Saturday 30 July 2016

Stop us if you've heard this one: Telcos shoot to kill net neutrality

Wheeler laughs off latest attempt to kill Title II classification

A group of American telcos has formally asked the courts to overturn US broadband watchdog the FCC's Open Internet rules.…

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Friday 29 July 2016

Give .gay to the gays, roars exiting ombudsman

More shenanigans at everyone's favorite non-profit internet monopoly

The independent ombudsman at DNS overseer ICANN has used his last day on the job to fire a broadside over the ".gay" top-level domain.…

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Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory Enables Routing to On-premises Public IP Addresses

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition), also referred to as Microsoft AD, now supports routing to your on-premises DNS servers, conditional forwarders and hosts that use public Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Through the link to your VPC, you can now create trusts and domain join hosts with on-premises computers that have public IP addresses. This provides you more flexibility in how you integrate Microsoft AD with your on-premises environment. 

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Enable Your Federated Users to Work in the AWS Management Console for up to 12 Hours

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) supports identity federation, which enables external identities, such as users in your corporate directory, to sign in to the AWS Management Console via single sign-on (SSO). Now with a small configuration change, your AWS administrators can allow your federated users to work in the AWS Management Console for up to 12 hours, instead of having to reauthenticate every 60 minutes. In addition, administrators can now revoke active federated user sessions. 

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The bigger they get, the harder we fall: Thinking our way out of cloud crash

Holy cascading cloutage catastrophe!

Cloud computing is wonderful, until it isn’t. A digital screw comes loose somewhere, and before you know it the whole engine has ground to a halt in a cascading cloud outage – or, as we like to call it, a cloutage.…

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Bezos bags bonkers bucks as almighty AWS astounds again

Cloudy with a chance of windfalls

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is on a roll after closing a financial quarter in which its operating income more than doubled.…

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Someone (cough, cough VeriSign) just gave ICANN $135m for the rights to .web

DNS overlord literally doubled its annual revenue in one day

An unnamed organization just paid $135m for the rights to sell ".web" domain names. This is three times the previous record of $45m for .shop, and seven times the average auction price for top-level domains.…

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Amazon Cognito Your User Pools is Now Generally Available

This feature makes it easy for developers to add user sign-up, sign-in, and enhanced security functionality to their mobile and web apps. With User Pools, you get a simple, fully managed service for creating and maintaining your own user directory that can scale to hundreds of millions of users. You benefit from the security and privacy best practices of AWS, and retain full control of your user data. This feature is now available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and EU (Ireland).

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Thursday 28 July 2016

Announcing DNS Resolution Support for VPC Peering

Today, we are announcing DNS resolution support for a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering connection. You can now enable resolution of public DNS hostnames to private IP addresses when queried from the peered VPC. This functionality is also supported cross-account so the two VPCs can be in different accounts. This feature simplifies DNS setup for VPC peering connections.

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AWS CodeCommit Adds Commit History View

You can now view the commit history of an AWS CodeCommit repository from the CodeCommit console. This helps you more easily understand the changes made to a repository, who made the changes, and when the changes were made.

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nbn™ switches on first Telstra HFC-powered broadband services

100/40Mbps services available to 2,300 Perth homes

nbn™, the entity building and operating Australia's national broadband network (NBN), has announced its first services delivered over the hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) cables formerly owned by Australia's dominant carrier Telstra.…

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IPv6 now faster than IPv4 when visiting 20% of top websites – and just as fast for the rest

The long and painful transition is getting there

Accessing websites via IPv6 is not only comparable in speed to IPv4, but is actually faster when visiting one in five of the world's most popular sites, according to German researchers.…

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AWS Application Discovery Service now supports Agentless Mode

Today, we are enhancing the AWS Application Discovery Service to collect information about on-premises VMware environments without requiring on-host agent installation, making it easier and faster for enterprises to assess their environment. 

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Larry Ellison's Oracle swallows Larry Ellison's part owned Netsuite for $9.3bn

So that $3.69 BEEEEEELION for more adult toys then Lazza?

Database titan Larry Ellison’s Oracle is slurping NetSuite - a company he and his family already own a big slice of - for a cool $9.3bn (£7bn) to help him compete better with Salesforce, another firm he part owns.…

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O2 sales dip 9% as tight-fisted Brits cling to their old handsets

Weak pound affects sales reporting in Blighty

Sales at O2 UK fell by 8.9 per cent to €3.46bn (£2.91bn) for the first half of the year, as customers opted to hang on to their old handsets rather than upgrade.…

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Salesforce's data-losing NA14 instance is still a bit naughty

It's up and down like the Assyrian Empire! Or at least rather wobbly's troubled NA14 instance has had another brownout, by our count the third in recent weeks.…

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How to upgrade cities to 40Gbps broadband without replacing today's fiber network

Verizon to test gear to boost speeds to homes, businesses

Verizon will soon test communications gear that can provide next-generation 40Gbps fiber broadband services in America.…

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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports Elasticsearch 2.3

Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports Elasticsearch version 2.3. Amazon Elasticsearch Service makes it easy to run Elasticsearch, which is a popular tool for real-time analytics use cases such as log analytics and application monitoring. Elasticsearch 2.3 offers many new features, including support for pipeline aggregations, improved geo-point fields, and support for data compression. Elasticsearch version 2.3 also offers many benefits over version 1.5, including improved performance, memory management and resiliency, and security enhancements. Starting today, customers can choose between Elasticsearch version 1.5 or 2.3 when creating an Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain. 

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Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports SQL Server Native Backup/Restore with S3

Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports SQL Server Native Backup/Restore using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). You can now take database level backups as SQL Server backup files (.bak) and store them in your Amazon S3 bucket. SQL Server full backups are commonly used to migrate or move databases among different SQL Server instances, whether in the cloud or on-premises, for data ingestion, disaster recovery and other backup purposes. You can export a full backup of your on-premises database, store it in S3 and then use the custom stored procedures offered by RDS to restore that backup to an existing RDS instance. You will also be able to backup an RDS database into S3 and restore the backup file later onto an on-premises or RDS database. Storing and transferring backup files into and out of AWS through S3 affords customers an added layer of protection for disaster recovery and gives customers a peace of mind that their data can be moved around easily. On RDS, you can encrypt your backup files across SQL Server Express, Web, Standard and Enterprise Editions.

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Cats and dogs face starvation as PetNet plays dead

Net failure forces humans to 'manually' feed ravenous pooches and pussies

Outage ALERT  Humans have been forced to temporarily interact with their dogs or cats - perhaps both - after PetNet’s smart feeder system suffered a blackout.…

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Heart Internet goes TITSUP again

Total Inability To Support Usual Per... one server?

Heart Internet has restored service to customers whose email has been titsup since Monday, with users unable to use the service due to a single server failure.…

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AWS Support announces update to Developer Support plan

A new pricing model for our Developer Support plan has been launched, reducing the entry cost from $49 per month to $29 per month, while providing the same level of customer service and support. As of July 26th, 2016 all new AWS accounts subscribing to Developer Support will receive the new pricing, set at the greater of $29 or 3% of monthly AWS spend. 

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Oz regulator eyes broadband marketing

ISPs fudging performance claims in ads? Say it isn't so!

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is setting its sights on broadband speed claims, again.…

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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Now Access CloudWatch Metrics directly from the Amazon ML Console

Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) now publishes your CloudWatch metrics in the Amazon ML console, making it even easier to use and access these graphs. Currently, Amazon ML publishes metrics to CloudWatch, enabling you to monitor the performance of your models in production. As part of the ML model report, you can view recent CloudWatch metrics related to the model. Now with a single click from the Amazon ML console, you can directly to go the view of metrics for that model in CloudWatch to get further detail.

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Verizon blames striking workers for dent in sales

Yahoo! is! going! to! love! it! here!

Fresh from its $4.8bn acquisition of Yahoo!, Verizon says its sales dropped five per cent year-on-year in its latest quarter, the three months to the end of June.…

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Odds are your office is ill-prepared for network-ransacking ransomware

Cisco cybersecurity report points to dangers ahead

Organizations are unprepared for future strains of more sophisticated ransomware, a report by Cisco warns.…

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AWS IoT announces support for Thing Types in the Thing Registry

AWS IoT now supports Thing Types in the Thing Registry. Thing Types allow you to effectively manage your catalogue of devices by defining common characteristics for devices that belong to the same device category. In addition, a Thing associated with a Thing Type can now have up to 50 attributes including 3 searchable attributes.

To learn more about the Thing Registry and Thing Types visit the AWS IoT site or AWS developer documentation.  

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Ofcom: A legal separation will force Openreach to eat more fibre

Plans for 2 million FTTP connections in next four years 'not enough'

Ofcom head Sharon White has said she hopes plans to legally separate Openreach from BT will force it to increase its current investment of 2 million fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) connections over the next four years.…

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EMC insiders say Salesforce has ordered $75m of its kit

Forget AWS (sort of): We've still got skin in the game

EMC landed a punch on behalf of tech's old guard after it won a $75m deal to furnish Salesforce with shiny new on-premises storage hardware, sources have claimed.…

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BlackBerry's new best pals: Microsoft, Google, Samsung

'I cannot buy everything. Or manage everything' ... We need partners – Chen

BlackBerry didn't drop any bombshells at its annual Security Summit last week. Unlike previous years, there were no surprise acquisitions or products. But it did conspicuously share the limelight with a number of partners, some of which may make jolly good new owners.…

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Announcing the availability of Snowball in EU (Frankfurt) region

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Snowball service to EU (Frankfurt) region. With this launch, AWS Import/Export Snowball is now available in the eight regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), US West (N. California), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (India), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and AWS GovCloud (US). 

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AWS Lambda Available in Asia Pacific (Singapore)

AWS Lambda is now available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) region. 

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Monday 25 July 2016

I'm good, I'm fine, solid quarter, real well ... pants Sprint as it limps past, spilling $300m

'Most new customers in nine years'

US telco Sprint says it is bringing in new customers by the boatload, despite another quarter in which its losses reached well into nine figures.…

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Hans off! Ericsson unplugs CEO after gräslig results

Vestberg pays price

Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg has been unceremoniously dumped after another set of disappointing results.…

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Zen loses its chill: UK biz ISP falls offline for four hours and counting

TITSUP: Total Inability To Support Upset Punters

Beloved business-friendly ISP Zen has been suffering an outage for more than four hours today in the UK – and the carrier has no timetable for when service will be restored.…

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Now evaluate AWS Config Rules on demand, trigger rules on both configuration changes and periodic frequency, delete evaluation results, and assess a broad set of resources

AWS Config is a fully managed service that continuously records configurations changes to your resources in AWS and notifies you when your resources change. With AWS Config Rules, you can define guidelines for provisioning and configuring AWS resources and then continuously monitor compliance with those guidelines. 

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'We're not Openreach' biz CityFibre sextuples pipeline

Seems to be doing a roaring trade

Cable-layer CityFibre has booked a six-fold increase in contracts during its first half of 2016, with £53.8m in the pipeline compared with £8.1m for the same period last year.…

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How to make the move from ISDN to SIP

Find the right provider, yes, but before that...

ISDN is fast becoming a technology of the past. Today's telcos have networks that bypass traditional telephony signalling technologies for IP networks: the hardest thing they do is present a “legacy” connection such as an analogue line or an ISDN connection to a customer, as layering a non-IP service on an IP network is non-trivial at a technical level.…

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Ofcom should push for fibre – Ex BT CTO

'Aiming for mediocre speeds is such a British attitude'

Tomorrow Ofcom will announce its plans for strengthening Openreach’s independence from BT and creating a more competitive broadband market.…

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Mobile broadband now cheaper than wired, for 95 per cent of humanity

But the Internet of Things is only working in Fjordland

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released the 2016 edition of its Facts and Figures (PDF) on technology adoption, and among the many data points it contains is an odd concentration of connected “things” in countries with Fjords.…

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Telstra's head of ops drops after network flops

Kate McKenzie 'retires' from Telstra

Telstra's chief of operations, Kate McKenzie, has “retired” from the carrier.…

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Friday 22 July 2016

Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK

Blames shonky billing migration

Sales at Vodafone in the UK dropped 3.2 per cent in the first quarter of its financial year to €1.84bn (£1.5bn) - with the biz pointing to issues with its new billing system.…

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Oracle tools up for cloud wars with sales re-org

'Half focus is no focus'

Oracle has shaken up its sales force to drive cloud business, multiple sources have told The Register.…

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Salesforce slurps uptime startup Coolan for global infrastructure scale-out

Why Salesforce needs this stuff when it's outsourced to AWS is anyone's guess has acquired a startup called Coolan that builds tools “to track and analyze infrastructure reliability for increased uptime and optimized efficiency.”…

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nbn™ talks up HFC upgrades to gigabit speed

Research points out that HFC is widely-used and fast, but we knew that already and fibre fanatics don't care

nbn™, the entity building and operating Australia's national broadband network (NBN), has started to talk up the scalability of the hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) networks it will use to provide services to many Australians.…

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Amazon WorkSpaces now allows you to bring your Windows 10 Desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces

In October 2015, we announced that you can bring your existing Windows 7 Desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces, a program we call Bring Your Own License (BYOL). Today we are pleased to announce that we are adding Windows 10 Desktop licenses to the BYOL program, allowing you to use the Windows 10 Desktop operating system on your Amazon WorkSpaces running on hardware that is dedicated to you. Just like when you bring your own Windows 7 Desktop licenses, this option entitles you to a discount of $4 per month per WorkSpace, and also allows you to use a single Windows 10 Desktop golden image on-premises and for your Amazon WorkSpaces.

To take advantage of this option, your organization must meet the licensing requirements set by Microsoft, and you must commit to running at least 200 WorkSpaces in a given AWS region each month.

To learn more about this option and the eligibility requirements, please see the Amazon WorkSpaces FAQ page.  

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AT&T: Money? Oh, sure, no I'm fine – I'm doing great (if you ignore my phone business)

Wireless drops bolstered by DirecTV cash

AT&T says wireless revenues are down in what was an otherwise solid quarter for the US telecom giant.…

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Thursday 21 July 2016

IETF boffins design a DNS for digital money

Interledger uses familiar concepts to connect digi-currency networks

Digital currency engineers are working on a domain name system (DNS)-style protocol to enable money to be shared across different networks.…

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Amazon EC2 Container Service Automatic Service Scaling Region Expansion

Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) automatic service scaling is now available in five additional regions: US West (N. California), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Asia Pacific (Sydney).

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Amazon EC2 Run Command is now available in China (Beijing) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) regions

Amazon EC2 Run Command is now available in China (Beijing) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) regions. AWS customers in these regions can now automate administrative tasks such as executing Linux Shell scripts and commands, running Windows PowerShell commands, installing software or patches, and more across instances. Furthermore, customers can now perform these tasks on instances or virtual machines across any location, enabling hybrid cloud and cross cloud management.

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Amazon EC2 Run Command now supports event driven notifications

Amazon EC2 Run Command now supports event-driven notifications. You can now monitor the status of your commands either at fleet or instance level, and receive real-time updates. These notifications are supported by Amazon EC2 Run Command or through AWS CloudWatch Events

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Now use AWS Config to record changes to RDS and ACM resources and write Config Rules to evaluate their state

AWS Config continuously records configurations changes to resources in your AWS account and notifies you of these changes through Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). Config rules check these resources for compliance with desired configurations you specify. 

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BT customers hit by broadband outage.. again

Another power problem, this time at Telehouse North

BT customers are once again banging their heads against their keyboards this morning, due to a power outage which has thrown them offline for the second day running.…

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DDoS, the cloud and you

Who are you rubbing shoulders with?

Private cloud computing can be a useful way to offload some computing overhead and manage your costs effectively. The switch to operating expenses from capital expenses, the elasticity, the business continuity benefits – they're all real. But so are the dangers of DDoS disaster.…

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The cloud ain't making it rain for Intel right now: Tech giants pause server chip sales

We can always rely on PCs, right? Er...

Analysis  Intel's stock price fell on Wednesday after it became clear the processor maker is not selling quite as many server processor chips as investors had hoped.…

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Microsoft delays Azure updates so you can catch up with the cloud

It turns out some of you are happy running legacy cloud services Redmond wants killed

In the cloud, we're constantly told, we won't have to bother about staying up to date with new versions of stuff. Our service providers will make non-disruptive upgrades for which we'll be non-disruptively grateful.…

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Create an Amazon Aurora database from your MySQL backup in S3

Starting today you can create a new Amazon Aurora database from an existing MySQL backup. This can be done by creating a backup of your MySQL database using the Percona XtraBackup tool and uploading the file(s) to an Amazon S3 bucket. You can then create a new Aurora cluster from the backup file(s) in Amazon S3, directly through the RDS console.

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Raving mad: Glow sticks are secret weapon in Facebook's 2.1Gbps laser internet drones

Umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch

At Facebook's F8 Developer Conference this year, Mark Zuckerberg revealed more details about his laser-firing drones that will encircle the world and relay Facebook, sorry, the internet to far-flung places, reaching potentially all seven billion of us.…

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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Four New AWS Training Bootcamps to Help You Build Technical Skills

We’ve made four of our most popular Technical Bootcamps from AWS re:Invent and Summits part of our broader AWS Training portfolio so you can attend a class convenient to you.

  • Taking AWS Operations to Next Level teaches you how to leverage AWS CloudFormation, Chef, and AWS SDKs to automate provisioning and configuration of AWS infrastructure resources and applications. We also cover how to work with AWS Service Catalog. This course is designed for solutions architects and SysOps administrators.
  • Securing Next-Gen Applications at Cloud Scale teaches you how to use a DevSecOps approach to design and build robust security controls at cloud scale for next-generation workloads. We cover design considerations of operating high-assurance workloads on the AWS platform. Labs teach you governance, configuration management, trust-decision automation, audit artifact generation, and native integration of tasks into custom software workloads. This course is for security engineers, developers, solutions architects, and other technical security practitioners.
  • Running Container-Enabled Microservices on AWS teaches you how to manage and scale container-enabled applications by using Amazon ECS. Labs teach you to use Amazon ECS to handle long-running services, build and deploy container images, link services together, and scale capacity to meet demand. This course is for developers, solutions architects, and system administrators.
  • Building a Recommendation Engine on AWS teaches you to build a real-time analytics and geospatial search application using Amazon ES, Amazon DynamoDB, DynamoDB Streams, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3. We discuss a real-world location-aware social application that displays information generated from a model created with Amazon Machine Learning. We also cover best practices for processing and analyzing data, such as the lambda data processing pattern and automating development process, using Swagger, Grunt, and the AWS SDK. This course is for developers, solutions architects, and data scientists.


You can find upcoming classes in our Global Class Schedule or learn more at AWS Training.

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Now Easily Delete Multiple Objects through the Amazon ML Console

You now have the ability to quickly and easily delete multiple objects through the Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) console. Interactively select and/or deselect multiple objects, either individually or in bulk, to delete these objects via the Amazon ML console. For instance, once a model is trained to meet your business requirements, you can search, select, and delete the datasources, models, and evaluations produced during the iterative process of model development.

For more information on using this new feature to select and delete multiple objects through the console, visit the Amazon ML documentation.

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Internet exchange Linx cuts peering prices by 40% after rip-off claims

Did Netflix's accusations force company's hand?

The London Internet Exchange (Linx) has announced it will slash prices – just one month after the non-profit was pointedly criticized for charging too much.…

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AWS CloudFormation Adds Support for AWS IoT and Additional Updates

You can now provision AWS IoT resources using AWS CloudFormation. Visit our documentation to learn more.

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AWS Device Farm Remote Access for Manual Testing on Android and iOS Devices – Now Generally Available

AWS Device Farm Remote Access is now generally available. Gesture, swipe, and interact with mobile devices in real time, directly from your web browser. You can use AWS Device Farm Remote Access for manual tasks like debugging new functionality, running manual tests, and reproducing customer issues. Note: New device types will be coming on-line on a daily basis. We use market data and customer feedback to continuously update the fleet.

To learn more see the documentation or visit the AWS Device Farm site.

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Amazon CloudWatch Events Available in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

CloudWatch Events is now available in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region.

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GMB tests Uber 'self-employed drivers' claim at London tribunal

'Not a technology company and drivers aren't self employed'

GMB has brought two test cases to the Central London Employment Tribunal today to determine if Uber acted unlawfully by not providing its drivers with “basic workers’ rights”, such as holiday pay and a national minimum wage. This is the first time that Uber's claim that drivers are self-employed has been tested under UK law.…

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Web meltdown: BT feels heat from angry punters

Power outage in London fingered

A raft of BT customers were knocked offline this morning due to a power problem at one of its web peering partners’ sites in London.…

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EU Net Neutrality debate heats up as Tim-Berners Lee weighs in

400,000 submissions received, some critical of carriers claiming 5G costs justify fast lanes

It's hard to work up a good lump in the throat in sympathy for a bureaucrat, but staff at the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) probably need just a little: they're going to have to work through 400,000 submissions about Net Neutrality in the EU.…

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Microsoft Azure doubles up to $800m a quarter – and is wiped out by dying phone sales

Win some, you lose some: profit up, revenue down

Analysis  All eyes were on Microsoft's cloud business today as it published its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results.…

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Handover of US internet control to ICANN now officially blocked by Republican policy

China, Russia, Iran will 'devour' the web after IANA transition

The planned transition of the internet's critical technical functions from the US government to a technical body may come under further attack after the Republican Party officially agreed to block it on Monday.…

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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Shock: Apple patents the phone book

Cupertino pondering cellular broadband tech in laptops

Apple has been granted a patent that suggests its future MacBooks will come with built-in phone hardware, giving the notebooks mobile broadband connectivity.…

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Amazon Elastic Transcoder Adds Support For WAV

You can now use Amazon Elastic Transcoder to create WAV outputs with PCM audio. The WAV format primarily stores raw and uncompressed audio and is ideal for use in editing workflows and for archival. You can try out this format by using the newly available system presets.

To learn more, please consult the Elastic Transcoder Developer Guide.

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DDoS trends: Bigger, badder but not longer

10Gbps is the new norm, warns Arbor Networks

DDoS attacks once again escalated in both size and frequency during the first six months of 2016.…

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Docker Cloud flamed as websites go TITSUP in DNS meltdown

Total Inability To Support UDP Packets

Websites running on the Docker Cloud hosted container management and deployment service have been taken down by an apparent DNS outage.…

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New Regional Provisioning Capability in AWS Mobile Hub - Multi-region Resource Creation Now Available

AWS Mobile Hub now allows you to set the AWS region where you would like your project’s AWS resources to be provisioned. These include – US East (N Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Sydney). Simply login to the AWS Mobile Hub console, create a new project and set the region you would like your resources for that project to be created in. Mobile Hub then uses this setting to provision AWS resources as you enable features like Cloud Logic, NoSQL database and User Data Storage in that region. Additionally, if a particular AWS service needed by a feature is not available in a region that you have provisioned, Mobile Hub will provision services in the nearest region where that AWS service is available.

Start today by visiting AWS Mobile Hub console.

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Scalr hosting hit with outage

Server records deletion causes website woes

Cloud management biz was yesterday hit by an outage which knocked customer websites offline.…

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MPs tell BT: Lay more fibre or face split with Openreach

'Compelling evidence' BT Group 'exploiting... vertical integration'

BT has "significantly under-invested" in it infrastructure subsidiary Openreach and a full split should go ahead if fails to offer appropriate reforms and investment assurances", according to a report by MPs.…

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LTE-U vs. WiFi fight gets closer to a settlement

Broadcom brief the FCC on the last sticking point slowing spectrum-sharing agreement

FCC filings by Broadcom reveal the chip-maker is still feeling bullish about the controversial LTE-U (LTE-Unlicensed) push.…

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Monday 18 July 2016

Facebook and Google show how the world really will be blanketed in 5G

Zuckerbook adds OpenCellular to its disruptive, non-MNO network vision

Facebook has outdone even Google recently, in its efforts to shake up the mobile industry and accelerate the delivery of broadband services (and its revenue generators) to the entire planet. This is no longer just about using balloons and new spectrum to push affordable wireless access to underserved communities. It is about blowing apart the traditional mobile network supply chain, and the way those networks are deployed.…

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Intel's SGX tiptoes towards Linux

SDK, driver live on GitHub

Intel has fulfilled a promise made in April to open-source a Linux driver for its SGX technology.…

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Saturday 16 July 2016

AT&T: We wanna be a drone company, not just a phone company

Aerial inspectors, air traffic control and flying COWs ahead

Vid  AT&T is planning to rapidly expand its use of drones – it can already put one of the gizmos in the air virtually anywhere over continental United States.…

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COUP-TUBE: Turkey blocks social networks amid military takeover

Quick, man the VPNs!

Access to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is blocked in Turkey tonight amid an ongoing attempted military coup in the NATO nation.…

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Friday 15 July 2016

Cloud giants demand overhaul of America's privacy rules on overseas servers

Everyone except Google wants reform

Technology trade organizations have urged the US Congress to replace the country's antique privacy protection laws – after a New York court stopped American prosectors from seizing emails from servers offshore in Ireland.…

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IaaS revenue to triple by 2020, to $43.6bn

The on-premises pie is shrinking, but perhaps not disastrously

Infrastructure as a service sold by public clouds will become a US$43.6 billion market by 2020, according to abacus-rattling firm IDC's new Worldwide Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Forecast, 2016-2020.…

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Microsoft open sources Azure bill analysis tool

Portal to help devs remember that cluster they ran last week and don't need any more

One of the problems users run into in the cloud is that the cost of using servers-for-rent can sometimes be surprising.…

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Thursday 14 July 2016

Empty your free 15GB OneDrive space today – before Microsoft deletes your files for you

Clouds turn to rain to hide your tears

Microsoft is cutting its free OneDrive cloud storage space down to 5GB, and eliminating the 15GB free camera roll for many users. Files will be deleted by Redmond until your account is under the free limit.…

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Thermostat biz Nest warms to home security, touts cam with cloud storage subscription

What could go wrong?

Nest has launched its first new product in several years: an outdoor surveillance camera.…

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5G: Mother of all pipes, or actually useful?

For the first time, mobile operators not at centre of ecosystem

The 5G standardization timeline is set, demos and proofs of concept are proliferating, and claims to 5G world firsts are on the rise. Yet, many mobile operators and vendors don’t really know what future 5G networks will be needed for beyond better mobile broadband services, and they’re calling on potential industry users for help.…

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Openreach boss Clive Selley wants the Ofcom axe to fall already

I need certainty to get on with upgrades, says BT man

Interview  The Sword of Damocles has not entirely disappeared from above Openreach. Earlier this year Ofcom stopped short of recommending a full decapitation of the broadband provider from its parent BT. Crucially, though, it has kept the option on the table.…

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Google's Android Pay hits Australia

ANZ, Coles, first Aussie giants to make launch

Android Pay has launched in Australia, with ANZ Bank being the first of the Big Four able to use the phone-only facility.…

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CloudFlare probes mystery interception of site traffic across India

Traffic to Pirate Bay and others redirected to AirTel banned URL notice

An unknown agency in India, possibly telco Airtel, is quietly capitalising on encryption gaps in sites tended by DDOS-buster CloudFlare to intercept and redirect users.…

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nbnTM names six shops to re-build Telstra's HFC network

And TITSUP Telstra gets to manage them all

nbnTM , the entity building and operating Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN), has named the six companies it has chosen to turn the hybrid fibre coax (HFC) network it acquired from Telstra into a white-hot broadband delivery beast.…

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In these troubling times, senators unite to end America's big divide – rural v urban broadband

Committee to focus on stringing together cowtown cable

The US Senate has formally formed its first informal committee to push for better broadband in America's countryside.…

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Wednesday 13 July 2016

AWS Schema Conversion Tool now supports conversions from Oracle DW and Teradata to Amazon Redshift, Embedded Code Conversion, and Cloud native Code Optimization

We are pleased to announce that AWS Schema Conversion Tool now supports conversions from Oracle Data Warehouse and Teradata to Amazon Redshift. SCT actively analyzes the application and custom database code in the source data warehouse platform in order to provide optimized DDL statements with appropriate sort and distribution keys for Amazon Redshift.

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AWS Database Migration Service now supports continuous data replication with high-availability, enables SSL endpoints, and adds support for SAP ASE (formerly SAP Sybase ASE)

AWS Database Migration Service now supports continuous data replication. Customers have the option of enabling Multi-AZ which provides a replication stream that is fault tolerant through redundant replication servers. Continuous replication, when combined with DMS’ ability to migrate data between database engines, results in an exponential growth of potential use cases. 

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Amazon EC2 Container Service Now Supports IAM Roles for Tasks

Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) now allows you to specify an IAM role that can be used by the containers in an ECS task.

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EU operators’ 5G manifesto misses the point

Mobile RAN disruption

Never before have events coincided so neatly to demonstrate the gap between mobile operators’ thinking about 5G, and how future networks will really be deployed for disruptive effect. While Europe’s leading MNOs were presenting a backwards-looking "5G Manifesto" to the European Commission, veiling pleas for net neutrality special treatment with promises of 5G build-out, Facebook was announcing an open source approach to the mobile network, OpenCellular – part of a wider trend which could rip apart the network cost base and the operators’ and 3GPP vendors’ cosy world.…

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Using Comcast biz phones? Hope you liked your afternoon off

Business service goes dark amid mystery outage

Comcast says it is still investigating the cause of outages that killed its business phone service in the US on Tuesday.…

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Tuesday 12 July 2016

No, Google you still can't have dotless, one-word domains

And this time it's final, all right?

A surreptitious effort to introduce so-called "dotless domains" – where you type a single word into your browser to reach a website – has been noticed and shot down.…

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Keep up the pressure on the telcos, Canada

Connecting Canada is a slow and political process

Sysadmin Blog  Bell Canada has lost their second appeal of the July 2015 decision by the CRTC requiring the opening of fibre networks by Canada's major telcos for wholesale consumption by third party ISPs. The result solidifies Canada's presence amongst the nations embracing Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) and heralds a round of massive changes in Canada's third party ISP landscape.…

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Google broke its own cloud again

Software bug confused SSDs into thinking they were full during maintenance

Google has 'fessed up to breaking its own cloud. Again.…

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Monday 11 July 2016

Python Serverless Microframework for AWS - Developer Preview

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Announcing Cost Allocation Tagging for AWS Directory Service

We are pleased to announce that you can now add cost allocation tags to your AWS Directory Service directories. Tags make it easier for you to allocate costs and optimize spending by categorizing and grouping AWS resources. For example, you can use tags to group resources by administrator, application name, cost center, or a specific project. 

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4-day Fasthosts outage: Customers' sites go TITSUP

Ouch - online bookings take punch to wallet

Hosting provider Fasthosts has been hit with an outage lasting four days, which has knocked some customers' sites offline due a number of its cloudy services being out of action.…

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Clouds will gather again after wispy Q1, says IDC

Lots more switches, a little more servers and storage

The cloud infrastructure market dipped in the first quarter of 2016, but analyst outfit IDC reckons the full-year result will be much brighter, with the segment slated to pass US$37 billion for the full year.…

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Consumer advocates call on Telstra to set customers free after outages

Fly, my pretties, fly, says CHOICE

Australian consumer group CHOICE wants Telstra to release customers from their contracts, after months of repeated outages.…

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Friday 8 July 2016

Amazon EC2 Container Service CLI supports Docker Compose version 2 format

You can now use Docker Compose version 2 YAML files with the Amazon EC2 Container Service CLI (Amazon ECS CLI) to create an Amazon ECS service. 

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Wannabe Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom thinks all websites should be rated – just like movies

Maybe God told her to do it

The UK's possible future prime minister thinks all websites should be classified with minimum age ratings, just like films.…

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Build a Modular and Scalable Amazon VPC Architecture with New Quick Start

This new Quick Start builds a modular Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environment on the AWS Cloud to provide a virtual networking foundation for your AWS deployments. 

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AWS IoT Announces Java and Python Device SDKs

We are proud to announce the availability of the AWS IoT SDK for Java and the AWS IoT SDK for Python for AWS IoT

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NTT slips into ITC cockpit at F1 legends McLaren

It's the cloud, with go faster stripes

Notoriously secretive F1 team McLaren-Honda is set to race into the cloud with a worldwide tech partnership with Japanese teclo NTT Communications.…

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AWS Service Catalog User API Set now available and product version limit increased

Starting today, you can integrate with AWS Service Catalog user actions using the API and CLI. Previously, you could integrate with AWS Service Catalog only through the AWS Management Console. Now you can automate call patterns or integrate with your private console. The AWS Service Catalog API and console now support AWS CloudTrail logging.

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AWS CloudTrail: Now access configuration history of resources referenced in your API calls

AWS CloudTrail allows you to look up API calls and notable events that contain relevant details such as the user identity and source IP address of the API caller, and the AWS resources impacted by the API call. With the new capability, you can also access the configuration details of impacted resources and history of changes in AWS Config.  

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Thursday 7 July 2016

AWS Config now supports Deletion of Configuration Recorder

AWS Config now allows you to delete the configuration recorder using the AWS SDK or CLI.  

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AWS IoT Available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region

AWS IoT is now available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS region. 

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Linux cloudy tie ups: SUSE and Microsoft, Canonical and Pivotal

All my friends are getting married

It's a big week for Linux cloud tie-ups, with SUSE and Microsoft expanding their partnership, and Canonical becoming Pivotal's preferred operating system in Cloud Foundry.…

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Unmasking malware in TLS connections? It can be done, say Cisco researchers

Protecting users without decrypting their traffic

A group of researchers who work for Cisco* reckons malicious traffic in TLS tunnels can be spotted and blocked – without decrypting user traffic.…

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OpenCellular: Facebook tests its open templates on base stations

A 2G-to-LTE base station in the palm of your hand, open hardware, open software

Facebook's unleashed a slab of mobile networking technologies which that hint at how it would like remote communities to connect to the outside world.…

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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Huawei sues T-Mobile US: Why can't we be FRANDS with benefits?

Is this really all about a factory robot?

Huawei is suing T‑Mobile US for patent infringement – claiming the American carrier's core network is reliant on its technology and yet T-Mob isn't opening its wallet.…

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AWS CodePipeline Adds Manual Approval Actions

You can now add manual approval actions to different stages of your pipelines in AWS CodePipeline. This allows someone with the proper permissions to approve a code change before it can progress further down your pipeline. Manual approvals make it easier for your team to manage and review code changes before they are deployed. 

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Speaking in Tech: As long as you don't blow your fingers off, you're all good

Plus: Casters chat to EMC's open source guy, Jonas Rosland

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CityFibre takes on Ofcom over pledge to open BT ducts and poles

Regulator now says dark fibre sufficient

Small broadband provider CityFibre has complained to the competitions watchdog that Ofcom is backtracking on its promise to break the country's dependency on BT's Openreach by forcing greater access to its ducts and poles.…

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Verizon, KT, Telefonica: On three continents, operators prepare for 5G

Europe, Asia, US close to commercially viable model

In the week of Brexit and Iceland, a London event perhaps did not need any more reminders about falling behind the rest of the world – but a final, unavoidable conclusion from last week’s 5G World was that the east Asian operators, always very technically progressive, are also in a league of their own when it comes to detailed deployment plans too.…

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HPE rushes out patch for more than a year of OpenSSL vulns

Logjam in patch pipeline cleared at last

HP Enterprise has popped into its Tardis, and gone back in time to patch OpenSSL bugs dating back to 2014 – including the infamous Logjam bug.…

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Tuesday 5 July 2016

AWS Marketplace Introduces support for ISV Sellers Based in the European Union

We are happy to announce that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with legal entities in countries participating in the European Union (EU) can now register, list, and sell products on AWS Marketplace, bringing a broad new selection to AWS’s worldwide customers. 

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Oz competition regulator seeks input on ending wholesale ADSL declaration

NBN is likely to make the service obsolete. If the clown-show gets it built

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is considering whether the eventual advent of the National Broadband Network (NBN) means wholesale DSL regulation can be retired.…

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Monday 4 July 2016

Detroit Rock(et Fiber) City: Startup brings 10Gb service to Motown

Muni project doubles as data-center linkups

A project born out of finance house Quicken Loans is making a push to bring broadband to the city of Detroit.…

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Friday 1 July 2016

Verisign keeps its dot-com cash cow until 2024

The unpalatable side of ICANN's effort to control internet root zone

Verisign will retain control over the dot-com registry until 2024, providing it with a multi-billion-dollar cash cow for the next eight years.…

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Larry Ellison, Oracle and litigation: A business that's not a business

If only lawyers could make money rather than costing money

Analysis  Oracle's chalked up yet another stunning courtroom loss.…

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UN council: Seriously, nations, stop switching off the damn internet

Online freedom resolution passes despite best efforts by Russia, China et al

The United Nations officially condemned the practice of countries shutting down access to the internet at a meeting of the Human Rights Council on Friday.…

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Amazon EC2 Run Command now supports Hybrid and Cross-Cloud Management

Amazon EC2 Run Command now works with any instance or virtual machine outside of AWS, including VMs running in your own data centers or in other clouds. If you have hybrid environments that span on-premises to AWS, you now have a consistent experience to extend your scripts across locations. Through a single interface, you can now run scripts for repetitive tasks for both Windows and Linux operating systems running within Amazon EC2, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and many other platforms.   With Amazon EC2 Run Command, you can automate administrative tasks such as executing Linux Shell scripts and commands, running Windows PowerShell commands, installing software or patches, and more across instances, irrespective of location. 

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Easily model your app data in a NoSQL database with AWS Mobile Hub

You can now use AWS Mobile Hub to model and store app data in a NoSQL database using the Wizard flow. This feature is powered by Amazon DynamoDB which provides a fully managed and fast (single-digit millisecond latency) service at any scale.

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AWS EC2 Run Command now supports Hybrid and Cross-Cloud Management

Amazon EC2 Run Command now works with any instance or virtual machine outside of AWS, including VMs running in your own data centers or in other clouds. If you have hybrid environments that span on-premises to AWS, you now have a consistent experience to extend your scripts across locations. Through a single interface, you can now run scripts for repetitive tasks for both Windows and Linux operating systems running within Amazon EC2, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and many other platforms.   With Amazon EC2 Run Command, you can automate administrative tasks such as executing Linux Shell scripts and commands, running Windows PowerShell commands, installing software or patches, and more across instances, irrespective of location. 

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Cisco takes deep breath, plunges into Puppet's DevOps pool

Service provider IOS version gets Yang module

Cisco's embrace of open networking tools continues, with the company opening up code to connect its IOS-XR operating system to Puppet via Yang.…

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