Wednesday 31 July 2019

People of Britain: You know that you're not locked into using the same ISP forever, right?

Better deals, crap service main reasons for switching, but only half surveyed have ever done it

Long-suffering customers of internet providers are most likely to leave if they find a better deal elsewhere, although crappy customer service is also a major push factor.…

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Meet ELIoT – the EU project that wants to commercialize Internet-over-lightbulb

The tech has been around for years – why aren’t we using it?

A consortium of European organizations has launched ELIoT, an EU-funded project that hopes to develop commercial applications for visible light communications.…

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There is now a literal waitlist for IPv4 addresses. And no jumping the line

RIPE approves new policy that shouldn't really exist

If you want IPv4 addresses in Europe, there is now a literal waitlist to join.…

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Tuesday 30 July 2019

Giffgaff goody-baddy-bag billing faff: Ofcom fines operator £1.4m for overcharging folks by almost £3m

2.6 million customers hit... over period of nearly 8 years

UK comms watchdog Ofcom fined Brit MVNO Giffgaff £1.4m today for overcharging around 2.6 million users to the tune of around £2.8m.…

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Google becomes third major cloud vendor to tie the knot with VMware

More cloud polygamy for Dell EMC's Virtzilla

VMware enthusiasts will be able to lift-and-shift their virtualized workloads directly into Google Cloud before the end of the year, after the two businesses agreed a deal.…

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Dutch cheesed off at Microsoft, call for Rexit from Office Online, Mobile apps over Redmond data slurping

Cloggies less than chilled out over Windows telemetry

A report backed by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security is warning government institutions not to use Microsoft's Office Online or mobile applications due to potential security and privacy risks.…

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Monday 29 July 2019

Cloud wars: Big Four providers increase dominance, Alibaba grows fastest – Gartner

Gartner analyst talks Azure 'reliability' issue, AWS strategy 'misses', Google 'human' concerns

Analysis  According to a Gartner report, the top five IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) cloud providers have increased their share of the global market to nearly 77 per cent, up from under 73 per cent in 2017.…

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German data regulator ruminates on big 5G question, shrugs: We'll find Huawei around it

Risks posed by Chinese bogeyman 'manageable'

Germany's data protection and security regulator is not too stressed about the supposed threat of using Huawei equipment in 5G networks.…

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GitHub builds wall round private repos, makes devs in US-sanctioned countries pay for it

CEO finds it 'painful'. Affected coders, more so

Microsoft-owned GitHub has slapped restrictions on users residing in certain countries as the company bows to restrictions resulting from US sanctions, according to a hand-wringing tweet from CEO Nat Friedman.…

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We need you for a multi-cloud sanity check: Which providers do you use and need, and how do you choose them?

Help us understand your world more

Survey  There's a difference between multi-cloud, and simply using multiple clouds.…

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Friday 26 July 2019

Juniper Networks struggles with service providers as US-China trade war continues to suck

One thing is certain: it's not China paying for the new round of tariffs

Networking giant Juniper has had another challenging quarter – this time it was service providers, not cloud vendors, causing Cisco's nemesis grief.…

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DevOpsery-dispenser Atlassian's customers settle into the cloudy subscription world

Don't ask about profit, but over half cash came from subs in FY2019

Atlassian, home of DevOps stalwarts Trello and Jira, has reported over half of its takings from the company's subscription model.…

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Tune in online this summer: Get a better view of your data with Sophos Cloud Optrix

Make security, compliance and analytics simple

Webinar  Cybersecurity company Sophos says it has the answer to the challenge so many businesses face when they move to the public cloud and struggle to manage their growing quantities of data.…

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The democratisation of IT: Amazon and Microsoft own half the cloud infrastructure market

Choice? Yes, we've heard of it too

Almost half of all the money spent on public cloud infrastructure is now divvied up between Amazon and Microsoft, according to stats from Synergy Research.…

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Not-so-paltry towers: Vodafone gears up to flog off massive masts business

Seeking to wipe red ink off balance sheet ahead of €19bn Liberty Global swallow

Vodafone is looking to flog off its towers in the next 18 months, the mobile operator revealed in first quarter results ended 30 June (PDF).…

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Don't fall into the trap of thinking you're safe and secure in the cloud. It could become a right royal pain in the SaaS

Here's a gentle introduction to off-prem security for SMBs

Backgrounder  Without in-house staffing to set up or manage their IT estates, many small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have migrated to cloud-based business applications, email, messaging, file sharing, and file-storage services.…

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AWS still a cash machine for Bezos, Intel is down a 5G modem biz, and Google is on Tulsi Gabbard's bad side

Here's a round-up from a bumper day of earnings

Mega-financial-o-gasm  Quarterly earnings season is again upon us this week, and here is a lightning run through the financial results from three of the biggest names in technology: Intel, Google, and Amazon.…

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Thursday 25 July 2019

Cloud car crash: Ford writes down $181m it gave Pivotal as investors fume biz still can't do Kubernetes properly

Automaker loses money as cloudy software slinger's woes mount

Ford says it took a hit on its $181m investment in cloudy developer house Pivotal Software.…

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Virgin Media promises speeds of 1Gpbs to 15 million homes – all without full fibre

But industry is sceptical hybrid network tech will cut it

Virgin Media has promised speeds of 1Gbps to 15 million homes by the end of 2021 – although that won't be on full fibre.…

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Hello there. You're overspending on AWS! Cloud giant introduces Chatbot for Slack chat alerts and diagnostics

Amazon Web Services' work-in-progress beta talks... but does not listen

Amazon Web Services' Chatbot, released in beta yesterday, will alert you to issues, but the most interesting feature – where you issue commands for further diagnostics via a virtual user in a chatroom – is yet to come.…

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O2: We've found Huawei of not using you-know-who's kit in 5G rollout

The only mobile network operator in the UK to do so

O2 has finally opened up on its Huawei-free 5G rollout plans: services will debut in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Slough in October, with a further 20 cities to go live by the end of the year.…

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Tune in this month: How to leave the past behind and migrate to the cloud – your practical guide

Derby City Council's head of tech will be on hand along with Nutanix and El Reg

Webcast  Moving to the cloud is not as simple as we have sometimes been led to believe. Many organisations are eager to benefit from the functionality and convenience that the cloud offers, though find themselves constrained by the past.…

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Wednesday 24 July 2019

Hark at that! Arrcus bags $30m private equity cash, confirms it's pulling up Broadcom’s shiny new SoC

Now how to use that mini cash pile? R&D, more staff and wider support services

Networking software upstart Arrcus has pocketed $30m in funding to pay for a hike in R&D, double its headcount to roughly 100 staff and expand support operations.…

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Also-RAN: Vodafone and O2 cosy up to share '5G-active' gear

Sharing is caring, guys

Vodafone and O2 are to share their 5G radio antennas and joint network sites in an attempt to cut costs and speed up rollout.…

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LinkedIn to chow down on Microsoft's cloudy dogfood

Facebook-for-suits dons an Azure waistcoat

Microsoft has rewarded LinkedIn - the social-media-for-suits and corporate one-upmanship platform - for its contribution to the Redmondian bottom line by booting the outfit into the public cloud.…

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Plusnet holds off spirited charge from Vodafone in broadband complaint charts

BT-owned outfit attracts a little less customer ire but still not doing customers proud

In Brit comms regulator Ofcom's quarterly summary of broadband and landline whinges, Plusnet retained its complaint crown despite a strong challenge from Vodafone.…

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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Google pays out $13m to make Wi-Spy scandal go away: Bung goes to peeps and privacy orgs

Not a 'rogue engineer,' nor was the harvested wireless network data 'fragmented, despite Google denials'

Google has offered to pay out $13m to settle a class-action lawsuit over the infamous "Wi-Spy" incident – when its Street View cars were caught slurping data from unsecured Wi-Fi access points between 1 January 2007 and 25 May 2010, when they got caught.…

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Checkmate, Qualcomm: Apple in billion-dollar bid to gobble Intel’s 5G modem blueprints, staff – new claim

Logical step for the biz that wants to own its supply chain

Apple and Intel are apparently in “advanced talks” over buying up the remains of Chipzilla’s defunct 5G modem business.…

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Monday 22 July 2019

Hi. Sorry, we're still grinding Huawei at this: UK govt once again puts off decision to ban Chinese giant from 5G

But does complain there are too few suppliers, cybersecurity not a priority

The British government has decided again defer the already postponed decision on whether or not to ban Huawei equipment from 5G networks in the UK.…

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British telco Onecom grabs £100m in private equity dosh

With former Easynet CEO in charge of the board

Brit ISP Onecom has bagged a £100m cash injection from private equity outfit Lloyds Development Capital (LDC) and asset manager Ares Capital.…

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Ofcom 'fair deal' action: UK mobile networks agree to slash contract charges when lock-in ends - except Three

Hutchison's underdog won't, even if handset paid off

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is pushing mobile companies to make clearer to customers when their bundled and split contracts end, as many are left on high tariffs even when they've paid off their handsets.…

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Tech jocks headed for White House powwow on 'economic matters' (read: Huawei ban)

Qualcomm, Google, Micron, Microsoft, Broadcom and Intel said to be invited

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow is reportedly meeting Silicon Valley bigwigs today to discuss the placement of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei on the US trade ban Entity List.…

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Friday 19 July 2019

How're you enjoying that 25Mbps internet speed, America? Oh, it's just 6Mbps? And you're sad? Can't imagine why

Internet testers went down to Georgia and found a fraud

Analysis  American internet users are, seemingly, getting a quarter of the internet speed they are paying for.…

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Transport for London missed the train for 2019 deadline

Transport for London is to trial 4G services on the eastern half of the Jubilee line, and is looking to work with a firm that wants to run a Underground-wide network by the mid-2020s.…

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What else can we add to's tech project bonfire? Oh yeah, 5G

Watchdog casts doubt on testbeds and trials scheme

The UK's £217m 5G testbed trials have already hit a major speed bump due to a lack of available equipment, according to an official report.…

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Cloud makes it rain for Microsoft: IT giant turns green with Azure, cash poured all over investors

Record revenue reaches Redmond, the result of a booming as-a-service business

Microsoft on Thursday reported record revenue for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2019 and for its full fiscal year, predictably pushing its stock higher in after-hours trading.…

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Thursday 18 July 2019

Hip and modern IBM can't beat legacy kit and services IBM: That's four consecutive quarters of revenue decline now

8% cloud biz growth in 12 months. Where is Red Hat when you need it?

IBM notched up its fourth straight quarter of revenue decline as the areas it deems strategic – hybrid cloud, AI and blockchain – couldn't paper over cracks in the legacy operations of big iron and outsourcing.…

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Still not in the cloud? It's not too late to join. Make the move with practical advice from top-notch AWS experts

All-day event covers every angle, from workloads to security – register today

Promo  Every day the cloud continues to transform organisations, industries and the world around us.…

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The Empire Strikes Back: Trump discovers $10bn JEDI cloud deal may go to nemesis Jeff Bezos, demands probe

Bad news for AWS and Microsoft, who are vying for Pentagon's winner-takes-all IT super-contract

The Pentagon's $10bn JEDI mega-cloud contract may be put on hold once again, this time because President Trump has ordered a probe into the massive single-vendor deal.…

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Wednesday 17 July 2019

Having flogged off its data centers, AT&T cozies up to Microsoft, IBM to keep it running

In a cloud war, the US telco opts for the Swiss model, stays neutral

AT&T has announced “strategic alliances” with both IBM and Microsoft, as it looks to capitalize on cloud computing without getting its hands dirty.…

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Oh look. Vodafone has extended its ultrafast 5G network to deliver... Wi-Fi?

Hey, that's a real use case, you at the back, stop your sniggering

Mobile connectivity provider Vodafone has expanded its 5G network to another eight British towns and cities.…

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Boris Johnson's promise of full fibre in the UK by 2025 is pie in the sky

From the man who brought us the garden bridge and water cannons

Analysis  Likely future UK prime minister Boris Johnson has pledged to bring full fibre to all homes by 2025, a claim that telecoms experts have widely dismissed.…

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OK, it's fair to say UK's botched Emergency Services Network is an emergency now, right?

Home Office lacks plan, skills, budget control or achievable deadlines, says watchdog

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has delivered another damning report on the UK Home Office's bungling attempts to procure a replacement communications network for the emergency services.…

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Tuesday 16 July 2019

An email arrives. It's from the boss. Subject: Hybrid Cloud. You gulp. You get the cloud – but what's this 'hybrid' bit?

Your gentle introduction to this on-and-off prem tech

Backgrounder  The move to hybrid cloud is growing.…

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Office 365 verboten in Hesse schools: German state bans cloudy Microsoft suite on privacy grounds

Meanwhile, Australia signs 98 federal agencies up to service

The German state of Hesse has warned schools not to use Office 365 because the Microsoft suite's cloud storage and telemetry collection are not compliant with the EU's General Data Protection Regulations.…

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In the US? Using Medicaid? There's a good chance DXC is about to boot your data into the AWS cloud

What could possibly go wrong?

Exclusive  Wonderful news for some US Medicaid patients: king of the cost-cutters DXC is planning to shunt their data into Amazon's cloud.…

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What Huawei to go: Hundreds of Chinese tech giant's US workers to get pink slip – report

With trade ban set to kick in next month, jockeying continues

Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer targeted by a Trump administration trade ban, is expected to dismiss a substantial number of people in the US in the coming weeks.…

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Monday 15 July 2019

DDoS attack? Mad dash to file forms? No, errant network switch crashed Australian tax service

Strewth, mate!

On Friday, with tax-return season underway, the websites of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) suddenly went TITSUP (Totally Inefficient Tax Service: Under Performing), causing anguish to thousands of Aussies.…

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UK says no way to US calls for no Huawei on 5G networks: MPs find 'no technical grounds' to exclude Chinese giant

Plus: American biz bods could say yes way to Zhengfei... in '2 to 4 weeks'

The UK's Science and Technology Select Committee said it can't find any "technical grounds" for chopping Huawei out of the UK's 5G and other telco networks, but said government should consider "ethical" issues and its relationship with "allies".…

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Virgin Media blocks Imgur, literally tens of people rage at UK ISP

They blame IWF-related error, IWF says 'it's not us, it's you'

UK internet service provider Virgin Media has insisted it does not block entire domains "as a matter of course" after it stopped its customers from viewing the whole of Imgur this morning – on the say-so of the Internet Watch Foundation.…

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Prospect union urges members at BT: Say yes to pay and grading shakeup revisions

Common ground found on People's Framework revamp after months of haggling

Prospect the union has advised BT employees to approve the so-called People's Framework, a programme of change that includes a revamp of pay and grading structures, following months of discussions.…

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Watch online this month: How to leave the past behind when you migrate to the cloud

Practical steps for your migration journey

Sponsored webcast  Moving to the cloud is not as simple as we have sometimes been led to believe. Many organisations are eager to benefit from the functionality and convenience that the cloud offers but find themselves constrained by the past.…

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Saturday 13 July 2019

X-ray specs: Signal whizz JMA Wireless claims to have solved indoor 5G, everyone

But how will it compare against Wi-Fi 6?

American mobile connectivity biz JMA Wireless claims to have completed the design of a 5G product stack designed specifically to provide wireless networking within buildings.…

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Friday 12 July 2019

Cloudflare comes clean on crashing a chunk of the web: How small errors and one tiny bit of code led to a huge mess

The culprit? .*(?:.*=.*)

Cloudflare has published a detailed and refreshingly honest report into precisely what went wrong earlier this month when its systems fell over and took a big chunk of the internet with it.…

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Oracle told to warp 9 out of court: Judge photon-torpedoes Big Red's Pentagon JEDI hopes

Good news for Amazon, Microsoft. Meanwhile: A lawmaker offers new hope to database giant

Oracle today lost its bid to be considered for the US Department of Defense's Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract, leaving either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure as the likely winner of the $10bn, decade-long deal.…

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With heroes like BT and Openreach, who needs villains? ISP lobbyist's awards continue to vex

How you holding up, Mozilla?

Fresh from wiping egg off face after its unfortunate nomination of Mozilla as "internet villain" for 2019, the Internet Services Providers Association (ISPA) has doled out other awards to, er, BT and Openreach.…

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Ofcom head Sharon White pocketed nearly £500k last year

A pittance compared to the near-£1m she is due to take home at John Lewis

Outgoing Ofcom chief exec Sharon White pocketed £459,623 last year heading up the comms regulator, according to its annual accounts (PDF).…

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Rackspace cloudy 'mix and match' stacks now available for EMEA mortals

Service Blocks float across the Pond 9 months after landing in US

Bit barn landlord Rackspace is hoping Euro users will opt to inhale its managed public cloud via subscription packages called Service Blocks.…

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When did you last check your AWS S3 security? Here's four scary words: 17k Magecart infections

Card-slurping malware hits thousands upon thousands of unprotected cloud storage silos

If you're in charge of your organization's Amazon Web Services S3 buckets, here's some fresh motivation to check your security settings: the notorious payment-card-stealing Magecart malware is romping through unprotected storage silos.…

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Thursday 11 July 2019

FCC boosts broadband competition by, er, banning broadband competition in buildings

George Orwell's got nothing on this lot with doublespeak

Analysis  America's communications watchdog, the FCC, has come good on its promise to boost broadband adoption through competition by… blocking a law that ensures broadband competition.…

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Ofcom snaps on fresh pair of rubber gloves for deeper rummage around in Giffgaff billing faff

EE, Sky and O2 also face probes from comms regulator

Budget MVNO Gifgaff faces a fresh challenge from Ofcom over claims it provided the regulator "inaccurate information" during a probe into its billing cock-up.…

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Frenzied bidding war for hot property KCOM as share price rockets by tuppence and a half

Highest offer £573m so not pocket change for Hull broadband and cloud biz

The bidding war for East Yorkshire-based broadband provider KCOM is heating up as suitors increase their offers by a penny here and half a penny there.…

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RTFM: Wireless Broadband Alliance squeezes out 40-page ode to the joy of Wi-Fi 6

Which means we're nearly there

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has released guidelines for engineers who will have to implement Wi-Fi 6, meaning the advent of the 802.11ax standard is truly upon us – despite the fact it is not expected to be officially ratified until late 2019.…

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Watch live online today: So you wanna use Office 365? Here's how to map, migrate – and manage

Where to go and what to do next: We speak to experts at Quadrotech

Sponsored webcast  Office 365 is the solution many organisations gravitate towards when they are looking to move from legacy office applications to a more flexible, mobile-friendly solution for sharing documents and collaborating with colleagues and clients.…

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Wednesday 10 July 2019

PostgreSQL on Amazon Aurora Serverless goes live. Check the price tag before diving in, though

Serverless auto-scales on demand, may cost more than provisioned

Analysis  Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of PostgreSQL on its Aurora Serverless platform.…

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Brussels sprouts yet another 'transparency' centre: This time the honour is all ZTE's

Networks and phone builder joins compatriots Huawei in insisting it has nothing to hide

Chinese network surveillance equipment vendor ZTE has opened a cybersecurity lab in Brussels, where it will offer interested parties a chance to verify the security of its products, services and processes.…

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Big Switch to Big Photon for Cisco: Switchzilla to splurge $2.6bn on Acacia

All aboard for 'siliconisation of optical interconnect'

Network overlord Cisco has had its own Victor Kiam moment and is set to slurp one of its suppliers, optical interconnect specialist Acacia Communications, for $2.6bn in cash.…

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You TalkTalk a big game, says ads watchdog, but your testing not good enough to say your Wi-Fi's best

UK ISP claimed signal 'couldn't be beaten.' Regulator disagreed

Low-rent UK ISP TalkTalk has been told to stop claiming its Wi-Fi signal "can't be beaten by any of the other big providers" after fellow telco BT whinged to the UK's Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).…

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Learn Bluespeak with IBM: Internal buzzword-bingo memo schools staff on this newfangled thing called The Cloud

Acquiring Red Hat: $34bn. Not knowing what 'hybrid cloud' means: Priceless. For everything else, there's IBM

Exclusive  It's been an oft-heard refrain at tech conferences that IBM "doesn't know what it's bought" with regard to Red Hat. Usually meant positively, it seems it might be a bit closer to the truth than anyone thought; at least, for Big Blue's marketing department.…

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Can you trust Huawei... or any other networks supplier for that matter?

Listen, China...

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei may well be the world's most controversial technology company. It's also probably one of the most well-known names on the US government's "entity list", where it was placed in May this year.…

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Tuesday 9 July 2019

IT guy gets laid off amid outsourcing, wipes databases, deletes emails... goes straight to jail for two-plus years

Shifting your tech to outside suppliers? Maybe lock down systems first

A former IT administrator has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for accessing his employer's computers without authorization and deleting company files.…

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Big Purple Hat is on as IBM closes acquisition of enterprise Linux firm

All about hybrid cloud... and Red Hat will stay neutral, says IBM

IBM has officially completed the acquisition of Red Hat for around $34bn.…

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Monday 8 July 2019

US giant GTT continues biz banquet by wolfing down Dutch telco KPN's networking unit for $50m

European fibre for American firm with global aspirations

American network operator GTT is to slurp Dutch telco KPN's networking biz - save for its domestic operations - for roughly €50m in cash.…

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38 billion reasons to say goodbye: Ex-Mrs Bezos splits from Jeff with 4% of Amazon shares in tow

Says she'll keep at philanthropy 'until the safe is empty'

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is handing his now ex-wife Mackenzie $38bn in shares as part of the final settlement.…

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Friday 5 July 2019

Firm fat-fingered G Suite and deleted its data, so it escalated its support ticket to a lawsuit

Google told startup its files are gone for good

An interior design tools startup called Mosss on Wednesday sued Google to get it to restore its data after someone at the startup accidentally deleted the firm's G Suite account.…

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Radio-controlled racing car smears some rubber over Goodwood track

Samsung gives drivers another excuse for being a bit rubbish: 5G

The 5G hype-wagon continued this week as Samsung sent a car up the UK's famous Goodwood Hillclimb that was being remotely controlled via a couple of Galaxy S10 handsets running on Vodafone's shiny new 5G network.…

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UK's Openreach admits 50k premises on 'gigabit-capable' FTTP network can't get gigabit speeds

330Mbps will have to do. Boohoo

Openreach has admitted that 50,000 premises covered by its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network can only get speeds of up to 330Mbps rather than the much-touted 1Gbps.…

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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Openreach needs to snap that BT umbilical chord, warns Ofcom

Oh and surprise, surprise... full fibre roll-out remains 'low'

Openreach still needs stronger independence since being not-quite cut from the BT fold, telecoms regulator Ofcom has found.…

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UK's North Midlands hospitals IT outage, day 2: All surgery and appointments cancelled

Not WannaCry... this time it's Cisco

An ongoing network issue with provider Cisco has caused all outpatient appointments and elective surgery to be cancelled at two North Midlands hospitals in the past 24 plus hours, The Register can confirm.…

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Cloudflare gave everyone a 30-minute break from a chunk of the internet yesterday: Here's how they did it

DevOps-tating automation cockup... or machines trying to take over the web? El Reg talks to the CTO

Interview  Internet services outfit Cloudflare took careful aim and unloaded both barrels at its feet yesterday, taking out a large chunk of the internet as it did so.…

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Code crash? Russian hackers? Nope. Good ol' broken fiber cables borked Google Cloud's networking today

Connectivity to us-east1 knackered for hours, still no fix

Fiber-optic cables linking Google Cloud servers in its us-east1 region physically broke today, slowing down or effectively cutting off connectivity with the outside world.…

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Tuesday 2 July 2019

14 sailors die aboard Russian cable spy, er, ocean research nuke sub after fire breaks out

Disaster in Barents Sea

An Russian submarine, believed to be tasked with spying on foreign communications, has lost 14 crew members after a fire broke out aboard the nuclear-powered vessel.…

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This major internet routing blunder took A WEEK to fix. Why so long? It was IPv6 – and no one really noticed

When you meant to type /127 but entered /12 instead

Last week, an internet routing screw-up propagated by Verizon for three hours sparked havoc online, leading to significant press attention and industry calls for greater network security.…

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I got 502 problems, and Cloudflare sure is one: Outage interrupts your El Reg-reading pleasure for almost half an hour

A chunk of the internet vanished today. Lucky it's not used for anything important, right?

Cloudflare, the outfit noted for the slogan "helping build a better internet", had another wobble today as "network performance issues" rendered websites around the globe inaccessible.…

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Monday 1 July 2019

Oracle goes on for 50 pages about why it thinks AWS winning the Pentagon's $10bn JEDI cloud contract stinks

Case heads to Federal Claims Court in a little over a week

Ahead of its first day in Federal Claims Court in Washington, Oracle has made a filing outlining its position against the Pentagon's award of the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract to Amazon Web Services.…

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Frustrated Brits can dump mobile providers by text as of today

It's not me, it's you: 'Breaking up has never been easier'

Fed up mobile customers can finally dump their providers by text from today, under new rules from Blighty's comms regulator, Ofcom.…

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