Tuesday 31 July 2018

The American dilemma: Competition, or fast broadband? Pick one

It's Groundhog Day for the US broadband industry

Analysis  A report out today into internet access in the United States has concluded – yet again – that the majority of netizens have a hard choice between competition or broadband speed.…

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Brit comms providers told: You must tell people when their cheap contract's about to end

Rolling rolling rolling... Stop those contracts rolling.. don't hiiiiide

Ofcom has announced plans to require communications providers to tell customers when they are nearing the end of their contract to encourage them to shop around.…

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Nokia scores a $3.5bn deal to inflict 5G on T-Mobile customers

5G takes another tentative step to actually being a thing

Nokia and T-Mobile have inked a $3.5bn deal to take the US telco into the bright new world of 5G communications.…

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Beam me up, UK.gov: 'Extra-terrestrial markup language' booted off G-Cloud

Close encounters of the civil service kind

UK.gov bods have been stripped of access to services for the emerging non-terrestrial standard XTML, beamed in by little grey vendors A51 Technologies, following an El Reg probe.…

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Monday 30 July 2018

SoftNAS no longer a soft touch for hackers (for now)... Remote-hijacking vulnerability patched

Your files are someone else's files, too, thanks to storage bug

SoftNAS has plugged a serious vulnerability in its cloud storage management tool that can be exploited to execute malicious code on a victim's server.…

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BT boosted by punters and sport – as it preps to squeeze it harder

Outgoing boss: 'Good start' to year as revs down, profits up

BT Group enjoyed a minor tick upwards in share price as the British telco published slightly better than expected figures for first FY19 quarter ended 30 June.…

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BT results boosted by consumer unit as it preps to squeeze it harder

Outgoing boss: 'Good start' to year as revs down, profits up

BT Group enjoyed a minor tick upwards in share price as the telco published slightly better than expected figures for first FY19 quarter ended 30 June.…

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Sunday 29 July 2018

Brit web host biz UKFast gears up to IPO on London Stock Exchange

Server and cloud outfit aims to float by October if tech market evades Brexit jitters

Exclusive  UKFast, a British web hosting provider and bringer of clouds, is planning to float on the London Stock Exchange with the aim of raising a £350m warchest, The Register can exclusively reveal.…

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Friday 27 July 2018

Slurps aplenty in your serve of network news

AWS load balancer gets redirects, CableLabs SNAPs to Kubernetes, and more

Security just got a little easier for AWS Elastic Load Balancing customers: the platform now supports redirects and fixed responses.…

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Openreach annual review: Eat fibre and be merry, we fixed the faults before you called

The sun is sunny and the dark fibre access is virtual

Openreach claims it is now more independent of BT than ever before, adding that the UK's fibre rollout is going just fine and all ISPs are now very happy with the BT-owned telecoms infrastructure company.…

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Gin and bear it: Another tight quarter for Juniper, hopes berry high for growth by Q4

$1.2bn revs beat guidance, routers lumpy, software, security strong

Juniper Networks' Q3 revenue is 8 per cent lower than last year, but at $1.2bn it came in ahead of the company's previous guidance, and CEO Rami Rahim now expects Juniper to return to year-on-year growth by the December quarter.…

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Is it OK if we call $53bn-a-quarter Amazon the Bit Barns and Ignoble?

Get it, like Barnes and No– oh, just gimme that beer. It's been 5 o'clock somewhere for hours

Amazon, a cloud computing monster with a gift shop tacked on the side, watched its sales surpass $52bn during its latest quarter.…

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Thursday 26 July 2018

Big Switch pokes a straw into the cloud, sucks its netops onto the premises

You too can have your very own network-as-a-service

What's missing from Virtual Private Clouds? According to Big Switch Networks, it's an on-premises implementation.…

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Wednesday 25 July 2018

Your 60-second guide to security stuff Google touted today at Next '18

Two-factor authentication keys, cloud defenses, G Suite protections, and more

It's day two of Google's Cloud Next 2018 conference in San Francisco – and the Chocolate Factory has been unveiling its defenses to thwart hackers and malware.…

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In Microsoft land, cloud comes to you! Office 365 stuff to be bled into on-prem Office 2019 Server

Redmond smiles: We want to support customers in journey to cloud

Microsoft threw a commercial preview bone to cloud-phobes* this week in the form of on-premises versions of its Server and Office applications.…

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400GbE party. Loud knock at the door. Music stops. In jumps Juniper

And it's clutching a roadmap that charts first shipments before end of 2018

The next round of bonkers-fast upgrades to data center networks is going to be 400Gbps Ethernet – and Juniper Networks has joined the party with a suitable roadmap.…

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Tuesday 24 July 2018

♫ Reans can come true. Look at me, babe, I'm with you – Hitachi V

AWS'n'Azure cheerleader with $65m US military cloud contract snapped up

Hitachi Vantara is gobbling up Rean Cloud – a public cloud systems integrator, managed service provider, and AWS pusher that comes with a $65m five-year US military contract in its back pocket.…

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Google answers 'Why Google Cloud?' with services and spectacle

Cloud Services Platform debuts, mixing containers, monitoring, AI and management

Amid ongoing renovations at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center, Google Cloud Next '18 opened on Tuesday, the scent of new carpeting and paint still lingering in the air.…

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Google's Alphabet hit by Europe's other GDPR: Global Domination = Profit Reduction

Net income for Q2 slashed by $5bn Android antitrust fine

Dusting off a $5bn European monopoly abuse fine over Google's Android business, parent company Alphabet delivered better than expected Q2 2018 earnings – lifting its shares in after-hours trading.…

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Monday 23 July 2018

UK.gov commits to rip-and-replace of Blighty's wheezing internet pipes

Full-fibre diet for all by the year 2033, vows Ministry of Fun

The Ministry of Fun* is wheeling out a new national telecoms strategy (PDF) that aims to slather the UK in healthy full-fat broadband fibre by 2033.…

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How much do you think Cisco's paying erstwhile Brit PM David Cameron?

He's set to headline networking kit firm's CIO golf-a-thon

Fearless scarperer-in-chief David Cameron is all set to dispense nuggets of Brexit wisdom to Cisco's October CIO conference – making us wonder how much he's earning for the stunt.…

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Friday 20 July 2018

Bonkers Azure bookings give Microsoft a record-breaking $110bn year

Satya's got sunshine on a cloudy day

Microsoft has closed out a massive fiscal 2018 that saw the Redmond giant lay claim to more than $110bn in total revenue.…

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Thursday 19 July 2018

Spooked Cisco chief phoned AWS, asked: You're not making a switch, are you?

Firm's share price dipped following report

Networks hardware makers can rest easy: the tech titan that is Amazon Web Services isn't going to be selling switches any time soon, which will likely be music to the ears of current AWS supplier Cisco.…

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Azure running out of internets in UK South, starts rationing VMs

Stop me if you've heard this one before

There are rumblings that Azure is having capacity issues once again, with customers in the UK South region reporting problems getting new VMs provisioned.…

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5G whizz: Ericsson just turned in first profit since 2016

Networks the wind beneath Börje Ekholm's wings

Ericsson has dodged a loss for the first time in two years, after 18 months under the strict regime imposed by CEO Börje Ekholm, who took the reins at the vendor at the start of 2017.…

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Azure promises keep your backups safe and snug for up to 10 years

Auto-failover for Azure SQL Database when things wobble

Microsoft continued its drive to encourage SQL Server customers to move their precious data to its cloudy towers with the announcement that long-term retention and automatic failover had finally hit the big time.…

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Telco IT admins on red alert as Cisco flings out patches for security holes in policy toolkit

Twenty-five bugs writhing on the netops floor this week

Cisco has emitted 25 product security advisories – with four critical bugs flattened in its service provider-oriented Cisco Policy Suite.…

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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Google Cloud Platform reins in its trigger-happy account-axing AI cops

Chocolate Factory apologizes for overzealous bots as service wobbles offline

With no mention of Tuesday's Cloud Platform service troubles, Google on Wednesday heralded the arrival of click-to-deploy Kubernetes apps in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.…

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Google Cloud Platform reins in bot-driven account suspensions

Chocolate Factory apologizes for trigger-happy AI

With no mention of Tuesday's Cloud Platform service troubles, Google on Wednesday heralded the arrival of click-to-deploy Kubernetes apps in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.…

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Mellanox plumps up thanks to the storage world's hankering for high-speed Ethernet

Dell EMC and HPE help fuel record quarterly revenue

High-speed Ethernet biz Mellanox has posted record revenues for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, driven in part by Dell EMC and HPE's seeming insatiable appetite for Ethernet switches.…

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The crowd roars and Ruckus joins in with 802.11ax kit

Access points gets WPA3, OFDMA, Bluetooth LE, Zigbee and more

Ruckus Wireless has focussed on high-density outdoor environments with its entry into the 802.11ax Wi-Fi market.…

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Google to build private trans-Atlantic cable from US to France

Bandwidth is better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!

Google has announced its first private trans-Atlantic cable, with landings at Virginia Beach in the US and on the French Atlantic coast.…

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AWS launches on-premises EC2 instances for reverse hybrid cloud

They’ll run on the Snowball Edge data transfer device, which packs a Xeon D

In a major departure from its usual cloud-only stance, Amazon Web Services has announced it’s now possible to run EC2 instances with on-premises hardware – but only its own Snowball Edge devices.…

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Tuesday 17 July 2018

Azure certifications are awful, Microsoft admits, so it’s made new ones

Changes to add ‘more of the skills that you actually need to be successful’

Microsoft’s admitted that the certifications it created for Azure admins aren’t very good.…

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Don't panic about domain fronting, an SNI fix is getting hacked out

Alternative proposed to sending server names in cleartext

Over the weekend, at the IETF Hackathon in Montreal, Canada, software engineers from Apple, Cloudflare, Fastly and Mozilla made some progress toward closing a privacy gap affecting network communications.…

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Cisco's made DNA Center open enough to out-run Amazon

Switchzilla's kit is programmable now, so anything Bezos does it army of developers can replicate

As we reported yesterday, the idea that Amazon might make its own switches into some kind of a captive gateway between on-premises data centres and the AWS cloud sent shivers through investors in traditional networking vendors – and none so much as Cisco.…

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Submarine cables at risk from sea water, boffins warn. Wait, what?

The bits on land don't expect to get salty, and that's 1,100 Internet pieces of internet infrastructure in the US alone

University of Wisconsin-Madison boffins have warned submarine cable owners that their landing stations and onshore cables are at risk from rising sea levels.…

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Monday 16 July 2018

Salesforce slurps up cloudy Israeli AI marketing biz for 'around $800m'

It does cloud, it does AI, it does analytics - how many more boxes d'ya wanna tick?

Salesforce has slurped up Israeli cloudy artificial intelligence biz Datorama for a reported $800m.…

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'Fibre broadband' should mean glass wires poking into your router, reckons Brit survey

And definitely not copper, argues Cityfibre

Most Brits think ads for “fibre” broadband ought to mean “fibre to the premises” and not “fibre to the cabinet”, according to a survey sponsored by a FTTP company.…

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Report claims AWS will make switches to go after Cisco

AWS increasingly accepts hybrid cloud is a thing, but would it really get into support?

Rumours emerged late last week that AWS plans to make and sell white box switches for you to use on-premises.…

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Sunday 15 July 2018

Juniper makes a meal of Spectre/Meltdown

Plus BIND bugs, billion-Euro Nokia deal, and push-to-talk gets LTE-rrific

ROUNDUP  Juniper Networks has issued its semi-regular bug-dump, with sixteen advisories arriving late last week. There's a Spectre/Meltdown patch in there, but you need to go looking: it's in the Junos Space management platform, along with various other items.…

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Friday 13 July 2018

Chirp unveils free tier of shouting-at-IoT devices audio net tech

One day, your gizmos can bellow nuclear power station info at each other too

IoT audio networking tech firm Chirp has punted out a free version of its software development kit.…

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Vid services and big AI appear in Microsoft's government cloud

Feds rub their hand with glee as new toys arrive

Azure Government users rejoice! Azure Media Services and Azure Batch AI have made the leap from the public sector to the not-at-all-ominous halls of the US government.…

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Party like it's 1999: Packets of death, code exec menace Cisco gear

Annoying flaws found, patched in Fabric Services, NX-OS, StarOS, VOIP kit

Cisco has advised net admins using switches that run its Fabric Services on FXOS, or NX-OS software, to update their boxes following the discovery of a critical security flaw.…

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Thursday 12 July 2018

Data Box Disks, Azure Firewalls and WANs... Microsoft REALLY wants you in its cloud

And if you could shift Windows and SQL Server 2008 to the cloud that would be fine

Microsoft is continuing to extend the tentacles of Azure into the enterprise with a new Data Box Disk, WAN and Firewall functionality and a speed bump for its SQL data warehouse. Oh, and asks would people please stop using the 2008 editions of Windows Server and SQL Server?…

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New Pentagon CIO's JEDI mind-change trick: Controversial cloud deal paused

Former JPMorgan man wants to procure 'true enterprise cloud'

Controversial plans to award a massive Pentagon cloud project to a single supplier are said to be on hold as the department's newly minted CIO reviews the programme.…

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Wednesday 11 July 2018

$100m sueball smacks Huawei over Facebook infiltration claims

Whistleblower alleges fake biz names used to sneak in 'n' slurp

A whistleblowing employee of a Huawei subsidiary is suing the biz for $100m over claims the Chinese networking kit maker infiltrated meetings at Facebook HQ in the US – and stole rivals' trade secrets before sending them to China.…

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'It's legacy stuff brute-forced in': Not everyone is happy with Citrix's cloud

You can paint a cloudy face on it, but it's still a legacy app

Though Citrix may see its future in the cloud, some users of the service have complained that its promises may be a little too vapoury for comfort.…

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Infrastructure wonks: Tear up Britain's copper phone networks by 2025

Full fibre diet to cost $33bn over 30 years

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has told UK.gov it should allow for copper-based phone networks to be switched off by 2025, as well as recommending a host of other expensive broadband-based ideas.…

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Oracle wants to improve Linux load balancing and failover

Native to ordinary interfaces, Big Red reckons bonded channels are needed for RDMA

Oracle reckons Linux remote direct memory access (RDMA) implementations need features like high availability and load balancing, and hopes to sling code into the kernel to do exactly that.…

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We shall call him Mini-U – Ubuntu reveals tiny cloudy server

‘Minimal Ubuntu’ is optimised for KVM, containers, AWS’ new hypervisor and Google Cloud

Canonical has released a new cut of Ubuntu it recommends for use in the cloud and containers.…

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BGP hijacker booted off the Internet's backbone

Outfit called Bitcanal didn't just camp on addresses, it leased them to spammers

A year-long effort to stop an accused “bad actor” who hijacked border gateway protocol (BGP) routes has borne fruit, with giant Hurricane Electric and Portugal's IPTelecom joining in cutting off an organisation called Bitcanal.…

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Tuesday 10 July 2018

Huawei won a contract in Oz. Of course there's a whispering campaign

It's time national security agencies bring facts to the table

Comment  Huawei has won another sizeable contract, this time in Australia, and with it come the all-too-common accusations that the company is a national security risk.…

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Oracle? A strategic priority for CIOs? Nope, says Goldman Sachs

Spending survey highlights shift to new-world tech vendors

Oracle is among the legacy tech losers in a Goldman Sachs spending report that quizzed chief information officers on the procurement areas they consider to be top priorities over the next six months.…

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Outage outrage: TSB app offers users a TITSUP* encore

Customers report Terribly Slow Banking

A UK bank's website and mobile app have flatlined this morning – and there are no prizes for guessing which embattled financial firm is struggling.…

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Big contenders in the broadband chart this week, but who will be #1? Well, not Britain

Down four places to 35th – and beaten by Madagascar

Britain's place in global mobile broadband speed rankings has slipped four places to 35th, according to a survey.…

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New AWS auto-scaler started life as private show for Netflix

Amazon’s own auto-scaler now available for third-party apps

AWS has announced that “Application Auto Scaling can be used to add scaling to any services that you build on AWS”, and Netflix has revealed the new feature started life as a custom job for the vid-streaming company.…

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I think I'm a clone now: Chinese AMD Epyc-like server chips appear in China. What gives?

We answer your questions in five minutes

Watercooler   Hey El Reg, over the past few days I've seen news that Chinese chip biz Hygon is producing server-grade processors virtually identical to AMD Epyc processors. I'm kinda getting deja vu – you, too?

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BGP borked? Blame the net's big boppers

Researcher says routes are leaking because ISP giants aren't filtering route info

The Internet's fundamental routing infrastructure, the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), is so fragile that errors in one to four per cent of ISP route filters can propagate bad routes.…

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Monday 9 July 2018

Cancelled in Crawley? At least your train has free Wi-Fi now, right?

Why your connection is as slow as the service itself

Wi-Fi has been creeping its way on to UK trains over the last few years as the government seeks to deal with the issue of mobile dead-zones by getting the train companies to provide free connectivity.…

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Australia defies trend for network sales slide, shovels cash at Cisco

Good old-fashioned hardware-defined networking growing like topsy Down Under

The router market is stagnating worldwide, but nobody's told Australian buyers.…

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Friday 6 July 2018

Like an everflowing stream: New tech promises remote S3 nearline disk performance

Cool, but streaming doesn't mean screaming

Analysis  You can't store files in Amazon's public cloud, access them on-premises, and expect local disk access performance.…

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IBM Cloud’s elasticity stretches and stretches (Big Blue's credibility?)

Slow virtual server provisioning incident mistakenly given Red Alert status

IBM’s cloud is having a bad day.…

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Thursday 5 July 2018

California lawmakers: We swear on our avocados we'll pass 'strongest net neutrality protections' in America

Big Cable lobbyists abandoned after grassroots campaign

California lawmakers promised to introduce the "strongest net neutrality protections in the nation" on Thursday morning, just weeks after a key piece of the legislation was gutted at the committee stage, sparking online fury.…

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TalkTalk, UK2 sitting in a tree, not T-A-L-K-I-N-G: Hosting biz cut off after ISP network upgrade

Partial to a beer for a partial outage?

Updated  ISP TalkTalk is no longer on speaking terms with Brit hosting provider UK2.net – as far as networking their customers over the internet is concerned.…

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UK2 and TalkTalk sitting in a tree, not T-A-L-K-I-N-G

Partial beer for a partial outage?

Brit hosting provider UK2.net is no longer on speaking terms with TalkTalk – at least as far as customers of the telco are concerned.…

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United States, you have 2 months to sort Privacy Shield ... or data deal is for the bin – Eurocrats

MEPs call for urgent fix

The Privacy Shield deal governing transatlantic data flows should be suspended if the US doesn't comply by 1 September, the European Parliament has said.…

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CableLabs' many hands make light work - at four terabits per second

New optical standards give cable operators lots of headroom as they fibre up

Boffins at CableLabs, the cable TV network operators' pet research house, have turned out two fresh photonic standards: the P2P Coherent Optics Architecture Specification; and the P2P Coherent Optics Physical Layer v1.0 Specification.…

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Big academic networks mind their MANRS to secure routes

This matters because carriers follow where BoffinNets first tread

Europe's GEANT and Australia's AARNET have joined The Internet Society's Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative.…

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Wednesday 4 July 2018

IBM Softlayer TITSUP: Techies investigate troubling storage underperformance

It took them 6 hours to realise Big Blue's Euro fluff was KO'd

Storage systems in several of IBM's European cloud storage centres have been experiencing issues since the small hours of this morning, with engineers battling to fix an unspecified "network-related" problem that they only identified six hours after the outage began.…

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Euro bank regulator: Don't follow the crowd. Stay off the cloud

Outsourcing to fluffy white stuff carries 'reputation' risks – report

An EU financial regulator has warned that banks moving to the cloud are at risk of vendor lock-in as well as transferring IT jobs to "subcontractors from high-risk areas".…

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Google releases lite PC-snooper, 'cos full mobile management is hard

‘Endpoint Verification’ extension reports basics of devices’ security posture

Google’s released a Chrome extension that lets admins snoop on the state of PCs accessing its cloudy productivity and infrastructure products.…

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IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row

Ex-Bluemix global program director, 60, sues Big Blue

A laid-off IBM cloud sales star is suing the IT giant for age discrimination, alleging he was forced out for being too old.…

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Tuesday 3 July 2018

We just love small firms, screams UK.gov after palming AWS UK £4.1m

650 new SMEs added to G-Cloud framework, but 'SME' includes Bezos' Brit limb

UK.gov has trumpeted the addition of almost 650 new small businesses to its G-Cloud marketplace – but SMEs might want to put the Champagne on ice as sales figures reveal that AWS UK is classed in that group.…

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Vodafone drank Facebook's network Kool-Aid … and LIVED!

White boxes, multi-coloured light, 800 Gbps and backhoe-proofing, thanks in part to Zuck

Vodafone has become the latest carrier to white-box its optical traffic.…

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Juniper pours a shot of its data centre juice into campus networks

Big switch-style fabric comes to pizza boxes

Campus networks will get the same capabilities as data centre networks, after Juniper networks squeezed EVPN-VXLAN fabric functionality into campus-size implementations.…

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Thrice, in a trice, IBM cloud cuts prices

Watson? Down! WebSphere? Down! VMs? Now charged by the minute!

IBM has cut the price of cloud services three times in a week.…

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DNS ad-hocracy in peril as ICANN advisors mull root server shakeup

Plan could reduce the number of central server operators

Internet overseer ICANN is considering a self-managed governance model for the world's Domain Name System root servers – and one of the outcomes could be a reduction in the number of root servers.…

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Monday 2 July 2018

When Google's robots give your business the death sentence – who you gonna call?

Cloud support busters? If you can find a human at the end of a number

A sysadmin given just three days to respond to the threatened deletion of a mission-critical system has prompted a vigorous debate about the quality of cloud support.…

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Sunday 1 July 2018

To improve your network Be The Packet. Take each hop it makes

White boxes bash Cisco, Android peer-to-peer speeds up and more net news

ROUNDUP  Did you ever wish you had a half-a-gigabit-per-second connection you could fire up anytime, at zero cost? You can, it turns out – but only between paired Android phones.…

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