Friday 29 June 2018

Vodafone pinches mobe network nerd metrics from the mighty EE

Surgical investment pays off for performance in three UK cities

Vodafone earned a fine for its rotten customer service, but it can now claim bragging rights as the best data network in three cities, as well as the lowest overall latency and ping rates on 4G.…

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Registry to ban Cyrillic .eu addresses even if you've paid for them

Шифтинг то а сепарате бут еqуал сыстем ит цлаимс

The internet registry operator for Europe's .eu domains will forcibly dump yet more internet addresses, with a decision to kill off any domains in the Cyrillic language.…

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Thursday 28 June 2018

UK Home Office sheds 70 staff on delayed 4G upgrade to Emergency Services Network

Perm Sec declines to confirm if review will be published as planned next month

The Home Office's massive project to replace the UK's radio infrastructure with a 4G network has shed 70 staffers and plans to expunge another 130, officials have said.…

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Go forth and break it: Google pushes NASty Cloud Filestore to beta

Cheaper than Amazon's Elastic File System, but that's hardly a stretch

Google has opened a beta programme offering managed file storage for apps running in its cloud platform.…

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Wednesday 27 June 2018

Hipster horror! Slack has gone TITSUP: Total inability to support user procrastination

Work-avoidance tool avoids work

Hipster darling and reskinned IRC client Slack went dark today, with users having to resort to actually speaking to each other instead.…

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Labour MP pushing to slip 6-hour limit to kill illegal online content into Counter-Terror Bill

Plus: Brit lawmakers debate 'three streams and you're out' rule for terrorist material

A Labour MP is pushing the UK government to introduce strict time limits for tech giants to take down illegal content as part of draft counter-terror legislation.…

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Facebook quietly kills its Aquila autonomous internet drone program

Silicon Valley hubris project crashes down to Earth

Facebook has canned its plans to bring high-speed internet via a solar-powered drone beaming lasers to the ground, according to an announcement on Tuesday.…

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Tuesday 26 June 2018

Who wants to cram some BOFH skills into their brains? How about from, er, Google?

IT Support Professional Certificate coming to some schools later this year

Google is bringing its IT Support Professional Certificate program to more than two dozen US community colleges this fall in an effort to prime the sysadmin supply pump.…

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GitLab's move off Azure to Google cloud totally unrelated to Microsoft's GitHub acquisition. Yep

Source shack says it's chasing reliability and Kubernetes tech

From the department of "yeah, right" comes news that GitLab is shifting its platform from Azure to Google in order to take advantage of the ad giant's Kubernetes technology.…

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Friday 22 June 2018

Amazon staffers protest firm's 'support of the surveillance state'

Letter to Bezos: 'We refuse to contribute to tools that violate human rights'

Amazon workers have reportedly called on their bosses to stop selling facial recognition kit to cops and spies, and slammed its links to data analytics biz Palantir.…

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Wednesday 20 June 2018

Microsoft CEO wades into ICE outcry: Cool it, we only do legacy mail

Ethics! Principles! But no talk of scrapping federal contract either

Microsoft's continued frantic efforts to distance itself from a clumsily worded blog post continued today with the publishing of an email from CEO Satya Nadella.…

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Priceless: The cost to BT for bothering you with spam? 1.5 UK pence per email

Incumbent telco fined £77k for sending 5 million of the things

Brit telco BT has been ordered to pay £77,000 for sending almost 5 million nuisance emails - equivalent to about 1.5p a mail.…

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Azure admins free to sync their teeth into database-spreader tool

Harmonise with on-premises SQL for when, you know, the cloud falls out of the sky

Microsoft announced general availability of its Azure Data Sync tool this week, which allows data to be synchronised between cloudy Azure SQL databases and on-premises servers.…

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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Cisco snags potential customer-sniffing biz for an undisclosed sum

OEM partner July Systems' tech tracks in-store punters by Wi-Fi

Cisco is to slurp up cloudy indoor location services biz July Systems to add to its Wi-Fi platform and boost customer experience capabilities.…

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UK footie fans furious as Sky Broadband goes TITSUP: Total inability to stream unfair penalties

Midlands users report service sucking on a half-time orange

The Sky Broadband service took an unscheduled half-time break last night, leaving residents of the UK Midlands unable to stream sporting action from Russia.…

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Adobe’s e-signature service to go bi-cloud: adds Azure to AWS

Why? Well Adobe's just revealed deeper hooks into Office and Dynamics

Adobe’s taking its “Sign” electronic signature service into Microsoft’s Azure cloud, in addition to its current arrangement that sees the service run in Amazon’s cloud.…

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Monday 18 June 2018

'No, we are not rewriting Office in JavaScript' and other Microsoft tales

The week's good, bad and weird from Redmond

E3 aside, the team at Redmond were busy last week with a smattering of the good, the bad and the frankly odd.…

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Brit mobile punters want the Moon on a stick but then stay on the same networks for aeons

How does that work?

Chinese brands have been eyeing Western markets for some time, but in the UK customer inertia means many punters stick with what they know.…

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Friday 15 June 2018

CIOs planning to snub Oracle for other cloudy vendors – analyst

Drop for Big Red shares as biz prepares to announce Q4 financial results

Oracle stock has been downgraded by JP Morgan based on its CIO survey that didn't paint a rosy picture for Big Red's cloud services business.…

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Thursday 14 June 2018

Dinosaurs permitted to mate: But what does AT&T Time merger mean for antitrust – and you?

Cord-cutters swung the court

Analysis  Across political divides in the United States there's a common appetite for reining in the country's plutocratic corporate overlords. The country that reveres Mom 'n' Pop businesses is wary when giant businesses combine. But the landmark decision in a US District Court permitting two legacy businesses to merge indicates how hard this is.…

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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Never mind infrastructure, what about the customer?

European IT shifts its focus

Promo  Cloud CRM giant Salesforce recently surveyed 1,005 IT leaders in France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK to examine how IT is evolving to meet the needs of an ever more connected customer base. The results of the survey were compiled into a report entitled The State of IT in Europe.…

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Tuesday 12 June 2018

UK comms firm Gradwell quits cloud land after 'strategic review'

Bath-based firm offloads fluffy white assets, eyes up VoIP, broadband future

Gradwell Communications yesterday emailed clients - mostly fellow small businesses - to let them know that it has offloaded the cloud services "assets".…

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Friday 8 June 2018

Google plays cloud catch-up and moves into a place of its own

Don't like sharing? Have your very own spot in the ad-slinger's data centre. For a fee

Google has signalled it is getting more serious about this whole cloud thing with the beta availability of sole-tenant nodes in Google Compute Engine.…

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SAP: It’s all about cloud. Oh and blockchain, let's do that too

Sapphire Now announcements focus on fluffy stuff, tout innovation potential

SAP has used its annual conference to announce plans to release a private cloud deployment with IBM Cloud, offer up blockchain-as-a-service and bolster its Leonardo tool kit.…

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Thursday 7 June 2018

Plans for half of Europeans to get 100Mbps by 2020 ain't gonna happen – report

EU auditors also reckon universal 30Mbps unlikely

Insanely ambitious plans by the EU to connect half of the households in member states to 100Mbps by 2020, have unsurprisingly fallen by the wayside - according to a report.…

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Still digitally transforming businesses. Still losing money

Results are in for open source data software dev Cloudera and MongoDB

Open source data software slinger Cloudera dramatically slashed net losses in the first quarter of its fiscal new year but only after hacking away at a string of company expenses from R&D to staff costs.…

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EE seeks guinea pig millennial hipsters for 5G experiments

Calling all Bongs – this won't hurt a bit

Millennials are notoriously fearful of handling raw meat – but EE hopes they'll be less wary fondling experimental radio equipment.…

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Monday 4 June 2018

Extract, transform, load? More like extremely tough to load, amirite?

Thankfully, now there are data integration platforms for that

Data integration has been an IT challenge for decades. Long before cloud, even before client server. Back then, though, it was relatively simple – you were working with systems of record, desktop databases and business systems.…

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Friday 1 June 2018

Pentagon: JEDI bids on hold again, but it's still not the cloud contract you're looking for

US Department of Defense insistent on single vendor

The Pentagon has pushed back its controversial single vendor cloud contract deal, saying it doesn't want to "rush toward failure".…

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