed safely. Yet multiple flight tracker websites showed it spiralling into the ocean. Experts have explained to The Register what really happened.…

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This is how ends, not with a bang but a cock-up: Randomer swipes decommissioning domain

Namesco says soz, Brit data watchdog investigating

The last vestige of ye olde UK ISP Demon Internet, in the form of the subdomain, was given its marching orders this year as internet services outfit Namesco told customers to change email address by 29 May or lose it.…

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Amazon gets its tax excuses in early amid rising UK profits – but leaves El Reg off the press list. Can't think why

A charm offensive, or just plain offensive?

Amazon tried to head off negative column inches about its tax-efficient operations in Britain by cherry-picking journalists to brief on its latest financial results days before they hit Companies House.…

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Alibaba wants to get you off the PC upgrade treadmill and into its cloud

Pitches tiny 'cloud computer' that streams apps and OSes over WiFi and hooks up to USB-C displays

Alibaba has teased a tiny PC replacement that will stream apps from its cloud.…

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Thursday 17 September 2020

Internet Archive's way cool Wayback Machine gets way more websites in Cloudflare fail-over deal

And Cloudflare customers get way better availability

The Internet Archive, repository for some 468bn webpages, has become a fail-over service for Cloudflare customers, which could improve website availability for everyone.…

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New strategy, Cloudera? Hadoop flinger launches NoSQL database, visualisation tools in head-scratching flurry

Another facet of its data platform vision thing

Analysis  For a data company, Cloudera appears to be short on answers. Amid a raft of technology releases, it seems to be trying to insert its muzzle into two well-established markets while questions still remain over its Enterprise Data Cloud, announced more than a year ago.…

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AWS hoping to pick up stream with Cloud Digital Interface: Low latency cloud network for uncompressed video

Cloud connection with the performance of 12G-SDI - as long as VMs are physically close together

Amazon Web Services has said its new Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) will enable cloud-based video production across multiple virtual machines for the first time.…

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.UK overlord Nominet tells everyone not to worry about 'distorted' vote allocations in its board elections

Errors had no material effect on the outcome, promises the, er, board chairman

Nominet has been forced to admit it wrongly calculated election results for its board of directors in 2018 and 2019.…

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Cisco’s ‘intuitive security’ tool can’t handle MAC address randomization out-of-the-box

iOS 14's new MAC-handling could stop upgraded devices from connecting, Android 10 also a mess

Cisco promotes its Identity Services Engine (ISE) as “Intuitive network security for the digital age”. But the company has just explained that it’s not very good at handling the common practice of MAC address randomization by mobile devices.…

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What the hell is going on with .uk? Dozens of domain names sold in error, then reversed, but we'll say no more about it, says oversight org

Fasthosts made a mistake, this exhibit is closed

The perilous state of the UK's internet space has been exposed once again, as the second largest seller of .uk domain names admitted last night it wrongly sold dozens of valuable internet addresses.…

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Oracle hosting TikTok US data. '25,000' moderators hired. Code reviews. Trump getting his cut... It's the season finale

Reality TV has now come to international business deals

Comment  In a business dance oddly reminiscent of reality TV twists and turns, it appears an offer by Oracle to handle TikTok in the US may have tipped the scales and tentatively gained White House approval.…

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Wednesday 16 September 2020

AWS Aurora PostgreSQL versions vanish from the mega-cloud for days, leaving customers in the dark

Disappeared databases since returned with no memory of what happened, speculation of bug abounds

Several versions of Amazon Web Services' Aurora PostgreSQL went missing earlier this week, prompting concern among AWS customers.…

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AWS Aurora PostgreSQL versions vanish from the mega-cloud for days, leaving customers in the dark

Disappeared databases since returned with no memory of what happened, speculation of bug abounds

Several versions of Amazon Web Services' Aurora PostgreSQL went missing earlier this week, prompting concern among AWS customers.…

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With no viable alternatives, big names flock to Adobe's cloudy wares amid global pandemic

The new normal is all right for some

Disruptions caused by COVID-19 continue to play into Adobe's hands with company execs last night toasting doubles all round as sales went up 14 per cent to $3.23bn year-on-year and pre-tax profit leaped 26.5 per cent to $1.06bn.…

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Workday targets 'procurement software' market after bumper Q2, but boss man is big on ambition, thin on detail

Customers clearly looking to simplify buying into supply chains - but the market is tougher than it looks

Workday's boss got a chance to flex his jaw muscles this week at Deutsche Bank's 2020 Global Technology Conference, using that platform to talk up his interest in the market for procurement software.…

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Tuesday 15 September 2020

VMware admits most vSphere users won't build a mini-cloud to run K8s, fixes it with new add-on

Update to vSphere 7 brings container fun without VSAN, NSX or vRealize, but still needs some SDN nous

VMware has pushed out the first update to vSphere 7, and it offers the chance to run containers and Kubernetes alongside VMs on modest collections of servers.…

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'Mindset reset' contributes to £1bn extra costs and another delay – 2 years this time – for Emergency Services Network

A year's delay costs £550m... so, er, no rush, eh?

A "mindset reset" in the UK's Emergency Services Network (ESN) project is behind £1bn in additional costs and a further delay of two years, according to Home Office boss Matthew Rycroft.…

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AWS is bursting with pride for its Arm CPU cores – so much it’s put them behind a burstable instance type

If Nvidia wants a proof-of-concept of A64 in a compute cloud, here's one

Amazon Web Services has found another use for its home-brewed Graviton2 Arm processors: powering an instance type designed for burstable performance.…

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Wow, you guys have so much in common: Oracle hotly tipped to power TikTok’s US operations as Microsoft deal rejected

A strange pairing indeed

Updated  Oracle is reportedly set to provide technology to the US wing of TikTok – the astronomically popular China-based social network – in what could be the century’s strangest corporate match-up.…

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Ready, set, go lean and agile: Businesses find priorities and quick assurance in the cloud

Cloud-managed networking gives IT managers visibility, control

Sponsored  The impact of COVID-19 has exposed the limitations of managing existing enterprise networks. Wi-Fi data traffic and Wi-Fi calling have increased as cable broadband networks continue to support the offload of mobile data traffic.…

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Monday 14 September 2020

Microsoft wants to link satellites to Azure – but it should probably fix its cloud first: Cooling outage hits UK COVID-19 portal

Equipment failure shuts down servers, networking, storage

Microsoft is said to be eyeing up linking people to Azure via satellite – just as its cloud platform partially tripped over in the UK, derailing the country's coronavirus statistics page.…

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Brit mobile network EE follows O2 by ending trading relations with retailer Dixons Carphone

'It’s hard to see how Carphone can turn around its mobile business'

BT is ditching a two-decade trading agreement with Dixons Carphone in preference of selling services via its own network of high street stores, months after O2 called time on its contract with the retailer.…

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Google's solution for Business Application Platform: More Anthos

Cloud giant's Kubernetes-based brand presented as open source and multi-cloud – but it is not so simple

Google Cloud's Next OnAir – a 63-day video epic – is drawing to a close with its Business Application Platform week, but the main keynote was on the exact same topic as that from a fortnight ago: Application Modernization, specifically Anthos.…

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Saturday 12 September 2020

Oracle customers caught in the cross-hairs of Larry’s 'interesting dynamic'

But playboy CTO and Big Red plays to Wall Street types with slick sales patter

The first rule of presenting club is, know your audience. Larry Ellison certainly knows his.…

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Friday 11 September 2020

Stop asking for Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud with 'no justification': US Library of Congress told to drop its 'brand-name'-tastic RFP

Oracle wins protest after agency failed to get it kicked out for not being a reseller

In a decision [PDF] issued yesterday, a US public watchdog said the Library of Congress needs to stop asking contractors to supply brand-name-only commercial stuff for a five-year $150m cloud hosting contract.…

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China makes treatment of its 5G vendors an issue to rank with climate change or disarmament

'No government should politicize 5G' says position paper published to mark United Nations’ 75th birthday

China has made treatment of its 5G vendors an issue of the same rank as its aspirations on issues like climate change and trade liberalisation.…

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Thursday 10 September 2020

Microsoft reveals slow, staccato, disruptive auto-patching service for some Windows VMs on Azure

Not for all patches, not ASAP, not all at once, not for production workloads and maybe not worth it yet?

Microsoft has started a preview of automatic guest VM patching on Azure.…

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Wednesday 9 September 2020

When Huawei leaves, the UK doesn't lead in 5G, says new report commissioned by... er... Huawei

Telcos wary of new tech spend anyway, say analysts

New research from analyst house Assembly suggests the UK faces a £18.2bn hit to its economy as a result of the decision to ban Huawei from the nation’s network. It’s a stark figure, vastly surpassing the one provided by the British govenrment, which estimated the cost to carriers at the £2bn mark.…

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Gartner on cloud contenders: AWS fails to lower its prices, Microsoft 'cannot guarantee capacity', Google has 'devastating' network outages

Take your pick, folks! Latest Magic Birfurcation has some strong caveats, but little is likely to change

There's some interesting criticism in Gartner's latest "Magic Quadrant" report on Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services, which covers just seven providers, the only vendors which it considers qualify for the description "hyperscale cloud providers."…

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Even with a 49% uplift in sales and a 46% drop in expenses, Slack still can't turn a profit

Where's our Zoom miracle, cry investors. Growth for hipster chat platform expected to slow as 2020 grinds on

Slack reported 49 per cent revenue growth for its Q2 ended July 31, but its stock nonetheless suffered a pounding in after-hours trading.…

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Fasthosts finally promises to stop pushing unwanted .uk domains onto irritated customers

Six years of No gets heard - but only because of legal jeopardy

UK domain registrar Fasthosts has finally promised to stop pushing unwanted .uk domains onto its customers, six years after the scheme was first launched.…

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Don’t lump us in with Facebook, internet infrastructure companies warn European Union

IP addresses and domain names must be kept out of content battles, says RIPE and CENTR

Europe’s two largest internet network infrastructure organizations have warned lawmakers not to lump the core network in with online platforms and apps when it comes to content regulations.…

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IBM’s Cloud just ruined a perfectly good lunchtime by losing power to a few racks in Australia

Reminder: Top-tier clouds promise they’re really good at keeping power on all the time

IBM’s Sydney cloud data centre lost power in “multiple racks” today.…

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Hey, want to make a few bucks? Let Google sell your store's Wi-Fi network capacity

Orion WiFi tries to make a market for under-utilized bandwidth

Google on Tuesday announced a service called Orion Wi-Fi to allow businesses to sell spare wireless network capacity to cellular service providers.…

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America’s 5G efforts get shot in the arm with mid-band spectrum free-up

FCC rushes auction process through following Defense Department’s agreement

The deployment of next-gen 5G mobile network in the US has just got a shot in the arm, with the FCC announcement that at the end of the month it will approve use of a big chunk of mid-band spectrum solely for 5G.…

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Tuesday 8 September 2020

What a cluster-buck! Nutanix and Microsoft to swap licence credits under new Azure deal

Hyperconverged pioneer bids to manage all the things

Nutanix will kick off its annual gabfest today with news that it’s completed the set of top-tier cloud alliances by striking a deal with Microsoft.…

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Huawei set to exit server, storage and networking business in the UK

Company confirms redundancies as Enterprise division slashes portfolio

Exclusive  Huawei is yanking a bunch of Enterprise product lines from the UK in the wake of a business review, admitting that the campaign waged by US President Donald Trump hasn’t helped its plight on this side of the pond.…

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Angry 123-Reg customers in the UK wake up to another day where hosted mail doesn't get through to users on Microsoft email accounts

Our own customers think we're ignoring them, say irate business owners

Users of UK web hosting firm 123-Reg’s email service told The Reg this morning that 96 hours after clocking the issue, they are still having trouble sending emails to users with Microsoft's Live, Outlook or Hotmail accounts.…

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Monday 7 September 2020

The Wrath of Amazon: JEDI wars rage on after US Department of Defense affirms Microsoft contract

AWS claims 'blatant political interference'

AWS has come out with guns blazing after the US Department of Defense's (DoD) reaffirmed Microsoft's JEDI contract win on Friday, with the cloud vendor alleging the award was a “flawed, biased, and politically corrupted decision,” that had been directly and improperly influenced by US President Donald Trump.…

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Samsung scores $6.6bn for 5G at Verizon

Remember how established carrier vendors were going to clean up after Huawei bans? Not so much, maybe ...

Samsung Electronics has won a $6.6bn contract to supply 5G infrastructure to Verizon in the US, beating out more established and traditional telco suppliers Nokia and Ericsson.…

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Your company got through the pandemic by leaping into the cloud – but did you leave data security behind?

We'll help you retrain data protection teams for IaaS and SaaS life

Webcast  Remote working really does look like it’s going to be the new normal, either by the average worker continuing to stay away from the office in the mid-term or, perhaps more interestingly, because many organisations have now switched to understanding the benefits of dispersed and remote workers as a viable option for the corporate toolset.…

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Friday 4 September 2020

5G router, anyone? MediaTek lobs cheaper chipset at telco carrier pigeons

Everyone's looking to cash in on the race to next-gen network

With 5G increasingly touted as an alternative to existing fixed-line broadband connections, Taiwanese semiconductor biz MediaTek has pushed out its latest chipset for next-generation routers.…

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Cisco mostly silent on when and what it knew about malicious WebEx wipeout

Anyone can make infosec mistakes, but Cisco isn't anyone

COMMENT  Cisco this week launched a version of WebEx Classrooms, a version of its online collaboration suite tweaked for educational purposes and promised to enable “secure hybrid learning”.…

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Thursday 3 September 2020

Why cloud costs get out of control: Too much lift and shift, and pricing that is 'screwy and broken'

The Reg talks to the experts about how to manage spend

Feature  Spinning up services on public clouds is dead easy, but what about staying in control of the bill?…

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Anyone else noticed that the top countries for broadband speeds are well-known tax havens? No? Just us then?

Meanwhile, UK languishes in 47th according to rankings

The UK has slipped down the global broadband speed rankings and now sits at 47th place, according to a new report from…

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With a million unwanted .uk domains expiring this week, Nominet again sends punters pushy emails to pay up

No one wants them – including all of Britain’s top brands

Nominet is at it again: the .uk registry operator has emailed owners of domain names to panic them into renewing .uk domains they never wanted in the first place.…

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Hold on to your hats, Net Neutrality version 2 is on its way courtesy of Trump and the FCC's moves on Section 230

Astroturfing, political posturing, invective. Exactly what internet policy needs

Comment  A flawed consultation into Section 230 – America's safety blanket that shields online platforms like Google and Facebook – has already devolved into a mess dangerously reminiscent of the net neutrality debate.…

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Wednesday 2 September 2020

There's gall – and then there's the security director who stole and resold 41 government-owned networking switches

South Carolina crook jailed for 2 years after flogging $340k of purloined Cisco kit

A former IT security director was yesterday given a two-year prison sentence after he admitted to stealing and reselling dozens of networking switches from a county government.…

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Makes sense, this does, says US appeals court as it swats away Oracle's protests in $10bn JEDI contract spat

Seems the only things being generated by Pentagon deal are legal arguments

The ongoing JEDI pantomime took another turn today [PDF] as Oracle's challenges to the handling of the winner-takes-all $10bn cloud contract were rejected by a US appeals court.…

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Tuesday 1 September 2020

What rhymes with 'boom' and is veritably raking it in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic?

Do people even know alternative videoconferencing software exists?

The coronavirus pandemic has been kind to videoconferencing service Zoom, which has seen Q2 2021 revenues soar by 355 per cent year-on-year on the back of widespread adoption by business and personal users alike.…

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Nominet backtracks on .uk domain expiration money grab, critics still fear sweetheart deal to come

At registry operator, money talks and everyone else is ignored

Analysis  Nominet has backtracked on a plan to give itself control of .uk's multi-million-pound domain-name-expiration market following an outcry by its members.…

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