Tuesday 31 March 2020

Huawei rotating CEO: Chinese government will not 'just stand by and watch Huawei be slaughtered'

Gotta find Huawei to handle 2020: Despite rosy 2019 figures, Chinese comms giant sees trouble ahead

Huawei's rotating CEO reckons the Chinese government will retaliate against the US tech industry rather than allow the giant of the Middle Kingdom to be "slaughtered on the chopping board"* of US sanctions.…

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Cloudflare is over the moon because its pro-privacy DNS service got a clean bill of health from everyone's favorite auditor – KPMG

Proved for all sites, proved for all sites, there is nothing else we can do

Two years ago, network infrastructure biz Cloudflare launched the Public DNS Resolver, with the promise that internet users could use the service to surf the internet without being tracked - by Cloudflare at least.…

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Watch your MANRS: Akamai, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Google, and pals join internet routing security effort

Filtering, anti-spoofing, coordination, validation to prevent crooks, spies hijacking victims' connections

An internet community effort to improve routing security has got a boost from some of the internet’s biggest names.…

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Outage hits some Google Cloud services, error rate curve flattens and they're coming back

Good luck if you're a user of Cloud SQL, Cloud Data Fusion, or Cloud Composer

Google’s cloud is experiencing trouble.…

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Microsoft corrects ‘775 precent cloud usage surge’ claim

Big number only applied to Teams and only in Italy

Microsoft has corrected its own claim that “We have seen a 775 percent increase of our cloud services in regions that have enforced social distancing or shelter in place orders.”…

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India suggests cloud storage to slow the spread of coronavirus

Citizens advised to put away their papers and use the national data locker instead

India is advising its citizens that cloud storage can help to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.…

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Monday 30 March 2020

Official: Office 365 Personal, Home axed next month... and replaced by Microsoft 365 cloud subscriptions

Plus: Edge sharpened, Teams upgrades promised

Microsoft on Monday teased a few future features of its Edge web browser and Teams slack-killer. It also announced the rebranding of its cloud productivity suite Office 365 as Microsoft 365 – a subscription offering that already included Office 365, alongside Windows 10 Enterprise services and security features.…

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Dot-com price rises on their way over the next four years: ICANN approves Verisign contract, walks off with $20m

You thought thousands of complaints would make a difference?

Analysis  The price of dot-coms will steadily increase over the next four years following DNS overseer ICANN's controversial renewal of Verisign's contract to run the top-level domain.…

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Cloud'n'server hosting giant OVH more like OMG: Data center hardware failure knocks out services in France

Bad case of the Mondays

European cloud giant OVH is suffering a substantial outage today: if there's a website you can't reach right now, it's perhaps hosted by OVH..…

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BT reopens £90m UK High Court case over 1970s VAT 'overpayments'

Couldn't have come at a better time with COVID-19 economic shutdown

BT has won a legal application to restart a decade-old court case in the hope of clawing back more than £90m in VAT the telco claims it overpaid to HMRC from 1978 onwards.…

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UK big five carriers bin wired broadband download quotas for as long as we're all stuck indoors

Keep Calm And Stream Video, on generous new discount plans and payment terms

The UK's big five telecoms companies have lifted data caps on all current fixed broadband services to ensure residents get the internet they need while locked-down to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.…

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What are you doing at quarter past? WebEx wants you on calls then, to ease Corona-congestion

Remember landlines? Cisco service wants you to remember them too, to make dial-in part of your isolation arsenal

Cisco's Webex collaboration service has urged users to turn off video and avoid starting meetings on the hour, to help ease pressure on public networks during the Coronavirus-avoidance crisis.…

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Sunday 29 March 2020

Microsoft reveals 775 percent Azure surge, quotas on some resources and ‘significant new capacity’ coming ASAP

Admits to ongoing provisioning problems but insists no capacity crunch even as it drops freebies

Microsoft has revealed “a 775 percent increase of our cloud services in regions that have enforced social distancing or shelter in place orders” and is “expediting the addition of significant new capacity that will be available in the weeks ahead”, but has already imposed some quotas to cope with huge demand for its cloud.…

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Friday 27 March 2020

Could coronavirus web traffic topple a Brit telco? Pfff, scoff operators. This has nothing on Liverpool v Everton streaming

UK volumes quieter than mix of Call of Duty and Merseyside derby streamers, says Openreach

Britain has plenty of internet traffic "headroom" despite the explosion in remote working during the coronavirus shutdown, telcos and mobe networks have told The Register.…

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Google polishes platinum Cloud Foundry membership badge as foundation takes KubeCF under its wing

We talk to CF's CTO as missing piece added to open-source application platform

Cloud Foundry, an open-source foundation dedicated to a cloud-oriented application platform, is now incubating the KubeCF project, and has also welcomed Google upgrading its membership to platinum – the highest level.…

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India’s networking market collapsed … in Q4 2019!

The nation is already well and truly routed, and telcos have new taxes to pay

India’s networking equipment market collapsed before the Coronavirus could stab it in the back, thanks in part to a new tax on telcos.…

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Microsoft buys Affirmed Networks to provide cloudy services for 5G network operators

Vodafone, Orange, AT&T, and Softbank are already users, will soon have Azure option

Microsoft has become the latest company to have a crack at helping telcos prepare for 5G by acquiring network specialist Affirmed Networks.…

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Thursday 26 March 2020

ISP Monkeybrains cries foul over coronavirus price hike for more bandwidth. Zayo says it was all a rookie's mistake

Presumed pandemic profiteering may be just confused staff

Analysis  Earlier this week, Monkeybrains, a San-Francisco-based internet service provider, asked ZayoGroup, a communication infrastructure biz based in Boulder, Colorado, to temporarily upgrade a network circuit from 2Gbps to 10Gbps.…

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Switch this: Multi-gigabit for the enterprise generation

Taking it from the core to the edge

Sponsored  With more end-users increasingly accessing data-intensive and media-rich applications via diverse mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses have to quickly keep in step with the latest wired and wireless connectivity.…

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From Gmail to Gfail: Google's G-Suite topples over for unlucky netizens, rights itself

East Coast looks to be hardest hit. C'mon, Chocolate Factory, we're relying on you to pull us through

A bunch of Google services, from Gmail and Google Drive to Hangouts and Classroom, fell offline for unlucky netizens in North America today.…

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Internet sage says he'll sell 14,000,000 IPv4 addresses worth $300m, plow it into Asia-Pacific connectivity

Alternative headline: Jun Murai remembers he has a /8 under the fridge

Special report  Internet "samurai" and IPv6 advocate Jun Murai announced today he will sell more than 14 million IPv4 addresses and put the proceeds – expected to top US$300m – into a new trust co-owned by Asia-Pacific regional internet registry (RIR) APNIC.…

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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks hardware supply chains and elasticity: 'Bigger issue' is what happens around US and Europe's 'demand side'

Staying upright as more restrictions slapped on its clouds

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put a brave face on things yesterday as the Windows giant's infrastructure creaks under "unprecedented" load.…

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Stuck at home? Why not let an edgy, GPU-boosted slice of Azure keep you company?

Microsoft expands preview of T4 Tensor Core-flavoured Azure Stack Edge

It isn't only workers being sent home as Microsoft announced an expansion of its warmed-over Azure Stack Edge preview, replete with Nvidia GPU goodness, at the GPU Technology Conference this week.…

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BT Openreach prepares to declare UK MBORCed* as all new phone line installations halted over coronavirus

*Not a new backcronym, but 'Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control'

BT is to halt all home visits by its Openreach broadband engineers except for essential ones needed to keep critical businesses and vulnerable people connected to the outside world.…

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Well, Zuckerberg did promise India it hadn't seen the last of Facebook. How do you say they're BAAACK in Hindi?

Social network reportedly looking to buy a slice of country's biggest mobile provider

Facebook is reportedly in talks to buy a multibillion-dollar stake in India's largest mobile network, Reliance Jio.…

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UK's Ministry of Defence loads up £4.6m for one plucky IaaS and PaaS provider to host Oracle Primavera apps

Attention! Stand up straight you 'orrible lot!

The UK's Ministry of Defence is on the hunt for an infrastructure and platform service provider to host servers supporting its Primavera project management software.…

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VMware says cloud ‘capacity constraint’ in Australia is not a shortage, but it's adding new hosts anyway

Orange light has been on in Sydney for over 36 hours

A VMware warning about cloud capacity shortages does not mean users have issues to worry about, but the company is adding new hosts to increase capacity anyway.…

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Hypochondriacs – are your eyes are blurry? It's just YouTube trying to cut video-stream quality worldwide amid the coronavirus pandemic

You can still watch in HD, but, please, maybe not?

If you start noticing a slightly blurrier quality to YouTube videos, no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.…

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Tuesday 24 March 2020

COVID-19 not blamed for tech outage: We were just being a bit crap, says TeamViewer

Duff release, not extra traffic, behind remote desktop software falling over

Having lifted connection checking on its freebie remote-access product, TeamViewer celebrated with a good, old-fashioned falling over.…

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Whoa, someone actually texted you in 2020? Oh, nvm, it's just Boris Johnson, telling you to stay the f**k at home

UK lacks formal emergency messaging system, so Big 4 carriers helped out

Throughout the day (24th March), the British government is set to text UK mobiles to reinforce the prevailing advice amid the COVID-19 outbreak: stay home.…

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Computacenter looking to buy a nice little place in France, by which we mean most of BT's French network real estate

Brit telco and reseller giant in talks... presumably over a very long desk

London-listed tech reseller Computacenter has confirmed it's in talks to hoover up the lion share of BT's French domestic operations.…

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'Azure appears to be full': UK punters complain of capacity issues on Microsoft's cloud

Bad time to request new resources, and existing ones have problems too

Customers of Microsoft's Azure cloud are reporting capacity issues such as the inability to create resources and associated reliability issues.…

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Microsoft brings K8s Security Center out of preview, replaces CoreOS Container Linux with Flatcar

Azure security dashboard now covers Kubernetes service - at a price

Microsoft's integration of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Security Center is now out of preview. In addition, the company has added Flatcar Linux to the Azure marketplace to replace CoreOS Container Linux, which goes end of life in May.…

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Monday 23 March 2020

Freed from the office, home workers roam sunlit uplands of IPv6... 2 metres apart

Clouds, silver linings etc.

The long-awaited IPv6 train may finally be pulling into the station as Google reported a spike in usage.…

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Yes, you can build your business in the public cloud: Tune in live online next month to find out exactly how

Public’s the new private – tell your friends

Webcast  While early adopters jumped right into the first generation of cloud services, you may have held off – and perhaps for good reason. Now the second generation is upon us, you may be wondering if this is the right time to join the revolution.…

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Workday will PaaS up the opportunity to open its platform to third parties

HR and finance cloud vendor focuses on its own apps

Workday, the cloud-based Human Capital Management (HMC) and financial application company, is soft-peddling on the prospect of opening up its platform to third-party vendors.…

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Sunday 22 March 2020

Microsoft names priority users for new Azure capacity - emergency services, government, remote workers top the list

Totally not running out of cloud. But may ditch free offers to serve current customers during the Pandemic

Microsoft prioritise health care and government users are it adds Azure capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic.…

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Peak greenwashing: SAP backs oil and gas giants with Accenture partnership, eco-credentials go up in smoke

It will be carbon-neutral by 2025, whatever that eventually means

To coincide with *checks press release* the 11th anniversary of SAP's decision to make sustainability a "long-term strategic goal," the German ERP juggernaut has announced a partnership with consulting and accountancy titan Accenture to develop solutions for upstream oil and gas companies based on the SAP S/4HANA Cloud.…

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Friday 20 March 2020

Forget toilet roll, bandwidth is the new ration: Amazon, YouTube also degrade video in Europe to keep 'net running amid coronavirus crunch

Pair join Netflix to turn it down for what? Connectivity stability

Amazon Prime Video and Google's YouTube have joined Netflix in dialing down their video stream quality in the European Union, Switzerland, and the UK for 30 days to preserve internet stability during the COVID-19 pandemic.…

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Netflix starts 30-day video data diet at EU's request to ensure network availability during coronavirus crisis

Looks like you'll have to stream Derry Girls in lower resolution for a bit

Netflix will reduce the quality of its streaming videos in Europe in response to the European Commission's request on Thursday that streaming services and telecom operators throttle their data streams to avoid overloading the internet.…

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Thursday 19 March 2020

Microsoft Teams usage jumps to 32 million as Windows-slinger shows off new toys

UK's National Health Service given free access during the crisis

Keeping fingers crossed that its Slack-for-suits platform, Teams, would survive the week, Microsoft today confirmed a slew of a new toys for its corporate collaboration baby.…

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NASA to launch 247 petabytes of data into AWS – but forgot about eye-watering cloudy egress costs before lift-off

Audit finds that error could actually mean less data flows to boffins because space agency may not be able to afford downloads

NASA needs 215 more petabytes of storage by the year 2025, and expects Amazon Web Services to provide the bulk of that capacity. However, the space agency didn’t realize this would cost it plenty in cloud egress charges. As in, it will have to pay as scientists download its data.…

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Tencent is now bigger than Cisco and Lenovo – and predicts this virus thingy will help it get bigger still

21 percent growth sees FY '19 revenue hit US$54bn, just a billion or so behind LG and Facebook

Chinese internet titan Tencent has revealed its Q4 2019 and full year 2019 results, and the numbers are lovely.…

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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Virtual reality: Now even the online Google Cloud Next event is postponed

No, this is not business as usual as the C-virus continues to wreak havoc

A couple of weeks ago Google cancelled its in-person Cloud Next event, saying it would become "Google Cloud Next '20: Digital Connect." Now even the virtual version has been postponed, with no rescheduled date given.…

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BT's Wi-Fi Disc ads banned because there's no evidence the things work

Ad watchdog puts telco on the naughty step over range extender promotion

BT has been told to stop claiming its Wi-Fi discs work in “every room” of the home after complaints from rivals and the public alike.…

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Complexity, what complexity? Bank on the hardware layer for multi-cloud success

Unity through ubiquity

Sponsored  Firms in retail, manufacturing, logistics and more are embracing cloud computing in one form or another but it’s in the financial services sector where deployment is proving a particularly complex matter. The use of multi-cloud infrastructures is also disproportionately higher, driven by a range of business and technology considerations. That creates a number of challenges – challenges that can only be solved in that most pervasive of environments: the hardware.…

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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Not just video-conferencing apps taking a dive: IBM Cloud hit by partial Tuesday outage

Dark day for Big Blue

A mystery outage hit IBM Cloud today, partially knocking out services for much of the day stateside. At time of writing, parts of the platform remain down.…

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It's Baaaaaack (or is it?): Microsoft Teams suffers a Tuesday totter

When we said 'shut everything down,' we only meant the retail stores

What's the difference between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stores? When Teams closes down, people seem to notice.…

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You get fibre, you get fibre, you all get fibre: UK Ministry of Fun promises new rules to make all new homes gigabit capable

Come on, builders - who doesn't like subsidies?

The UK government has promised to introduce new laws to force developers to ensure new-build properties are capable of gigabit-speed broadband.…

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Monday 16 March 2020

Zoom goes boom, Teams tears at seams: Technology stumbles at the first hurdle for this homeworking malarkey

And that’s before you even get to microphone and video settings

They knew it was coming and have been desperately building capacity – yet the flood of workers to video conferencing software has proved too much for companies like Zoom and Microsoft.…

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Data surge as more and more Brits work from home? Not as hard on the network as their nightly Netlix binges, claims BT

We'll be OK, says former incumbent telco

Brit telco BT is talking tough, saying it is confident its broadband network will not buckle under the increased strain of extra people using broadband as they work from home to avoid catching the coronairus.…

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Microsoft Teams gets off to a wobbly start as the world and its cat starts working from home

Hello? Is this thing on? (message failed to send)

As those able to do so begin a seemingly indefinite period of working from home, Microsoft's Slack for Suits platform, Teams, began tottering.…

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Google reveals the wheels almost literally fell off one of its cloudy server racks

Crushed rollers sent rack into the red until castor thousands solved wheely obscure problem

Google has revealed that the wheels almost literally fell off some of its servers.…

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Sunday 15 March 2020

Azure gives users cold sweats as 'isolated' power problems take out some of Central USA

The lights are back on, and someone's home to fix it all

As if the world doesn't have enough to worry about right now, Azure users with resources running in the Microsoft cloud's Central West USA region have just enjoyed an outage.…

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Friday 13 March 2020

How's this for a JEDI mind trick? AWS waves hand, has Uncle Sam 'reconsider' cloud contract award to Microsoft

But Bezos' juggernaut still not happy, and we'll hear ALL about it soon

The US government has filed a motion to the Court of Federal Claims (PDF) asking for 120 days to "reconsider certain aspects" of the Pentagon's decision to hand Microsoft the JEDI cloud contract – but AWS will oppose the motion.…

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Adobe and Slack report buoyant revenues, but is that a COVID-19 iceberg ahead?

A sudden uptick in Slack usage? Who would have thought it

Adobe and Slack reported quarterly revenues last night, but the former's earnings suffered at the sticky hands of COVID-19 while the latter pondered the impact of the virus.…

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BT CEO tests positive for coronavirus, goes into self-isolation after meeting fellow bosses from Vodafone UK, Three, O2 plus govt officials

We can't even go to the pub and wait for this to all blow over

BT Group has confirmed its CEO has been diagnosed with COVID-19 just days after meeting fellow telco top brass at a gathering organised by the UK government's Department of Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).…

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When the world ends – coronavirus plague, WW3, whatever – all that will be left are cockroaches and Larry Ellison trash talking his rivals

Oracle grows cloud, beats Wall St expectations, slams SAP, Workday

Oracle on Thursday reported $9.8bn in revenue for Q3 of its 2020 fiscal year, a two per cent year-over-year gain and enough to lift the database giant's stock in after-hours trading despite a dismal day on Wall Street.…

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Thursday 12 March 2020

Microsoft, Google, Slack, Zoom et al struggling to deal with a spike in remote tools thanks to coronavirus

Tech companies are love the attention while keeping schtum on outages

With more and more companies across the world telling employees to work from home in an effort to limit, or slow, the spread of COVID-19 – which was last night declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization – outages on common remote-working tools have started to increase.…

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Wednesday 11 March 2020

Capita hops on UK's years-late, billions-over-budget Emergency Services Network to keep legacy system alive

What could go wrong?

Capita has won a contract to ensure existing Airwave emergency radios can work with the UK's Emergency Services Network (ESN), should the 4G pipe dream ever get switched on.…

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US telcos tossed yet another extension to keep going with Huawei kit despite America's 'security threat' concerns

It's clearly not a pressing issue – this is the fourth time now

The United States Department of Commerce has granted yet another extension – the fourth – to telcos using Huawei kit to run their networks.…

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Core blimey, that's edgy: HPE makes a play for next-gen 5G market

No need to be an also-RAN

HPE is entering the 5G game with a new 5G core network software stack that aims at wooing telcos away from the large network equipment providers, such as Huawei, Nokia, and Ericsson.…

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Tuesday 10 March 2020

You can't hold black horse down: Brit bank Lloyds goes full multi-cloud, signs up with Google as well as Microsoft

Spirited equine gambols from vendor to vendor

UK finance giant Lloyds Banking Group is to slice off a portion of its £3bn digital transformation investment and feed it to Google as part of a five-year agreement.…

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UK.gov tells rebel MPs to go Huawei – but 5G Telecoms Security Bill was the price

Narrow House of Commons victory sees fresh wave of counter-Chinese comms pledges

MPs have narrowly voted down a Parliamentary amendment that would have banned Huawei altogether from the UK's 5G networks.…

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Amazon launches itself into retail IT with 'all the necessary technologies'. Not saying which, but you know...

We have to Just Walk Out of that shop, right? Oh... with products

You know how it is: you start by selling books online, then take over the world of ecommerce, and almost by accident end up dominating the multibillion-dollar cloud computing market. After that, you just can't help yourself.…

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Xilinx's high-end Versal FPGA is like a designer handbag. If you need to ask the price, you probably can't afford it

Premium chip is 7nm, 4 Arm CPU cores, up to 7.4 million logic cells, multi-Tbps networking and crypto

Xilinx will today announce an FPGA that is a little bananas: the Versal Premium, aimed at cloud builders and telcos.…

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Moving home with Office 365? Avoid smashed crockery and cracked mirrors

Make tenant-to-tenant migration woes a thing of the past with the help of Quadrotech

Webcast  There’s loads to celebrate when a company merger or acquisition has gone through. It marks the first step into a bigger, expanded business landscape, and the chance to add talent, techniques, and budget to your next big idea. As a founder, the big, fat payout alone is obviously reason to quite literally pull out the champagne.…

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Four months, $1bn dollars... and ICANN still hasn’t decided whether to approve .org sale with just 11 days left to go

Internet community expresses frustration during virtual conference

In 11 days, DNS overseer ICANN is supposed to rule on the $1.13bn purchase of a critical piece of the internet – the .org registry with its 10 million domain names. But ICANN has yet to even decide what criteria it will use decide whether to green-light the takeover.…

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Monday 9 March 2020

UK.gov sits down with mobile big four to formalise plans for rural shared 4G network

£1bn boon to improve coverage across the home nations

UK ministers are meeting the heads of O2, Three, EE and Vodafone later today to formalise plans for a Shared Rural Network (SRN), which would improve coverage in rural black spots.…

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Thursday 5 March 2020

Uber takes a downer as ride-sharing app service crashes

No auto-driving cars or or indeed any cars in this TITSUP* pile-up

Ride sharing service, Uber, and its culinary tentacle Uber Eats, have fallen down and there does not appear to be a helpful driver to pick them up.…

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Oracle staffers in Europe weather cloudy job cuts: As many as 1,300 workers face chop after sales slide

Database giant needs 'adapt its spending to its revenue situation'

Oracle is reportedly preparing to cut as many as 1,300 jobs across Europe.…

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Hackers? Leap day? Nope, just plain old internet hysteria took down stock-trading-for-noobs app RobinHood

DNS overload, as usual, blamed for two-day outage

An app, dubbed RobinHood, designed for armchair Gordon Gekkos to trade shares and crypto-currencies with ease, fell offline for two days this week – after netizens flooded it hoping to exploit stock-market wobbles over the coronavirus epidemic.…

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Wednesday 4 March 2020

Parliament and US Senate ramp up pressure on UK.gov to ditch Huawei 5G guidelines

Concern that letting Chinese giant in has left Blighty 'utterly friendless'

A bipartisan coalition of US senators have written to UK Parliament, asking it to reconsider its decision to permit "high-risk" vendors, namely China's Huawei, to supply non-core elements of the national 5G network.…

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Amazon staffer based just a stone's throw away from Seattle HQ tests positive for Wuhan coronavirus

Now COVID-19's got FAANGs

An Amazon staffer based a couple of blocks from its Seattle nerve-center has tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.…

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Tuesday 3 March 2020

You. Drop and give me 20... per cent IPv6 by 2023, 80% by 2025, Uncle Sam tells its IT admins after years of slacking

And policies and teams in place – on the double

Uncle Sam has finally had enough: 15 years after it put out a memo telling its federal organizations they had to start moving to IPv6, it has decided to give sluggish bureaucrats a kick in the ass.…

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New Jersey beats New York – and then the rest of America – on broadband access. How does your state fare?

National survey of ISPs flags familiar recommendations for better internet

New Jersey has bested New York when it comes to broadband, according to a survey of all 2,000 ISPs across the US – and both beat the rest of the country.…

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AWS to double sales droids as Google, Microsoft's growing clouds threaten to gobble larger slices of Bezos' pie

Experts drafted in to help new hires answer customers' technical questions

Amazon Web Services plans to double its sales staffing numbers this year in the face of mounting competition and slowing growth.…

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Coronavirus conference cancellations continue: Google and Microsoft axe WSL and Cloud Next

Adobe Summit too. They'll all go online now. Dress code: PJs and a blankie

Google and Microsoft have both axed major conferences due to take place this month - the latest casualties of the novel coronavirus amid a clampdown across the tech industry on attending all such events.…

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What a mesh: Snowflake punts edge tech tie-up at SecOps teams

Cloud data warehouse slinger claims it can help comb through event logs

Cloud-native data warehouse vendor Snowflake and Edge Delta have spun up a new SecOps architecture they claim will broaden the application of analytics in a security information and event management (SIEM) product.…

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Microsoft's latest cloud innovation: Printing

Now without all the mucking around on-premises

Universal Print, a new Microsoft Azure service now in private preview, allows printers to be registered with Azure Active Directory so users can print to them via the cloud.…

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Broadband providers can now flog Openreach's new IP voice network in bid to ditch UK's copper phone lines by 2025

Needing a landline will soon be a thing of the past

BT's Openreach today launched an IP-based network that aims to ultimately replace the UK's public switched telephone network (PSTN), which carries analogue voice communications.…

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Mirantis gros fromage quits to start new 'private LTE' biz on open-access spectrum

Open-source chap Boris Renski chats to El Reg about the near future

Interview  The co-founder of Kubernetes cloud outfit Mirantis, Boris Renski, has left the business to start a new venture focused on 5G-based "private LTE" campus networks.…

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Monday 2 March 2020

We're Finnished: Nokia replaces CEO Rajeev Suri with another industry vet Lundmark

Man who steered firm away from burning platform steps away: 'I want to do something different'

Nokia Oyj will say jäähyvästi to current CEO Rajeev Suri in September, replacing him with Pekka Lundmark – who currently heads energy firm Fortum.…

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